Big Ed and Rose Horrible Break Up

in the final instalment of 90 day fiancé's favourite couple big ed and rose part ways for good...
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  1. ImAllexx

    ImAllexx5 dager siden

    100k likes and I'll go on 90 day fiancé and marry big ed

  2. Ariana Torrenegra

    Ariana Torrenegra8 timer siden


  3. Rabia Asif

    Rabia Asif22 timer siden

    ImAllexx i know about your past

  4. 🧊i҉c҉y҉ c҉u҉b҉e҉🧊

    🧊i҉c҉y҉ c҉u҉b҉e҉🧊Dag siden

    ImAllexx I gotchu brutha OwO

  5. Rex plays

    Rex playsDag siden

    Do it

  6. Dayania hogan

    Dayania hoganDag siden

    Please no 😥

  7. martha O'C

    martha O'C5 timer siden

    At least she's honest

  8. AbsoluteDavid Luke

    AbsoluteDavid Luke7 timer siden

    Quarintine is making all of the eboys thumbnails like will’s satisying videos and james... just james

  9. Aidan Bowman

    Aidan Bowman7 timer siden

    I Swear if you don't talk about the meme Leafy did on you then, well ima be a sad boi

  10. Aidan Bowman

    Aidan Bowman3 timer siden

    I know but like on youtube, like a small little segment

  11. Thije Klaasen

    Thije Klaasen3 timer siden

    he did already, on twitter

  12. nica

    nica8 timer siden

    too many ads buddy

  13. nica

    nica9 timer siden

    okay but i am highly attracted to alex in pink.

  14. maya chi

    maya chi9 timer siden

    it makes me so mad that Ed was the one who cheated in his first relationship, lied to Rose and expects her to bow down to HIM and is surprised when she has an opinion of her own. he IS an awful person, or at least he's too selfish and self-centred to see (or care about) the damage he's doing. he wants to find love, but love is a two-way street, not whatever he's looking for.

  15. Aubrey Lily

    Aubrey Lily9 timer siden

    Please make more 99 fiancés

  16. Jeffrey Cornell

    Jeffrey Cornell10 timer siden

    Stop saying "Fing" instead of "Thing" idiot! Jesus Christ Alex

  17. Gooseman and Hornabear

    Gooseman and Hornabear13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="654">10:54</a> why did i laugh so hard when he started crying

  18. Aaron Conti

    Aaron Conti14 timer siden

    Big ed is built like a Lego brick

  19. Clashed

    Clashed15 timer siden

    Alex accidentally put mayonnaise in his left eyeball

  20. Agebqj Abbwq

    Agebqj Abbwq16 timer siden

    Casually sitting here crying bc rona messed up my whole senior year ending and my parents have been stressed asf bc they are basically elderly at this point *they had me when they were older* and have low immune systems and all these other complications and they are so negative and hateful without meaning to be and then they feel really bad after and I understand they are just stressed but dude it still hurted anyways thanks for my rant tbh I have literally no one to talk to lol Update this video is making me feel better

  21. katie scallon

    katie scallon16 timer siden

    Rose is so hardcore I have no choice but to be up her arse

  22. FAVXX

    FAVXX17 timer siden

    Right what’s all this about James and Alex getting engaged then??

  23. leiqri

    leiqri16 timer siden

    wait what?

  24. Verity

    Verity18 timer siden

    You’re like a 1998 footballer with your hair Alex, I want to infiltrate your life, gain your trust and friendship, enjoy the good times and build enough rapport with you that after 2 years you’ll finally let me, as your trusted confidant and buddy, style your damn hair properly.

  25. Abstraktzz

    Abstraktzz19 timer siden


  26. SharkAttack Gamer!

    SharkAttack Gamer!19 timer siden

    It's good to see a fellow British person with a good sense of humour

  27. Oliver Willcox

    Oliver Willcox20 timer siden

    Shut up


    MUPPETS EVERYWHERE20 timer siden

    Love is real. Alex just hasn't found it because in the gay scene anonymous sex is so prolific.

  29. Angelina Salmon

    Angelina Salmon21 time siden

    Have u seen Leafys new vid?

