Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Last balloon standing wins!
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Comment: Panda woulda won if he played!
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectÅr siden

    Stoked y’all like it! ► Next Vid: Overtime 6 ► Click here to play the game!

  2. LeighAnne Jones

    LeighAnne JonesMåned siden

    Pubg is the best

  3. Barkha Gangwar

    Barkha Gangwar2 måneder siden

    I agree with Kyle and lefty

  4. Jazil

    Jazil3 måneder siden

    Vortex 12 ad How ppppoewrtyuioasdffo.mqmkqkqkq

  5. Christian Stone

    Christian Stone3 måneder siden

    Garret has achieved the level of cod campaign

  6. Amon Warren

    Amon Warren6 måneder siden

    SV Sanuk .ponn

  7. Nart Mehmeti

    Nart Mehmeti50 minutter siden

    Hey dp play a room in PUBG in overtime gaming room

  8. Мейіржан Ерсаинов

    Мейіржан Ерсаинов4 timer siden

    all:ok i need gun shoes and greandes Tyler:hmm i have 4 backpacks... i'll take a car

  9. Kigali Paintball

    Kigali Paintball5 timer siden

    Please links to where one can purchase these guns and the balloons too. Appreciate

  10. Rachel Gandhi

    Rachel Gandhi6 timer siden

    Coby I am on your team the of you are losers!!

  11. Darius Aga

    Darius Aga6 timer siden

    nice job!!!!!

  12. Brock 07

    Brock 078 timer siden

    Cody: *has full auto like 60 round machine gun and ak47* Also Cody: oh gosh he’s got a pistol! 😂😂😂

  13. Ethan Selodio

    Ethan Selodio12 timer siden


  14. Ethan Selodio

    Ethan Selodio12 timer siden



    ABBAS FRAZIX15 timer siden

    Pubg game

  16. Kaveen Subasinghe

    Kaveen Subasinghe17 timer siden

    you should do a magnetic trickshot or something to do with magnets

  17. Owen Couch

    Owen Couch20 timer siden

    Cody: were gonna camp Me: rule #1 campers aren't allowed to win so I think garret won.

  18. Yeitza Diaz

    Yeitza Diaz20 timer siden


  19. Chirag Mehta

    Chirag MehtaDag siden

    Panda woulda won if he played

  20. Rocky Clasher

    Rocky ClasherDag siden


  21. MaxiStormKoala

    MaxiStormKoalaDag siden

    i have never heard someone say oh gosh hes got a pistol

  22. Naman Kumar

    Naman KumarDag siden


  23. Naman Kumar

    Naman KumarDag siden

    I want to see from dude perfect this

  24. Joe Virgly

    Joe VirglyDag siden

    Just dont use balones

  25. ?!?!?!

    ?!?!?!Dag siden

    olum altyazıyı hanginiz hazırladı lan cemre seni seviyorum yazıyo djalncksocls

  26. Taser tip

    Taser tipDag siden

    Srsly Cody shouldn’t have won all he did for half of the time was sit in a corner and wait for people to charge

  27. Fauzi Sariprahmat

    Fauzi SariprahmatDag siden

    Maksudne opo

  28. Ziv Dael Sigarlaki Ziv Dael Sigarlaki

    Ziv Dael Sigarlaki Ziv Dael SigarlakiDag siden

    So cool!!!

  29. Carter the gamer

    Carter the gamerDag siden

    play fortnite in real life

  30. هاجر محمدی

    هاجر محمدیDag siden

    Persian srt please

  31. Max Kligman

    Max Kligman2 dager siden

    cody found so many guns!!!! and wepens

  32. hellboy cry

    hellboy cry2 dager siden

    Can you make a capture the flag airsoft vid thank you

  33. Elba Boe

    Elba Boe2 dager siden

    Do more last man standing wins videos

  34. Андрей Попов

    Андрей Попов2 dager siden


  35. Андрей Попов

    Андрей Попов2 dager siden


  36. Vibu Nair

    Vibu Nair2 dager siden

    They've been sponsored by apex,pubg and Fortnite, surely the only ones, only cod and C's left

  37. R Shea

    R Shea2 dager siden

    FORTNITE SUCKS,DP battles are way way way better

  38. Thiago Santos de Andrade

    Thiago Santos de Andrade2 dager siden

    I am a Brazilian but i love this channel

  39. 679 Clan

    679 Clan2 dager siden

    Can you make more of these? You guys are

  40. kieran brown

    kieran brown2 dager siden

    Pubg is a great game but I like the PC version even more

  41. Elijah Klein

    Elijah Klein2 dager siden

    sub here plz and btw i totaly agree

  42. Mahin Schneider

    Mahin Schneider3 dager siden

    Airsoft Battle Royale 3 please!

