2020 Honda Legend | Modern Midsize Sedan

For many auto enthusiasts, and those who actively follow the news of the Japanese automaker, 2020 Honda Legends looks revelation will not. And all because that this car could already behold, a few years ago. Then 2020 Honda under its same name plate presented the current Acura RLX. As a result, the exterior remained the same. This is not just created on the basis of sedan exterior. 2020 Honda and Acura Legend - copies of each other.
But this does not take away the fact that the legend got a very even and very attractive appearance.
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  1. Boris Sakakushev

    Boris SakakushevMåned siden

    Same as Acura RLX or TLX?

  2. Robert Ortiz

    Robert Ortiz5 måneder siden

    I like the front face it's nice but I don't like is the steering on the passenger side.