Aston Martin SOUND Compilation 2 0 1 8

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  1. Marcin Maciejewski

    Marcin Maciejewski8 dager siden


  2. Gowtham Muthusamy

    Gowtham Muthusamy7 dager siden

    It's epic

  3. xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx24 dager siden

    The car's blacc The car's thic as hecc But most importantly It's an Aston Vantagg

  4. Jan Gabriel Reyes

    Jan Gabriel Reyes4 timer siden

    wut ??

  5. When will you learn!?

    When will you learn!?2 dager siden

    That didn't make any sense at all but good try

  6. nemesi prime

    nemesi prime25 dager siden

    The thumbnail what is AM type? Db11?

  7. The19Tommy85

    The19Tommy8524 dager siden

    Muhammad hasan Kamil al-kaff Youre welcome ☺️🙏

  8. nemesi prime

    nemesi prime24 dager siden

    @The19Tommy85 thank you bro

  9. The19Tommy85

    The19Tommy8524 dager siden

    DBS Superleggera

  10. Kee Yen Chew

    Kee Yen Chew26 dager siden

    Where is the location in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a>? Very dangerous without road obstacle, vehicles may fall down if lost control

  11. Daniel Grutta

    Daniel Grutta14 timer siden

    Kee Yen Chew literally any mountain pass in Switzerland probably. They do have guardrails but it's hard to see them with the fog. You are up in a mountain after all

  12. muhammed ertürk

    muhammed ertürkMåned siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> what is aston model?

  13. Gatu Madre

    Gatu MadreMåned siden

    muhammed ertürk vanquish zagato

  14. Richard Heller

    Richard Heller2 måneder siden

    Sind nur Leute die den ganzen Tag hart arbeiten.

  15. Richard Heller

    Richard Heller2 måneder siden

    Englisches Video in der schwitz

  16. Richard Heller

    Richard Heller2 måneder siden

    Ist wohl das einzige Auto wo man sagen kann voll Leder Ausstattung.

  17. Carlos

    Carlos2 måneder siden

    Nice cars in Switzerland, being a fiscal paradise seems to be not bad at all.

  18. happy chapter

    happy chapter3 måneder siden

    Always super

  19. Rahand Book

    Rahand Book3 måneder siden

    Cool Aston Martin

  20. john churchill

    john churchill3 måneder siden

    Immediate thumbs up because of the giant teddy at 1.53 :)

  21. Matthew Henderson

    Matthew Henderson4 måneder siden

    I never thought an Aston Vanquish would be louder than an LFA

  22. vario roof

    vario roof4 måneder siden

    V8、V10の咆哮SOUND is Over. now and then EVsilence⤴🎵.

  23. 王博玄

    王博玄5 måneder siden

    Still miss the V12 aspirate sound of Aston

  24. CK Chen

    CK Chen6 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="209">3:29</a> model name?

  25. When will you learn!?

    When will you learn!?2 dager siden

    Ford Mustang gt500

  26. heatmode

    heatmode3 måneder siden

    john churchill yeah right u can see it at the lights

  27. Knife Boszz

    Knife Boszz3 måneder siden

    I think it’s just the Vanquish Zagato

  28. john churchill

    john churchill3 måneder siden

    2018 Vanquish Zagato shooting brake. (it might be the coupe - hard to tell because of the poor lighting)

  29. pololo 000

    pololo 0004 måneder siden

    Aston Martin DBS superleggera

  30. Arslan Khalid

    Arslan Khalid6 måneder siden

    Astons have a brutal exhaust note. Raw and raspy

  31. Prirodni /prirodni 100 % prirodno.

    Prirodni /prirodni 100 % prirodno.7 måneder siden

    I gonna in Italy I'm buy lamborghini in Italy!!!

  32. dat tran

    dat tran7 måneder siden

    I love those r1200gs

  33. jkay production

    jkay production7 måneder siden

    2.04 model name

  34. jkay production

    jkay production6 måneder siden

    @ErikGun thanks

  35. ErikGun

    ErikGun6 måneder siden


  36. Haruki Watanabe

    Haruki Watanabe8 måneder siden

    Someone tell me the model of <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a>

  37. NotMyMist4ke

    NotMyMist4ke8 måneder siden

    Its a vantage v12 gt12 and its the only one ever made. Its owned by a guy on insta called astonlimited

  38. AutoAddiction

    AutoAddiction8 måneder siden

    V12 vantage with some exhaust

  39. Mansour

    Mansour11 måneder siden

    Do you remember Wolf from NFS carbon this Is him now. Feel old?

