ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “TV’s”

Georgia, Kit, Rosie, and Jack spend their 1st day on the job at Attaway General.
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When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Starring Dixie D’Amelio, Diego Martir, Lauren Kettering and Gabby Morrison alongside breakout performances from Madi Monroe, Eric Montanez and Griffin Johnson, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes - for high schoolers.
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ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “TV’s”


  1. Brat TV

    Brat TV12 dager siden

    what did you think of the 1st episode??

  2. t e s s a hehe

    t e s s a hehe11 dager siden

    loved it

  3. Isabella

    Isabella11 dager siden


  4. Jamarkus Union

    Jamarkus Union12 dager siden


  5. Jessica Connors

    Jessica Connors12 dager siden

    Loved it

  6. Hannah Marney

    Hannah Marney12 dager siden

    Love it!! ❤️

  7. Onstci

    Onstci4 timer siden

    Why are they in their normal clothes?

  8. leanne

    leanne4 timer siden

    whys that 6 year old so big LOL

  9. zainab

    zainab4 timer siden

    this is so bad 💀

  10. Destiny howliet

    Destiny howliet4 timer siden


  11. zainab

    zainab4 timer siden

    they’re so bad at acting 😭

  12. annabella garcia

    annabella garcia4 timer siden


  13. valentina aguiar

    valentina aguiar4 timer siden

    When I finish season 16 of Greys anatomy

  14. ashley Medrano

    ashley Medrano4 timer siden

    the acting is bad

  15. Emerson Daley

    Emerson Daley4 timer siden

    i just-- i have no response to this

  16. Mile Radovic

    Mile Radovic4 timer siden

    Greys anatomy looking different here

  17. Brooke Kay

    Brooke Kay5 timer siden

    Need better actors

  18. Celina Roediger

    Celina Roediger5 timer siden

    well that's 10min I will never get back!?

  19. Blanca Ries

    Blanca Ries5 timer siden

    the acting is so bad it hurts omg

  20. Camila Batres

    Camila Batres5 timer siden

    This is Grey's Anatomy but in NO-gos

  21. Dancin’ Queen

    Dancin’ Queen5 timer siden

    Eric>>>anyone else

  22. Ale

    Ale5 timer siden

    suprised they did'nt ask charli or addison or avani to be on this garbage.

  23. Joonish

    Joonish5 timer siden

    Kio would strive 😔

  24. Veronica oop

    Veronica oop6 timer siden

    Madi and Eric actually did good :)

  25. Laila McCoy

    Laila McCoy6 timer siden

    what is this

  26. Lauren

    Lauren6 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="451">7:31</a> can’t find a vein, put an IO in! Trying to administer Epi, but not performing CPR? Watching a monitor instead of palpating a pulse? Wtf did I just watch?

  27. Cinzia Russo

    Cinzia Russo6 timer siden


  28. Lana Podlesek

    Lana Podlesek6 timer siden

    Where is Charlie

  29. Jillian Kamm

    Jillian Kamm6 timer siden

    U should have Charli in it to lol!!!!

  30. mixio hili

    mixio hili6 timer siden

    Okay but if someone actually likes this... This is like a walmart version of Grey's Anatomy but with less medical stuff and worse actors.

  31. na ti

    na ti6 timer siden


  32. ii_ Deadly

    ii_ Deadly7 timer siden

    The way Dixie/Georgia was struggling to open the book at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> XD

  33. ellie Koppen

    ellie Koppen7 timer siden

    I’m so sorry but this was probably the worst thing I have ever seen everybody is such a bad actor I can’t omg

  34. l l

    l l7 timer siden

    This is so hard to watch it’s like the timings all off or something there’s just something wrong about it.

  35. l l

    l l7 timer siden

    No one: Dixie: 🙄

  36. MeMunchkin

    MeMunchkin7 timer siden

    I understand them tryna break out and get job but at least take some acting classes for awhile because this sounds like my 8th grade class all reading a chapter book together.

  37. aly

    aly7 timer siden

    their acting is so dry 😭😭

  38. mary lawrence

    mary lawrence7 timer siden

    *applesauce splats on the window* diego: oh geeeez ahahahhaahahahhaa

  39. amaya lintz

    amaya lintz7 timer siden

    Y’all what am I watching😭💀

  40. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name7 timer siden

    Lets be honest no one's actually watching this we're only here bc of the cringe

  41. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name7 timer siden

    and what's with Dixies eye rolling

  42. Adaiah D.

    Adaiah D.8 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="273">4:33</a> HE LOOKED AT THE CAMERA

  43. Sadie Neufeld-Wall

    Sadie Neufeld-Wall8 timer siden

    The blonde girl is pretty good, but the rest of them...

