Acura Legend HD


  1. Mychael Jenkins

    Mychael Jenkins14 dager siden


  2. Nubia Gardier

    Nubia Gardier3 måneder siden

  3. Kota E

    Kota E3 måneder siden

    I want a car this clean.

  4. jimboguitar100

    jimboguitar1008 måneder siden

    What are these rims that you put on??

  5. C'z Locs 624 559

    C'z Locs 624 559År siden

    I have a 92 legend and man I love this car! It might be automatic but it does have balls and gets up

  6. Harley Weedwax

    Harley WeedwaxÅr siden

    i had a 91..gave it to my daughter after hooking it up..just bought a 95 yesterday in Dallas texas

  7. Gnarism the love of skateboarding

    Gnarism the love of skateboardingÅr siden

    I watch this video every night to inspire myself to work on mine

  8. Luiz fernando Schengle

    Luiz fernando SchengleÅr siden

    No music !!

  9. Big L Smack

    Big L SmackÅr siden

    when I was a kid I wanted one so bad.



    What did you do for it to sound like that?😍😍

  11. Adrian Guy

    Adrian GuyÅr siden

    Loves these cars I have one as well 94 four dour restore runs great I'm looking for the couple 6speed

  12. Harley Weedwax

    Harley WeedwaxÅr siden

    found a 5 sp red coupe in the bay area for 700 bux..wish I lived close i would have grabbed it..still up for sale as i type

  13. Castellani Kim

    Castellani KimÅr siden

    FF. That overhang. That engine mount Honda Acura👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. David Segura

    David SeguraÅr siden

    this one will aspire me.

  15. Svpreme Kai

    Svpreme KaiÅr siden

    Went and bought a legend because of this video. I strive to have my 94' look as good as yours one day 🙏

  16. Boski391

    Boski3912 år siden

    Perhaps one of the finest dressed Legends on Cheers the fact that you added quad dual exhausts, sounds great and does not appear to disrupt the lines of the ride.

  17. Nubia Gardier

    Nubia Gardier2 år siden


  18. Deftones 26

    Deftones 262 år siden


  19. Darrell Tuttle

    Darrell Tuttle2 år siden

    Nice build but, could show the other guys in Washington State how to properly mod a car because, they have absolutely no clue.

  20. Evan Rhodes

    Evan Rhodes2 år siden

    Are you from Tacoma?

  21. Konformation07

    Konformation072 år siden

    You in B.C.?

  22. LurkerDood

    LurkerDood2 år siden

    Stupid Honda messed up the LEGEND by calling it RL I remember back in HS, we were all going oh shit that guy has a LEGEND Now no one gives a fuck about the stupid RL

  23. El Neck Beard

    El Neck Beard2 år siden

    Please get at me!! Where can i get the rain guards for the 95 acura legend!

  24. Big L Smack

    Big L Smack3 år siden


  25. Jamie Cremeans

    Jamie Cremeans3 år siden

    Any chance you have a link to the headers/Y-Pipe and mufflers you have? I can't find them anywhere

  26. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith3 år siden

    miss my 95 legend

  27. DipSetNY

    DipSetNY3 år siden

    The original dope boy car. Every D Boy had one, no joke.

  28. Boski391

    Boski3913 år siden

    The Golden Era of Honda, when the cars were boxy and sharp lines, excellent suspension, inspired by F1. Japanese Gangster Rolling Piece of Art. New cars are not even close.

  29. AD_ Greyx

    AD_ GreyxÅr siden

    @My beautiful and amazing Princess LMFAO fucking hell

  30. Boski391

    Boski3912 år siden


  31. Svpreme Kai

    Svpreme Kai2 år siden

    Brenda princesa Lindaa what kind of super sensitive virgin ass response did I just read?

  32. Boski391

    Boski3912 år siden

    Thanks for the laugh, pal. Have a cookie and relax.

  33. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess2 år siden

    Boski391 You're a weak minded degenerate for seeing criminals as role-models. Those who promote criminals, are also criminals and should be prosecute by law

  34. Anti Warmist

    Anti Warmist3 år siden

    Fuck BMW.

  35. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess2 år siden

    Anti Warmist No, Fuck you.

  36. Stormz0r

    Stormz0r3 år siden

    best looking legend in the world!

  37. Ron bob

    Ron bob3 år siden

    Where did you get the rear bumper plz help?

  38. Stormz0r

    Stormz0r3 år siden

    Is that black or a real deal green or blue?

