10-Year Anniversary: 1994 Acura Legend GS 6-Speed - May 23, 2018

It's hard to believe, but I've already had this car for a decade and only put about 26,000 miles on it. It's been a great ride along the way. Looking forward to having this car at the 2018 National Acura Legend Meet (NALM) in Colorado Springs in July. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Fred Williams

    Fred WilliamsMåned siden

    How many timming belt changes have you had done?

  2. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieMåned siden

    Two I think?

  3. Miguel Angel El Angel de la Salsa

    Miguel Angel El Angel de la Salsa2 måneder siden

    Are you selling it?

  4. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie2 måneder siden

    No, that one's not for sale.

  5. Anthony Wigren

    Anthony Wigren2 måneder siden

    That is just a beautiful car! What I would give to have one of those.

  6. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie2 måneder siden

    It was a really difficult one to find!

  7. BC-MasterKush-QC

    BC-MasterKush-QC3 måneder siden

    Acura Integra 92 same colour no f rust anywhere, black interior, 17 inch and dropped, from 2002 to 2004 i drive it before she get destroyed by a fat lady burning red light .........!

  8. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie3 måneder siden

    Aw man I'm sorry to hear about that!

  9. T.

    T.3 måneder siden

    Love this car !

  10. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie3 måneder siden

    Me too!

  11. Goldenrod636

    Goldenrod6364 måneder siden

    If the car is a garage car, how come its behind another car? XD

  12. Goldenrod636

    Goldenrod6364 måneder siden

    @Tyson Hugie I remember when my grandfather was alive and he and my grandmother would end up doing that. The Autistic in me liked it. XD

  13. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie4 måneder siden

    The parking arrangement changes nearly daily

  14. robert hildebrand

    robert hildebrand8 måneder siden

    Ive an acura tl 97 and i wanna manual swap it so bad but I can't even find a legend trans thats not beat to shit my to has the same engine as the legend

  15. Mike Rivera

    Mike Rivera8 måneder siden

    I had a Acura Vigor. Love these fucking cars dude.

  16. Juan Echevarria

    Juan Echevarria9 måneder siden

    Would buying one to make it a daily driver be a good decision today?

  17. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie9 måneder siden

    No, parts are getting too difficult to find.

  18. C'z Locs 624 559

    C'z Locs 624 55911 måneder siden

    I have acura legend 4dr 92 and I'm in love with it!! Just wish it was stick shift!!

  19. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie11 måneder siden

    That's awesome, they are such great cars!

  20. C'z Locs 624 559

    C'z Locs 624 55911 måneder siden

    Would you ever sell??

  21. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson Hugie11 måneder siden

    I don't think so, I've had it now for almost 11 years and only put about 30,000 miles on it.

  22. Brian Snider

    Brian SniderÅr siden

    Good video man, car is in prestine condition if I might add. I always loved the Legend and Integra/RSX as a teenager and still do.

  23. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Thanks Brian, and thanks for watching!

  24. DorYon Lefave

    DorYon LefaveÅr siden


  25. DorYon Lefave

    DorYon LefaveÅr siden

    @Tyson Hugie many acuras not just 1

  26. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    You have a Desert Mist Metallic Legend GS 6-speed?

  27. John B

    John BÅr siden

    Sweet ride.

  28. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Thanks John!

  29. John B

    John BÅr siden

    I wouldn't let my "friends" anywhere near this beauty.

  30. Nperez1986

    Nperez1986År siden

    So hard to even find decent Acura Legends on the road now!

  31. Cedric Miller

    Cedric Miller5 måneder siden

    @Tyson Hugie nice legend man but wish i could line my maxima up with it to see whose faster they use to be rivals and competed back in the day lol

  32. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    That's for sure!

  33. Edwin Morales

    Edwin MoralesÅr siden

    Thats my fav. 90's sedan , im still want to buy one

  34. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Should definitely get one!

  35. GIIBZ C

    GIIBZ CÅr siden

    My 93 has 96000 miles :-*

  36. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden


  37. The Gee Lifestyle

    The Gee LifestyleÅr siden

    Tyson. If u ever wanna sell let me know. I bought those tl type s wheels from you see ten years ago. I'm in Jersey. Time flies! G.K.

