1972 Honda N600 Rebuilt With VFR800 Engine

1972 Honda N600 Rebuilt With VFR800 Engine
Project by : Cc runner
CC runner NO-gos Channel : no-gos.info/tv-SpJ5z8PIkvidrrDZ9ivvmg
Source : www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14452


  1. Carl William Saxton

    Carl William Saxton3 dager siden

    Damn sweet but, that engine seems a bit small for all that weight..🤷‍♂️

  2. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob3 dager siden

    I remember these cars from when I was a kid. awesome job. people I asked remember those little Hondas when they first showed up.they would answer oh yeah the 80s. no in the 70s they wanted to argue so I said nevermind.

  3. StukinNorCal

    StukinNorCal4 dager siden

    Jeeez. 😎 Great work .

  4. Allan Powsey

    Allan Powsey5 dager siden

    i want to bye on on my town thats a rust bucket and maket like this

  5. Юрий Пупкин

    Юрий Пупкин10 dager siden

    Жалко, что нет видео, как она едет :( Кардан внутри салона, вот это страшно, если что-то отвалится, так уебёт, что мало не покажется :))

  6. Brian Russell

    Brian Russell11 dager siden

    This is serious talent

  7. srvfan454

    srvfan45411 dager siden

    Very nice! Those little cars are so cool!

  8. k

    k15 dager siden


  9. София `

    София `18 dager siden

    Very good job!

  10. Richard Hancock

    Richard Hancock19 dager siden

    How do you extend your wheel arches please

  11. Игорь Поворозник

    Игорь Поворозник19 dager siden

    0:01 music?

  12. DriveAndMaintain

    DriveAndMaintain19 dager siden

    For those who want to hear and see this beast in action: no-gos.info/video/rrlpk4LWxtCaz4E.html

  13. Alan Pilling

    Alan Pilling20 dager siden

    And you don’t get to hear it wtf

  14. Thomas Troxel

    Thomas Troxel22 dager siden


  15. clifford davis

    clifford davisMåned siden

    would have been nice to hear and see you drive it though

  16. Pavl Rakopv

    Pavl Rakopv2 måneder siden

    That is so beautiful.

  17. Chevy sucks

    Chevy sucks2 måneder siden

    Make it a truck

  18. Petro Classics

    Petro Classics2 måneder siden

    Incredible skills. Awesome Honda. Great vision of what a pile of metal in the junk-yard can turn into. Thanks for sharing a wonderful video.

  19. John Anderson

    John Anderson3 måneder siden

    Since you're in California I'm surprised that your car isn't considered an illegal gas guzzler

  20. rendy x2yp

    rendy x2yp3 måneder siden


  21. john halamka

    john halamka3 måneder siden

    these cars need a bronze timing chain tensioner. the rubber wheel wears rapidly and changing it requires

  22. Tom Phillips

    Tom Phillips3 måneder siden

    ...Look! a FRAME... not a unibody!

  23. James Nassim Kabbara

    James Nassim Kabbara3 måneder siden

    Great work 😍

  24. Moto Doktor

    Moto Doktor4 måneder siden

    are you interested in honda vf1000r engine wery reare its not working engine but its compete

  25. Ronggo Sahuri

    Ronggo Sahuri4 måneder siden


  26. William Montero Sáenz

    William Montero Sáenz4 måneder siden

    Como puedo conseguir un Honda N360 en Costa Rica.

  27. Iwan Royana

    Iwan Royana4 måneder siden

    Ok banget

  28. cc runner

    cc runner4 måneder siden

    Hey guys- I don't know if this will make any difference to anyone but me (ccrunner, the builder), but this car was just selected by Honda to be featured in the Honda booth at SEMA this year (Nov 5-8, 2019).. Although I sold it awhile back, I'm honored and super jazzed that it was picked.. fun car, fun times, now SEMA.. so cool :-)

  29. jagau bakena

    jagau bakena4 måneder siden

    i love this video...


