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The Acura Legend lived up to its name and proved that Acura knew how to build a great car. They challenged luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes, showing everyone that you don’t need to spend a ton, to get a ton. From turbos, all wheel drive, to crazy hybrid systems, the Acura Legend crossed the pond and became an actual Legend.
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►We FOUND The LOST Fast and Furious Integra!
►The History of Acura Integra
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  1. Mike F

    Mike F9 timer siden

    This guy = jersey shore on speed

  2. Carl Busque

    Carl Busque16 timer siden

    Just love your work, keep at it please!

  3. Darien Mercado

    Darien MercadoDag siden

    The legend is sick, my dad used to have one he said it was pretty fast and was one of the best car he ever owned back then

  4. christopher davies

    christopher daviesDag siden

    Donut’s dope

  5. Ryan Roberts

    Ryan Roberts2 dager siden

    The coupe was one of the slickest designs to come out of Japan in the 90's. Don't forget about the GS version of the 4 door available with the 6spd and Type II V6. Slickity slick SLIIIIIICK!!! Cars suck now. 😫

  6. bbbbccc1717

    bbbbccc17174 dager siden

    Sad to see how Acura went from this legendary car to the RL and then to today's lineup of forgetful and non-competitive cars.

  7. Inutero

    Inutero4 dager siden

    Sooo does it consider as jdm? Sorry for my low knowledge.

  8. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright5 dager siden

    Well done

  9. Dale F

    Dale F5 dager siden

    Every car James reviews I wanna buy our get lol go James !!

  10. Uriel Garcia

    Uriel Garcia6 dager siden

    Why don’t you do Acura TL

  11. The Bearded Hippo

    The Bearded Hippo7 dager siden

    Had mine for around 8 years now. Love it

  12. Tomas Bailey

    Tomas Bailey8 dager siden

    Bro, that Prelude... Er uh Legend is dope bra!

  13. Modesto Dejesus

    Modesto Dejesus8 dager siden

    Had one and loved it looking for one in decent shape now absolutely loved these cars luxury and speed

  14. david bouey

    david bouey9 dager siden


  15. venomous.mp4

    venomous.mp410 dager siden

    I have a 1989 Legend in my driveway but the transmission is fucked and I can’t find another one for it

  16. R Williams

    R Williams14 dager siden

    My 89' Acura legend was one of the dopest looking cars ever

  17. Vr6G60

    Vr6G6014 dager siden

    Glad to have you back James.

  18. Robert Campbell

    Robert Campbell16 dager siden

    91- 94 legend is the most beautiful design Acura ever created till this day.

  19. Abel Castillo

    Abel Castillo16 dager siden

    Hey you should really make one about the Acura TL 1-4th gen and how the TLX was born from the TL and TSX

  20. akerlet gaming

    akerlet gaming16 dager siden

    I need to know the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>

  21. Will Thompson

    Will Thompson17 dager siden

    You know the video's sponsored by Acura when it makes mention of Lexus or Infiniti only once in the whole runtime.

  22. Will Thompson

    Will Thompson17 dager siden

    "Uncontroversial design" is the type of half-compliment you give when the manufacturer is sponsoring the video. 😂

  23. Jaxon Dorothy

    Jaxon Dorothy19 dager siden

    i think youve done this before. but heres an idea. The Pontiac Grand Prix sedan 1988-2004 or something like that.

  24. Krylonn Joel

    Krylonn Joel23 dager siden

    Most crack dealers approve of this episode 🤣

  25. aigomorla

    aigomorla24 dager siden

    i absolutely loved my 2nd gen legend, until i started having transmission issues, which the car was very prone of. Technology wise Acura was always on top of the game, reliability wise... lets just say the Legend and my replacement the RL, were not what i considered Honda Reliable.

  26. Mr. Harrelson

    Mr. Harrelson25 dager siden

    I loved this car and still do.... only in the manual transmission tho.

  27. Rocco's random videos

    Rocco's random videos25 dager siden

    I just got Acura ad before this vid

  28. Truman Callaway

    Truman Callaway26 dager siden

    Didnt know I wanted an Acura legend coupe.

  29. G R

    G R26 dager siden

    Do one on a Firebird trans am

  30. 四世 Speed

    四世 Speed26 dager siden

    Mai Ligne - Cafe Mornings playing in the beginning. 👌👌👌

  31. OG OG

    OG OG26 dager siden

    My 1991 legend is in the process of a head gasket job,hopefully she'll be back on the road soon.

  32. chortlesinthecorner

    chortlesinthecorner27 dager siden

    "It's a hot one."

  33. C'z Locs 624 559

    C'z Locs 624 55928 dager siden

    I still have my legend!! Long live legends


    R8CEHORSE28 dager siden

    I've had 5 Acura's and they all started with the 91 legend coupe in Rosewood. Badass car! The pinnacle (for me) was my 05 TL A-spec with a 6 speed. I searched all of God's green and blue earth for it and it was worth it. Unfortunately I traded it in for a 15 TLX and let it go 5 months later. It just didnt hold a candle to the UA6.

  35. Nathan Mohler

    Nathan Mohler28 dager siden

    How about the vigor? It had a 5 cylinder right? Weird

  36. Ritu Mathur

    Ritu MathurMåned siden

    I am still waiting for toyota 2000 gt

  37. Luis Covarrubias

    Luis CovarrubiasMåned siden

    My fist car was the 1994 Acura Legend which sadly I crashed but hopefully I’ll bring it back running, but I loved the car

  38. Rejath Benny

    Rejath BennyMåned siden

    The part where u imitated the Germans were hilarious.... i cannot stop laughing.... 'We don't have doors that suck with vaccuum ' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Juan Carlos

    Juan CarlosMåned siden

    Hola, donut, que paso con prestado?

