Aston Martin Valkyrie tested by Max Verstappen and Alex Albon

Aston Martin has unleashed the power of three Aston Martin Valkyrie models, while providing Aston Martin Red Bull Racing drivers Max Verstappen and Alex Albon their first taste of the revolutionary hypercar at Silverstone.


  1. guoligero

    guoligero7 timer siden

    Transmition seems to be slower than a manual

  2. alif reyy

    alif reyy9 timer siden

    Wtf that slow shift

  3. Mikhail Fong

    Mikhail FongDag siden

    That car is already revolutionary with V12 NA... Why do you need hybrid motors? Just a waste of space and weight.

  4. Mikhail Fong

    Mikhail FongDag siden

    Marko/Hornet said it was tiresome with aston martin since they have honda. Aston Martin just get out of redbull.. a whining ungrateful team. Remember Renault?

  5. Andrew Cus

    Andrew CusDag siden

    Turn on the captions... it is poetic that the captions think the acceleration is “Music” and off the gas in to corners “Applause”......

  6. Xanthon

    Xanthon2 dager siden

    I put on this video when I can't sleep. Works every time.

  7. Jack liu

    Jack liu2 dager siden

    This man has never heard of sound design in his life

  8. NerdyDarkChocolate

    NerdyDarkChocolate2 dager siden

    Who edited this...I've seen videos of someone just looking at a car that were more exciting. No sound design, no suspense, basic at best.

  9. Ciopi

    Ciopi2 dager siden

    Guys who ain't even got a car : "We have to get more negative camber, I'd say at least 0.5 degrees more" F1 driver testing ultimate Aston Martin: "Looks cool" :)

  10. Dane

    Dane3 dager siden

    i think they will change the gearbox 100% because you can hear the delay between gear shifts.

  11. Ian Klingensmith

    Ian Klingensmith3 dager siden

    Is it me or do the shifts seem kinda slow?

  12. Ian Klingensmith

    Ian Klingensmith3 dager siden

    Any body seen these uberhonney commercials? Wtf? R u #$@!ing kidding me!!!!

  13. rickyhuff

    rickyhuff3 dager siden

    Very slow shifts, from the time the lever is actuated to the onset of power.

  14. Justin Feenstra

    Justin Feenstra3 dager siden

    Vagner in gta5

  15. MV Nuthead

    MV Nuthead3 dager siden

    That need to make a racing series for this cqr

  16. The Demanoid

    The Demanoid3 dager siden

    Reminds me of Mercedes Clr

  17. atom

    atom3 dager siden

    "Work in progress"...mkay, you could tell Max was not impressed

  18. Pranav P S

    Pranav P S4 dager siden

    It's not a car, it's a spaceship

  19. Mailman Maxim

    Mailman Maxim4 dager siden

    Probably, the most boring vid for such an amzing car

  20. Louis Beeston

    Louis Beeston4 dager siden

    The only thing I like about it is the sound

  21. Brian Tanyous Rasmussen

    Brian Tanyous Rasmussen4 dager siden

    The sound this thing makes is just so sweet!

  22. Amico Sawyer

    Amico Sawyer4 dager siden

    I thought the second dude drove the shyte out of it...I even thought he got through the gears quicker.they both still drove easier those are expensive cars I bet..

  23. AnthonyNumero1

    AnthonyNumero14 dager siden

    This is my dream car

  24. Robbae

    Robbae4 dager siden

    why are they not revving it out? and the gear changes seem really slow? I can shift faster than that in my mini

  25. mathew wright

    mathew wright4 dager siden

    Probably should have sorted out the shifts before filming. Not that it makes any difference now that the economy is srewed no-one will buy it and Aston Martin will probably go bankrupt (again)

  26. Luís Lopes

    Luís Lopes5 dager siden

    sounds just like a lamborghini murielago the problems is that the gearbox sounds just as slow as a 2005 lambo single cltuch


    LOST IN TRANSIT6 dager siden

    That shifting sounds ridiculously slow.


    LOST IN TRANSIT6 dager siden

    Max- “it’s a work in progress”, Translation- Meh

  29. Scott Sophia

    Scott Sophia6 dager siden

    You would think before you hand the car over to an F1 driver, that you would have it pretty well sorted.

  30. Slone Smith

    Slone Smith6 dager siden

    the new batmobile?

  31. Ahmed Azab

    Ahmed Azab6 dager siden

    those upshifts sounded and looked awkward tbh

  32. Josh Spinks

    Josh Spinks7 dager siden

    Beautiful machine with an amazing sounding engine.