  38. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Wow, time does fly. Thanks for saying hello. I hope things have been going well for you! I plan on keeping the GS for a bit longer but I'll keep you in mind.

  39. Aziz HACHIMI

    Aziz HACHIMIÅr siden

    Congrats on that beautiful car! By the way, I am also an exclusive manual gearbox cars driver: I am actually waiting to get grabon a 2012-2014 Acura TL SH-AWD stick shift! I actually live in Montreal, Canada

  40. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    That's awesome! Good luck on your TL hunt. Thanks for watching!

  41. Pros & Cons T.V

    Pros & Cons T.VÅr siden

    Very impressive work, just so sad how people don’t really care

  42. IncomeTax

    IncomeTaxÅr siden

    Someone buy my legend

  43. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    I'll take it!

  44. Mario Torrez Quant

    Mario Torrez QuantÅr siden

    Wich one you use the most for everyday driving? Great collection, you`ll need a bigger garage soon!

  45. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Thank you! The ILX is my primary driver for now. It's a 2013 6-speed.

  46. johnnymclaneutah

    johnnymclaneutahÅr siden

    beautiful car, glad your friends have been enjoying riding that "old" warhorse


    DIAMLERÅr siden

    I think you need to add to your collection a 2001-2003 Acura CL3.2 Type S with the Manuel of course because the automatics had major issues lol.

  48. Napoleon Montez

    Napoleon MontezÅr siden

    A guy has an ACURA 1993 with 215000 miles and he drives it often had it 4 sale for 1500 the leather seats in the front are all torn but every thing works but I've been wanting a legion for a long time should I make a move

  49. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    1500 bucks isn't bad for a running and driving, clean title Legend. Is it a sedan or coupe? Automatic or manual? There are a lot of things that make certain Legends more desirable than others. Hope you can get one!

  50. Barry Goldwasser

    Barry GoldwasserÅr siden

    I understand keeping the cars all nice and good. But, what's the record keeping in folders and photos? Lol

  51. Barry Goldwasser

    Barry GoldwasserÅr siden

    @Tyson Hugie gotcha. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty meticulous with my cars also. And those Acuras are certainly beautiful cars, but they're not classic cars, ie 68 GTO or 63 vette, you know what I mean? Anyway, to each his own. Take care

  52. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    History. Organization of receipts. A story to tell, just like I did here.

  53. MoNo K

    MoNo KÅr siden

    Do you think that the 2016 Acura RLX is a better Legend?

  54. DSM jUhnky

    DSM jUhnkyÅr siden

    I remember my Legend about 9-10 years ago... i enjoyed it a lot. Very smooth an comfortable. I sadly had to sell it, at the time i wasnt mechanically enclined, as it had over heating issues, an I couldn't figure out the culprit. I needed something reliable to get me to work, I ended up getting me a civic. But now that I know a lot more doing timing belts, head gaskets, clutches, ect... I wish I had one of these in my possession now. Maybe in the future... If i can find one in good shape. Nice car though, you kept it very pristine.

  55. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Thank you, I'm doing my best to keep it in shape. Maybe someday you can grab another one.

  56. Snap Mobile Detailing

    Snap Mobile DetailingÅr siden

    Check out my 1991 Acura legend on my channel.

  57. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Watching and subscribing now! Awesome!

  58. DivaniKingston

    DivaniKingstonÅr siden

    Not Bad, Tyson :)

  59. brichpmr

    brichpmrÅr siden

    I became a convert to Honda vehicles back in 1983 when I purchased a new '83 Prelude 5 speed...that was a magical experience.

  60. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Sounds a little bit like my experience. My first Honda was a 1989 Prelude Si 5-speed in 1998.

  61. brichpmr

    brichpmrÅr siden

    I loved my 1995 Legend GS sedan (same color, but automatic). Unfortunately, it was destroyed in an accident but its build quality saved my wife and son from serious injury. My old school 'Honda' love now is my 2012 TSX Sport Wagon.....great daily driver and one I want to keep forever.

  62. brichpmr

    brichpmrÅr siden

    Yes, the TSX wagon is as rare as an exotic. I can go for weeks back here without seeing another one. By the way, a TLX wagon would be a great option. The RDX is sweet, but the wagon form is a better drivers car, IMHO. Thanks for your videos and stories.

