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They say there is a war
Between the man and the woman (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
I've never felt like this before
My heart knew that I couldn't (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
And then you take me in
And everything in me begins to feel like I belong
Like everybody needs a home
And when I take your hand
Like the world has never held a man
I know I cannot heal the hurt
But I will hold you here forever
If I can, if I can
And then I learned the truth
How everything good in life seems to lead back to you
And every single time I run into your arms
I feel like I exist for love
Like I exist for love
Only for love
I can't imagine how it is to be forbidden from loving (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
'Cause when you walked into my life
I could feel my life begin
Like I was torn apart the minute I was only born
And you're the other half
The only thing that makes me whole
I know it sounds like a lot
But you really need to know
We are leaning out for love
And we will lean for love forever, I know
I love you so
And then I learned the truth
How everything good in life seems to lead back to you
And every single time I run into your arms
I feel like I exist for love
Only for love
And when you say my name
Like white horses on the waves
I think it feels the same
As an ocean in my veins
And you'll be diving in
Like nothing is out of place
And we exist for love
Only for love
And I love you, I love you, I love you
And I love you, I love you, I love you

Music video by AURORA performing Exist For Love. © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited
#AURORA #ExistForLove


  1. Larissa Amaral

    Larissa Amaral8 timer siden


  2. Cedie Pili

    Cedie Pili8 timer siden

    I love this

  3. abdelrahman elatar

    abdelrahman elatar8 timer siden

    i love you

  4. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss9 timer siden

    a moment of silence for those who haven't found AURORA songs yet

  5. Sánh Nguyễn

    Sánh Nguyễn9 timer siden

    This song reminded me about every Disney's fairytale, especially Sleeping Beauty

  6. Sonia Cilento

    Sonia Cilento10 timer siden

    The way she lilts the end of her lines reminds me of old vietnamese folk songs

  7. KNS

    KNS10 timer siden


  8. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss9 timer siden

    Her music bring back old memories, and love that's long forgotten ..

  9. Manuel's Red Hair

    Manuel's Red Hair10 timer siden

    I was too sad today, so im here now..

  10. SaffronTown

    SaffronTown10 timer siden

    Man and wahmennnnn

  11. Hannah Ormondroyd

    Hannah Ormondroyd10 timer siden


  12. Rosa Sebold

    Rosa Sebold10 timer siden

    This song makes me feel like I'm in the 1920s

  13. Winter Ivy

    Winter Ivy12 timer siden

    Okay so if Aurora is Aphrodite, Florence is Persephone & Hozier is Hades, who makes up the rest of the pantheon?

  14. Winter Ivy

    Winter Ivy12 timer siden

    I’d watch a whole musical written & performed by Aurora

  15. lowell salvallon

    lowell salvallon13 timer siden


  16. Lenelle Alfar

    Lenelle Alfar13 timer siden

    hypnotizing 🥺🥺

  17. söpö eläin

    söpö eläin13 timer siden

    You are cute

  18. Dariusz Rudnik

    Dariusz Rudnik14 timer siden

    urgent armpit hair grooming solution needed

  19. __

    __9 timer siden

    @Natalia Dourado u snapped

  20. Natalia Dourado

    Natalia Dourado11 timer siden

    I bet you are a nasty 40 year old man with lots of armpit hair laying on a couch and typing anything to get attention AND opress talented women, which did not work this time. Bye.

  21. Hooked on Grey

    Hooked on Grey12 timer siden

    Dude wtf

  22. Shubham kale

    Shubham kale14 timer siden

    And here we go again another stupid song

  23. Ardi wibowo maulana

    Ardi wibowo maulana15 timer siden

    Damn she's unreal

  24. Yatag

    Yatag16 timer siden

    The song is really beautiful, the lyrics too. After watching it for the 20th time I realize she has armpit hair and that is really cool. Free women

  25. Something Something

    Something Something16 timer siden

    Gives me Bjork and Loving you vibe

  26. Abby Alvo

    Abby Alvo16 timer siden

    Her music bring back old memories, and love that's long forgotten ..

  27. Justin Rohlf

    Justin Rohlf17 timer siden

    Mad Aphrodite/Freyja energy here

  28. sukma irawan

    sukma irawan18 timer siden

    How old is she?, why she is look more younger than me?

