$101 vs $8 Omelet: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

Expert chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education and home cook Emily are swapping materials and hoping for the best! We gave ketchup ambassador Emily $101 worth of ingredients and Frank's recipe notebook, then asked her to recreate his omelet as best she could. To lend a helping hand, food scientist Rose dialed in for a brief tutorial and pep talk. On the other side, Frank received a meager $8 worth of supplies and tried to improvise his way up to gourmet. Who’s got the huevos to succeed under these mixed up circumstances?

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Looking for Rose? Find her at @rosemarytrout_foodscience

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$101 vs $8 Omelet: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious


  1. Strictly Strong

    Strictly Strong9 minutter siden

    Emily really shined in this video! You go girl. Frank, awesome as usual.

  2. Tribex

    Tribex46 minutter siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="725">12:05</a> *Emily: If you hear people wooing it's because it's 7 o'clock here and people are cheering for healthcare workers which is super nice.* Love everything about this side comment.

  3. TVFlix

    TVFlix59 minutter siden

    Did she forget to use the smoked salmon.

  4. Vigilante X

    Vigilante X2 timer siden

    Without watching this video i can say that there will be ketchup involved . Emily why you gotta use no ketchup?

  5. Bánh Quy

    Bánh Quy2 timer siden

    Frank:What is mushroom without a ittle bit of butter? Gordon:IT'S BLAND!!!!

  6. Eshylle Mori Lee

    Eshylle Mori Lee2 timer siden


  7. Tommy Free

    Tommy Free2 timer siden

    $ 0.88 for 18 eggs? This is unreal at least in Australia.

  8. yo listen up kids

    yo listen up kids3 timer siden

    I'm confused by how Rose said "nice to meet you" Please eggsplain

  9. Azthenix

    Azthenix3 timer siden

    I thought Frank's stove was just a kitchen counter at first.

  10. Whyntir

    Whyntir5 timer siden

    "I dont have a steamer" Okay, so. You have a strainer? Like a metal one with holes in the bottom and a solid flat bottom? Idk how many houses have those, but mine has had one since I was a kid. Okay, so, you havelots, yeat, like a wide and moderately deep pot? Take the pot, fill it a third of the way with water. Put the strainer upside down in the pot of water. Put the pot with water and strainer to boil, cover with lid. Steam will vent through the strainer and get trapped inside to steam sandwiches, veggies, your soul. Boom. Steamer.

  11. Whyntir

    Whyntir5 timer siden

    It has come to my attention I think I meant colander.


    JAI SHARINGAN SHINOBI6 timer siden

    Frank’s chauffeur’s name is gordan ramsay

  13. Timothy J. Holloway

    Timothy J. Holloway6 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> Bad sound for the chef.

  14. Belal Abu Sultan

    Belal Abu Sultan6 timer siden

    legend has it, that Frank traveled back in time 3000 years into the past, to plant an olive seed, that he can reap its olives, and take their oil, for his morning breakfast.

  15. Kranski085

    Kranski0857 timer siden

    "I'm the seasoning master" LOL, I love watching your videos...

  16. Aiko Veletna

    Aiko Veletna8 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a> I think the word you were looking for is Artesianal

  17. bruhmoment

    bruhmoment8 timer siden

    i mean a 8 dollar omelette is still expensive jst looks cheap because we're comparing it with a $101 one

  18. Debbie Ravioli

    Debbie Ravioli8 timer siden

    wait if he doesnt wear a hat then where does the rat go

  19. Jonathan Sevilla

    Jonathan Sevilla9 timer siden

    This needs to be a gameshow

  20. GD Xeno

    GD Xeno9 timer siden

    Emily 2019: level 1 amateur Emily 2020: level 2 homecook

  21. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko9 timer siden

    cheep cheese because “it taste better anyways”: hmmm I see I probably got something wrong cuz it’s been a while since I’ve seen Hetalia so sorry if I missed something.

  22. Jimmy Baker

    Jimmy Baker11 timer siden

    I'm literally 11 and I cook my omelet like the French guy

  23. JB Gimena

    JB Gimena12 timer siden

    Draw me like one of your French Omelettes!

