Anthony Davis scores season-high 50 points in Lakers vs. Timberwolves | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

Anthony Davis goes off for 50 points vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves as the Lakers win 142-125. Davis shot 20-for-29 from the field and made all 10 of his free throws as he recorded his season high in points.
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  1. ya ping Sang

    ya ping Sang22 dager siden

    Would there ever be another AD that's 7'0 or above?


    MICHAEL COOKS JR28 dager siden

    AD is once in Generation Player 50PTS Game Greatness Lakers Got Top 5 Player right There

  3. Hassan Hastla

    Hassan HastlaMåned siden


  4. MrAgodine

    MrAgodineMåned siden

    Man Lebron is robin in this situation... crazy

  5. MrAgodine

    MrAgodineMåned siden

    Imagine if boogie was healthy and in his prime

  6. Tom Ross TV

    Tom Ross TVMåned siden

    Anthony Davis, not Lebron James is the Lakers MVP.. He is only being ignored by the media so they can push a lebron James agenda. Anthony Davis is the leading scorer, he is the leading rebounder, he is the leading shot blocker and has the most steals.. He is near the top in free throw percentage and fg percentage of not the best on that category as well. Do not Kobe Bryant Anthony Davis.. Give him His flowers while he can smell them!

  7. Steve Wilson

    Steve WilsonMåned siden

    Before too long AD is going to be virtually unguardable.

  8. RFfreestyle11

    RFfreestyle1124 dager siden

    Steve Wilson he already is

  9. Bobby Liang

    Bobby LiangMåned siden

    That the MVP and DPOY here!!!!!!!!

  10. Henry Edwards

    Henry EdwardsMåned siden

    Listen to how many times AD says “Ayyye” 😂

  11. Vee Tee Vee

    Vee Tee VeeMåned siden

    Everybody always got something bad to say about lebron this just one more thing the haters can say about him. Lebron took a d league team to the finals numerous times His first finals appearance had no business being there and his last year on the cavs. I like to see ad do that by himself. Look both compliments each other there is no ad then lebron they are a team one cant do it without the other just stop please sound like that guy who interview Westbrook when he kept saying next question.

  12. Pushups are great

    Pushups are greatMåned siden

    The NBA is slowly going back to a big man, half court game again. The best teams in the league can beat you 10 feet from the basket

  13. Tyrone Suitt

    Tyrone SuittMåned siden

    He is so similar to a prime KG with more range

  14. naheliegend

    naheliegendMåned siden

    makes me happy to see LeBron acting like a real leader.

  15. Jewel Cheez

    Jewel CheezMåned siden

    Rip Juice Wrld

  16. Mike More

    Mike MoreMåned siden

    No holes in this guy’s game. He’s got nice post moves, nice faceup game, can handle the ball exceptionally well for a big, he can shoot, he hits the glass hard, and oh yea, he’s probably the best defender in the league. He’s a special player for sure.

  17. The LakeShow

    The LakeShowMåned siden

    Skills on top of Skills Scary !

  18. Carol Lin

    Carol LinMåned siden


  19. Juliana Vareta

    Juliana VaretaMåned siden

    meanwhile, people were complaining about lakers trading their whole team. I would have traded my cousin sister, uncle bob's wife and the neighbour's wife for this man

  20. Tanisha Williams

    Tanisha WilliamsMåned siden

    Lakers 2020 Champions Periodddddd👌💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  21. Hau Tun KONG

    Hau Tun KONGMåned siden

    This guy is an absolute beast

  22. Work Source

    Work SourceMåned siden

    I been saying AD best player last two years when he is healthy people just now realizing because he is finally winning

  23. Steve Wilson

    Steve WilsonMåned siden

    More television exposure now too with the Lakers.

  24. andrew cawagas

    andrew cawagasMåned siden

    Hayop ,,,, unstoppable👍👍👍👍

  25. 小雙魚

    小雙魚Måned siden

    Truely Old-School 50 Pts... BEAST!!!

  26. Thatboygroove

    ThatboygrooveMåned siden

    They winning the chip, for sure

  27. ppdrawings

    ppdrawingsMåned siden

    How do you guard that??? I don't think I've ever! seen this kind of beast in the NBA!!

  28. Phoenix Valdez

    Phoenix ValdezMåned siden

    James harden can do 50 in his sleep 😂😂 but Davis did it without the flops so I’ll give him that lol

  29. Phoenix Valdez

    Phoenix ValdezMåned siden

    James does it more often that’s the point. I’m a Davis fan cus he was in New Orleans at first & the saints r my team!

  30. Luis Murillo

    Luis MurilloMåned siden

    Without flops and not 1 3 point attempt meanwhile shooting only 29 field goals, that's the old school way of getting half a c-note!

  31. Faithwalkerscharities

    FaithwalkerscharitiesMåned siden

    Kg reincarnated 2.0

  32. Don Edouardo

    Don EdouardoMåned siden


  33. Brace Brooks

    Brace BrooksMåned siden

    That was an incredible game by A.D! I hope he continues to stay healthy this season. It's good to see him winning more too.