  40. Jordan Abrams

    Jordan Abrams10 måneder siden

    Mansour Gadaborchev feel*

  41. D O

    D O11 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> lol

  42. Aluand Jalal J

    Aluand Jalal J11 måneder siden

    DBS Superlegera

  43. Edgar Torres

    Edgar Torres6 måneder siden

    A K the best

  44. V Stance

    V Stance11 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> LFA dope

  45. pong foong

    pong foongÅr siden


  46. pong foong

    pong foongÅr siden


  47. King Kool Savas

    King Kool SavasÅr siden

    I love Aston Martin !!

  48. Maxe yt

    Maxe yt4 måneder siden

    In a Englisch lesson, i have hold a presentation about Aston Martin.

  49. Maxe yt

    Maxe yt4 måneder siden

    Me too

  50. Prirodni /prirodni 100 % prirodno.

    Prirodni /prirodni 100 % prirodno.7 måneder siden

    And me too

  51. Sam Tarihoran

    Sam Tarihoran11 måneder siden

    I love too.....

  52. Arief Ramdhan

    Arief RamdhanÅr siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> uhh

  53. Jorge Alberto

    Jorge AlbertoÅr siden

    Guau esto es aloque yo le yamo velocidad que espanta

  54. R i s a

    R i s aÅr siden

    벤츠 세단을 타고 다음차는 포르쉐 파나메라를 목표로 하는 페라리에 꿈이있는 사람이지만. 요즘 10기통 8기통 gt컵에서 아우디나 폴쉐. Amg등을 재치고 상위권에 모조리 에스턴 마틴 차량이 즐비한거 보면... 에스턴마틴의 기술력도 인정해야하는 부분 같아요....단지 프론트 디자인과 실내감성이.... 영국음식같은 특유의 맛없는 디자인이라는점이 에스턴마틴의 가장큰 문제인듯..살마음이 안들어...

  55. 알수없음

    알수없음9 måneder siden

    꿈일뿐입니다 현실은 쏘나타

  56. BVK드론으로본세상

    BVK드론으로본세상År siden

    쓸때없이 비싼차

  57. 윤세리

    윤세리År siden

    겉만 뻔지르르한 영국차 ㅋ

  58. radicalラジカル

    radicalラジカルÅr siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> lol

  59. วุฒิชัย คุ่ยหนู

    วุฒิชัย คุ่ยหนูÅr siden


  60. Mohit Kashyap

    Mohit KashyapÅr siden

    Lexus lfa is more aggressive

  61. 영어쌤

    영어쌤År siden

    that's true

  62. sami john

    sami johnÅr siden

    Does anyone know where the drag is at .48 sec?

  63. Fabio Rampa

    Fabio RampaÅr siden

    I think Ambri

  64. New Zealand Earthmover

    New Zealand EarthmoverÅr siden

    Thumbnail is the best looking!

  65. nemesi prime

    nemesi prime25 dager siden

    Yeah i want know what type is that

  66. Paul Scott

    Paul ScottÅr siden

    Last one is the best

  67. Alex Zandria

    Alex ZandriaÅr siden

    That's 10,000$ per cylinder....

  68. Nishkar Thulsie

    Nishkar ThulsieÅr siden

    Awesome 👌

  69. Kosi Caruth

    Kosi CaruthÅr siden

    What was the car in the thumbnail ?

  70. Murilo Prado

    Murilo PradoÅr siden

    @Kosi Caruth you are welcome

  71. Kosi Caruth

    Kosi CaruthÅr siden

    @Murilo Prado wow thank you

  72. Murilo Prado

    Murilo PradoÅr siden

    I found!!! DBS Superleggera

  73. Murilo Prado

    Murilo PradoÅr siden


  74. R E

    R EÅr siden


  75. TheJoaomoreira

    TheJoaomoreiraÅr siden

    the best V12 sound in the world

  76. ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs

    ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs11 måneder siden

    @BABAZ It depends, if you like the deep baritone roar of the AM V12 or the high revving scream of the Ferrari V12's. Both make excellent but very different sounds but the appeal hear is definitely that baritone roar and grumble, not many V12'S can match or make a sound quite like it these days, not even AM it seems.