  33. Nspinicelli

    Nspinicelli7 dager siden

    Wow everyone is so critical of this video! This is still under development and being tested people. And Alex/Max are professionals there to work and give technical feedback, not ogle. Man, unreasonably tough crowd man.

  34. Tanner Martz

    Tanner Martz8 dager siden

    poorly edited

  35. Gumpy 49

    Gumpy 499 dager siden

    Still doesn’t sound as good as a Porsche carerra gt or Lexus LFA

  36. SmokeyOG

    SmokeyOG6 dager siden

    Well, that's because it's not a V10.

  37. ThePippin89

    ThePippin899 dager siden

    My first impression watching it is that the gearbox seems horrific! There seems to be a massive lag releasing the clutch on up changes!

  38. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus9 dager siden

    i love F1 and fast cars and such like but really what is the point in cars like this? driving at 30mph on a normal road is probly doing damage to these cars for starters, they probably are not comfortable at anything under 100mph, so what cars like these say is "im fucking rich and i have one" and that is it to be honest, they really should be confined to tracks where speed limits not an issue. cars like this is the reason TOPGEAR got shit, aaaaaand heres another car that you cant afford and even if you could there gonna be a waiting list that your not getting on unless you know the right people, and the next time your gonna see this car is at an auction to recover debt when some rich cunt gets caught evading tax or embezoling a poor countries income to fund their extravagant life style

  39. BigBlock

    BigBlock10 dager siden

    The best part about this video is they didn't interview Helmut Marko....

  40. Matthew Lowdon

    Matthew Lowdon10 dager siden

    Is that gearbox from the 90s? 😂

  41. Kristopher Nielsen

    Kristopher Nielsen11 dager siden

    So good to watch a pure video without any wanky music or stupid narration. Just a pure, raw video. Thank you!

  42. Olisse

    Olisse12 dager siden

    my favorite car in gta v


    CAPTAIN AMERICA12 dager siden

    Max wants more power.

  44. Jesse Lunnon

    Jesse Lunnon12 dager siden

    Max: I’s a work in progress... Sums up the experience.

  45. ziegaful

    ziegafulDag siden

    It is definitely and working together with AM is horrible - trust me, never seen such a chaotic troop. The whole project is delayed about 1 year bc AM has no money.

  46. Cuki Yudhanto

    Cuki Yudhanto13 dager siden

    No thanks, I still prefer 911 GT2RS MR



    🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁best race ever🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> 💚💖 👇👇👇🧡

  48. chris bong

    chris bong18 dager siden

    The Gearbox is fucking slow.

  49. kukulkan

    kukulkan18 dager siden

    why single clutch tho?

  50. Jozhua Mendoza

    Jozhua Mendoza19 dager siden

    No lap times?!??

  51. Ryan

    Ryan19 dager siden

    You can tell they definitely aren’t pushing it to redline I can’t wait to hear an outside view of this close to the limiter!

  52. Schalk Pienaar

    Schalk Pienaar20 dager siden

    Pointless car from Aston. , rather have a La Ferarri or a Koenigsegg Regera or Jesko .....

  53. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name21 dag siden

    Alex is soooooo handsome. Oh yeah.. cars okay too

  54. Random Long Leg Cat

    Random Long Leg Cat21 dag siden

    I like how many people complaining about the car even tho they have not seen this car nor driven one 😅 AND IT IS STILL AN DEVELOPMENT CAR DUDE

  55. Julian Papin

    Julian Papin21 dag siden

    Drive with caution lol 😅 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>

  56. Boaty Mc Boatface

    Boaty Mc Boatface22 dager siden

    Love to see Shane Van Gisbergen give this a damn good thrashing.

  57. Silviu Tudorescu

    Silviu Tudorescu22 dager siden

    The car looks in particular are not that my opinion...looks a little bit like an LMP car, but what a track weapon!

  58. santa claus

    santa claus22 dager siden

    "Drive with caution" 😂😂

  59. Gligorijevic

    Gligorijevic23 dager siden

    my fav hypercar. besides koenigseggs.

  60. IRON MAN

    IRON MAN23 dager siden

    What's with that sound

  61. CanyouDONT

    CanyouDONT23 dager siden

    To be fair, driving an RB15 is a whole lot different than driving a Valkyrie. The Valkyrie sounds better, but it can't compare in much else

  62. FR

    FR23 dager siden

    Max didn't look like he was having a lot of fun

  63. Alex Medina

    Alex Medina24 dager siden

    So??? It was all cgi right? Im lost.

