AI learns to play the WORLDS HARDEST GAME even more levels

Using the genetic algorithm I trained an Ai to play even more levels of the worlds hardest game.
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I will upload the code soon so you can run these things yourself.
Twitter: code_bullet


  1. Natedog123

    Natedog12318 timer siden

    I’m not subbing until he posts content more frequently.

  2. Revilo Games

    Revilo Games22 timer siden

    So im the only one who loves to see AI'S learn how to pay and win?

  3. aidan Barron

    aidan BarronDag siden

    the secoud last level had music from party rouale

  4. WebRex

    WebRexDag siden

    what is the song called at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="774">12:54</a>

  5. Catherine Morris

    Catherine MorrisDag siden

    Can you stop swearing pls🥺🥺🥺🥺

  6. MyBadEverything

    MyBadEverything2 dager siden

    1 rectangle took longer

  7. ammar2009y

    ammar2009y3 dager siden


  8. Aakarsh Swaminathan

    Aakarsh Swaminathan3 dager siden

    Um no 2

  9. Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton3 dager siden

    Imagine having an AI play Celeste. That would be actually insane, what with speedrunning tech and all that.

  10. Gregorio Alenzo

    Gregorio Alenzo4 dager siden

    i draw 1 square and than add straight lines approx. 350 times

  11. Indian DIY Boy by -KANISHK

    Indian DIY Boy by -KANISHK5 dager siden

    Nice video. How and where do you code it ?

  12. kees klaas

    kees klaas6 dager siden

    that 1 took me longer. i started at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1032">17:12</a> first i made the 700 after that 700 i made the 1 so i finished with the 700 first

  13. Kvak

    Kvak7 dager siden

    Question, why there is no ads?? Like man, you are missing so much

  14. Bob

    Bob7 dager siden

    Drawing 700 rectangles took me 300 tree minutes

  15. Arcade

    Arcade7 dager siden

    this game was literally my biggest pass time in school! i appreciate you making this :)

  16. Jax Smith

    Jax Smith7 dager siden

    1 rec was 5 hours while 700 recs was 00.000001 millisecond

  17. Jax Smith

    Jax Smith7 dager siden

    Maybe I altered. The sizes but.....

  18. Shuz

    Shuz7 dager siden

    just noticed his a.i's are like his babies.

  19. Logan Joslin

    Logan Joslin8 dager siden


  20. Hope Nguyen

    Hope Nguyen9 dager siden

    100 rectangles takes longer :


    DARKSOUL GACHA WORLD10 dager siden

    Theres a problem on one of the lvls so that those spinning dots go right spin then the other one is left spin dot

  22. junior's channel

    junior's channel10 dager siden

    Level creator link plz

  23. junior's channel

    junior's channel10 dager siden

    Make a 7th level please

  24. Zenon Yadon

    Zenon Yadon10 dager siden

    Drawing 1 rectangle took way longer than drawing 700

  25. Tudor Russkii

    Tudor Russkii11 dager siden

    yes do this for geometry dash!

  26. Gorkem Gulan

    Gorkem Gulan11 dager siden

    Could you code an AI that understands the game when it sees it and plays it?

  27. Ben Walker

    Ben Walker11 dager siden

    The individual rectangle took me longer than the 700, but that is probably because I made it so bloody huge. Note to self for next time.

  28. Jessica Yawn

    Jessica Yawn11 dager siden

    the one that took longer was the one rectangle i dont know how but it did i think i am a super human

  29. Brody Blask

    Brody Blask11 dager siden

    Doing 700 hundred took longer

  30. dEranged

    dEranged12 dager siden

    i already played this game, i think it was easy

  31. Parker Legends

    Parker Legends12 dager siden

    Drawing one rectangle was harder

  32. HyBridUn1t

    HyBridUn1t12 dager siden

    I did the 700 rectangle faster than the 1 rectangle

  33. Hayden Stancil

    Hayden Stancil12 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> click type god

  34. Hussain Aziz

    Hussain Aziz13 dager siden

    My highest is level 8 then my lesson ended

  35. Tess Vaan Ray

    Tess Vaan Ray13 dager siden

    'AI learns to play the WORLDS HARDEST GAME even more levels' why not AI learns to feel pain

  36. Ben FLIPS

    Ben FLIPS13 dager siden

    Drawing 700 took longer 4 me

  37. Anirudh Sharma

    Anirudh Sharma13 dager siden

    I think targeting to finish the level in the least possible time will be even more challenging

  38. Alex Purdy

    Alex Purdy13 dager siden

    700 is faster for me

  39. The gaming Tea

    The gaming Tea14 dager siden

    I did 1 rectangle faster

  40. Tyler Nelson 310

    Tyler Nelson 31014 dager siden

    1 was longer because I made it 10000m by 10000000m but the others where 1cm by 2cm :/

  41. doctor man

    doctor man14 dager siden

    700 was faster

  42. Sammer Productions

    Sammer Productions15 dager siden

    download plz

  43. Ned Morales

    Ned Morales15 dager siden

    It took 11 hours XD

  44. Team Umbreon Gaming

    Team Umbreon Gaming15 dager siden

    Drawing one rectangle took longer

  45. SuperMaDBrothers

    SuperMaDBrothers16 dager siden

    You realize the original game has bugs and nuances that your shitty level editor couldn’t possibly mimic

  46. ᪶ ᪶

    ᪶ ᪶17 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="757">12:37</a> what?

