Arrested for Clout

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Please stop licking ice cream.
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Yes the sketch at the end is very inspired by I think you should leave on Netflix please watch it if you haven’t.


  1. KR33PYCR33P3R

    KR33PYCR33P3R6 måneder siden


  2. the shipper 113

    the shipper 113Dag siden


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    Kim !11 dager siden


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  6. 『xPastelDevilx』

    『xPastelDevilx』2 måneder siden

    KR33PYCR33P3R F

  7. Lazerdisck

    Lazerdisck42 minutter siden

    This is the most actively antagonistic Drew has ever been and I am all for it

  8. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    the cup RM throws in the Run MV3 timer siden

    my mom actually had this paranoia when i was a kid and she only bought ice cream with the plastic wrapped around the lid so she knew no one opened it, i used to think she was just being crazy but now i’m glad she did it lmao

  9. Luciano Robles

    Luciano Robles11 timer siden

    “Hey guy, welcome back to the toilet” Me on the toilet: 👁👄👁

  10. Scott E Boi

    Scott E Boi13 timer siden


  11. GlowBox

    GlowBox16 timer siden

    why not just buy the ice cream after the camera stops

  12. Courtney Casey

    Courtney CaseyDag siden

    I cannot fucking believe he made a "I think you should leave" reference for the ad read I'm dead 😂😂

  13. J D

    J DDag siden

    Monetizing stupid was a good idea, drew

  14. Mark Dugan

    Mark DuganDag siden


  15. Lit BoPeep

    Lit BoPeepDag siden

    Holy shit you're from *_Florida????_* The most INSANE people *always* come from Florida. You aren't insane at all but, admitedly, just the mere fact of you *_being_** from Florida* makes me question your mental health as well as the _immediate_ SAFETY of your (very beautiful, congrats bro) wife. I thought you'd be from Rhode Island or Oregan or something. *_maybe_* Oklahoma but thats even pushin' it.

  16. Dylan

    Dylan2 dager siden

    i see that “ROAD WORK AHEAD” sign o-o

  17. Sydney Ward

    Sydney Ward2 dager siden

    I bet that at least one person went back and actually bought it after they started filming. They faked it for clout

  18. Pastel Gore ASMR

    Pastel Gore ASMR3 dager siden


  19. Carrie -

    Carrie -3 dager siden

    hi, dont do this. not only is it gross and rude, but it could kill somebody with autoimmune disease, cancer, or other diseases that make it hard to fight illness. when immunocompromised people get sick, they could be in full body pain for days, unable to function at all, get hypothermia, have to be hospitalised for a week or more, etc. I'm immunocompromised and even a simple sickness usually makes me unable to stand up or walk, i have to be put in a wheelchair, and if i get pain meds I'll have a severe reaction to them and my body will hurt for months. just don't do things that put other people at risk !!!!! ty !!

  20. Morgan Eggleston

    Morgan Eggleston3 dager siden

    licking ice cream that’s frozen solid isn’t even an enjoyable experience

  21. Mighty Eggroll 3077

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  22. Micah Colsen

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  23. Alex Hendel

    Alex Hendel4 dager siden

    Boonk did all of that ‘record myself stealing’ shit A) so he could sell the shot he stole for money to buy drugs, B) to later make thousands of dollars off of those videos, in order to make more money and go and buy more drugs. Boonk popularized a lot of the scuzzy parts of addiction to young adults and teenagers who never realized why he was doing it in the first place.

  24. Troubleshoot Troubleshoot

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  25. colin maggard

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  26. Nintendo Rocco

    Nintendo Rocco5 dager siden

    That skit is from Tim Robinson’s sketch show

  27. Breanne Penn

    Breanne Penn5 dager siden

    You could get mono or worse from this. Tampering with food is such a serious crime because people could easily poison food or spread diseases. Only buy products with intact seals!!


    HONEYHARRIETTE5 dager siden

    tree planting challenge rn

  29. Cringe kid 555

    Cringe kid 5556 dager siden

    8:03 ayo

  30. Noah Marat

    Noah Marat6 dager siden

    2:29 Hey! its the dumbass from Dr. Phil

  31. A K I K O

    A K I K O7 dager siden

    Please redownload Hooked and watch the House Rules story LOL

  32. Ryan Hansen

    Ryan Hansen5 dager siden

    A K I K O omg YES

  33. dwinosam

    dwinosam7 dager siden

    Wait...20 years? Laughing? Are you the bad guy from les miserables?

  34. CartoonBeast

    CartoonBeast8 dager siden

    I think what they did was terrible, but maybe they bought the ice cream afterwards and their not such as bad people after all?