  64. chris

    chris25 dager siden

    You created the definition of hypercar with that design of the chassis.Please make a real leap in gearbox/engine performance part.Willing to pay 3€mil for the final product.Not me but every wealthy entrepreneur.It is fine art at the end of the day.

  65. Real Estate

    Real Estate25 dager siden

    Shifts just like my DBS.. its just an Aston thing

  66. DeltaLion1

    DeltaLion125 dager siden

    Could they have picked a couple drivers out of high school?

  67. thecandyred1

    thecandyred125 dager siden

    Front end looks like a DUCK xD

  68. iasonas stathis

    iasonas stathis25 dager siden

    Shit, i could shift faster with a stick

  69. Valquiry 07

    Valquiry 0726 dager siden

    The Car look really stunning, next lvl for whole hyper car,but this guys make no excitement for this car..

  70. Beyond_the_Infinite

    Beyond_the_Infinite26 dager siden

    The DCT in the Kia Forte GT shifts way faster up and down.

  71. Chris Ryan

    Chris Ryan27 dager siden


  72. Banana

    Banana27 dager siden

    I like this type of video than blanketing the car sounds with shitty music.

  73. piet skiet

    piet skiet27 dager siden

    Whats with the gear changes !?

  74. David L. Middleton

    David L. Middleton27 dager siden

    Love the brand, looking forward to this car for a while but this video....SMH. I guess the soundtrack got deleted? No music was a fail. The engine note didn't sound as good as when carfection was at the test bench. The edit and finish of the video was just poor...Max and Alex didn't seem generally excited about the product either....

  75. Thomas

    Thomas26 dager siden

    Yeahh it still looks and sounds like a prototype alot and they feel hesitant. Hope they have some real progress because those shifts looked aweful. Such a delay and you can see the drivers hunch forwards.

  76. Mark Dorman D

    Mark Dorman D27 dager siden

    Lots of sarcastic comments from couch jockeys who have not the talent or accomplishments to to ever be asked to drive a car of that class! Lol

  77. on ten

    on ten28 dager siden

    such a long gear changes ?

  78. Ernest NA

    Ernest NA29 dager siden

    Nice barrel of Esso with Mobil 1 oil bottle on top of it while being interviewed, oh and the car, that's a stunner.

  79. James Herbert

    James Herbert29 dager siden

    How slow is that gear change?!

  80. the jafuu

    the jafuu29 dager siden

    @James Herbert I think it is because the single clutch amt is lighter than many dct's. Also it has kers hybrid system that powers the wheels when shifting.

  81. James Herbert

    James Herbert29 dager siden

    the jafuu Is that because of the huge torque going through the gearbox being too much for a dual-clutch?

  82. the jafuu

    the jafuu29 dager siden

    It has single clutch automatic, so it is not very fast. Automated manual to be excact.

  83. ARA BLUE S4

    ARA BLUE S429 dager siden

    It takes someone really talented to create such an underwhelming video from such an exiting subject.

  84. Peter Oosterling

    Peter Oosterling16 timer siden

    The editting is poor though. But indeed luckily no crappy music

  85. MrStone

    MrStone4 dager siden

    I agree, who planned the whole thing? why are the cameramans standing on such bad positions... what in the hell were they thinking at the first cameraman hiding behind guardrail. I love the look and sound of the car, but it couldnt have been worse. A lot of boring talking and very bad videos of the car

  86. Josh Spinks

    Josh Spinks7 dager siden

    @Marnix ikr, finally a car video focusing on the car itself and the sound and driving performance. Not someone constantly talking with an annoying song drowning out the engine.

  87. moahdriven

    moahdriven9 dager siden

    I guess its like giving a Michelin starred chef a regular ass meal and asking them to rate it; but also the chef is employed by the person who created the regular ass meal

  88. Tolga Mahmutoglu

    Tolga Mahmutoglu12 dager siden


  89. MarMPB

    MarMPB29 dager siden

    Awesome! But it is a “road car” as a Zonda R!

  90. Charlie

    CharlieMåned siden

    Video looks like it was made by a bunch of year 7s on iMovie

  91. Elle Gee

    Elle GeeMåned siden

    Lot of comments deleted. Hmmmm...

  92. Alex Gallardo

    Alex Gallardo26 dager siden

    typical brit. They're a bunch of clowns.