1994 Acura Legend Start Up and Full Vehicle Tour

Exactly what the title says, exhaust, tour, engine, and what not, enjoy!


  1. X Gangsteh

    X Gangsteh2 måneder siden

    1 of a kind nowadays

  2. Eduilfredo Rondon

    Eduilfredo RondonÅr siden

    Porke mi carro acura lengerd parpadea la luz del D4

  3. Cesar Vignati

    Cesar VignatiÅr siden

    Tienes algun problema en tu transmision

  4. ANONYMOUS 2931

    ANONYMOUS 29312 år siden

    Just got mine with 730k miles still running very strong ☺️

  5. Joe Cornejo

    Joe CornejoÅr siden


  6. EOrem

    EOrem2 år siden

    Makes me miss my '94 Type II 6 speed. :) Good days, those were.

  7. B Mcmillan

    B Mcmillan2 år siden

    Just bought a 91 coupe with 85k for 3 grand

  8. Lil Trez

    Lil Trez9 måneder siden

    B Mcmillan i want one so bad

  9. H O N E Y

    H O N E Y2 år siden

    I have a 95 acura legend and I had a question about the cassette player .. when i turn it on nothing shows up if I insert a tape will it work?

  10. Damien Melvin

    Damien Melvin2 år siden

    LeAh B they usually dont work now a days

  11. Nick Crane

    Nick Crane3 år siden

    I have to go to work, but my car won't start. Maybe it is AcuraLegend27.

  12. PSYk1ll4h

    PSYk1ll4h4 år siden

    i got one yesterday :) 340,000 and it's my first car ever. will be getting another one with less miles someday :)

  13. Bruh

    Bruh3 år siden

    @PSYk1ll4h lol damn, that's not too bad then.

  14. PSYk1ll4h

    PSYk1ll4h3 år siden

    @Bruh Got if for free and still decent. Just a little rust on the rear quarter panels, new tires, coolant leak, and maybe a new brake line idk. It's cool cuz it came with subs in it.

  15. Bruh

    Bruh3 år siden

    +PSYk1ll4h Hot damn, 340k miles on it!??????????????? How is it running now? How much did you pay? Lol I just saw a video of a 6speed model that's rare and I loved it.

  16. jamaicanlovrboy

    jamaicanlovrboy4 år siden

    it almost seemed like Honda intended for this car to be RWD......only FWD car i know of with a tunnel

  17. Rachel Padgett

    Rachel Padgett4 år siden

    that car is so cool

  18. Tim Manning

    Tim Manning4 år siden

    The design of the 4th generation Accord was inspired by this generation of the Acura Legend.

  19. Mashu Haraguni

    Mashu Haraguni5 år siden

    i have this car, the bose stereo that came in it sucked so much fucking ass it was unbelievably low quality on top of no bass or volume, replaced dat bitch with pioneer champion series and turnt that bitch up

  20. Mashu Haraguni

    Mashu Haraguni3 år siden

    the sound is still horrible it will just have horrible bass added

  21. MrZerocool5000

    MrZerocool50006 år siden

    i own the 92 4dr i love it, sadly is the type1 auto

  22. Dozer Sabicon

    Dozer Sabicon6 år siden

    also called as a Daewoo arcadia..

  23. Dozer Sabicon

    Dozer Sabicon6 år siden

    also called as a daewoo arcadia..

  24. Christopher Omar

    Christopher Omar6 år siden

    these cars are getting EXTREMELY hard to find.. my mom had a 90 Legend Coupe, gosh that thing was gorgeous.. its Sport Mode was even better :P

  25. geomatiq

    geomatiq6 år siden

    i have the same car with 240,361 miles.. i just have a small oil leak..

  26. Ricardo Ricks Barragan

    Ricardo Ricks Barragan6 år siden


  27. Seek the truth TRUMP 2020

    Seek the truth TRUMP 20206 år siden

    Yes they have head gasket issues. Nice car to buy if you plan on swapping the engine with a new one or a Japanese low mileage engine. I love these cars but yea you gotta pretty much rebuild the engine or buy a new one. Auto zone sells the engine for like 3k. I would buy a new one if I had the money. Cars run smoother than a caddy and faster than most cars on the road.

