Am I Introverted or Extroverted?!

we try and find who the introvert vs extrovert is
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  1. TrueProwess

    TrueProwess5 timer siden

    I wouldn't call my self an introvert I just don't like being near people.


    OWEN HUBBARD5 timer siden

    Felix when they vote out black dude:RACIST!! Also Doesn't trust the one black girl

  3. hoolahoop girls

    hoolahoop girls6 timer siden

    They should do 1 t-series fan vs 5 pewdiepie fans 😂😂........ Ummmmm.... Lets just leave it there 😂

  4. Zeph Davis

    Zeph Davis6 timer siden

    Damn she was good

  5. Nicolas

    Nicolas6 timer siden

    An introvert weeb will become super Jojo extrovert when they hear people talk about anime.

  6. Divalero

    Divalero6 timer siden

    That girl was really still... maybe a lot

  7. roon

    roon7 timer siden

    you’re right americans talk to strangers too often. i don’t like it. maybe i should live in europe

  8. Marzuk khan

    Marzuk khan8 timer siden

    pewdiepie complaining that why Americans are always talking to him american 11 year old dming pewdiepie: cause you are the second most subscribed person in the world

  9. Mohamad Hmouda

    Mohamad Hmouda8 timer siden


  10. TheBigTomato

    TheBigTomato8 timer siden

    5 Children vs. 1 secret Middle Aged Man

  11. carl Weindorf

    carl Weindorf8 timer siden

    why is PewDiePie wearing a US Army issued fleece jacket?

  12. Will Hartwell

    Will Hartwell9 timer siden

    They should do one with 5 war veteran amputees and one amputee from diabetes and they have to guess who is the diabetic

  13. SteelSkull_GAMES

    SteelSkull_GAMES9 timer siden

    Most people are extroverted. Then came Corona. EVERYONE IS INTROVERTED. Was Corona an act from Introverts????

  14. Evlordez

    Evlordez10 timer siden

    Being outgoing is a lot easier if you’re around other introverts, felt for the guy they voted out for being able to do that. It’s like being too shy to feel comfortable around extroverts but too comfortable around other introverts to make them feel comfortable around you

  15. Nathalie Jukic

    Nathalie Jukic12 timer siden

    Pewds I think your a introvert who just got used to and got confident to talking and talking to others

  16. AlexBoi CS:GO & More

    AlexBoi CS:GO & More12 timer siden

    Try some meth :D

  17. JustScrollingInTheComments

    JustScrollingInTheComments12 timer siden

    Damn Felix out here getting every single point about Introverts correctly.

  18. Leila V. G.

    Leila V. G.13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a> you've never met a Latino apparently

  19. ツXenøn_ kun

    ツXenøn_ kun13 timer siden

    I'm like quite sometimes and sometimes I'm noisy as fu-

  20. Mrs M Gaming Novice

    Mrs M Gaming Novice14 timer siden

    I'm an introvert.

  21. Nathan Baller

    Nathan Baller14 timer siden

    There talking so quietly and it sounds like ASMR

  22. Elizabeth Staffiera

    Elizabeth Staffiera15 timer siden

    I don't think there is introverts or extroverts, I think that everyone just has a limit to how much time they can spend with other people before needing to recharge

  23. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy15 timer siden

    I could tell she was the extrovert. She literally spoke quietly and it was SO forced.

  24. Some Random Weeb

    Some Random Weeb16 timer siden

    your a pervert

  25. Erica Raths

    Erica Raths16 timer siden

    Honestly annoying that social anxiety and introverts have become one in the same when they’re not. At all.

  26. Ricardo Mendez

    Ricardo Mendez16 timer siden

    Hi Elizabeth

  27. yroohj gouy

    yroohj gouy15 timer siden

    I totally had this pegged ^^,

  28. Katrine Kamper

    Katrine Kamper17 timer siden

    i think you're just European tbh

  29. francis318VH

    francis318VH17 timer siden

    Take a sip everytime they say "Like..."

  30. Bobert Robert

    Bobert Robert17 timer siden


  31. Bobert Robert

    Bobert Robert17 timer siden


  32. Oofles •-•

    Oofles •-•17 timer siden

    hah suck it I don’t have a personality. I just don’t recharge so I’m tired all the time.

  33. Bobert Robert

    Bobert Robert17 timer siden


  34. Bobert Robert

    Bobert Robert17 timer siden


  35. iPea Mani

    iPea Mani18 timer siden

    pewdiepie with his boi be like: :))

  36. SimonTheg0rilla

    SimonTheg0rilla18 timer siden

    i dont know why, but every single time the girls vote out the boys first. Next time they should do who are feminist.

  37. Chili Bødskov

    Chili Bødskov18 timer siden

    Knew it from the beginning. "person" tried to hide it too much

  38. CitrusFruit

    CitrusFruit19 timer siden

    ugler i mosen

  39. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepard19 timer siden

    Emma high key cute doe

  40. red scrunchy

    red scrunchy19 timer siden

    in america ppl just speak to ppl they dont know?? for no reason?? creepy

  41. Ahrooh

    Ahrooh20 timer siden

    They treat being an introvert like it’s a disability. It’s annoying.