    KORO INDONESIA4 måneder siden


  31. Bob Lee Hai Ching

    Bob Lee Hai Ching5 måneder siden

    Well done .......a very patient man indeed.......! Cheers from the Far East......

  32. dehoe disc

    dehoe disc5 måneder siden

    A little Japanese bug to challenge the VW beetle with half the horsepower and nothing but a motorcycle engine to be such a freak at the time.

  33. Kenneth Defreitas

    Kenneth Defreitas5 måneder siden

    I saw Matt drive this car it’s is ridiculously awesome

  34. Suds Reserve

    Suds Reserve5 måneder siden

    Man that car was busted, rusted, and dusted. You guys brought it back to life! 😁great job!

  35. Malik Ibrar

    Malik Ibrar5 måneder siden


  36. Jerry Earley

    Jerry Earley5 måneder siden

    I'm going to the garage and work on my car now!!! I love this video and thank you for sharing!!!

  37. Cardboard Sliver

    Cardboard Sliver5 måneder siden

    2StrokeTurbo is doing something like this as well. He just made his a soft top, and I gotta say, his, and yours, are awesome!

  38. Old Squid

    Old Squid5 måneder siden

    I had one of these in 78. Fun little car!

  39. stuart rouse

    stuart rouse5 måneder siden

    truly outstanding engineering and fabrication guys! to create the ultimate driving experience? if it had a reverse gear.......it would be among the greatest cars ever made! and I'm not joking! I saw the video of it in the canyons!? I would buy one.

  40. Robert Ekstrom

    Robert Ekstrom6 måneder siden


  41. steve anderson

    steve anderson6 måneder siden

    Would have been far easier to build a full chassis and even lighter? I built a fiat 500 with rover v8 ( Buick 215) similar

  42. Thunder Breath

    Thunder Breath6 måneder siden

    ...is that man 8 feet tall or is this a Tonka Toy? 35:50 lol

  43. Ron White

    Ron White6 måneder siden

    Beautiful car and the icing on the cake.... Calvin and Hobbes. Woo-hoo!

  44. Viking Pisces

    Viking Pisces6 måneder siden


  45. Vincent

    Vincent6 måneder siden

    sound of engine?

  46. wenacustoms

    wenacustoms6 måneder siden

    fantastic build!

  47. cranky1812

    cranky18126 måneder siden

    Great work. Pls change the exhaust tip.

  48. remigio de dios jr

    remigio de dios jr6 måneder siden

    How much is the swap looking for something similar willing to pay


    MEOR SYAEDI6 måneder siden

    1 question, how to reverse? Use original bike engine and gear. Sorry if I'm wrong.

  50. vinicio moya

    vinicio moya6 måneder siden

    Q carga te quedo pura vida... ahora si a buscar wilas...

  51. 純中司

    純中司6 måneder siden

    うちの住んでいる 町にも 同じボロい車ありましたよ よみがえってくれて ありがとう!(≧▽≦)


    REINAMARU7 måneder siden


  53. koonings1

    koonings17 måneder siden

    Super Job Guys!!!!!!!!!!

  54. HipStar

    HipStar7 måneder siden

    No yes no yes... Yes

  55. John

    John7 måneder siden

    Is this the one that Matt Farah drove on One Take?

  56. タイチン02 2467

    タイチン02 24677 måneder siden


  57. タブレットチャトラ

    タブレットチャトラ7 måneder siden


  58. Wade Harrison

    Wade Harrison7 måneder siden

    Coolest one out there! All that work then for sale?

  59. steven sreejith

    steven sreejith7 måneder siden

    really awesome work good amount of engineering work goes in this may be Honda may have not thought of. Really great work , wish I could hear it roar, is the bonut and other doors bein damped , and wat about tail lights

  60. Dave Kendrick

    Dave Kendrick7 måneder siden

    A lot of quality work, well done

  61. Superb Media Content Creator

    Superb Media Content Creator7 måneder siden

    Gosh, I love this restomod as I love the N800. It's too bad it doesn't have a sunroof, heat/AC backup camera/GPS/dashcam... I wish I could buy it though...