  30. Zora Powell

    Zora Powell21 time siden

    if i was rose i would've left him so fast

  31. Ratty Rat

    Ratty Rat22 timer siden

    You should watch Leafy's vid on ya

  32. Mocha Luna

    Mocha Luna23 timer siden


  33. David Rumney

    David Rumney23 timer siden

    Sow saaaddddd

  34. Slone Slone

    Slone SloneDag siden

    My sister looked over my shoulder and said "He should get a perm and then he'll be cute"😂😂😂

  35. Pure Panda Games

    Pure Panda GamesDag siden

    i was an avid fan of your content but after seeing and observing your involvement in dramas and accusatory stories i have come to a concensus that you sir are a large prehistoric stinky piece of shit

  36. Azrist Bach

    Azrist BachDag siden

    If Ed ever comes back here in the Philippines, I will be at the airport waiting for him with a note saying, "This is a country for people with necks."

  37. Jack Home

    Jack HomeDag siden

    Alex has gone full lipstick wearing lesbian 😂

  38. Tom M

    Tom MDag siden

    She looks like Richarlison

  39. Veres Mátyás

    Veres MátyásDag siden

    This is how lil xan would look like if he had a symmetric face😂

  40. Jessica Elizabeth

    Jessica ElizabethDag siden

    When Alex says sticker makes me....♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍

  41. mrkickass

    mrkickassDag siden


  42. crying TM

    crying TMDag siden

    Ed reminds me of my ex, I’m proud of rose, imagine how he would’ve hurt rose if he didn’t gave it consistently documented

  43. YoCrimer

    YoCrimerDag siden

    how does he turn his head D:

  44. Rachel Wojciak

    Rachel WojciakDag siden


  45. Kevin Philbrick

    Kevin PhilbrickDag siden

    God that neck-less goblin is a piece of shit.

  46. John johnson

    John johnsonDag siden

    have you been crying in your room for 10 hours straight recently and can’t make a reply mate?

  47. InstagramLikes

    InstagramLikesDag siden

    Get a life mate you sitting here for 10 hours crying in the comments?

  48. brycly

    bryclyDag siden

    You missed a golden opportunity to use the mangy rat video when you said Ed was the mouse.

  49. Mackenzie Matheson

    Mackenzie MathesonDag siden

    Why am I so attracted to Alex ever since he started wearing his hair like this? Alex, if you’re reading this, I’m in Canada, we can go on 90 Day Fiancé.

  50. Opex

    OpexDag siden

    I like the view Finish it

  51. Gabriel Laurant

    Gabriel LaurantDag siden

    Ed:So u think I’m a bad person. Ed hoping that rose says no Rose: Yes Ed:😢

  52. Kumba Jagne

    Kumba JagneDag siden

    This is an oldie but can u do Tim and Jeniffer?

  53. AAG toxic

    AAG toxicDag siden

    Poor ed, she was quite selfish for not even telling him she was going

  54. Kumba Jagne

    Kumba JagneDag siden

    This is an oldie but can u do Tim and Jeniffer?

  55. fuckin armando

    fuckin armandoDag siden

    U r shit m8

  56. Hanxudroid Zion

    Hanxudroid ZionDag siden

    How can he look for her properly when he has no neck?

  57. Ben Holland

    Ben HollandDag siden


  58. Tronzou

    TronzouDag siden

    She's Filipina you dummy

  59. 醉龍尖

    醉龍尖Dag siden

    So glad I discovered Alex’s channel, found him in a few of memeolous videos

  60. Anna Gerling

    Anna GerlingDag siden

    I have zero sympathy for him lmao he’s actually disgusting and s o toxic

  61. Callouspoison 710

    Callouspoison 710Dag siden

    Lol this guy took down Leafys video and copied pewdiepies

  62. Friday Afternoon

    Friday AfternoonDag siden

    He didn’t take it down, NO-gos did..

  63. OKeily

    OKeilyDag siden

    I wonder if Ed was planning on growing his hair for a man bun 🤔

  64. Antonio Animates

    Antonio AnimatesDag siden

    Well if he does he is either gay or is a photographer. Wait hes already both

  65. Lewis Gibbs

    Lewis GibbsDag siden

    its all about him

  66. Bruno Chudecki

    Bruno Chudecki2 dager siden

    No offense but are you hay?

  67. Luca Di-Rito

    Luca Di-RitoDag siden

    @Bruno Chudecki in all seriousness he bi. Which means his preference is male or female.