  40. Frankie Gonzalez

    Frankie GonzalezMåned siden

    Do a episode on the Lexus IS models

  41. Mercedes CLK

    Mercedes CLKMåned siden

    Beautiful car.

  42. Rudy De Leon

    Rudy De LeonMåned siden

    Next Acura Vigor

  43. Hrithik Jayanth

    Hrithik JayanthMåned siden

    Daewoo Cielo

  44. Tyler N

    Tyler NMåned siden

    Those old Legends were awesome. Too bad Acura makes such boring shite now.

  45. Vann Junkin

    Vann JunkinMåned siden

    Ohhhh it's just a Honda

  46. Ua7 S

    Ua7 SMåned siden

    Make a video for the Acura TL bro

  47. Rated 'R'

    Rated 'R'Måned siden

    Ludacris still owns or owned (I think it was in a accident) an Acura Legend.

  48. Gryzzl

    GryzzlMåned siden

    Those rover zc valve covers are dope tho 😍

  49. Ed Swann

    Ed SwannMåned siden

    Please don’t drive up the price of these old tired cars up for no reason!

  50. cq33xx

    cq33xxMåned siden

    a time when honda had designers... i can't believe how hideous modern hondas look

  51. Basement 04

    Basement 04Måned siden

    smooth :)

  52. Jared Sousa

    Jared SousaMåned siden

    I hear about Acura RXS type S I have 2003 love this car

  53. Donny Wahlberg

    Donny WahlbergMåned siden

    first car i ever stole, good times

  54. Noah Beck

    Noah BeckMåned siden

    Anybody else catching the “fun fact” throwback to the first episode of up to speed?

  55. Amber Vehige

    Amber VehigeMåned siden

    Driving one of these babies now, it was my dads baby and now it’s mine. 95 black legend ls coupe. Just hit 266,000 miles about a month ago and still going strong. Love driving it!

  56. RobJaskula

    RobJaskulaMåned siden

    My gray '89 five speed was one of my first cars and remains one of my favorites. What a solid piece of engineering, and fun to run through the gears. That thing had plenty of life in it at 13-14 years old, but when the clutch went on me, it was time to move on. Still have a ton of fond memories of that car.

  57. Reginald Muir

    Reginald MuirMåned siden

    LMAO <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="492">8:12</a>

  58. Psychlops 924

    Psychlops 924Måned siden

    I’m guessing that there’s only one video in the world of a Legend doing a burnout, because you guys used the same one three times.

  59. Psychlops 924

    Psychlops 924Måned siden

    Acura in two words: Fancy Honda.

  60. Jayden Quach

    Jayden QuachMåned siden

    Do the Audi R8

  61. B- Speedy

    B- SpeedyMåned siden

    Acura TL & tsx?

  62. Lance Hondrade

    Lance HondradeMåned siden

    *Up to Speed on the Type R family.*

  63. Michael and Michael Productions

    Michael and Michael ProductionsMåned siden

    Do the Acura TL

  64. Kevin Vieira

    Kevin VieiraMåned siden

    It's weird they would go through all that effort to mount the engine longitudinally and not just make it rear wheel drive like a proper luxury car

  65. OM

    OMMåned siden

    My GS 6 speed will be restored.


    JIGA BACHIMåned siden

    Too bad their in house automatic transmissions are made out of PlayDoh and Bee's Wax . . . at least from the mid 1990's up until now. 😞😒👎🏻💩

  67. thunder wolf

    thunder wolfMåned siden

    Do a up to speed on the Acura vigor

  68. Astro ThyOvrLrd

    Astro ThyOvrLrdMåned siden

    Acura ad on an Acura up to speed? let it play. also i love acura!

  69. Redshadow PG

    Redshadow PGMåned siden

    Up to speed on the Subaru Legacy

  70. Eye need food

    Eye need foodMåned siden


  71. The Dungeon Studio

    The Dungeon StudioMåned siden

    I had his car once, it was so awesome. I was too young to own it and it got towed because my car was under a guardian's name instead of my own. They owed tickets. I paid mine off. :( It was like a brown/copper color with cloth seats. I could turn up and down the volume from my steering wheel (and watch the knob turn, too!). Nothing would make me forget the way that thing handled. It was a '92, it had tight handling, super smooth cornering and most of all - SUPER reliable. I miss that car so much....good times.

  72. Brian Chang

    Brian ChangMåned siden

    I had a 1991 Coupe L with a 5-speed manual transmission. What a classic! It's still to this day the most comfortable car I have ever owned.

  73. Shaun D

    Shaun DMåned siden

    I'm on my 7th one. 91 5speed 4dr. I've driven many a car but none feel the way a Legend does. 6 days a week I am 190lbs of flesh and bone, today I am 3400lbs of aluminum and steel, not only do I drive a Legend, I AM A LEGEND.

  74. Emmanuel Monge

    Emmanuel MongeMåned siden

    Eric The Car Guy liked this video 24,000 times.

  75. Mattan Shamailov

    Mattan ShamailovMåned siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a> James is a blood

  76. Brayden Courtney

    Brayden CourtneyMåned siden

    Up to speed on kei cars!

  77. Neil J

    Neil JMåned siden

  78. Mark Conde

    Mark CondeMåned siden

    I owned an Acura TL. First time I saw a straight 6 in a foreign car. It was a nice car for how old it was.

  79. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu DragneelMåned siden

    You cant talk about the legend without talking about ludacris

  80. xSubFighter14x

    xSubFighter14xMåned siden

    What about the Acura Vigor ?