  34. Edward Yamada

    Edward YamadaMåned siden

    So? DLo got 52 against them. Big deal....

  35. Richard Page

    Richard PageMåned siden

    Okay, I think it was a good trade.

  36. Urban Neptune

    Urban NeptuneMåned siden

    I hope people understand there's levels to this KAT is not in the same stratosphere as AD, idc who else he puts numbers up on every time they play AD shows there's a major gap between them.

  37. Nick

    NickMåned siden

    What did we learn today kids?! "The Clippers are Fucked!"

  38. YaBoi SavH

    YaBoi SavHMåned siden

    Anthony Davis going to the Los Angeles Lakers was the best thing that ever happened this offseason.

  39. Albert Paniagua

    Albert PaniaguaMåned siden

    Mama there goes that man


    PG 13PACERNATIONMåned siden

    Man good to see AD healthy and doubt his thing. Dude is a beast😤🔥

  41. Brady Appolon

    Brady AppolonMåned siden

    When you have 2 possible MVPS on the same team....priceless!

  42. Michael Sebourn

    Michael SebournMåned siden

    ad if golden state had him oh lord

  43. Steve Sibaja

    Steve SibajaMåned siden

    AD best Performance 50 Points

  44. Michael Sebourn

    Michael SebournMåned siden

    lakers are going to be hard to stop in the west i have to look at the clipper havent seen them much

  45. King Of Everything

    King Of EverythingMåned siden

    The most dominant player in the game right now. He can do it all, only thing that's above elite level with him is his 3pt shooting and he is hitting them this season on an above average level.

  46. Yomali Martinez

    Yomali MartinezMåned siden

    Can't wait to see AD vs Giannis My money is on AD

  47. Trae Young

    Trae YoungMåned siden

    Yomali Martinez this did not age well

  48. Steve Wilson

    Steve WilsonMåned siden

    Giannis is my favourite player in the league but I agree with this statement. AD can guard about anyone in the league and by the time he's rolling into his prime seasons, no one will be able to guard him.

  49. Riccardo B

    Riccardo BMåned siden


  50. Gansta Kermit

    Gansta KermitMåned siden

    Looking like a bulky Kd out there

  51. DoughRayMe

    DoughRayMeMåned siden

    He plays so smooth. He's like Dirk with more athleticism and plays defense

  52. Achim Witcoustic

    Achim WitcousticMåned siden

    His real breakout season

  53. CJ Rouse

    CJ RouseMåned siden

    reminder for everyone that is looking at the lakers win and AD scoring 50: The Lakers won by 17 points (cool) The Bucks beat the Timberwolves by 28 this season... held them to 106 points. They even beat them 118-96 in pre-season. In the Game Giannis played 27 minutes and scored 34 points on 14-19 shooting (0-3 from 3) also 15 rebounds and 6 assists He would finish (+/-) +38 By comparison: AD plated 39 minutes and scored from from 20-29 (0-2 from 3) 7 rebound 6 assists and finished at +19 AD PER 48 minutes: 62 points 9 Rebounds 7 assists Giannis PER 48 minutes: 60 points 27 rebounds 11 assists Ps there has only ever been one 60 point triple double in NBA history before (James Harden 60-11-10) but 27 rebounds.... come on.. Giannis for MVP

  54. wrightterence680

    wrightterence680Måned siden

    AD dropped a 50 piece on the T-Wolves

  55. Don Juan

    Don JuanMåned siden

    Lebron & AD best duo in the league 🐐

  56. Nathan Gold

    Nathan GoldMåned siden

    That is a mvp candidate/Very Bad Man on a court. Straight dawg old school ball.

  57. michael bautista

    michael bautistaMåned siden

    My M V P

  58. G - Low

    G - LowMåned siden

    First basket they gave to the Timberwolfs

  59. Joel Brea

    Joel BreaMåned siden

    The ceja 💪💪💪💪

  60. Jets Set 5.0

    Jets Set 5.0Måned siden



    CORPS NOVAMåned siden

    It would be very interesting to see Anthony Davis played against Kevin Garnett.

  62. Buffboo242

    Buffboo242Måned siden

    AD did a great job rim running and punishing the Wolves for playing small ball

  63. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor BrianMåned siden

    Lakers need to start putting wins in a row together. 🎯🎲🎻🎸

  64. Leconte

    LeconteMåned siden

    I didn’t know AD was this good

  65. Kevontae Thomas

    Kevontae ThomasMåned siden

    Leconte where tf you been at

  66. Tony Khan

    Tony KhanMåned siden

    It’s funny every time he goes to the rim he gets fouled because he’s always yelling like Kobe use to do I guess that’s the only way your going to stop this beast!!

  67. John Clayton

    John ClaytonMåned siden

    This cat is the best and is a gift to the lakers !!! Can we say MVP ?