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  1. Maddy And Avery

    Maddy And Avery7 minutter siden

    I've done the egg project for a school project with my friends and teacher

  2. Mia k Ruiz #1

    Mia k Ruiz #124 minutter siden


  3. ᴇʟɪꜱʜᴀᴢɪɪᴇ

    ᴇʟɪꜱʜᴀᴢɪɪᴇ36 minutter siden

    Azzy: this man is putting 50 layers of wax! THATS SOO INCREDIBLE 123 go 100 layers challenge: Hold my hacks.

  4. Lily Rogers

    Lily Rogers59 minutter siden

    You said wow so many times

  5. Audrey and Jordon are so cool Abagail smith

    Audrey and Jordon are so cool Abagail smith59 minutter siden

    Do you like canada

  6. nicole shih

    nicole shihTime siden

    So coooool

  7. Jack Apple

    Jack AppleTime siden

    Azzy can I pls have a shout out

  8. Jack Apple

    Jack AppleTime siden

    Pls sub to me

  9. Jason Jones

    Jason JonesTime siden


  10. Jason Jones

    Jason JonesTime siden

    G ggg

  11. Jason Jones

    Jason JonesTime siden


  12. Izzy Music

    Izzy MusicTime siden

    Soo when u gonna paint ur kitchen

  13. Yggam Hedz

    Yggam HedzTime siden

    I love wax Like=love wax Comment=love strechy paint for azzy

  14. Nature girl444

    Nature girl4442 timer siden

    I've seen a egg pedaled before.

  15. Adoptme Lifetime

    Adoptme Lifetime2 timer siden

    Paint for 2 hours

  16. Annabella Boult Boult

    Annabella Boult Boult2 timer siden


  17. Annabella Boult Boult

    Annabella Boult Boult2 timer siden

    is it just me or when I tried the egg trick, I automatically thought it could bounce really high and I broke it?????

  18. Georguens Datilus

    Georguens Datilus2 timer siden

    m e

  19. Ankit Rai

    Ankit Rai2 timer siden


  20. JJ Gacha and drawing.

    JJ Gacha and drawing.2 timer siden

    “I hope she was not too attached to her eyebrows because her eyebrows aren’t attached to her”Azzy 2020

  21. JJ Gacha and drawing.

    JJ Gacha and drawing.3 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="326">5:26</a> that was scary

  22. Meredith Stevens

    Meredith Stevens3 timer siden

    Azzy:this what a peeled egg looks like *amazed* Me:ya you always peel the egg when you eat it

  23. Lunavoid {cute,singleinrp, doesn'tlikecatcalling}

    Lunavoid {cute,singleinrp, doesn'tlikecatcalling}3 timer siden

    dwight wearing the face scene!

  24. Wild Wolf 3010

    Wild Wolf 30104 timer siden


  25. Aneet Kaur

    Aneet Kaur4 timer siden

    Did I just see Nicole skyes at one point of the video?

  26. Hannah Aqua

    Hannah Aqua4 timer siden

    Hey guys! Let you know at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="397">6:37</a>, Cooper Calligraphy sells these beautiful artworks on Etsy. I've purchased bookmarks and stickers from her. She's also on Instagram where she posts more of these satisfying peelings. :)

  27. XxxGalaxy SunxxX

    XxxGalaxy SunxxX4 timer siden

    The egg shell smells bad in vinger🤮🤮🤮

  28. Joanna

    Joanna4 timer siden

    The “peel off makeup” is not a thing I saw that NO-gos video she put a face mask on and then put make up on that

  29. Ralph Cuevas

    Ralph Cuevas4 timer siden

    That girl that done that to her skin is actually you youTuber

  30. Prycea Creates

    Prycea Creates5 timer siden

    Nicole Skyes! I saw that whole body face mask vid. She said it was PAIN

  31. Lanise Law

    Lanise Law5 timer siden

    Azzy:What is that oh a mango peeler I’m pretty sure it was filmed on a mango too -Azzy 2020

  32. Joanna

    Joanna4 timer siden

    Azzy next video u should watch funny cat vids .

  33. Far Katch

    Far Katch6 timer siden

    Make da vid

  34. Tamara Tucker

    Tamara Tucker6 timer siden


  35. Tamara Tucker

    Tamara Tucker6 timer siden


  36. Lauren Abele

    Lauren Abele6 timer siden

    Um your at 141k likes Is it just me or do you really hate it when youtubers make promises they cant keep (No hate)

  37. kiley iwanicki

    kiley iwanicki6 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> this is a treatment for eczema and it makes your skin smooth

  38. Crystal Johnson

    Crystal Johnson7 timer siden

    Nicole I see you prove that black mas thing

  39. Kyndel Crisp

    Kyndel Crisp7 timer siden


  40. Dahn Bhandal

    Dahn Bhandal7 timer siden

    im at alberta. Quarentine sucks!