  28. James Quigley

    James Quigley7 år siden

    Im Also Planning on Getting one for my First Car. Its Basically a Honda Accord Underneath if im not mistaken, so reliability wont be a worry. Higher Parts cost will be a Concern, But for Honda's Reputation for Build Quality and Finish will make it a good car. They can and are quick cars, but still get around 23 to even 30, yes 30Mpg. It really depends on your driving style though. If you were to get one, I doubt you'd be disappointed. Try to get one with the Leather Interior! Hope this Helped!

  29. Steven Turner

    Steven Turner7 år siden

    449,000 miles

  30. reny nunez

    reny nunez7 år siden

    watch?v=L9yd7QODOwQ&feature=youtu.be WATCH

  31. Santiauto99

    Santiauto997 år siden

    thats because it is ubderneth

  32. John Lowe

    John Lowe7 år siden

    looks like a 94 accord

  33. Thundercat1115

    Thundercat11157 år siden

    Can you please do an integra?

  34. Alex_116

    Alex_1167 år siden

    just saying over a long period of time, especially with gas prices being as they are, you're probably better of to get civic or accord cuz gas prices are only gonna go up and the accord and civic are easily as reliable as the legend, and generally less complicated to work on plus cheaper to repair. and i suppose it's relatively cheap to insure for it's class maybe, but not compared to an accord or civic.

  35. Alex_116

    Alex_1167 år siden

    except when gas cost significantly over $4/gallon, the legend sucks gas

  36. bobul2

    bobul27 år siden

    FYI, it's a FWD and not a RWD

  37. Leon D

    Leon D7 år siden

    First time i driven this car i falled in love with it for the age of this car it still has the performance needed to get around other cars in the street

  38. Will B. Smooth - formerly KardiFan2000

    Will B. Smooth - formerly KardiFan20007 år siden

    Maybe the previous owner didn't service it...just a thought

  39. sammao123

    sammao1237 år siden

    The Legend is..a legend. Still a good car if you take care of it.

  40. Just_a_youtuber1991

    Just_a_youtuber19917 år siden

    How hard it is to find a black on black GS Legend with Bose.....ugh

  41. khristian gray

    khristian gray6 måneder siden

    @T Rugani let me know if you sell yours

  42. T Rugani

    T RuganiÅr siden

    Just_a_youtuber1991 i have one😁😁

  43. Just_a_youtuber1991

    Just_a_youtuber19917 år siden

    I want this!!!! Loooove Legend's very good dependable cars

  44. MW1323

    MW13237 år siden

    Supper clean

  45. the93owner

    the93owner7 år siden

    1991 legend with almost 250k and i'm still loving it!

  46. itsmegp46

    itsmegp467 år siden

    If you don't change the oil, get ready for many many expensive trips to your mechanic with your Toyota.

  47. rob banks

    rob banks7 år siden

    Your comparing a 2012 to a 1994 ???


    ALEX ANGEL7 år siden

    Fuck!! Toyota sedans!! I love acura

  49. Krishna Vempati

    Krishna Vempati8 år siden

    That is a TALL shifter.

  50. Pearl TSX

    Pearl TSX8 år siden

    This car has more torque than horse power. When you floor it, the car just jumps forward. In other 6 cylinder engines, they usually kinda slow down a bit then jum

  51. TheCarArchives

    TheCarArchives8 år siden

    an average MPG of the 1994 Acura Legend automatic is 17 City 22 Highway

  52. Perfect5Recurve

    Perfect5Recurve8 år siden

    If it was feesable, I would ONLY buy and own 1990-1997 Hondas and Acuras. The style is so classic Japanese and it is timeless and BEAUTIFUL!

  53. SableGuy1988

    SableGuy19888 år siden

    I own a 1994 legend gs with the type II 3.2 v6 like this on but the sirius white pearl paint, love it alot!

  54. Keagan OQuinn

    Keagan OQuinn8 år siden

    I am 16 and looking for a car would you recomend an Acura Legend?

  55. EF Network

    EF NetworkMåned siden

    Keagan OQuinn yes

  56. BradMustard

    BradMustard8 år siden

    @Wicket96 Nope, I have a 95 Legend it's RWD. Love it!

  57. T Rugani

    T RuganiÅr siden

    BradMustard they only came in fwd... what are you talking about???

  58. LuxCruiser818

    LuxCruiser8188 år siden

    This is one of my FAVORITE Acura's!!!! My neighbor had one, and drove it to the ground...... Great review. :)

  59. SpartanG6

    SpartanG68 år siden

    I have an RL, the spiritual successor to this car. definitely like this one better.

