Blindfolded Archery Battle | Dude Perfect

Battles are more fun when we're BLINDFOLDED!
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectMåned siden

    Thanks for watching guys! Also, HUGE announcement coming next week...stay tuned!

  2. Gogeta Blue

    Gogeta Blue5 dager siden

    Dude Perfect can you guys make a soccer battle

  3. Aiden Maliro

    Aiden Maliro7 dager siden

    Team Cory for life

  4. 25,000 thousand subscribers Challenge

    25,000 thousand subscribers Challenge13 dager siden

    Sub to me please

  5. 蔡森安

    蔡森安Måned siden

    Hay Dude Perfect I am Taiwanese and… I am your fans and…fighting!!!

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    We also made a trick shots channel called KIDO BROD Pls like and subscribe

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  8. gopal koushik

    gopal koushik10 timer siden

    What's the bgm

  9. mye mine

    mye mine10 timer siden

    Tim is panda, not always but most of the time... panda can do hockey trickshots so do tim and plus the height

  10. Curious Nandhu

    Curious Nandhu11 timer siden

    Dude Perfect. What Is The Name Of The Song You Used In This Video?


    LEAGENDARY GUY11 timer siden

    Dear stranger who ever subcribes my channel : may your mother lives more than 99 years.

  12. Kaveen Subasinghe

    Kaveen Subasinghe17 timer siden

    you should do a magnetic trickshot or something to do with magnets

  13. Austin Azeltine

    Austin Azeltine20 timer siden

    Who else is here after the documentary

  14. Sethysics

    SethysicsDag siden

    Node is something like this in the first round with BB guns.

  15. Adolfo Sigüenza

    Adolfo SigüenzaDag siden

    Wich song is that?

  16. stephania Perone

    stephania PeroneDag siden

    I'm you bigiste fan

  17. Timothy Wongso

    Timothy WongsoDag siden

    The ending tho OH MY GOSH!

  18. manju wilson

    manju wilsonDag siden

    Coby coby

  19. Victoria Simon

    Victoria SimonDag siden

    Can anyone tell me what this song is?

  20. Big Bare

    Big Bare2 dager siden


  21. Tyrel Erasmus

    Tyrel Erasmus2 dager siden


  22. Prema George

    Prema George2 dager siden

    Try a random car battle😂

  23. Justin Wendel

    Justin Wendel2 dager siden

    Let’s go coby

  24. Justin Wendel

    Justin Wendel2 dager siden

    Dude perfect I want to meet you

  25. David Propper

    David Propper2 dager siden

    My teacher loves pandas so it is very nice from the panda.

  26. Jessica Poirier

    Jessica Poirier2 dager siden

    Amazing ending

  27. Thicc Max

    Thicc Max2 dager siden


  28. Skyler Canizales

    Skyler Canizales2 dager siden

    Ty and JJ Barea are brothers😂

  29. The egg with 2k subs

    The egg with 2k subs2 dager siden

    What if they shot in each others necks

  30. Nyameka Ntlabati

    Nyameka Ntlabati3 dager siden

    I wachd you guy's on television

  31. Log Bait Kid [Kaiping]

    Log Bait Kid [Kaiping]3 dager siden

    like on my comment if you guys wanna see panda appear more often, like i do :)

  32. Hasan Saymeh

    Hasan Saymeh3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="223">3:43</a> tyler shot cody's balloon and it went in the hoop

  33. Ryan Purych

    Ryan Purych3 dager siden

    Who thinks that they should do frisbee trick shots

  34. GRAM Beat

    GRAM Beat3 dager siden

    How about an eating battle but not with hands.. Only mouth

  35. Riley's sports and comedy!

    Riley's sports and comedy!3 dager siden

    Cody. Garrett just obliterated my balloon

  36. Ibiwumi Adela

    Ibiwumi Adela3 dager siden

    Stay Safe. Man I wish this cornavirus just leaves so dude perfect can start shows and tours