  39. Darrell Tuttle

    Darrell Tuttle2 år siden

    Pat π the factory color is called Geneva green pearl. The blacks were called Grenada black pearl and, the white pearl is called Sirius white pearl.

  40. heavy_ z71

    heavy_ z713 år siden

    +Pat π thats right

  41. Stormz0r

    Stormz0r3 år siden

    Right, I guess the grass and whatnot are giving the effect of it looking super dark green. Mine is a dark pearl green but I really like it in black if I can make it look black with a pearl DARK green I think that's what I'd like best.

  42. heavy_ z71

    heavy_ z713 år siden


  43. Tha Lexus Specialist

    Tha Lexus Specialist3 år siden

    well damn I thought Luda's Legend was clean but this is too clean

  44. Oliver Thompson Jr.

    Oliver Thompson Jr.3 år siden

    This is the cleanest one on youtube....

  45. Leslie Forbes

    Leslie Forbes3 år siden

    i just brought two of a kind 1991 acura legend ls and gs model 4dr. Automatic same color inside and outside im bought to change the color on one to a candy apple cherry red with Louis Vuitton inside im doing everything myself custom made when im finish ill post it on NO-gos

  46. Denny Wilkiins

    Denny Wilkiins3 år siden

    I just bought 91 just like dis . already had coilover exhaust, bucket racing seats rims . only thing wrong relay switch and paint for 1,000 blessing

  47. David Segura

    David Segura4 år siden

    love too see that level of devotion. just bought my first legend coupe black on black stock. my color is white all day.

  48. Luis Andrade

    Luis Andrade4 år siden

    Ill smoke all of you guys in my Q45

  49. Luis Andrade

    Luis Andrade3 år siden

    not that legend

  50. Luis Andrade

    Luis Andrade3 år siden

    nah bro

  51. heavy_ z71

    heavy_ z713 år siden

    lol q45s will get raped by legends

  52. IND4GR0V3

    IND4GR0V33 år siden

    03 6speed cl type s anyday

  53. heavy_ z71

    heavy_ z713 år siden

    not the legend

  54. Harley Weedwax

    Harley Weedwax4 år siden

    have a 91 im going for this look but in all cocaine white with black or dark gray wheels..whats the suspension setup?ok I see..k sport coilovers..showed the girl this vid..she said get mine looking like this :)

  55. Harley Weedwax

    Harley WeedwaxÅr siden

    @My beautiful and amazing Princessthere is when youre in the streets lol.. i guess you would call it off white

  56. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess2 år siden

    I'm sure there's no such thing as a color called cocaine white...

  57. Doc.Cali

    Doc.Cali4 år siden


  58. Sheila Rodriguez

    Sheila Rodriguez4 år siden

    what year is this legend?

  59. Oliver Thompson Jr.

    Oliver Thompson Jr.3 år siden

    91-96....all than same cars. Grab any one U can

  60. Travis Berry

    Travis Berry4 år siden

    I'm buying a '94 sedan for 500 bucks in a couple of days. Your car is pretty much the goals I have appearance wise for mine.

  61. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess2 år siden

    Travis Berry I wouldn't blackout the tail lights. I think that looks stupid

  62. michał zbyszek

    michał zbyszek4 år siden

    Song ? ;)

  63. Dust

    Dust4 år siden

    This car is a classic to be reckoned with as the 1991 ACURA LEGEND sedan had the look of a BMW and was way ahead of its time. To this day you could laugh off a BMW driving next to you. They act like they had the original look but they are dead wrong about that. BMW became this design with time.

  64. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess2 år siden

    V.C. BMW's are amazing and very reliable. And I dare you to prove otherwise. 80's, 70's BMWs running around in Europe everyday, running flawlessly.

  65. V.C.

    V.C.3 år siden

    well, the truth is, it may look like a bmw, but one brand had to bring the design to the future, cuz let's face it, bmw just won't cut it in terms of reliability.

  66. Konformation07

    Konformation073 år siden

    +Oliver Thompson Jr. From the front the BMW E38 and Legend looks similar but that's it. This was a pimp car back on the day. Acura came into the US swinging with the Legend and NSX.

  67. Oliver Thompson Jr.

    Oliver Thompson Jr.3 år siden

    There's nothing similar looking between a BMW and an Acura Legend. Acuras and Infinities shared similar comparisons early on in the late 1980's Just give Acura its credit and leave BMW out of it. Long Live the Legend....I still got my 1994!