  42. Superstar Roundhouse

    Superstar Roundhouse20 timer siden

    I totally had this pegged ^^,

  43. Bob Unicorn

    Bob Unicorn20 timer siden

    What’s with the pornhub music in the background?

  44. blackcrampons

    blackcrampons20 timer siden

    Any joemalians here? 👀

  45. rubie ulloa

    rubie ulloa21 time siden

    Introverts never tuck their shirts in

  46. Itian Bacatan

    Itian Bacatan21 time siden


  47. moni ca

    moni ca21 time siden

    These idiots say “Like” more than anyone ever

  48. Lil Sanime

    Lil Sanime22 timer siden

    GFuel gay cup I mean shake

  49. TonyMontana Rosh

    TonyMontana Rosh22 timer siden

    I'm an introvert who is a extrovert among

  50. Anuska Mishra

    Anuska Mishra22 timer siden

    felix is an ambivert LMAO

  51. Nora Nora

    Nora Nora22 timer siden

    Can you do a reacting to Covid-19 memes??

  52. Delucavr

    Delucavr22 timer siden

    Jubilee review ftw

  53. mehz mehz

    mehz mehz22 timer siden

    i like public speaking i am an introvert

  54. Annie Mccraft

    Annie Mccraft23 timer siden

    When you said maya was a potato liar, I was eating raw potatoes, and I yelled at the potatoes.

  55. Amir Zdralic

    Amir ZdralicDag siden

    imagine pewdiepie still asks for more subs

  56. Mel Eliot

    Mel EliotDag siden

    I'm made to feel so uncomfortable by how they're all trying to whisper. u_u like c'mon, even the real introverts are trying too hard.

  57. Danielius Binkevičius

    Danielius BinkevičiusDag siden

    "Go back to speaking shool". Well isn't that ironic? Not judging, i'm from Lithuania, so i'm not really good at English to. I really like these videos. Good job.

  58. Abhishek Javali

    Abhishek JavaliDag siden

    Remove the word "like" from the dictionary and then let Americans talk to each other.

  59. Atikah Mazwan

    Atikah MazwanDag siden

    They should put Noah the kid from ellen hahahhaah as an introvert in disguise..

  60. Brintxx

    BrintxxDag siden

    I am neither...I am just disordered,lols.

  61. Ro Xan

    Ro XanDag siden

    Pweds you are funny

  62. Michael Brett

    Michael BrettDag siden

    I picked up on it straight away because she was so over the top

  63. Dr. Pickle

    Dr. PickleDag siden

    why do i wanna beat up alex

  64. Celestial 2.0

    Celestial 2.0Dag siden

    Everyone's an introvert because everyone's under quarantine

  65. Legendary StarNPC

    Legendary StarNPCDag siden

    An omnivert is what a combo introvert/extrovert is called.

  66. Filip Ručka

    Filip RučkaDag siden

    Introverts are so weak

  67. Brooke Elyse

    Brooke ElyseDag siden

    I wish I lived somewhere where comfortable silence was a thing. I can’t go to anything social because I’m scared of how to keep a conversation going without silence because I don’t want them to think I’m awkard

  68. neejoy sola

    neejoy solaDag siden

    American: tries to engage a friendly conversation Europeans: We don't do that here

  69. shyla mohan

    shyla mohanDag siden

    I can find many psychologists in the comment section

  70. cosme garcia

    cosme garciaDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1170">19:30</a> I thought he said gay cups 😂

  71. Your.Killer.Queen

    Your.Killer.QueenDag siden

    Every time maya started talking towards the end it just made me feel secondhand embarrassment so bad like idk why she was just so awkward and confusing

  72. neejoy sola

    neejoy solaDag siden

    “G-Fuel G a y C u p” what have you done

  73. Suyash Z

    Suyash ZDag siden

    Introverts become extroverts when with introverts

  74. Cautious_Caroline

    Cautious_CarolineDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="498">8:18</a> “I DONT TRUST THE GIRL WITH THE DIRTY JEANS!”

  75. GoblinSlayer Kun

    GoblinSlayer KunDag siden

    Those people are dead inside. Me too.

  76. Aneli Pena

    Aneli PenaDag siden

    Is Felix wearing an abu fleece

  77. Movies FUN HD

    Movies FUN HDDag siden


  78. Emily

    EmilyDag siden

    “Meeting new people. Who has time for that anyways, let’s get real here” 😂

  79. Char Gamer

    Char GamerDag siden

    The reason people talk to you in America is because you are PewDiePie and who doesn't want to talk to PewDiePie?

  80. Pompom Yourkey

    Pompom YourkeyDag siden

    Im an extrovert because I spend -25 or 25 hours a day on my pc at home!

  81. Caroline Rivera

    Caroline RiveraDag siden

    all i could think about was ambiverts and i kept getting flashbacks to psat

  82. Claudia A

    Claudia ADag siden

    The mole was acting exactly how people stereotype introverts to be. She was so timid-looking and was practically whispering and the way she was standing it all just seemed so forced.