  24. Kurt Steinmuller

    Kurt Steinmuller12 timer siden

    Here's an idea. would love to watch Frank and Nat's what I reckon on one of these cook outs. It would be hilarious and informative....lol would love to see Nat calling Rose.

  25. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko9 timer siden

    Here I'm eating 15 cents omelet

  26. Firbolgar Avangerson

    Firbolgar Avangerson13 timer siden

    She's adorable!

  27. Jeats52

    Jeats5214 timer siden

    I ordered 2,700 worth of jim bakker buckets once we are boarded up going to make some mega omelets

  28. The Random Channel

    The Random Channel15 timer siden

    "So for __________'s ingredients, I have some simpler things, things that you're more likely to find in your home kitchen." Frank always says that in these ingredient swap videos.

  29. The Random Channel

    The Random Channel15 timer siden

    So did Emily advance to a level 2 cook or what? Someone explain PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  30. Nancy Lai

    Nancy Lai16 timer siden

    Loved this creative swap!

  31. jacob nunemacher

    jacob nunemacher16 timer siden

    Dudes please keep this up, I like the pro chef and I like the contestants consistently positive attitudes, I’m learning a lot and we all appreciate it.

  32. Velma t

    Velma t16 timer siden

    i use my gfs head to crack the eggs tf y'all mean

  33. Lunar Flips

    Lunar Flips17 timer siden

    Frank vs rose i wanna see tgat

  34. Jon Kirk

    Jon Kirk17 timer siden

    What the hell is stadia that add geez

  35. Odium Pugnator

    Odium Pugnator17 timer siden

    Hey Chef, you cheated. There is no coffee nor brown sugar in your ingredient box. Disqualified! :) Also, the producers of this show need to break down the actual cost of each omelet. That ridiculous over $100 omelet has a lot of ingredients that will be largely left over and can be used in many other dishes. So, that fanciful omelet isn't actually $100 One more thing, asparagus is not part of an omelet, cause it is not inside. It is a side dish. Chef, you're disqualified TWICE. LOL! Emily WINS!

  36. sara sara

    sara sara17 timer siden


  37. -Stormy-

    -Stormy-18 timer siden

    They are running out of people, because this woman was called an amateur chef in tje burger video

  38. Alex Bruorton

    Alex Bruorton18 timer siden



    JIFFY JOSE18 timer siden

    "Chef superpower"

  40. Saumyadip Kumar

    Saumyadip Kumar18 timer siden

    Here I'm eating 15 cents omelet

  41. name

    name18 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="797">13:17</a> I love these videos mostly because the pro-chef says don't do something and the home cook immediately does it. :D

  42. Rhapsody Ice

    Rhapsody Ice18 timer siden

    ownself cook, ownself eat, ownself praise

  43. simz_btw

    simz_btw19 timer siden

    An 8$ omelette has all that bacon and mushrooms while all i do is egg whisking and adding salt and pepper and voila chef simz’s recipe 🙂🌚

  44. James Thomas

    James Thomas19 timer siden

    What's next to her oven

  45. Federal Bureau of Investigations

    Federal Bureau of Investigations19 timer siden

    man i’d like to give emily an egg omelette of my own

  46. okarnando88

    okarnando8819 timer siden

    Wait a minute... does everyone peal asparagus? Is this a thing!? I really need an answer..

  47. Ares

    Ares19 timer siden

    Yeah only a white guy could ever be with Emily, coming home to the food she cooks must be so demoralising

  48. Juan Artiaga

    Juan Artiaga19 timer siden

    This is fake frank would get Jesus to make the wine and weight for the egg to become kitchen and then lay an egg and then use that one

  49. kamburoff_fit

    kamburoff_fit19 timer siden

    who tf make 100$ omlet

  50. Rico Rodriguez

    Rico Rodriguez19 timer siden

    Never been stuck at home. Sucks to be you guys.

  51. Karl August Vahur

    Karl August Vahur20 timer siden

    "It tastes like money" HOW DO YOU KNOW??

  52. Jonathan Bell

    Jonathan Bell20 timer siden

    When Frank was bringing his wife the omelet I thought he was bringing it to the camera and I legitimately opened my mouth for a virtual omelet bite 🥺

  53. Atakan Akın

    Atakan Akın20 timer siden

    Frank is so humble. You just wanna hug him for cooking delicious food #respect

  54. TREM_27 Plays

    TREM_27 Plays21 time siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1055">17:35</a> looks like question mark :D...