  68. shumazer

    shumazer4 år siden

    @TheDust69 True, BMW e38 looks like Acura Legend. I had very difficult time, I sold my beauty KA7 to super good owner. Now I own 2000 740iL but i miss my Legend.

  69. Havok 666

    Havok 6664 år siden

    respect i have 91 legend coupe that im working on clean body 💯👊🏻

  70. Gerard Ibanez

    Gerard Ibanez5 år siden

    Goodness, this car looks great. I never thought of this acura when I was looking at purchasing a project car. I always searched for integras. I ended up with an awesome 98 Impreza thought (;

  71. hunter akau

    hunter akau5 år siden

    What kind of exhaust do you have on it?

  72. PointxFive

    PointxFive5 år siden

    I just recently bought a 1990 Legend L, she's pretty stock, and needs some TLC, Hoping to get it all sorted out in good time though.

  73. Garlic bread

    Garlic bread5 år siden

    sounds like an NSX

  74. alexis valenzuela

    alexis valenzuela5 år siden

    Does anyone know where I could purchase a master clutch cylinder for a 94 legend?



    Hey Bro... That mother looks MEAN! But I wish you had showed it parked also. I would like to have seen those rims up close.

  76. TheMrg39914

    TheMrg399145 år siden

    wHAT size rim did you go with

  77. shumazer

    shumazer5 år siden

    18х8 flik justice rims. OBX headers, OBX Y-pipe, stock cat, custom made rear Y-pipe for dual OBX mufflers.

  78. Sean Slocum

    Sean Slocum5 år siden

    Look up the Velox Momentum 16x7 and for tires go with the 225/50R16

  79. TheMrg39914

    TheMrg399145 år siden

    Thanks man i went with a Spin tech but 2 1/2 pipe from cat back and love it. Thank you tho for your time. Just bought me one of them and i love itnow just trying to get a good set of rims for my car now

  80. Sean Slocum

    Sean Slocum5 år siden

    @TheMrg39914 It looks like the Dual exit OBX racing kit . I'm looking into buying the same exhaust system.

  81. TheMrg39914

    TheMrg399145 år siden

    and what exhaust do you have i just got a legend of some Grampa with 82k org mile and it is a stock 5 speed love it

  82. Afghan Lion

    Afghan Lion5 år siden

    The body of this car screams RWD!

  83. Afghan Lion

    Afghan LionÅr siden

    It would be great if someone could convert it to a RWD using a platform from the S200 or NSX. I;m sure you could keep the original engine since its already set up in such a way.

  84. Dang

    Dang3 år siden

    smart guy. hold onto it--your grandkids will know what its like to drive a classic car haha

  85. Jamie Cremeans

    Jamie Cremeans3 år siden

    Bobby Cheezpuffs don't think id ever get rid of my 93 LS sedan. planing a type 2 upgrade and 6 speed swap though

  86. Dang

    Dang3 år siden

    still a great car. i've always wanted to buy another one ever since i traded mine in for a 05 civic (tranny went out). :(

  87. Dang

    Dang3 år siden

    ^ i thought the reason was because most cars at the time had terrible torque steer when you hit 200+hp, esp in a fwd car. logically, it'd make sense since more weight would've been distributed, hence you got better handling. most cars back then had everything shoved towards the front--legend, at the time, was one of the few, if not the only, car that had this design. ironic though--they scrapped it because layout ended up costing more than what it was worth.

  88. JUNIOR_420!!!

    JUNIOR_420!!!6 år siden

    What body kit is this?

  89. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    this is not body kit. OEM bumpers and side skirts.

  90. Global RS Services

    Global RS Services6 år siden

    That shit is nice. I got a 91' 4door right now. Head gaskets is gone. thinkin abt scraping it or restoring it.

  91. Gracious Raigeki

    Gracious Raigeki5 år siden

    @Global RS Services They are JDM One-piece headlights, they do not come in black. This car is heavily modified. Those Headlights have a painted housing, which can easily be done. It is also equipped with Retro-fitted Projectors.

  92. Global RS Services

    Global RS Services5 år siden

    I need front seats myself. Especially the driver side. Best bet is to probably get them re-done

  93. Global RS Services

    Global RS Services5 år siden

    Where can i find those headlights? Cant find them in black.

  94. Sean Slocum

    Sean Slocum5 år siden

    if you scrap it, TELL ME! I need new front seats. ill pay good money if leather is still in good condition.

