6 Sorority Girls vs 1 Fake Sorority Girl

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Ashley - ashleyschen
Charlotte - charlottefiola
Ivie - iviee.o
Sophia - s0phsmall
Sierra - sierrawingert
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  1. Philip Stilwell

    Philip Stilwell7 dager siden

    Hi I directed this episode so if you have any questions about anything or wanna talk or say hi or wanna tell me to make the episode where there are a bunch of moles (we already shot it last November) then you can do that here in this thread so it doesn’t end up as top comment. Thank you love you talk soon bye.

  2. Mellobello :3

    Mellobello :34 dager siden

    I'm an european so....what exactly is a sorority? 😅

  3. its_leway

    its_leway4 dager siden

    Hi Philip, I think when you add an extra contestant in midway that there should be a slight incentive for the players to keep them. Otherwise a safe play would be is to just vote them out right away. Like maybe extra $$$ if contestant stays and is not a mole. Regards, L

  4. Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith4 dager siden

    Phil buddy you gotta lay off the weed

  5. Fernanda Fernandes

    Fernanda Fernandes4 dager siden

    Do 6 southerners against 1 secret mole, it´ll be fun.

  6. Zaynab Yaqub

    Zaynab Yaqub4 dager siden

    who was that girl at the end with the deep red blazer

  7. Yasmine

    Yasmine12 timer siden

    I’m french and even after the entier video, i didn’t get what a sorority is, so please HELP

  8. ana dennis

    ana dennis12 timer siden

    Am I the only on that was confused about their descriptions of the typical sorority girl? I usually think of strong beautiful black women 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. zaniah sims

    zaniah sims14 timer siden

    i don't like the second mole thing coming later in the game. it's not fair for her nor the others.

  10. spongefire10

    spongefire1014 timer siden

    6 drunk people vs 1 high person

  11. Annabella Li

    Annabella Li15 timer siden

    sierra's so pretty in a basic teen movie mean cheerleader bully way 😂

  12. a t

    a t18 timer siden

    why do I feel like Sierra is from like the 1980s

  13. יעל אביטל

    יעל אביטל19 timer siden

    You should do 6 introverts vs one extrovert It will be really interesting

  14. Alexys Johnson

    Alexys Johnson21 time siden

    Whooo Gamma Phi!

  15. Kyle Pitcher

    Kyle Pitcher21 time siden

    Sophia bad

  16. Emerald1904

    Emerald190421 time siden

    This was a little annoying

  17. Charlotte

    Charlotte23 timer siden

    oh a Charlotte? okay

  18. Halo Murph

    Halo Murph23 timer siden

    They thought the first girl they voted out wasn’t in a sorority... the way she’s like dangit lol

  19. Trinity Stevenson

    Trinity StevensonDag siden

    Am I the only one who this the narrator's voice is satisfying

  20. Tokyo Judy

    Tokyo JudyDag siden

    Damn no D9 orgs? Ok...

  21. Павел Вильямович

    Павел ВильямовичDag siden

    it's pretty much over after 3 seconds of the video.

  22. leyla fern king

    leyla fern kingDag siden

    when homegirl said “someone not in a sorority might just think it’s positive experiences” i knew she was in a sorority bc no one thinks that lmao

  23. Jorge 707

    Jorge 707Dag siden

    Can someone tell me what a sorority is because I have absolutely no idea what that is

  24. lexi woolsey

    lexi woolseyDag siden

    ivie said they voted her out because she wasn’t stereotypical enough, but i honestly believe they voted her out because of her responses, not her looks

  25. strawberrylait

    strawberrylaitDag siden

    They could’ve just done greek alphabet

  26. BlossomsVlogsAnd MORE

    BlossomsVlogsAnd MOREDag siden

    What’s a sorority

  27. Idk :D

    Idk :DDag siden

    “might just see it as a positive experience” girl no we don’t think that

  28. Ash Alonzo

    Ash AlonzoDag siden

    *Panhellenic Sorority Girls

  29. Pusheen Poprocks

    Pusheen PoprocksDag siden

    Logic: If you talk too much, you're the mole If don't talk, you're the mole

  30. KLuck Yes 3⃣0⃣0⃣

    KLuck Yes 3⃣0⃣0⃣Dag siden

    *_Why aren't you in a Sorority?_* Everyone: "I'm not in a Sorority" Me: *Makes a 10 minutes long speech explaining that I'm a male so I can't be in a Sorority* Everyone: "Liar!" *Votes me out*

  31. sS u P 3 rR

    sS u P 3 rRDag siden

    Wtf does kapobeata mean

  32. Devin Deapen

    Devin DeapenDag siden

    This video has confirmed - sorority girls do in fact suck & they have no flavor. Thank you for that confirmation.