  77. BABAZ

    BABAZÅr siden

    @TheJoaomoreira each to their own I guess

  78. TheJoaomoreira

    TheJoaomoreiraÅr siden

    sure those produce quite a sound dont get me wrong but there's something about the Aston's sound that just makes it special

  79. BABAZ

    BABAZÅr siden

    mclaren f1, murcielago, pagani zonda, ferrari f12 ...

  80. Dũng Nguyễn

    Dũng NguyễnÅr siden

    Ferrari better

  81. ricardo nuñez

    ricardo nuñezÅr siden

    ferrari better in what??????

  82. Ronny Bauer

    Ronny BauerÅr siden

    emotional sounds!

  83. 莊皓翔

    莊皓翔År siden

    what is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a> PLS

  84. The19Tommy85

    The19Tommy85År siden

    DBS Superleggera

  85. jrag1000

    jrag1000År siden

    We, humans, make such beautiful things.

  86. venz creed

    venz creedÅr siden

    No..tha alien hates it

  87. roiyaru Miruku

    roiyaru MirukuÅr siden


  88. Onsen Tamago

    Onsen TamagoÅr siden


  89. hsbxian

    hsbxianÅr siden


  90. พีระศ้กดิ์ ทองอยู่

    พีระศ้กดิ์ ทองอยู่År siden


  91. RossoMarenello

    RossoMarenelloÅr siden

    Speciale Aperta and Vantage GT12

  92. commandcenter

    commandcenterÅr siden

    Thanks for filming and also, Astons are classy, beautiful cars.. however there seems to be no shortage of anti-social and overcompensating douches who drive even a car that's generally considered to be "well-mannered". Seems like these assholes love the meaningless attention of revving to max rpm to act like a nuisance then braking to a stop within the next 5 metres.

  93. Aleassandro Braglia

    Aleassandro BragliaÅr siden

    Haha most of them are swiss owners

  94. Franco Cortese

    Franco CorteseÅr siden

    V12 Maschinen hören sich bei Aston fast schon wie V8 an, finde ich aber echt mega Sound technisch sind die ganz weit vorn, und die V12 Maschinen haben glaub ich auch turbos oder ?

  95. starigard

    starigardÅr siden

    Der einzige V12 mit Turbos hier im Video ist der graue DBS Superleggera ab 02:48, klanglich auch kein Kind von Traurigkeit. Alle anderen sind Sauger.

  96. Marco Moritz

    Marco MoritzÅr siden

    Die Schweizer haben echt Geld wie Dreck... aber was soll's im Juni geht's ab nach Monaco mitm RS7 :-) ...aber nun zum Video wieder Aston Martin ist wirklich mega geil von der Optik und Sound technisch, sind nur nicht die schnellsten aber ich glaube darum geht's Aston Martin auch nicht :-D. Aber das wäre wirklich mein absolutes Traum Auto Vantage oder noch besser Vanquish S V12 :)

  97. Dario 536

    Dario 536År siden

    2 44 omg

  98. Daniel Sadjadian

    Daniel SadjadianÅr siden

    Vantage GT8 sound so good!

  99. Daniel Sadjadian

    Daniel SadjadianÅr siden

    Aston Martins are so beautiful. Look at that shape!

  100. Mr. Be.

    Mr. Be.År siden

    Ooh wee

  101. Solid Snake

    Solid SnakeÅr siden

    Après le schéma sa permet aux choupette de torde du cul ... Et toute façon l'homme il finit toujours pars sans branler !

  102. Anne- Marie

    Anne- MarieÅr siden

    🤩love it 😻you are THE best

  103. The19Tommy85

    The19Tommy85År siden


  104. Historic Supercars

    Historic SupercarsÅr siden

    Aston martin make the greatest sound ever

  105. Incognito

    IncognitoÅr siden

    The Vanquish Zagato has to be the most beautiful car i've ever seen

  106. thundercracker

    thundercrackerÅr siden

    Great thumbnail. Love that car!

  107. Jean Max Montagner

    Jean Max MontagnerÅr siden

    One-77 😖...

  108. Automotive Mike

    Automotive MikeÅr siden

    GT12 is so sexy!

  109. Yann

    YannÅr siden

    Aston Martin sounds are thé Best❤️😍

  110. The 19 Erlkönig

    The 19 ErlkönigÅr siden