  95. Ric Flair

    Ric Flair6 år siden


  96. kasteman1

    kasteman16 år siden

    I custom made about 8 sets of R32 Skyline/Legend hybrid taillights for 4-doors. Always looking to see if I can spot a set on these Legend videos. Nice car. I had a black on black '91 LS. The best looking color combo for a Legend hands down.

  97. leroy wesley

    leroy wesley6 år siden

    can someone tell me where I can find them headlight?

  98. Justin Kongmanichan

    Justin Kongmanichan3 år siden

    leroy wesley where can I get those headlights?

  99. Sean Slocum

    Sean Slocum5 år siden

    Try looking at for the HID Projector light retrofit. I would recommend RX330 Projectors the best looking for the cheapest price in my opinion.

  100. leroy wesley

    leroy wesley6 år siden

    ok thanks, they look great! and what mufflers do you on the car ? I looking for a not deep tone like yours but not loud.

  101. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    do it yourself. They are not for sale anywhere. custom made headlights.

  102. Nathan Griffin

    Nathan Griffin6 år siden

    this thing is nasty man, im trying to pick up a legend as of now but i can only find Automatics... i wanted to know how much your swap was, and what i need? i can get an RL engine really easily but i need to know pricing and if it mounts up easily..

  103. Dang

    Dang3 år siden

    legend is a lighter car with shorter gears. mount a bigger engine in and you'll feel the difference, even if its only 10-20 extra horses. my friend did a full swap and i was lucky enough to test drive his legend...most fun i ever got out of a full-size luxury sedan.

  104. gamert 52

    gamert 523 år siden

    +Oliver Thompson Jr. more reliable engine and better chance of not getting a bhg typically

  105. Oliver Thompson Jr.

    Oliver Thompson Jr.3 år siden

    Im still not quite sure why to do the engine swap for only 10-20 hp tho......please explain??

  106. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    If you want 3.5 swap only. You need 3.5 engine, and customized right front engine mount. I did the swap by myself, no labor time. My Legend was automatic, I did 5speed manual transmission swap.

  107. Donis B

    Donis B6 år siden

    What body color code? :)

  108. michael cenkla

    michael cenkla6 år siden

    could someone tell me the MUSICS name Please

  109. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    Araab Muzik - Get It In Ohio

  110. herbz showaman

    herbz showaman6 år siden

    3.2 v6 automatic with sports gears, fast as fook, i had the 2.7 v6 limited edition with the spoiler, the inside was luxury, cream leathers wooden dash climate control the works, reminds me of a lexus but better

  111. Sean Slocum

    Sean Slocum6 år siden

    Nice, I have a 93' Legend sedan. i love it to death! now i have new parts!

  112. MDamped925

    MDamped9256 år siden

    fuckin clean

  113. chavelo340

    chavelo3406 år siden

    Nice car I wish I didn't roll mine three times and now I got a 03 tl type s but it's not faster then my old legend I got a lot of complements on my legend

  114. Hector Ochoa

    Hector Ochoa6 år siden

    turbo or no?

  115. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    It is 91-93 OEM Fog Lights.

  116. Antony J Ruiz Villatoro

    Antony J Ruiz Villatoro6 år siden

    what fog lights are these @shumazer

  117. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    yes, I still on the forum. I like Acura Legend family.

  118. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    Thank you! BMW looks like a Legend.

  119. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    18" flik justice. K-Sport coilovers.

  120. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    1991 LS

  121. shumazer

    shumazer6 år siden

    me too...


    SHOTBY/YON6 år siden

    What size are the wheels and what type of drop is that?

  123. ed redd

    ed redd6 år siden

    Dope car..

  124. Corey Basden

    Corey Basden6 år siden

    whats your instagram? hmu on mine coreaga1982

  125. Corey Basden

    Corey Basden6 år siden

    are all these parts inter changable do they fit rte on???

  126. Mike William

    Mike William6 år siden

    What year is this? 95?

  127. SANYUR

    SANYUR6 år siden

    Honda had there eye's on the BMW 733i or E23.

  128. LilLosKillz303

    LilLosKillz3036 år siden

    This is a nice car. Kinda looks like a bmw a 5 series or the older 740.

  129. reenasiciliani

    reenasiciliani6 år siden

    cant tell you how many times ive watched this video. r u still on the forum?

  130. zingzangwallawalla

    zingzangwallawalla6 år siden

    stunning car!

  131. Gavin Wickremasuriya

    Gavin Wickremasuriya6 år siden

    did you lower this car?

  132. Kajzer Dynia

    Kajzer Dynia6 år siden

    i can pay every price for this car