  44. Vince Auriemma

    Vince Auriemma8 timer siden

    Where are the interns' scrubs?

  45. Mrs Shepherd

    Mrs Shepherd8 timer siden

    Okay but if someone actually likes this... This is like a walmart version of Grey's Anatomy but with less medical stuff and worse actors.

  46. Shreya Sivakumar

    Shreya Sivakumar8 timer siden

    I just love this series Soo much

  47. Sophie Gamache

    Sophie Gamache8 timer siden

    Uh this is kinda cringe there not even trying

  48. Jackie Bealler

    Jackie Bealler8 timer siden


  49. { Soap }

    { Soap }8 timer siden

    If you’re gonna have TKTOKERS Star in a show at least get ones who can act lmfao

  50. Grace Marin

    Grace Marin8 timer siden

    TO be honest it’s kinda like grey’s anatomy and dixie is like meredith and griffin is like Derek and i think this whole series the cast have a lot of tiktokers

  51. Milo Lieberman

    Milo Lieberman8 timer siden

    It’s like a horrible version of greys anatomy

  52. Angelina Opazo

    Angelina Opazo9 timer siden

    knockoff greys anatomy?

  53. yasmin yahaya

    yasmin yahaya9 timer siden

    why is the acting so bad

  54. Paula Resurreccion

    Paula Resurreccion9 timer siden

    Can ya'll just support them? and be happy for them? They're so good and they did their best. They will improve! :))

  55. kev 23

    kev 239 timer siden

    This is so bad wtf

  56. Nafisat Badmus

    Nafisat Badmus9 timer siden

    This is possibly the worst acting ever

  57. Daz Games Fam

    Daz Games Fam10 timer siden

    I love how Dixie is on this


    EMELY JUEGOS Y MAS10 timer siden


  59. mollixaii

    mollixaii10 timer siden

    how is madi so good at acting

  60. Princess Petit

    Princess Petit10 timer siden

    Oh no no no

  61. ishh_

    ishh_10 timer siden

    this makes me want to act now 😌

  62. Simran Chavan

    Simran Chavan11 timer siden


  63. reagan _

    reagan _11 timer siden

    what kinda knock off high school greys anatomy with bad acting is this lmao


    NIRANJANA ANOOP11 timer siden

    WHAT DOES THE "TVs" in the caption means

  65. Marcus Sanchez

    Marcus Sanchez11 timer siden

    i- the acting

  66. 2 9

    2 911 timer siden

    I think Dixie can actually act

  67. Dana Nawash

    Dana Nawash11 timer siden

    I have seen Dixie rolling her eyes more than I have seen her talking

  68. Kim Pham

    Kim Pham11 timer siden

    Is that Dixie d'amileo? Spellings bad Ik

  69. Poppy Williams

    Poppy Williams12 timer siden


  70. Liam Kelly

    Liam Kelly12 timer siden

    Bro wtf 💀

  71. Yonna Cannon

    Yonna Cannon13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="551">9:11</a> IM ROLLING WHAT THE HELL

  72. Georgia Thornton

    Georgia Thornton13 timer siden

    Omg Dixie has my real name in this eeeeeek

  73. Milika Volavola

    Milika Volavola13 timer siden

    I want see blooper's of this so bad🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. Sophia

    Sophia13 timer siden

    ok but like why was that kid a better actor

  75. Sophia Vergara

    Sophia Vergara13 timer siden

    They do be letting anyone act though

  76. Play Store

    Play Store14 timer siden

    So wow

  77. apple spice

    apple spice14 timer siden

    some just cant act

  78. Abhishek Singh

    Abhishek Singh14 timer siden

    I'm surprised this has more likes than dislikes.

  79. Kpop Girl

    Kpop Girl15 timer siden

    They Arent even good at acting, only Gabby- Like get some PEOPLE That Can Act and NOT popular ones.

  80. Nicola Meakin

    Nicola Meakin15 timer siden

    Dixie D’amelio hi

  81. Elanna Jennings

    Elanna Jennings15 timer siden

    These are all really bad actors no offence

  82. A S T H E T H I CV k

    A S T H E T H I CV k15 timer siden

    Dixie sorry you can't act. Just awful

  83. Buttercup Bubbles

    Buttercup Bubbles15 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="366">6:06</a> my momma when i dont wanna eat medicine

  84. Buttercup Bubbles

    Buttercup Bubbles15 timer siden

    LOL I didn't expect for Kio to be there !

  85. fronk s

    fronk s15 timer siden

    sorry don’t know anyone in this video .. I’m on 🧚🏼‍♀️💫alt tik tok 🌸💖

  86. Leanna

    Leanna15 timer siden

    what episode of grey’s anatomy is this ?

  87. Kelin Rosales

    Kelin Rosales16 timer siden