  29. vidarmedl

    vidarmedl16 timer siden

    That is very difficult to answer, can't see you. But she is soon 24 years old

  30. Kotonesoul

    Kotonesoul18 timer siden

    Anyone else agree that this song was made for demisexuals

  31. Ana Maria Arredondo

    Ana Maria Arredondo19 timer siden

    Esa canción sonará el día de mi boda❤️

  32. demmawtf

    demmawtf19 timer siden

    she’s so pretty :(

  33. Leanne Banawis

    Leanne Banawis19 timer siden

    she has the most perfect mermaid voice i've ever imagine!

  34. daydreamer __

    daydreamer __20 timer siden

    Nice boobs, awesome voice 🐈

  35. Marcus Gracilla

    Marcus Gracilla20 timer siden

    I love you're voice.

  36. Tirremomo

    Tirremomo20 timer siden

    bisexuals / pansexuals = +1 Golden lesbians = -1

  37. Silly Murillo

    Silly Murillo21 time siden

    I'm not trying to be mean but ya

  38. Silly Murillo

    Silly Murillo21 time siden

    You are so ugly I know better singers than you

  39. Quenby Wilson

    Quenby Wilson21 time siden

    aurora, viktoria, and miranda this is a masterpiece. i am in awe of everything you create aurora but this really spoke to my soul and everything about it is flawless. i'm gonna go cry now

  40. Leonardo Pereira

    Leonardo Pereira21 time siden

    Seriously, I wish I could have this song playing on a infinite loop my entire life. Brings me the most uplifting experience ever.

  41. Melvin Magcaling

    Melvin Magcaling21 time siden

    This is how you make music. You can feel it into your soul.. Tbh the best song this year so far..

  42. Nabila Nabila

    Nabila Nabila21 time siden

    This song feels like waking up in a serenely early morning next to the love of my life still sleeping peacefully. Silently staring at him, enjoying his existence.

  43. I'm Jhvto

    I'm Jhvto21 time siden

    disney need see this

  44. aldo

    aldo22 timer siden

    Finally i found calmy song in 2020

  45. David Burrows

    David Burrows22 timer siden

    Modern Age Venus

  46. Deep hug

    Deep hug22 timer siden

    The people who disliked this, are so heartbroken.

  47. Eva Layne

    Eva Layne23 timer siden


  48. Marcelo Marques

    Marcelo MarquesDag siden

    #ExistForlove ❤ #Aurora

  49. Rep0007

    Rep0007Dag siden

    Nice video

  50. Runa

    RunaDag siden

    It's honestly been so beautiful to watch Aurora blossom into not only the artist she is today but also the woman she has become. I found Aurora in a dark time, and her music was sort of dark then too. But over time, it feels as if I healed alongside her through her music. It's honestly so beautiful and I'm so grateful for her

  51. Deep hug

    Deep hug22 timer siden

    beauty of a goddess and a voice of an angel

  52. Raul Lima

    Raul LimaDag siden

    This song is so warm, it feels like a hug

  53. 2019 isn't that far away

    2019 isn't that far awayDag siden


  54. Satan's Nightmare

    Satan's NightmareDag siden

    when you fallin in love with a personality but the actual person is doesn't exist

  55. Alexia Sanches

    Alexia SanchesDag siden

    feel that 20s vibes

  56. Ren

    RenDag siden

    i exist only for you

  57. MintyZwaps

    MintyZwapsDag siden

    Sound like 90s song in 21st century 😍

  58. Alejandro R

    Alejandro RDag siden

    The dislikes are the people that are forbidden from loving.

  59. Cookies jamjam

    Cookies jamjamDag siden

    "This is better then watching twerk"

  60. Geranium

    GeraniumDag siden

    Amazing vocals. The uniqueness reminds me of marko from POTF

  61. Geranium

    GeraniumDag siden

    Goosebumps all over omg. Who is she??

  62. Alessandro Gaudio

    Alessandro Gaudio11 timer siden

    She's our queen

  63. Ausgamer5171

    Ausgamer5171Dag siden

    Aurora Aksnes is a Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer who plays The piano, harp, percussion and Kalimba. She released her first album in 2016 and has released 33, i think, original songs and many covers. She is the recipient of 2 Spellman awards "Norwegian Grammy" .

  64. Angel Angelov

    Angel AngelovDag siden

    I didn't know they still made music like this.

