Brad Makes Cured Egg Yolks | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 61 of It's Alive, and this time he's making cured egg yolks. Learn how to cure chicken and duck eggs in your own custom salt, sugar, and spice mixture, and then watch Brad take it to the next level when he acquires a giant ostrich egg. Will the yolk survive intact? Will Claire ever teach him how to pronounce the word "excavate?" Tune in to find out...
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Brad Makes Cured Egg Yolks | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


  1. Lpstarlight22

    Lpstarlight2210 timer siden

    we never knew why she needed shrimp...

  2. crying in the club

    crying in the club11 timer siden

    Does the salt need to be kosher salt?

  3. Josiah Ross

    Josiah Ross12 timer siden

    I love this guy

  4. sean h

    sean h13 timer siden

    i love alcoholics

  5. Flavio Bondioli

    Flavio Bondioli13 timer siden

    I didn't understand what he uses to cure the it a mix of all ingredients he sayd at the beginning?

  6. Mere Murray - Macgregor

    Mere Murray - Macgregor13 timer siden

    You should go to New Zealand and try food there

  7. guy saunders

    guy saunders14 timer siden

    Useless facts with Meathead? Too much time and money on your hands with Chad? Just spitballin here

  8. Jay Macdonald

    Jay Macdonald14 timer siden

    Brad trying to say "excavating" just made this archaeologist's day. Adorable as always, Brad! 😁

  9. Mark Duran

    Mark Duran15 timer siden

    Brad picked up the duck egg(his favorite) and then decided against it and gave Rick the chicken egg 😂😂😂😂

  10. Archangel_88

    Archangel_8815 timer siden

    "I want that!" 😂

  11. Niel Chonoolal

    Niel Chonoolal15 timer siden

    4:00 that law and order reference got me weakkkkkkk

  12. GryphonSong

    GryphonSong16 timer siden

    When it was said that it tastes like cheese, you got a subscription out of me. I llllloooove cheese, but alas ‘tis poison. So I’m now going to try this, and hopefully I’ll be able to update about my progress.

  13. Cheyenne Kline

    Cheyenne Kline16 timer siden

    Drink every time brad uses the word dehydrate

  14. Gracie Shank

    Gracie Shank16 timer siden

    one like and I will marry brad

  15. Gracie Shank

    Gracie Shank16 timer siden

    Say no more

  16. Sheila S

    Sheila S16 timer siden

    Snitches get stitches... LOL 🤣. Someones been watching Nerve 😉. Good movie.

  17. Gracie Shank

    Gracie Shank16 timer siden

    I will marry brad

  18. Agnia Barrientos

    Agnia Barrientos16 timer siden

    12:57 got me in the feels

  19. Vigtoria

    Vigtoria16 timer siden

    I’m sorry to everyone who hasn’t seen napoleon dynamite

  20. Lisa

    Lisa16 timer siden

    medium funk lol the ideal

  21. KNightgem

    KNightgem17 timer siden

    11:49 Pro Chefs watch Brad open an ostrich egg to harvest a giant yolk.

  22. Darty_Mavis

    Darty_Mavis18 timer siden

    I need that cruiser shirt. Where can I get my hands on one? Can someone sauce me the link?

  23. ritual301

    ritual30118 timer siden

    Omg, the way Molly is walking through that kitchen with that knife @19:53 has got the chef in me kinda triggered O_o

  24. Sierra Larzelere

    Sierra Larzelere19 timer siden

    Id climb that tree

  25. Kiera McCarron

    Kiera McCarron19 timer siden

    5:45 Graser10 would like to know your location.

  26. Neon Storm

    Neon Storm19 timer siden

    I did this, and I’m still on the second cure (in cheesecloth) and if anyone’s wondering, shiny inside that brad cuts open on after the first cure feels like a hard candy. If it was semi-covered in salt. As for the taste after the first cure, salty. Will update when second cure is done.

  27. Phil Courteney

    Phil Courteney19 timer siden

    Heyz, this is for @theeditor, your audio and visuak additions to this vid...PERFECT!

  28. Phil Courteney

    Phil Courteney19 timer siden

    He went sooooooooo New Joiseee for this 😂👍

  29. Osvaldo Aufiero

    Osvaldo Aufiero20 timer siden

    What happens if you skip the sugar?