  63. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    That TLX Sport Wagon is a rare one! Glad to hear you are still in the family. Thanks for watching.

  64. David Torres

    David TorresÅr siden

    Mr. Acura Man - Happy Anniversary, thank you for taking us to Memory Lane . Ten years is a long time, what a great friend you are allowing other friends to take your Acura on long trips. The color of your Acura is my favorite, in the 90's that color was very popular among the Acura's and Honda Accord's. Wow ! you patiently waited for four years and finally you got .... great story. Dave from the Sun City El Paso

  65. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Thanks Dave, glad you can appreciate the story! A lot of people just think I'm crazy for trying for 4 years to buy this car. But I'm very glad that I did. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  66. Patrick Boyd

    Patrick BoydÅr siden

    My obsession with Acura's started in the early 90s when a friend of mine bought a Integra and drove it to work one night and a few years later two of my cousin both brought Acura Legends i didn't buy my first Acura till 2001 it was a 96 TL ever sence then i have owned nothing but Acura's over the last 17 years.

  67. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    That's some dedication!

  68. Jessie C

    Jessie CÅr siden

    Still trying to buy it 🙋🏻‍♂️

  69. Jessie C

    Jessie CÅr siden

    Tyson Hugie Sounds like a phenomenal idea lol

  70. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Haha cruise thru PHX and you can take a test drive any time.

  71. Jerome H

    Jerome HÅr siden

    You are adorable

  72. Andy Jacobs

    Andy JacobsÅr siden

    Great video Tyson! I enjoyed watching it. On my 7th Acura currently, which I'm planning on selling within the next month or two and acquiring my 8th Acura.

  73. GreekPower

    GreekPowerÅr siden

    Damn I feel old I remember when you bought this car haha

  74. Patrick Boyd

    Patrick BoydÅr siden

    GreekPower I remember trying to get financing for a Acura Legend back in late 90s and being turned down that was the madest i have ever got at a dealership now i am 52 and i been driving Acura ever sence.

  75. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Haha seriously. We ARE old!!

  76. Conor Kenrick

    Conor KenrickÅr siden

    LOVE that darn car! Happy Anniversary from Conor and Vanessa!

  77. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Thanks to both of you :)

  78. Liam Filipowski

    Liam FilipowskiÅr siden

    How's the Bose stereo after all these years ?

  79. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    It's actually not all that great. And sounds even worse when you're running a tape deck adapter to your iPod, haha. But I guess it beats digging out CDs and inserting them in the 6-disc trunk mounted changer...

  80. Bo Han

    Bo HanÅr siden

    I envy your giant garage.

  81. Muneeb K

    Muneeb KÅr siden

    Absolutely love the 2013 TL!

  82. Andy Jacobs

    Andy JacobsÅr siden

    I know, right? If I had one of those I could have a car collection also. Unfortunately, I have a tiny single car garage which my '13 TL Advance proudly occupies.

  83. thecarexpert21

    thecarexpert21År siden

    I definitely want to own a Legend of this generation someday, but very clean ones are hard to come by.

  84. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Yes they are getting sort of rare but there are a few clean ones left out there!

  85. 70malcolm

    70malcolmÅr siden

    Love the legend sedan. This is my favorite car out of your collection. Keep up the good work Tyson.

  86. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Thanks, I appreciate that! Will do my best!

  87. hiptech

    hiptechÅr siden

    More like a day in the life... I love it! Too bad the docs are so woefully lacking. ;) !Keep up the good work

  88. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    Seriously. I tried really hard to get prior records on this one - even mailed some photos to the name & address written in the owner's manual, but never heard back from anyone.

  89. OhYeahAboutThat

    OhYeahAboutThatÅr siden

    Love the collection of Acuras. Also love your record keeping!

  90. Alfredo Robles

    Alfredo RoblesÅr siden

    Right?! This guy gave me a good idea to do that to my Hondas

  91. OhYeahAboutThat

    OhYeahAboutThatÅr siden

    Tyson Hugie I keep all mine in a clear plastic container. I have one for each car.

  92. Tyson Hugie

    Tyson HugieÅr siden

    I love records and love the cars themselves. Have a binder for each one! (and a spreadsheet to go along with it)