  60. Wickit96

    Wickit968 år siden

    @bestmastermind951 all Acura legends are FWD.

  61. bestmastermind951

    bestmastermind9518 år siden

    is it rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?


    UBBERTANKER8 år siden

    needs 2 less doors and a 6spd

  63. Jamal Terrell

    Jamal Terrell8 år siden

    MMM a Legend GS... I lusted after these things when they were new

  64. SwPiotrek

    SwPiotrek8 år siden

    Still nice car.

  65. Thundercat1115

    Thundercat11158 år siden

    im a owner of a 94' Legend Sedan..great cars!


    ProSTEEL RAIN8 år siden

    Would you recommend this car for someone who's 6ft 6in?

  67. Michael Peterson Jr.

    Michael Peterson Jr.8 år siden

    This car is in mint condition, from the outside to the inside. It's awesome for a '94! But check out my 1991 Acura Legend video and see how speechless you will become.

  68. Dude13450

    Dude134508 år siden

    Acura made by Honda?!

  69. carpassion1

    carpassion18 år siden

    i got an 86 legend limited edition 4 dr

  70. TheCarArchives

    TheCarArchives9 år siden

    the 1991-1995 Acura Legend was assembled in Saitama, Saitama, Japan

  71. naterade21

    naterade219 år siden

    that car is mint for being a 94

  72. TrippyTim

    TrippyTim9 år siden

    I love you !!!! i've been looking to buy a car and every one i've considered looked at you have reviewed :)

  73. poop4256

    poop42569 år siden

    have a 95 black on black 6 speed

  74. B HM

    B HM9 år siden

    @integraz32lover no. i bought one and wouldn't have made the purchase had i known that the head gaskets were fragile.

  75. B HM

    B HM9 år siden

    wish i'd known that about 6 years ago! lol @integraz32lover

  76. B HM

    B HM9 år siden

    this was my first car. i had it for a WEEK and it blew a headgasket. :(

  77. Import Car Enthusiast

    Import Car Enthusiast9 år siden

    I ALMOST bought a 92 Legend on eBay. It had like 343,000 miles.

  78. hung nguyen

    hung nguyen9 år siden

    i have a 95 legend and i love it. same color , wheels, and interior . except mine has foglights.

  79. lawaiia808

    lawaiia8089 år siden

    i had one of these. i miss it dearly

  80. ReadComment

    ReadComment9 år siden

    @saabkyle04 this car was really ahead of its time

  81. Troy Sanders

    Troy Sanders9 år siden

    beautiful auto, love the interior, and wish I had it

  82. Sean Scruggs

    Sean Scruggs9 år siden

    I have this exact car, a 94 legend gs, this car has about 144k, wait til this car hits 200k, I love acura, but the electronic system will start to go out, the engine will last forever, but the electronics are poor.

  83. LilRennagade

    LilRennagade9 år siden

    OMG I LOVE THIS CAR! I honestly think that this is one of the best cars ever made. I am kinda sad that they dont make it anymore but on the other hand if they did they probably wouldve made it into complete crap like they always do with cars that start out great so maybe its a good thing haha. I love mine. 18 years and going strong lol.

  84. John Erickson

    John Erickson9 år siden

    @13brakeman It is? Wow my mom had one of those... Never knew it was the rarest

  85. MMnyess

    MMnyess10 år siden

    I have the same car but I put a better system into it and I have a tan interior I wish mine was black too it sucks cause I want to paint it a different color and nothin matches a tan interior except tan it sucks

  86. TJC450

    TJC45010 år siden

    Worlds most annoying chime!

  87. 13brakeman

    13brakeman10 år siden

    @xH3LLSl1nG3Rx rarest is a 91 4door 5 speed

  88. 13brakeman

    13brakeman10 år siden

    @xH3LLSl1nG3Rx rarest is a 91 4door 5 speed

  89. 13brakeman

    13brakeman10 år siden

    @averatec6 cuz you're a homo

  90. Dustin Perez

    Dustin Perez10 år siden

    hey its my legend's twin sister!!!

  91. FreshPrince*215*

    FreshPrince*215*10 år siden

    Rare Acura Legend GS. nice.

  92. Yosef Wanger

    Yosef Wanger10 år siden

    love the color and gauges