  41. jaylee amazing yay

    jaylee amazing yay7 timer siden

    Azzy: wow is that ice on a leaf? Its so cool! Me: literally

  42. Jackeline Saenz

    Jackeline Saenz7 timer siden

    That watermelon and peach is Too perfect destroy them they don't get to live!! >:)

  43. Isis Filipek

    Isis Filipek8 timer siden


  44. Mandy Turner

    Mandy Turner8 timer siden

    I loooooovvvvveeee when you say DELICIOUSSSSS 👌 😂😂😂

  45. Mandy Turner

    Mandy Turner8 timer siden

    She looked sooo old with that peel off makeup

  46. Nhi Is the real yeetato PaNdAs

    Nhi Is the real yeetato PaNdAs8 timer siden

    Flat cucumber = sushi

  47. Brooklyn Ramos

    Brooklyn Ramos9 timer siden

    Azzy next video u should watch funny cat vids .

  48. unicornPup253

    unicornPup2539 timer siden

    Azzy, have you ever heard of pomegranate cups...? The last few videos you always act so dumb- LOL


    BRIANNA DIAMOND9 timer siden

    so, when u gunna upload a video of you painting?

  50. Adora Queen world

    Adora Queen world9 timer siden

    i use to peel of my gule of my hand and i would use the tables gule so every time i would use it every one would be like look who useing the glue

  51. Felicity Gannon

    Felicity Gannon9 timer siden

    Azzy just go dip your hand in candle wax

  52. Alex Woodie

    Alex Woodie10 timer siden

    Da cuecumber thing was for sushi

  53. Swanky Fiber

    Swanky Fiber10 timer siden

    ive seen an egg peeled since i done it my self

  54. Victoria McGuire

    Victoria McGuire10 timer siden

    Hello there

  55. Nini Mskhaladze

    Nini Mskhaladze10 timer siden

    Hey i am waiting for you to paint kitchen

  56. Norah Thomas

    Norah Thomas10 timer siden

    This video got more than 100 thousand likes now you’ve gotta paint for 2 hours 🤣

  57. Megan Racknell

    Megan Racknell10 timer siden

    im skuck at home because of the corona virus

  58. Ping Yuen

    Ping Yuen10 timer siden

    Can u watch zach king Video please

  59. Megan Racknell

    Megan Racknell10 timer siden

    i peeled a grape before

  60. Key’on Vlogs

    Key’on Vlogs10 timer siden

    Azzy start painting for 2 hours

  61. Laiba's donuts

    Laiba's donuts10 timer siden

    I also do the glue thing in my class.

  62. Chelsea Conder

    Chelsea Conder10 timer siden

    Hehe where is that painting video Azzy?!

  63. Amelie Broomhall

    Amelie Broomhall11 timer siden


  64. Jena Folk

    Jena Folk11 timer siden

    Wax warmers

  65. Zoie Beardsley

    Zoie Beardsley11 timer siden

    I love peeling bry glue off of glue bottles

  66. Leon Pledge

    Leon Pledge11 timer siden

    Me im stuk in the hose bcose of cronnrvirus

  67. Anna Williamson

    Anna Williamson11 timer siden


  68. Lunamoon 23

    Lunamoon 2311 timer siden

    Ewww... those peeled grapes look like caviar. Nasty.

  69. Harper Van Noy

    Harper Van Noy11 timer siden

    This video is so go

  70. MT I luv merrell twins

    MT I luv merrell twins11 timer siden

    The guy with the wax looks like Mickey mouse right guys!!??!

  71. Vanessa Valdez

    Vanessa Valdez11 timer siden

    I don't like you

  72. Jessica Puffenbarger

    Jessica Puffenbarger11 timer siden

    Azzy I love your videos and your always so nice ☺️☺️☺️

  73. Darien May

    Darien May12 timer siden

    The egg is a toy I bought one at a mall along with a toy tomato

  74. Piggy Hall

    Piggy Hall12 timer siden

    Azzy:Struggling to open a pomigrant. Me:Throws pomigrant across the room then it has dirt on it but 5 second rule

  75. Piggy Hall

    Piggy Hall12 timer siden

    Sub to my Channel Piggy Hall

  76. Piggy Hall

    Piggy Hall12 timer siden


  77. ShadowPhoinex 2010

    ShadowPhoinex 201012 timer siden

    I got the face mask in my eyebrows before, it was horrible.

  78. Eh Nay

    Eh Nay12 timer siden

    Do you know that girl she’s she’s a NO-gos or and she has lots of animals that who put a white lots of face masks all over her body

  79. Tiffiny Tinker

    Tiffiny Tinker13 timer siden

    Its Nicole skyes

  80. Queen Sugabrown

    Queen Sugabrown13 timer siden

    Your best

  81. Alexandria Welch

    Alexandria Welch13 timer siden

    This video was awfully weird

  82. Assassins Creed

    Assassins Creed13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> she dumb she put it on rong and her brows gone

  83. Assassins Creed

    Assassins Creed13 timer siden

    5:29 love peeling Glue off my hands when I’m bored

  84. Aroosh Mirza

    Aroosh Mirza13 timer siden

    I also used to put my finger in wax

  85. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon13 timer siden

    Has anyone eaten a blueberry a wondered what it would look like if peeled? (I peel my blueberries then eat them)😂

  86. John and Mary Lyn S.

    John and Mary Lyn S.13 timer siden

    I love you