Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)


Listen to “everything i wanted”:

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  1. BloodRue

    BloodRue9 minutter siden

    I like you xD)

  2. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf32 minutter siden

    0:10 “I love you Billie!”

  3. Unfamiliar Light

    Unfamiliar Light41 minutt siden

    What crap is this. People are going crazy for a song . Have you people lost your minds.

  4. Naomi Buttcheek

    Naomi Buttcheek51 minutt siden

    0:12 "ily billie" me: awww 💞

  5. Carina Bernal Arias

    Carina Bernal AriasTime siden

    Malditas morras basicas dejen de gritar k no escucho >:V

  6. Donya Albeesh

    Donya AlbeeshTime siden

    The crowd’s screaming is SO annoying

  7. Carla Cota

    Carla Cota2 timer siden


  8. Ostone

    Ostone3 timer siden

    She and Cara Delevigne have very similar look in their eyes/face, like they re related

  9. brought to you by

    brought to you by4 timer siden

    I love this performance so much

  10. Belle Cruz

    Belle Cruz4 timer siden

    I saw Lizzo , Shawn Mendez , and Camlia Cabello!




  12. Antonio Rodriguez

    Antonio Rodriguez4 timer siden


  13. Highrise75

    Highrise755 timer siden

    Am 8 the only one who thinks her voice isn't bold enough to sing over a screaming crowd

  14. Thomifina finathomi

    Thomifina finathomi5 timer siden

    Love you billie ❤😍

  15. Fly

    Fly5 timer siden

    I'm living for the acousthic part

  16. Esa Polanco

    Esa Polanco5 timer siden

    Homegirl lizzo looks scared

  17. Selim Çetin

    Selim Çetin5 timer siden

    how do i fucking turn off that video suggestions at the end (the ones that starts at 3:00 )

  18. valina Ortiz

    valina Ortiz5 timer siden

    Soy la única mexicana aqui

  19. Kakuce

    Kakuce6 timer siden

    I mean, her bro has more talent, and the opinion it's not subjective. He know how to play way more instruments+also sings and makes songs so... From a musician point of view is correct. I'm not blaming her, she has a beautiful voice and vocal range 💯💯

  20. Kakuce

    Kakuce3 timer siden

    That's what I meant.

  21. Kakuce

    Kakuce3 timer siden

    @maximthefox yup. She's more creative but maybe he's better with instruments and music theory. Which could be mathematical perfect but she'd be creative/heart/mind perfect then. That's why people prefer her. Uwu💯🤠

  22. maximthefox

    maximthefox3 timer siden

    I have to disagree with this. If you listen to Finneas' own material, it's not as good as his stuff with Billie imo. I think she brings a lot to the song writing. She's also a great performer.

  23. Carlos A. Ramírez

    Carlos A. Ramírez6 timer siden

    2:00 Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes

  24. Hillary Claire

    Hillary Claire7 timer siden

    no one: the crowd 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

  25. Unicorn Hailie

    Unicorn Hailie7 timer siden

    A Camila caveyo

  26. daemen mildenberger

    daemen mildenberger7 timer siden

    when i read the title i thought it said all the good gorls go to hell😂😂

  27. Othman Abaih

    Othman Abaih7 timer siden


  28. imani

    imani7 timer siden

    i love billie i’m mentally married to her

  29. OwO

    OwO7 timer siden

    til 2020 anyone with me?? 👋

  30. velo

    velo8 timer siden

    1:33 me

  31. Ava Rosi

    Ava Rosi8 timer siden

    2:42 oh my god that was-

  32. Emanoel Reis

    Emanoel Reis8 timer siden

    I love you

  33. Carl Andre

    Carl Andre9 timer siden

    Wow, it's all shit

  34. Алексей Голянский

    Алексей Голянский9 timer siden

    это не рок

  35. Дарья Кротенко

    Дарья Кротенко9 timer siden


  36. Isabel Herrarte

    Isabel Herrarte9 timer siden

    but first of all I say I LOVE YOU BILLIE YOU ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU !!!!

  37. Isabel Herrarte

    Isabel Herrarte9 timer siden

    hat they choose billie or post malone or ariana grande they can choose only one if it is billie say B to post malone say PM and ariana grande say AG

  38. Akhil Kumar

    Akhil Kumar9 timer siden

    she should be in suicide squad

  39. Heart Play

    Heart Play10 timer siden

    Какой это рок???? Прости Егорушка, все пошло по пизде...

  40. Garoto Sozinho

    Garoto Sozinho10 timer siden

    I Love You Billie! ❤

  41. Jedistarship

    Jedistarship10 timer siden

    All I hear is a lot of Mumbling, I don't see the fascination!

  42. Nicole Vitória

    Nicole Vitória11 timer siden


  43. Paula mcg

    Paula mcg11 timer siden

    La era de lucifer...