7 things you didn't know about Erling Braut Haaland | Oh My Goal

In this video, discover 7 things you didn’t know about Erling Braut Haaland, Borussia Dortmund’s Norwegian striker. His favorite club, his idol, his role model, his rapping talent: Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the rising star Erling Haaland.
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  1. Kyssakatten

    Kyssakatten32 minutter siden

    All leeds aren’t we!

  2. Kristian Henriksen

    Kristian HenriksenTime siden

    Actually, his name is "Lyng" in the music video... The two guys next to him are "Flow Kingz"

  3. LittleWookieeUK

    LittleWookieeUK2 timer siden

    His song is everywhere on TikTok lol

  4. HookersAreGood

    HookersAreGood3 timer siden

    So much false information here

  5. HookersAreGood

    HookersAreGood3 timer siden

    His rap name is «Lyng».. not Flow Kingz.. omg youre a big noob

  6. Liam Moore

    Liam Moore11 timer siden

    Come home to leeds haaland

  7. Callum Morris

    Callum Morris12 timer siden

    With Arsenal

  8. Sten-Andre Altvälja

    Sten-Andre Altvälja14 timer siden

    Whats the song at start?

  9. Jean08 plays

    Jean08 plays14 timer siden

    2:54 moldææææh

  10. SDBD

    SDBD15 timer siden

    You mean 7 things you guys jus found out about Håland

  11. Not Sosig Ramsey

    Not Sosig RamseyDag siden

    Ronaldo even made a statue of Erling

  12. Felix Hillersøy

    Felix HillersøyDag siden

    I know Ole Gunnar Solskjær was his trainer im from Norway

  13. era

    eraDag siden

    his rap name isn't flow kingz, it's lyng smh

  14. Sriaza

    SriazaDag siden

    Haland is tall like Zlatan.

  15. Alizeh LuvsZayn

    Alizeh LuvsZaynDag siden

    Ronaldo is everyone’s idol as he works hard mbappe now Haaland.



    He is truly amazing

  17. DJ Guardiola

    DJ GuardiolaDag siden

    In regards to the question, i tbink he has a bigger chance of winning the league with Leeds as opposed to arsenal and spurs 🤣🤣😂😂

  18. Disclaimer

    DisclaimerDag siden

    Haaland age 19 Height: 194cm Haaland age 23 Height: 201cm

  19. Kazoo Kid

    Kazoo KidDag siden

    He was the best Rapper i ever see in my life😂😂

  20. Emil Andersson

    Emil AnderssonDag siden

    His friends rap name is flow kingz and haalands is actally "LYNG"

  21. Snipermaster123 Yolodab

    Snipermaster123 Yolodab2 dager siden

    Watching this as a Norwegian boy is so weird

  22. VjPlays

    VjPlays2 dager siden

    He’s rapper name is actually Lyng!

  23. YolexTrägtRolex

    YolexTrägtRolex2 dager siden

    His Rap Name is Lyng Not Flow klingz flow kingz are his bros Fake news

  24. Jeffrey Kazuya

    Jeffrey Kazuya2 dager siden

    Wtf don't spurs sign Haaland he's 20M plus only

  25. Lord 007

    Lord 0072 dager siden

    I came on Instagram from 433

  26. Daniel ydgh

    Daniel ydgh2 dager siden

    I am from Germany and it says Holand

  27. Tom Wilkinson

    Tom Wilkinson2 dager siden

    Gheez if he comes to Leeds...

  28. MbEs

    MbEs2 dager siden

    I knew about the extraordinary rap career, from before hand

  29. It's_ Fin

    It's_ Fin2 dager siden

    This is shit

  30. Fin Goodfellow

    Fin Goodfellow2 dager siden

    who the fuck is zlatin

  31. official CARtoon

    official CARtoon2 dager siden

    No One

  32. Fin Goodfellow

    Fin Goodfellow2 dager siden

    his rap name isnt flow kingz, its lyng

  33. Vegard s Vårvik

    Vegard s Vårvik2 dager siden

    I know 5 of Thea i am from norway hei jeg er norsk

  34. Jxcobbk _

    Jxcobbk _2 dager siden

    Yay 2-1 dortmund why did thy have to buy haaland

  35. Marmalade I love marmalade

    Marmalade I love marmalade2 dager siden

    fun fact i grew up close to him and played against him and i played against him once when i was 14-15 years old. he wasn´t particularly good

  36. Cal Rolo

    Cal Rolo3 dager siden

    This guy commentating is cringe as fuck sort it

  37. Ayob Mohialdeen

    Ayob Mohialdeen3 dager siden

    No shit HIS Norwegian

  38. Oskarn 2007

    Oskarn 20073 dager siden


  39. Catherine Barnes

    Catherine Barnes3 dager siden

    Haaland looks like unspeakable

  40. proč septáš

    proč septáš3 dager siden

    He reminds me of JLingz

  41. Amine Meb

    Amine Meb3 dager siden

    Hålland 2-1 PSG bye.

  42. Olav Leiang Nango

    Olav Leiang Nango3 dager siden

    Norwegian Gang - - -

  43. junaid raziq kundoor

    junaid raziq kundoor3 dager siden

    this guy is too weird 🤣🤣🤣

  44. The GoldenMole

    The GoldenMole3 dager siden

    Tottenham cant win trophies

  45. m9u7shuriken

    m9u7shuriken3 dager siden

    Here after he scored 2 against PSG

  46. Jamal Imam

    Jamal Imam3 dager siden

    Cristiano keep inspiring younger generation

  47. Donmezz Ranit

    Donmezz Ranit3 dager siden

    He destroyed psg


    CHILL YETI3 dager siden

    He scored 2 Goals to PSG 🤣🤣

  49. shaggy69

    shaggy694 dager siden


  50. Richmond opoku

    Richmond opoku4 dager siden

    Lol PSG just got beat 2-1 and 2 goals from earling braut haland

  51. sandipan

    sandipan4 dager siden

    Who is here after haaland scored 2 against PSG

  52. Ianis Carasol

    Ianis Carasol4 dager siden

    Who's here after he scored a brace against PSG ? ⚽️⚽️

  53. Goatdog 08

    Goatdog 084 dager siden


  54. Jaran Streaming

    Jaran Streaming4 dager siden

    Noen norske

  55. Leergut

    Leergut4 dager siden

    Man Uniteds current Manager: SOULSHAAA

  56. Ben McCabe

    Ben McCabe4 dager siden

    please subscribe to letchy vids he has cancer and not long left to live show him your support

  57. Anand kris

    Anand kris4 dager siden

    Hey Oh my goal make a video on the ban of Manchester city....

  58. Nig Ga

    Nig Ga5 dager siden

    As im norwegian i love to watch english videos about håland just to hear how funny it sounds when you pronounce norwegian names

  59. Ahmet Türkan

    Ahmet Türkan5 dager siden

    Please add Turkish subtitle

  60. Lavrans Gustavsen

    Lavrans Gustavsen5 dager siden

    HIS name is lyng, the to other guys name is flow kings

  61. T J

    T J5 dager siden

    Gutta kan dokk slutta å prate så møye då bli det ikkje noke løye