  35. leonora 0605

    leonora 06058 dager siden

    Larz was on Dr Phil, pewds did a video about it. Apparently he doesn't talk to his family cause they don't have followers

  36. Rubix Cube

    Rubix Cube9 dager siden


  37. Lexxie Annie

    Lexxie Annie9 dager siden

    omg my mom’s been doing that challenge for YEARS!

  38. - BigBobbyBranch -

    - BigBobbyBranch -10 dager siden


  39. ItzKayla

    ItzKayla10 dager siden

    I was scared to buy ice cream for months

  40. Askme4ful

    Askme4ful10 dager siden

    Someone told me about the Disney Store Challenge, which is where you sneak in and have to touch the back wall/touch a stuffed animal on it BEFORE an employee talks to you 😅 sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s not lmao

  41. Christopher White

    Christopher White11 dager siden


  42. Deplorable Mecoptera

    Deplorable Mecoptera11 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure this kid ended up on dr. Phil.

  43. huehuemaster666

    huehuemaster66611 dager siden

    damn drew really just made me google "cucumber challenge" without incognito mode on

  44. Conner Andre

    Conner Andre11 dager siden

    The whole “I’m being sarcastic” bit got old quick

  45. jalen roark

    jalen roark11 dager siden

    I liked, commented, subscribed, and bell notif’d as a tribute to your wife. Afghanistan is a helluva place, sorry for your loss

  46. Juliett A

    Juliett A11 dager siden

    My take away from this is that Social Justice has been too successful, because these videos are all seemingly of minorities doing white people nonsense.

  47. Bolensgoldrush

    Bolensgoldrush12 dager siden

    Don't all these products have safety seals? In Canada Ice Cream tubs are sealed with plastic inside and I think Listerine bottles are too.

  48. Teardrop99.3 Errors

    Teardrop99.3 Errors12 dager siden


  49. Gabriella Dominy

    Gabriella Dominy12 dager siden

    Does America not have seals on/under lids????? I’m so concerned for your guys well being. In the uk we have plastic/paper/foil seals on almost everything including tubs of ice cream, mouthwash, cartons of milk ect. so you can visibly see if something’s been tampered with. Edit: obviously my dumbass didn’t see the seals on the rest of the mouthwashes but the ice cream still really concerns me 😂

  50. Douglas Diggins

    Douglas Diggins13 dager siden

    But... plain potatoes is fucking hilarious.

  51. Puppet and Nightmarionne

    Puppet and Nightmarionne13 dager siden

    I bet the ice cream licker licked the prison food

  52. Hiphop618

    Hiphop61814 dager siden

    I hate teenagers.

  53. TikTok sucks 101

    TikTok sucks 10114 dager siden

    7:11 ( Joke not hate ) instead send it to me so I can do it for you!

  54. Anoniem

    Anoniem14 dager siden

    Wasn’t the guy with baseball pants on dr Phil?

  55. Meow Holly Meow

    Meow Holly Meow14 dager siden

    This is why they seal food and medications, because the Tylenol tampering killed people. It’s not funny.

  56. Kim Costello

    Kim Costello14 dager siden

    ok just saying the last person you called a "guy" is a trans woman and she also made the very next tweet a reply to it that it was a joke and she brought it from home and took it back with her immediately so if you did the same level of investigation as you did with the actual guy you should know that and not misgender a girl who was already getting hate speech and death threats ten times more than either of the other two who ACTUALLY committed a crime.

  57. Natalie

    Natalie14 dager siden

    Guys does anyone have an update for the ice cream girl? I need to know how many years she’s been given so I can sleep extra cozy tonight

  58. Jordan Johnstone

    Jordan Johnstone14 dager siden

    Send them to Syria to see if they can fly.....

  59. Cambie X

    Cambie X15 dager siden

    2019 was so long i forgot this happened this summer

  60. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman16 dager siden

    Lol, nice.

  61. Sammy The Doggo

    Sammy The Doggo16 dager siden

    If I ever do this Im gonna buy the ice cream after

  62. dinosaurPolitician

    dinosaurPolitician16 dager siden is a real website and it’s gold. Thank you drew.

  63. Hannah Copeland

    Hannah Copeland16 dager siden

    Wasn’t the baseball pants boy on dr.phil ?😂

  64. Veronica Desorcy

    Veronica Desorcy16 dager siden

    Anyone notice that the shelf deco changes at the end of the vid?

  65. Candy Alvarado

    Candy Alvarado17 dager siden

    Were are my Danny X Drew shippers at ...... No , okay 😔 ⬇️

  66. BIX

    BIX17 dager siden

    New 'friend' : "Ey what you in for gorgeous?" Food-licker: (under breath) "oh sh***"