  68. Bruno Chudecki

    Bruno ChudeckiDag siden

    @Luca Di-Rito I knew that he’s hay! 😝😋😛

  69. Luca Di-Rito

    Luca Di-RitoDag siden

    Yes hes hay

  70. Johar Eraman

    Johar Eraman2 dager siden

    Hey look I'm not one of those girls who over react about ed

  71. Lucinda Cann

    Lucinda Cann2 dager siden

    I've said it before... He is VULGAR 👍🇦🇺

  72. RoelBS -Brawl Stars

    RoelBS -Brawl Stars2 dager siden

    2 mil subs let’s go

  73. pvsweetypie

    pvsweetypie2 dager siden

    Awwww did leafy hurt your feelings? 🤣

  74. meman 123721

    meman 1237212 dager siden

    Not big Ed

  75. Black Doug

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  76. Black Doug

    Black Doug2 dager siden

    Crying in your room for 10 hours straight

  77. teja yakubova

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  78. a fatal error has occurred

    a fatal error has occurred2 dager siden

    a better title: mayo man gets rejected

  79. J. McConnell

    J. McConnell2 dager siden

    Haha this pussyhole has to have leafys video removed. Hit a few to many home truths fella?

  80. Celina Herzberg

    Celina HerzbergDag siden

    even if he's not the one responsible for leafys video being removed he's still horrible

  81. every grillin' dude

    every grillin' dudeDag siden

    @J. McConnell it was a fan. And u guessed wrong, I'm the type of person who doesn't accuse somebody of something without evidence.

  82. J. McConnell

    J. McConnellDag siden

    every grillin' dude uh huh, so why else would it be removed, than some little bitch crying to NO-gos that someone was mean? Also let me guess. You’re the type of person ‘who would like to believe’ that allexx hasn’t fucked over multiple friends to look good on NO-gos?

  83. every grillin' dude

    every grillin' dudeDag siden

    @J. McConnell ye well thats what you'd like to believe isn't it?

  84. J. McConnell

    J. McConnellDag siden

    every grillin' dude absolute bollocks did he not.

  85. Tape Faced

    Tape Faced2 dager siden

    Where true men cried

  86. Claire _

    Claire _2 dager siden

    Why do I think* this will never end ...... Okay Fine Why do I *want this to never end...

  87. Scarla Erzet

    Scarla Erzet2 dager siden


  88. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah2 dager siden

    reported you for bullying

  89. InstagramLikes

    InstagramLikesDag siden

    Oh no the guy with the 2018 meme in his name and pfp just reported a 2 million subscribers NO-gosr omg send the cops to this man's house.

  90. Antonio Animates

    Antonio AnimatesDag siden

    Lol cant tell if your serious mate

  91. Thegamingcatt

    Thegamingcatt2 dager siden

    Please continue the Internet Sensation Podcast!!!!

  92. widya satrya

    widya satrya2 dager siden


  93. Solo

    Solo2 dager siden

    How can one man be this unfunny

  94. Sophie

    Sophie2 dager siden

    "crash test dummy" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> is a sculpture by Patricia Piccinini titled "Graham". I knew my Year 12 ATAR art course would come in handy one day

  95. Lonexthm

    Lonexthm2 dager siden

    i dont like your voice and i dont like ur face

  96. Sana Sardonyx

    Sana Sardonyx2 dager siden

    dear alex plz do a give away for an ipod air and please give it to me lol

  97. idk

    idk2 dager siden

    fuck imallexx you got leafys vid taken down

  98. idk

    idkDag siden

    @[GD] CNTH epic

  99. [GD] CNTH

    [GD] CNTH2 dager siden

    NO-gos took it down not Alex

  100. tacky wacky

    tacky wacky2 dager siden

    It was yt retarc

  101. Jamie Ryan

    Jamie Ryan2 dager siden

    Alex let's be honest you would smash ed

  102. skull buster148

    skull buster1482 dager siden

    You're butthurt because of leafys video so you report it to get it taken down. You fucking prick

  103. skull buster148

    skull buster1482 dager siden

    @tacky wacky fanboy

  104. tacky wacky

    tacky wacky2 dager siden

    Ight dumbass

  105. Opamex

    Opamex2 dager siden

    “Crying in your room for 10 hours straight”

  106. Neko Dragneel

    Neko Dragneel2 dager siden

    i still find it very hard to believe that Alex is single lmao