Beyond Vine December 2019 (Part1) Funny Vines and Instagram Videos 2019

New Beyond the Vine from the Best Viners 2019
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  1. Brydon Holland

    Brydon Holland55 minutter siden

    0:09 at least turn the controller on

  2. 5PesoChallenge

    5PesoChallenge4 timer siden

    5:34 yeah i stop breathing too

  3. panos zisis

    panos zisis6 timer siden

    8:30 το φβς παντού πουτανες😂😂😂

  4. Trash Artificermain

    Trash Artificermain14 timer siden

    If the girl cut my head phones I would use the same scissors to o cut her hair

  5. immortal doge

    immortal doge18 timer siden

    5:45 thats me in movies

  6. Yun Netrachand

    Yun NetrachandDag siden


  7. Final hazard

    Final hazardDag siden

    5:32 i do this.

  8. Final hazard

    Final hazardDag siden

    9:01 Dude controller aint even on. 😂😂😂

  9. Kasandra Vega

    Kasandra Vega3 dager siden


  10. Lopei Aran

    Lopei Aran4 dager siden

    7:12 I’m not even kidding that looks like franklin when he took his jacket off.

  11. tkigd19

    tkigd194 dager siden

    The controls aren’t even on in the over protective brother one

  12. SunShine Love

    SunShine Love4 dager siden

    5:32 I hold my breath idk why I just want to know how it is for the people in the movie lol ( even if the movie is animated which is dumb Bc it is a cartoon so the can fly or breath for along time )

  13. snickers boi

    snickers boi7 dager siden

    3:36 if she did that then I would grab the sizzers and stab her

  14. Dxebdhs

    Dxebdhs8 dager siden

    12:32 his joycon was never connected

  15. Vincenzo DiTrolio

    Vincenzo DiTrolio8 dager siden

    3:08 this vine is what it feels like when we get the entire family together

  16. PeeTan YTB

    PeeTan YTB9 dager siden

    Lucas Rangel monstro

  17. BTMFreshBob 123

    BTMFreshBob 12310 dager siden

    8:15 zips up hoodie CREEPER AAAAWWWW MAN

  18. BTMFreshBob 123

    BTMFreshBob 12310 dager siden

    4:42 that is so afensive

  19. kirby chu

    kirby chu10 dager siden

    Next you should cut off his F***ING HEAD OFF BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I WOULD WANT

  20. Pug Boss

    Pug Boss11 dager siden

    None of these are actual vines

  21. PRC80

    PRC8013 dager siden

    😍Lucas rangel

  22. arthurjeremypearson

    arthurjeremypearson14 dager siden

    See, the reason why Vines worked was because they were short. You could go through 30 of them and if there was a bad one you could just wait for the next one. Brevity was a constraint that helped you hone what it is that you're working on. You really had to reduce it down to its purest Essentials. This is why Tik-Tok isn't funny. You have more than enough time to screw up all the jokes.

  23. haley o'brien

    haley o'brien14 dager siden

    Wait if he has to go pee why cant he youse the urnerl

  24. Reaper

    Reaper20 dager siden

    5:30 is me all the time also check out my vid and sub it is my first vid

  25. Camron Bingham

    Camron Bingham20 dager siden


  26. Black Shadow

    Black Shadow20 dager siden

    Who's that girl in the thumbnail?

  27. Trinh Huỳnh

    Trinh Huỳnh21 dag siden

    She so sad when she eat raw

  28. Tyrese Butler

    Tyrese Butler21 dag siden

    who was the last guy

  29. Arlene Lastimoso

    Arlene Lastimoso22 dager siden

    It's like franklin in 7:21 in gta 5

  30. OAM lediam

    OAM lediam24 dager siden

    9:09 it is so true

  31. Mark Angel Mendoza

    Mark Angel Mendoza27 dager siden

    5:30 Me too i do that when the they are in water 😂😂😂

  32. LeftOnStove

    LeftOnStove27 dager siden

    5:30 me being competitive against nonexistent characters

  33. Infinite Flakes

    Infinite Flakes28 dager siden

    "I'm going to church thank you!" "Church on a Friday?" *JESUS COMES EVERYDAY*

  34. haley o'brien

    haley o'brien14 dager siden

    Of course

  35. SpaceFox

    SpaceFox29 dager siden

    the vegan thanksgiving is not true thats an insult >:( EVER HEARD OF TOFU!?!?!?!EEEEEEEEEE!

  36. Thug Life

    Thug Life29 dager siden

    That single life vs in a relationship life, is so fucking true to the big T.

  37. Owais Khan

    Owais KhanMåned siden

    3:21 imagine he tried to pee

  38. Jayden Hughes

    Jayden HughesMåned siden

    5:52 thats me

  39. Hᴅᴇᴡʏ

    HᴅᴇᴡʏMåned siden

    2:00 lmao 😂

  40. xclude-

    xclude-Måned siden

    5:27 that said November 😂😂😂

  41. Different thinker

    Different thinkerMåned siden

    2:16 more fun🤣🤣

  42. Different thinker

    Different thinkerMåned siden

    0:33 is fun🤣🤣🤣

  43. Midnight Man

    Midnight ManMåned siden

    1:59 so much bass my ears shook

  44. _ av3r4de

    _ av3r4deMåned siden

    lol 8:57 what you looking fo

  45. BRL Booga

    BRL BoogaMåned siden

    5:30 so relatable

  46. Jo Allspark

    Jo AllsparkMåned siden

    9:45,.what's wrong with the Harry Potter kid....?

  47. Sapphire Star

    Sapphire StarMåned siden

    5:53 i dont have this problem but i totally feel this even if its not about the gifts treating one child with less love then the other is just cruel edit: (12:31 my new favorite meme)

  48. Aye Dude

    Aye DudeMåned siden

    O wow I just made the comment 666😈

  49. Zaplex PH

    Zaplex PHMåned siden

    0:24 the dog in the background is so damn cute Hahahaha

  50. Jr. Blue

    Jr. BlueMåned siden

    Imagine being so bored you scroll down and find MY comment

  51. sen pai

    sen paiMåned siden

    8:59 what's the name of the girl

  52. Reagan Cole

    Reagan ColeMåned siden

    You can really tell some of these vines needed that time limit.


    YRN ALPHAMåned siden

    Say hello to your uncle he's younger than you but he your uncle had me dying also say hello to your wassup bruh yeah he always hungry😂😂😭😭😂😂😭😂

  54. Zampui Pachuau

    Zampui PachuauMåned siden

    i want 8.25 girl name pleas give me her name

  55. fly frenzy ff

    fly frenzy ffMåned siden

    Liga o controle Lucas

  56. Laroos Antoinej.b

    Laroos Antoinej.bMåned siden

    Welp don’t make dog angry

  57. Eugenir Pereira Santos

    Eugenir Pereira SantosMåned siden

    Me 😂😂😂 5:35

  58. Arata kamz

    Arata kamzMåned siden

    2:10 the best

  59. Wake _Ghust

    Wake _GhustMåned siden

    6:22 who am I supposed to call with this George Washington!!??🤣🤣

  60. Erick Soto

    Erick SotoMåned siden

    After four times in the gym the guy didn't beat him up 😕😕😕😕😂😂😂

  61. LR Shadow

    LR ShadowMåned siden

    I see the food in the back ground on the first one

  62. Matthew Knight

    Matthew Knight6 dager siden

    Isaiah Goodman