  33. Samantha

    SamanthaDag siden

    disappointed that historically Black sororities within NPHC weren't included in this video.

  34. 1wor1d

    1wor1dDag siden

    I'm not American. WTF is a sorority girl! Now I have to go to Wikipedia to find out!!

  35. iden

    idenDag siden

    i've watched a porn like this

  36. Michael Allen

    Michael AllenDag siden

    I would like to know why Ivie did not pledge BGLO...

  37. salinastraightedge

    salinastraightedgeDag siden

    I don't like the addition of a new person after the game has started. It's a cool idea, but I feel like it messes up the dynamic. If you're going to add a person, I think it would be better to make them vote on bringing back someone they eliminated.

  38. Brooke Seiter

    Brooke SeiterDag siden

    "It's not *that* expensive, it's what you make of it" riiiiight, because $2000 a semester is totally affordable for the average college student, looks like her parents paid for her to join lol

  39. Makaela Finley

    Makaela FinleyDag siden

    That girl’s Delta was soooooo bad that it made me think she was the mole

  40. Ellie's Vids

    Ellie's VidsDag siden

    Please do youngest children vs 1 oldest child etc

  41. Amber Marie

    Amber MarieDag siden

    Kind of disappointed that there are no sororities from the Pan-Hellenic Council aka Divine 9.

  42. Norahcake 21

    Norahcake 21Dag siden

    What’s a sorority’s

  43. e Xx

    e XxDag siden

    it annoys me how they just voted out Sierra "just to be sure"

  44. [ N I G H T -T I M E ]

    [ N I G H T -T I M E ]Dag siden

    You should do one with people who have siblings and one who just doesn’t have a sibling

  45. Desmond Carter

    Desmond CarterDag siden

    I'ma proud brotha of ΑΦΑ💛🖤🤙🏾

  46. SetTrender

    SetTrenderDag siden

    They voted for her because she was black.

  47. Yuri Ávila

    Yuri ÁvilaDag siden

    Wtf it is a sorority

  48. nana

    nanaDag siden

    can someone please explain to me what a sorority is? i'm not american and we don't have these kind of things in my country

  49. Tati

    TatiDag siden

    The only thing I know about sororities is that a Red Devil killer might go on a killing spree on campus.

  50. 제마

    제마Dag siden

    i thought sorority was some kind of game and they were talking about their guild or classes at first lol

  51. G

    GDag siden

    Pls do “who is not a dancer.” Have both boys and girls 🙏🏽

  52. honey daniels

    honey danielsDag siden

    I graduated from Svsu I’ve never heard of that sorority

  53. Margo Margo

    Margo MargoDag siden

    I have no clue what a sorority is but im still gonna watch this

  54. Liliana Zimbron

    Liliana ZimbronDag siden

    Would have been nice to see people from other councils other than CPC

  55. Dakota Winchester

    Dakota WinchesterDag siden

    Group of bossy girls: I am in a sorority! Erin: That's not vegan!

  56. Zaidoun44

    Zaidoun44Dag siden

    I wish there is an Odd Man Out Episode every 2 days!



    🙏 0:44 ❤❤ 👇👇👇👇💛

  58. Kelsey Valdes

    Kelsey ValdesDag siden

    Ashley was blending in with the background 😂

  59. infam0us jennie

    infam0us jennieDag siden

    Damn they went at the black girl

  60. Nishat Forial

    Nishat ForialDag siden

    Don't know what sorority is, can anyone please explain?

  61. Srishhtea

    SrishhteaDag siden

    why does she sound like Halsey you know who I'm talking about

  62. Jazmin Henderson

    Jazmin HendersonDag siden

    It was the shoes for me 🥱

  63. Fraist

    FraistDag siden

    damn I knew right away that that hindiya is not sorority lol "jsadnhwshiudb heudwbehdiwhb" indians be like

  64. plainpawesome

    plainpawesomeDag siden

    Just after intros- the second girl Riana

  65. plainpawesome

    plainpawesomeDag siden

    Boom!!! It was all in the eyes... She blinked like a liar. Everyone else was confident and comfortable... Maybe proud.

  66. plainpawesome

    plainpawesomeDag siden

    Round 2 I take it back

  67. Jugyeong Uchiha

    Jugyeong UchihaDag siden