  55. shit lista

    shit lista21 time siden

    Those mushrooms didn't look at all nice or caramelized or brown, is it just me?

  56. Honestly Marie

    Honestly Marie21 time siden

    So is it really $8 if he is adding other things to it? 🤔 This was fun.

  57. Nat W

    Nat W22 timer siden

    Where tf is she that bacon cost $2.79 at ShopRite?!

  58. anime clips and moments

    anime clips and moments22 timer siden

    it's all about timing, different spices from different world and a perfect taste with prfect flavours

  59. Nathan Watson

    Nathan Watson22 timer siden

    I’d still happily pay $101 for Frank’s omelette. That has good juju in it!

  60. Lexi & gEmEs

    Lexi & gEmEs23 timer siden

    Okay but emily sings nice

  61. bilias hour

    bilias hour23 timer siden

    He is cheating, his leftover coffee must be some fancy 200$ coffee, which he cooked in advance using some other fancy ingredients, like truffles, smoked salmon, etc.

  62. Geeth Piumal

    Geeth Piumal23 timer siden

    lol i can make a omelette with a single egg(XD)

  63. Unforgettable Dreams

    Unforgettable DreamsDag siden


  64. Kiry T

    Kiry TDag siden

    Isnt omelete supposed to be 0.2 dollars😐

  65. bilias hour

    bilias hour23 timer siden

    Lorenzo’s cameo would’ve been great though

  66. Ellie S

    Ellie SDag siden

    *Emily flexing with the iPhone 11*

  67. DanielDonut -ダンちゃん-

    DanielDonut -ダンちゃん-Dag siden

    White people: “two types of salt?!? Now that I call experimental”

  68. Ish

    IshDag siden

    Frank has been the pro chef in these episodes for so long, yet every time that box of expensive ingredients get pulled away from him he manages to look so surprised and sad. also Emily is now upgraded to a home cook, so that's great!

  69. Hannah Meyer

    Hannah MeyerDag siden

    Wait...omelette can be more than 1 dollar???

  70. SoccerSquid Bot

    SoccerSquid BotDag siden

    My name is frank lol

  71. Extellexi -w-

    Extellexi -w-Dag siden

    Ingridients to my Omelet: Eggs Onions Tomato Salt *_That's so Easy, why make it complicated?_*

  72. Sethios1

    Sethios1Dag siden

    As a home cook I love this series. The techniques Frank uses to chefy up the regular every day ingredients is super useful and also to see other home cooks struggle with these complex recipes makes me more confidant to experiment with food more often, it's OK to mess up, try again and you'll do better next time. Also...everything is better with butter :D

  73. Tabitha Schultz

    Tabitha SchultzDag siden


  74. Noth Ing

    Noth IngDag siden

    They should've been in the same kitchen, then after the cook they eat eachothers

  75. hidanone

    hidanoneDag siden

    That woman is so boring and lame. The way she talks is not interesting at all.

  76. OJS Kakashi

    OJS KakashiDag siden

    They are all home cooks now 😁

  77. xtph

    xtphDag siden

    If I were her, I would had been mortified. Over $100 for an omelette? 😬

  78. Ivan Minchev

    Ivan MinchevDag siden

    "Just between us, you can boil it" The 1.8 million people that saw the video: 🤫🤫🤫

  79. GravityHacker321

    GravityHacker321Dag siden

    "Into the unknown"

  80. Revanth Annabathini

    Revanth AnnabathiniDag siden

    Lorenzo’s cameo would’ve been great though

  81. james biadora

    james biadoraDag siden

    my eggs: whisked my salmon: chopped corona: virus

  82. bharath bhansali

    bharath bhansaliDag siden

    Lol they it just looks like they picked a random girl from the street to do this lol she never doesn’t anything right.....

  83. Ncojay

    NcojayDag siden

    Why does "adding salt" require a euphemism, "seasoning". Trying to dress up the fact that we put tons of salt on everything is absurd. Either own it or don't eat it.