  43. R_P_G red panda gaming

    R_P_G red panda gaming3 dager siden

    If I was in one of these, I would go full savage and manuely pop there balloons with sticks or my hands

  44. Elijah Klein

    Elijah Klein2 dager siden

    plz sub here im starting airsoft and i might give that a try

  45. Kimberly Reid

    Kimberly Reid3 dager siden

    Ty “Not worth it” no offense but if you opened the crate you might have not lost because Cody got the crate and shot u with the gun that was in it

  46. maks PIRÓG

    maks PIRÓG3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a>

  47. Raine Arsenault

    Raine Arsenault3 dager siden

    go sub to abner524raptor

  48. TC Baker

    TC Baker3 dager siden

    im watching this for the 20 time during quarinten

  49. Lil Geers 27

    Lil Geers 273 dager siden

    Best part of the vid CoDy YoU cAmPeR!

  50. Patrick kieley

    Patrick kieley3 dager siden

    you at battlehack boys

  51. Kelan Flynn

    Kelan Flynn3 dager siden

    Cody didn’t deserve to win

  52. Jesus Lorenzo Lage

    Jesus Lorenzo Lage3 dager siden

    Invite me to the next video!!!!!!! pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Spook_06

    Spook_064 dager siden

    The guns are real? The guns are fake (toy shopping)

  54. Weezer Ati

    Weezer Ati4 dager siden

    Your at balahack airsoft feald


    PSYCHO _ WIPZY4 dager siden

    how can i buy these guns

  56. Xander Burbank

    Xander Burbank4 dager siden

    Are those real guns...

  57. Jayson Hernandez

    Jayson Hernandez4 dager siden

    Are those real guns

  58. Jayson Hernandez

    Jayson Hernandez4 dager siden

    Doctor Spencer okay

  59. Doctor Spencer

    Doctor Spencer4 dager siden

    Jayson Hernandez no they are Airsoft guns

  60. Elliott's Laboratory

    Elliott's Laboratory4 dager siden

    Dont their cameramans give them away?

  61. Doctor Spencer

    Doctor Spencer4 dager siden

    Elliott's Laboratory kind of, I think they should have used go pros

  62. Anthony Urso

    Anthony Urso4 dager siden

    The best

  63. Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

    Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts4 dager siden

    I like how the twins die at the same time

  64. Trevis Vohoang

    Trevis Vohoang4 dager siden

    Ty: CODY YOU CAMPER Me: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱😱😱😱

  65. Matt Hester

    Matt Hester4 dager siden

    Who is here after the documentary to see the twins fight!?!?

  66. Mansher Singh

    Mansher Singh4 dager siden

    can you do more videos like this

  67. Puno

    Puno4 dager siden

    I play Pubg mobile

  68. Jason Baquera

    Jason Baquera4 dager siden

    I like this can you make more video please

  69. Parker Wren

    Parker Wren4 dager siden


  70. Mahd Najmi

    Mahd Najmi5 dager siden

    Garret should gernade cody in last.

  71. Mahd Najmi

    Mahd Najmi5 dager siden

    Coby shouldnt be down.. He must have given one chance. So do cody should be given one more balloon.. As his one balloon was poped accidently

  72. Evo_One23

    Evo_One235 dager siden

    not to be mean but cody said a bad word

  73. Tim Anderson

    Tim Anderson5 dager siden

    Ty, "Not worth it!" Cody, "So worth it!" (After taking out Ty)

  74. Sunita Jain

    Sunita Jain5 dager siden

    Can u do fortnite airsoft battle pls

  75. HiYa Pal

    HiYa Pal5 dager siden

    This was *so* entertaining. ❤

  76. Sidharth Rao

    Sidharth Rao5 dager siden

    Just realised that Garrett swears at around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="389">6:29</a>

  77. C Peter

    C Peter5 dager siden


  78. Catherine Furzer

    Catherine Furzer5 dager siden

    Purple hoser

  79. Catherine Furzer

    Catherine Furzer5 dager siden

    Pubg is the best game

  80. Ajas Muhammed

    Ajas Muhammed5 dager siden

    Just so awsom

  81. Nick Danvers

    Nick Danvers5 dager siden

    There is always a camper in a battle royal a game and in real life😂😂😂

  82. Cloverfrost ASMR

    Cloverfrost ASMR5 dager siden

    How did I know they were playing at ballahack before they even said it the moment

  83. Joe Tetlow

    Joe Tetlow2 dager siden


  84. Mr NJT

    Mr NJT5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="418">6:58</a>, And you have a whole military arsenal

  85. 1000 subs with no video Challenge

    1000 subs with no video Challenge5 dager siden

    Mr NJT XD

  86. NightBlade

    NightBlade5 dager siden

    Everyone fighting. Meanwhile <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="221">3:41</a>

  87. Anita Lucaj

    Anita Lucaj5 dager siden


  88. Yhukie Tejada

    Yhukie Tejada5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="275">4:35</a> i like this guy, he looks like in team deathmatch in Warzone.

  89. Jeff Dinkins

    Jeff Dinkins5 dager siden

    Can we realize every single DP video has at least 100K likes.

  90. el mechas

    el mechas6 dager siden


  91. Cornelia Arthur

    Cornelia Arthur6 dager siden

    Jumanji!!!!! Hint: 3 lives

  92. shankar AR

    shankar AR6 dager siden

    Tyler is the pro