  47. Goat-Gamer

    Goat-Gamer17 dager siden


  48. Hello World

    Hello World17 dager siden

    turns out theres no a.i he's just really good at this.

  49. Sean-key Kong

    Sean-key Kong18 dager siden

    I played and beaten worlds hardest game very easy unless if you want a 0 death run.

  50. Mr Me

    Mr Me18 dager siden

    *-your doing it for the views-*

  51. Elijah Anderson

    Elijah Anderson18 dager siden

    The ai are like blind people playing a game, they keep learning Everytime they fail

  52. Pizza Beast

    Pizza Beast19 dager siden

    I tried the game impossible but this video proves me wrong but this is ai

  53. Dandude LeJunk

    Dandude LeJunk20 dager siden


  54. The singing yet Silent watcher

    The singing yet Silent watcher21 dag siden

    What happens if the best player makes an objectively bad decision such as take the best path that somehow lands them seconds away from death?

  55. komorebiYT

    komorebiYT21 dag siden

    Is anyone gonna tell him the lvl 5 spiral isn’t even?

  56. vignav ramkumar

    vignav ramkumar22 dager siden

    Make Ai that learns to make a hard level which is possible to crack and an AK that learns to crack it

  57. OTFT

    OTFT22 dager siden

    “This will never be uploaded...” CB 2020: *makes a website and uses this*

  58. XMan987 Salvador

    XMan987 Salvador23 dager siden

    It's making me extremely mad that the coins don't dissapear

  59. Sayyam Jain

    Sayyam Jain24 dager siden

    What language do you code


    ZACHARY HERRING24 dager siden

    The 1 rectangle took me longer to draw.


    BRYAN AFONSO24 dager siden

    #world gamers


    BRYAN AFONSO24 dager siden


  63. Bendit

    Bendit25 dager siden

    Looks like he's bleeding at some places🤔<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="560">9:20</a>

  64. Super Stick Animator

    Super Stick Animator25 dager siden

    I will upload the code soon 2 years later: Hmmmmmmmm...

  65. Hamzein

    HamzeinDag siden

    i'm still waiting:(

  66. Jax Smith

    Jax Smith7 dager siden

    2020 quarintine things

  67. Eli Martin

    Eli Martin26 dager siden

    For me drawing 1 rectangle took longer! Jk I didn’t even draw a rectangle

  68. Unknown Variable

    Unknown Variable26 dager siden

    1 rectangle = half a second 700 rectangles = 9 hours (fell asleep)

  69. Raj Aryan Agrawal

    Raj Aryan Agrawal26 dager siden

    How do u check when does each player deviate without checking all 700 every frame and why will it deviate if each player does the same thing

  70. Aidan Mulcahey

    Aidan Mulcahey26 dager siden

    700 was faster idiot

  71. KJ Dubs

    KJ Dubs27 dager siden

    By drawing a single rectangle, I have created 700 rectangles that hide within the lines of the lines of the single one. Fractals. So your answer: drawing one rectangle takes the same amount of time as drawing 700 rectangles

  72. Rezula 110

    Rezula 11027 dager siden

    1 rectangle was longer

  73. niplu the gamer

    niplu the gamer27 dager siden

    Press this if you want to skip that ugly music <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="372">6:12</a>

  74. N Henderson

    N Henderson29 dager siden

    Lol plz don’t stop making ai that is learning to much for the society

  75. Ice And Fire

    Ice And Fire29 dager siden


  76. Luis Ruelas

    Luis RuelasMåned siden

    I would pay you (maybe less than what it is worth) for an actual technical video on how YOU apply this learning algorithms to your games.

  77. Spyro Gaming

    Spyro GamingMåned siden

    I paused the video and drew 700 rectangles and the 590th took mecthe longest

  78. Hudson Addis

    Hudson AddisMåned siden

    The hardest rectangle i drew was the 428th rectangle

  79. Graham Bentley

    Graham BentleyMåned siden

    Do fruit ninja

  80. Reniker Reniker

    Reniker RenikerMåned siden

    level editor pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. The Rabbit

    The RabbitMåned siden

    The red square who could 🟥

  82. Miles Woest

    Miles WoestMåned siden

    instructions unclear. the rectangle is in the toaster

  83. Julio

    JulioMåned siden

    Song <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a>?


    REETHETEEMåned siden

    I drew 800 dots