  65. Skippy Peanut

    Skippy PeanutDag siden

    This is the first song I've ever heard of her, I stumbled upon her name numerous times but never made the jump. WOW, I'm glad I did! This sounds so completely fresh, emotive, authentic and pure. I will now name a few artists I "heard" in this song, not at all to imply she's pulling from any of them, claiming that would be heresy (and that's -like I said- coming from someone who JUST found out about her). She's lovely. Here's the list: Angel Olsen Bat for Lashes Billie Eilish Elena Tonra (from "Daughter") Florence Welch Kate Bush Lana del Rey Okay Kaya (also Norwegian, check her out!)

  66. Brent Agnes

    Brent AgnesDag siden

    oh it ends at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> like damn thats cool lmao

  67. mariahn fareah

    mariahn fareahDag siden

    beauty of a goddess and a voice of an angel

  68. GeekyTalks

    GeekyTalksDag siden

    This song is playing with my emotions, i mean im having illusions about me and my one sided crush, aw hahaha. Thankyou for singing this song! ❤️

  69. peterson Espindola

    peterson EspindolaDag siden

    I love her armpit hair

  70. Nolte manns

    Nolte mannsDag siden

    Hübsch wie immer :)

  71. Samantha B.

    Samantha B.Dag siden

    This song makes me feel so full of emotions and just so satisfied. Truly a masterpiece.

  72. Natalia Dourado

    Natalia DouradoDag siden

    I wonder if Melanie Martinez listens to her, I bet she would love the music and the aesthetic. 💕

  73. Natalia Dourado

    Natalia DouradoDag siden

    So am I the only one who thinks she lowkey looks like Kiernan Shipka(Sabrina Spellman) ?IDK I think It's the short hair and the nose.

  74. Brynn Johnson

    Brynn JohnsonDag siden

    i feel like i'm actively watching the birth of aphrodite

  75. Abhinay Thakur

    Abhinay ThakurDag siden

    Woah! I was in another dimension. Just wow!

  76. Jess

    JessDag siden

    @Ajayll please do a reaction vid for exist for love..

  77. Traa Xatn

    Traa XatnDag siden

    She's realize my melody in my head to be a good song, And yup aurora touch my heart so softly again.

  78. Needeth Holy Water

    Needeth Holy WaterDag siden

    Thank you Aphrodite

  79. NeoN Atary

    NeoN AtaryDag siden

    I'm very sad this didn't came out before my wedding I would have loved to dance to it in my wedding 😢💖

  80. Kurt Villarca

    Kurt VillarcaDag siden

    It's like a folk Asian love song but not really.. I'm confused but in a really good and entranced way ❤️

  81. Amirul Hakim Rusdi

    Amirul Hakim RusdiDag siden

    When you read the lyrics with your heart, you will automatically crying. It's a fact.

  82. edseduard

    edseduardDag siden

    This is so beautiful. Thanks...just thanks ♡

  83. thaqif adib

    thaqif adibDag siden

    Is no one gonna talk about her armpit hair?

  84. Mei ._.

    Mei ._.Dag siden


  85. Lila Kelly

    Lila KellyDag siden

    ah yes, body shaming confident women. Congrats on missing the point :)

  86. Natalia Dourado

    Natalia DouradoDag siden

    No.It's her choice, there is no more to be said. 😊

  87. padnesit

    padnesitDag siden

    When it rains it is a lovely weather for the ducks.

  88. nanasayu

    nanasayuDag siden

    This is a marvelous song to go to sleep or waking up in the morning... Thank you, Aurora ❤

  89. B. K.

    B. K.Dag siden

    What I find amazing on looking at the comments is the empathy and ability to express the feeling she is giving through her music to everyone. Simple powerful one line answers that all capture the emotion she so effortlessly speaks to us. Who is a true artist in our day? You all know who my brothers and sisters of Aurora. :)

  90. Darlyng Ribeiro

    Darlyng RibeiroDag siden

    Mais alguém imaginou essa música nos filmes antigos da Disney? Cadê os BR?

  91. Rafs maria

    Rafs mariaDag siden

    Q maravilhosa essa música, mds.. ❤❤.. Essa voz angelical

  92. Super slime SHOW

    Super slime SHOWDag siden

    Ehm 😕