The only Japanese food I've had is Sushi. Today we try fermented fish in a water bag. 👍
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  1. Winter

    Winter18 timer siden

    The sake you bought is for cooking

  2. Rooted

    Rooted19 timer siden

    Anomaly get coronavirus from Japan food

  3. Crashbug Z

    Crashbug Z20 timer siden

    his pronunciation of yogurt is fucking hot ngl 😳😳

  4. John Trollsten

    John TrollstenDag siden

    papa literally flinched whenever anomaly raised his hand in the beginning of the video lmao he actually abuses his father

  5. Koyakonsta

    KoyakonstaDag siden

    9:56 tldr

  6. i like beer

    i like beerDag siden

    I laugh to much at this video

  7. Brite Moony

    Brite MoonyDag siden

    Haha that fucking intro

  8. DON RUBI0

    DON RUBI0Dag siden

    Filipino alcohols? Yies?

  9. Mr Kirai

    Mr KiraiDag siden

    Lol small sushi triangle

  10. Djordje Miljkovic

    Djordje Miljkovic2 dager siden

    He will get corona for sure

  11. Pepe Schwidder

    Pepe Schwidder2 dager siden


  12. Swooshes

    Swooshes2 dager siden


  13. Completely Ssurr3al

    Completely Ssurr3al2 dager siden

    You just spit on the floor wtf

  14. しほま〜

    しほま〜2 dager siden


  15. Cosmin

    Cosmin2 dager siden

    1:31 avacado

  16. DeathbyZombie

    DeathbyZombie2 dager siden


  17. Adriaan Scholtz

    Adriaan Scholtz2 dager siden

    Wheeeeeeze *hits desk*

  18. Lirs

    Lirs2 dager siden


  19. Foolish dog

    Foolish dog2 dager siden

    Papa got corona

  20. Soderholm

    Soderholm3 dager siden

    7:14 when a chinese breath on you


    FUCKIN LUV ME NORF FC3 dager siden

    Japan eh? Consume the bat soop

  22. cooked water

    cooked water3 dager siden

    very spesøl

  23. rain

    rain3 dager siden


  24. rain

    rain3 dager siden


  25. LeMooR

    LeMooR3 dager siden

    You haven't tried corona....

  26. Ksisko

    Ksisko3 dager siden

    Very special 12:04

  27. Super HankHill

    Super HankHill3 dager siden

    3:00 I like how he even represented what russians say after smelling the contents inside the bag.

  28. DeluxoNet

    DeluxoNet3 dager siden

    hey, what about the fucking coronavirus?

  29. Muczkapl

    Muczkapl3 dager siden

    The fish is for cats you pepega

  30. _ MoBaK _

    _ MoBaK _3 dager siden

    Anomaly: what's this Japanese employee: 12:08

  31. _ MoBaK _

    _ MoBaK _3 dager siden

    9:38 Just_Regular_Anomaly.mp3

  32. Stefan Müller

    Stefan Müller3 dager siden


  33. SAD_MaZe

    SAD_MaZe3 dager siden

    Please do this in Germany !

  34. Fix

    Fix3 dager siden

    when anomaly is gonna do a face reveal this is gonna be my reaction: 9:07

  35. koga the thousand hands

    koga the thousand handsDag siden


  36. DBM_Jstn

    DBM_Jstn3 dager siden

    12:42 (red hotdog dicks with my-own-ass)

  37. its_eZ

    its_eZ3 dager siden

    *Anomaly japan snack review in a nuthell:* its very nice

  38. Борис

    Борис3 dager siden

    3:10 papanomaly got corona virus

  39. Pocket Duck

    Pocket Duck3 dager siden

    food and schnaggs

  40. AkiuxAla21

    AkiuxAla213 dager siden


  41. Jacob Badon

    Jacob Badon3 dager siden

    9:02 poppa doing the snuff nicotine addiction

  42. 歪な月

    歪な月3 dager siden


  43. g magnifique

    g magnifique3 dager siden

    汚いし、気持ち悪い。 二度と日本に来ないで下さいね。

  44. Mania_ Mitsakoski

    Mania_ Mitsakoski3 dager siden

    3:41 Papa the chicken

  45. あずきさん

    あずきさん3 dager siden


  46. Warrou

    Warrou3 dager siden

    1:20 - Ludde hitting Linda to make him food

  47. Trip

    Trip3 dager siden

    wet salad

  48. Lauri Meos

    Lauri Meos3 dager siden

    Next time come to Estonia and try Estonia alchole :))))))

  49. THE DA

    THE DA4 dager siden

    Corona virus

  50. Elliot Berg

    Elliot Berg4 dager siden

    13:24 like anomaly asshole on friday night

  51. Bladadinya

    Bladadinya4 dager siden

    Fat Swede tries to convince Alzheimer patient to eat food

  52. julio lopez

    julio lopez4 dager siden

    What an asshole 6:21

  53. lufeng su

    lufeng su4 dager siden

    Are you okay you suppose to cook it with something even tho it has the smallest taste

  54. Starry

    Starry5 dager siden

    i like the shredded squid its pretty good

  55. lowkey.- _

    lowkey.- _5 dager siden

    Anomaly on helium sounds like a fucking minion

  56. Motas Gaming

    Motas Gaming5 dager siden

    Anomaly in hospical 9:38 Than Papa asks Doctor is he ok? Doctors response 12:04

  57. creeper01

    creeper015 dager siden

    Well Anomaly had to eat Tofu with soysauce on it.Otherwise, it won't taste so much:/

  58. Tomáš Zita

    Tomáš Zita5 dager siden

    I got a question for Papa - what kind of snus is he chewing at 8:45. I can't see it properly 😂

  59. Papanomaly XD

    Papanomaly XD5 dager siden

    It was just nicotine. Snus was banned in Shanghai. I did not wanna gamble since it could lead to jail time.

  60. Turtle NB

    Turtle NB5 dager siden

    11:55 i thought there were csgo logo on them

  61. Jhon Chris

    Jhon Chris5 dager siden

    Some food need cook first

  62. Sergent_Jacques

    Sergent_Jacques6 dager siden

    8:57 anomaly, are you trying to look like Hitler ?