  30. Addy's love For Scout

    Addy's love For Scout20 timer siden

    I'm sorry for that, I can't English

  31. Addy's love For Scout

    Addy's love For Scout20 timer siden

    So Hagrid, he can't one hand crack or even maybe not even two to hand crack a chicken egg so he's what he's got to do he's got to get an ostrich egg chickens chicken eggs too small for an ostrich egg be able to one hand crack that thing so easy

  32. Espen1039

    Espen103921 time siden

    «Egg diciple» LMAO

  33. Wolf Cub

    Wolf Cub22 timer siden

    Brad you're so amazing and wholesome what would we do without you

  34. One Croissant Pls

    One Croissant Pls22 timer siden

    The edits are gold

  35. LittleReading

    LittleReading23 timer siden

    Imagine Julien and Brad in the same kitchen. It would be chaos.

  36. Gif Graveyard

    Gif Graveyard23 timer siden

    You need to pay your video editors more because they are killing it.

  37. Asmaa Rohimuddin Nawawi

    Asmaa Rohimuddin NawawiDag siden

    That New Jersey yet Canadian accent is confusing me! 😂

  38. G On

    G OnDag siden

    Imagine Brad and Julien together? 😲

  39. rosie2112

    rosie2112Dag siden

    Why are half these comments repeats

  40. Andrea Davis

    Andrea DavisDag siden

    either hoot

  41. Alex Stewart

    Alex StewartDag siden

    this guy, what a leg!

  42. Wouldn’t you like to know

    Wouldn’t you like to knowDag siden

    Okay best editing ever

  43. some_donkus

    some_donkusDag siden

    I've been hoping you'd do some salt cured egg yolks! I'd love to try this with some duck eggs, yummy! Great editing as always, guys. It's impossible to be in a bad mood if you've watched an episode of "It's Alive" :)

  44. ClassiX

    ClassiXDag siden

    i mean.. the video itself is great. brad is great. the idea and recipe is great. but really: i LOVE this editing :D

  45. Brenden Chase

    Brenden ChaseDag siden

    His Italian precedes him. LOVE it!

  46. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyDag siden

    lmao when brad gives the cured egg to rick...

  47. elyse j

    elyse jDag siden

    Claire Saffitz: startled

  48. Clem

    ClemDag siden

    I would love to be able to see the "money shots" of the cross sections on the egg for a few more seconds, it seems like the moment it comes into focus you pan away or Brad moves it. This is in 1080HD.

  49. Clem

    ClemDag siden

    @seeriu ciihy that is true

  50. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyDag siden

    Brad's videos are always editing gold, someone deserves a raise

  51. Clem

    ClemDag siden

    hurray new people! I hope we see more of Anna

  52. Northern Unicorn

    Northern UnicornDag siden

    You must be very VERY hard to understand when you're drunk lol

  53. Cameron Pedretti

    Cameron PedrettiDag siden

    I just realized I’m Claire and my best male friend is Brad. Oh my gosh

  54. Charles Fernandez

    Charles FernandezDag siden

    This is the last straw. She's had enough of Brad's antics. It's so clear that Gaby's not happy that Brad, again, has been putting shrimp in his-

  55. Dawson 09

    Dawson 09Dag siden

    brad’s net worth is 37 million...just wanted to say that

  56. DannasaurusRex

    DannasaurusRexDag siden

    4:11 Was just perfection. 😂😂😂

  57. Lexington Randall

    Lexington RandallDag siden

    Gaff tape!!!

  58. Hasnan Alexander

    Hasnan AlexanderDag siden

    She should've said *DEADASS*

  59. bssni touir

    bssni touirDag siden

    Anyone else upset Brad didn’t call the ostrich egg yolk “big boy” :/

  60. Adeline D.

    Adeline D.Dag siden

    The editing is brilliant, hilarious!

  61. MsBevFaith

    MsBevFaithDag siden

    Hi Brad I enjoyed your video, and I subscribed, as well!!!! Be Blessed! To anyone reading this know that God loves you! Keep your head up high and be BLESSED! P.S. I am a new youtuber!!! I recently uploaded a new video!!! Any support will be appreciated ☺ Thank you all.

  62. Bella’s Life

    Bella’s LifeDag siden

    Brad oh brad how did you ever get a degree 😅😂🤦🏽‍♀️ he definitely has like adhd or something omg I never laughed so hard (That’s not me making fun of anyone with ADHD)

  63. K.

    K.Dag siden

    Salted eggs in my country typically uses duck eggs.

  64. Jason Eyre

    Jason EyreDag siden

    Brad's videos are always editing gold, someone deserves a raise