    Ella RODGER FOUCHE3 dager siden

    Did they really just use the Kitchen Nightmares music 😂🤣

  38. Adog10 Hogan

    Adog10 Hogan3 dager siden

    Uhhh 😳this vid is...GREAT

  39. Daniel Tavares

    Daniel Tavares3 dager siden

    I know write and speak english

  40. Daniel Tavares

    Daniel Tavares3 dager siden

    Im from brazil

  41. Lynn Spence

    Lynn Spence3 dager siden

    How wants bay blade stereotypes

  42. Ian Normand

    Ian Normand3 dager siden

    Is 🐼 Tyler’s brother??

  43. KC_BLITZ

    KC_BLITZ3 dager siden

    Who else saw ty’s arrow go in the basketball net after he popped Cody’s balloon <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a>

  44. Liam Cunniffe

    Liam Cunniffe3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> that’s what she said

  45. Ally Li

    Ally Li3 dager siden

    Can someone tell me what the music in this video is

  46. Igknight2019

    Igknight20194 dager siden

    The music you guys used for the second round is absolutely hilarious 😂

  47. Colt Hallquist

    Colt Hallquist4 dager siden

    Ty made in basket

  48. Lyla Sutherland

    Lyla Sutherland4 dager siden

    that seems safe lol

  49. Brandon Mam

    Brandon Mam4 dager siden

    I would like to see you I'm a big fan. Team Tyler for days:-❤️🧡🖤

  50. Aloupos Official

    Aloupos Official4 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> when Ty poped Cody s balloon it also went in the net of the basketball hoop

  51. Derek Hegel

    Derek Hegel4 dager siden


  52. Delta Gaming

    Delta Gaming4 dager siden

    I really like this Blindfolded Archery Battle! Can't wait the quarantine is over so that you guys can do it again.

  53. Ykaro Phellyp

    Ykaro Phellyp4 dager siden

    Alguém br

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    Im from Indonesia

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    Do more blindfolded vids!!

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    Cammon B.4 dager siden

    team coby

  57. Salvador Vidal

    Salvador Vidal4 dager siden


  58. Benjamin Horton

    Benjamin Horton4 dager siden

    I have done the math. Watched every battle. Not including team battles. Coby has 2 wins. Cory has 7.5 wins. Garrett has 8 wins. Cody has 9 wins and Tyler no surprise has 17.5. The halves are because of the tie between Ty and Cory in Drone Hunting Battle

  59. mamun mamun

    mamun mamun5 dager siden


  60. Eli Andrews

    Eli Andrews5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="223">3:43</a>, Ty hits Cody and gets the hoop


    BENJAMIN PASSARELLI5 dager siden

    nice bro Ty it's my bro

  62. sravani karthik

    sravani karthik5 dager siden


  63. California American

    California American5 dager siden

    They called panda joe

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    sjanakidevi15 dager siden

    This video is super.

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    Andre Wahbah5 dager siden

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  68. running this game

    running this game5 dager siden

    still confused how did tyler know that he had bursted someone's balloon?

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    Ali Ghazi5 dager siden

    Cody being the new chandler of not lasting long in a challengeq1

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    Paul Mendoza5 dager siden

    Garret is the Hawkeye


    ADVITYA AHUJA5 dager siden

    hello everyone

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    Winnie the Pooh does not appreciate you hunting his beloved and endangered national cousin.

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    I love this vid Ian visually impaired and I know how this works lol

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    Doggo with Shades6 dager siden

    Imagine inventing a bow in ancient china, then a thousand years go by, have we improved the bow? No WE DID THIS...

  79. Awesome Bradyn

    Awesome Bradyn6 dager siden

    We know pandas 🐼 name joe

  80. Micah Smith

    Micah Smith6 dager siden

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  81. Lizélle Engels

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  82. Lizélle Engels

    Lizélle Engels6 dager siden

    this is probably the shortest video of dp

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    ISA Activity6 dager siden

    What song was used? Loved it though

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    The finale is just pure comedy :P