9 Game Endings Almost No One Has Ever Seen

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Have you played a game that's just impossible to finish? You just try and try, wasting life after life... and nothing works. It's good that now you can just turn to the Internet, watch a walkthrough and easily pass any level... Or you can forget about playing and simply watch someone end the game for you! But before, you could not even dream of such a thing. To find out how a video game ended, you had to beat it yourself. Unfortunately, it didn't always work, and some endings remained mystery for many people. But today we will put an end to that! Let's check the endings of some games that we all know.


  1. Ashwin Deshpande

    Ashwin Deshpande10 minutter siden

    Wait. Am I the only one who has completed Contra ??? Wtf ? I've completed it like soo many times I swear !!! I never thought it'd be in this list

  2. Pranshu Raj

    Pranshu Raj16 minutter siden

    IV made 500point on t-rex game😂😅😆🤣

  3. 998877 Minge

    998877 Minge26 minutter siden

    Dinosaur game at 10:21

  4. Original Gangsta

    Original GangstaTime siden

    In Mobile, how to duck in the T-Rex game

  5. iam Negan

    iam NeganTime siden

    I never seen the end mission to Halo Odst 👀

  6. Sarah Harris

    Sarah Harris2 timer siden


  7. Gaming Yeet

    Gaming Yeet2 timer siden

    WOW,the controller is not even on😂

  8. Jeslie Aeron Macawile

    Jeslie Aeron Macawile2 timer siden

    6:00 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A start

  9. Jeslie Aeron Macawile

    Jeslie Aeron Macawile2 timer siden

    6:00 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A start

  10. Jeslie Aeron Macawile

    Jeslie Aeron Macawile2 timer siden

    6:00 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A start

  11. Ahmad Anis

    Ahmad Anis2 timer siden


  12. Harsimran Singh

    Harsimran Singh3 timer siden

    contra best. finished alot of time

  13. SG_REBBS99 Rebel99

    SG_REBBS99 Rebel993 timer siden

    not to flex but i completed the dinosaur game all u have to do is time travel spoiler its impossible a meteor gets u no matter what

  14. Captain_rice66 6

    Captain_rice66 63 timer siden

    I finished donkey Kong and flappy bird

  15. Morgan Woolford

    Morgan Woolford4 timer siden

    The dude who “finished” flappy bird even said it was fake

  16. Abhiprince Princeabhi00

    Abhiprince Princeabhi005 timer siden

    If I bored in computer class I played dinosaur game it was very satisfying 😂😈

  17. Shantanu singh Tomar

    Shantanu singh Tomar5 timer siden

    Dinosaur game @10:26

  18. Abishek Balaji

    Abishek Balaji5 timer siden

    no-gos.info/video/xZ2Zh7LVpauplGw.html This guy has copied your content...


    JUSTINE LOPEZ5 timer siden

    Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Penguin Cube

    Penguin Cube5 timer siden

    No internet connection game

  21. crazy gamerz

    crazy gamerz6 timer siden

    Well I finished contra

  22. Jellyman Herder

    Jellyman Herder7 timer siden

    3:30 OHHHH that's why the Pacman game Pacman 256 has those numbers! In its name

  23. takashi nikki

    takashi nikki8 timer siden

    Is it just me but I really like how he say mario?😅😂

  24. Infinity Random

    Infinity Random9 timer siden

    The flappy bird one was fake

  25. Bluest Sky

    Bluest Sky10 timer siden

    that's not what happens in flappy bird really... ;-;

  26. _xiuten_

    _xiuten_10 timer siden

    Every Vietnamese person ever as raging

  27. Nicholas Warfel

    Nicholas Warfel12 timer siden

    10:13 Then it dawned on me: Don't use the Nintendo Zapper, use the Nintendo headphones, then say 'fire' when you see a duck (or in this case, millions of ducks.) Gets them every time

  28. Nicholas Warfel

    Nicholas Warfel12 timer siden

    10:12, not 10:13, my bad

  29. Jenna Stalnaker

    Jenna Stalnaker12 timer siden

    I never saw subway surfers on here 🤔

  30. OtiZ

    OtiZ12 timer siden

    The flappy bird one is fake, just so you know.

  31. SuperZane Gaming

    SuperZane Gaming13 timer siden

    Yes I have though i'm never going to finish it because it's called life and it ends but never in the good ending or like I say Roses are red violets are blue people cure diseases you take up space that's what you do.

  32. YOZ

    YOZ16 timer siden

    10:45 we all came for you, thank me later for saving you 10minutes of time.

  33. Av

    Av16 timer siden

    the end to flappy bird seems fake

  34. Wesker S

    Wesker S16 timer siden

    Background music?

  35. Pleasant Potato

    Pleasant Potato16 timer siden

    We all came here for the dinosaur game and we didn’t get an answer. I’m leaving a dislike on this video now because I’m sad.

  36. Galaxy TGW

    Galaxy TGW16 timer siden

    isn't the trex 17 million years old?

  37. Ashlee White

    Ashlee White17 timer siden

    First thought after the first question: Skyrim

  38. PR0WN3D

    PR0WN3D17 timer siden

    The flappy bird ending isn't correct.

  39. Botond Boros

    Botond Boros17 timer siden


  40. PlaneHed

    PlaneHed18 timer siden

    Bruh bill did lie

  41. tedy kar

    tedy kar18 timer siden

    Gonna teach my kid how to play chrome t-rex game and let him pass the legacy until 17 mil years