Brighton blunder gifts Wolves a point | Brighton 2-2 Wolves | EPL Highlights

Highlights from the Amex Stadium as a Brighton defensive blunder gifted Diogo Jota his second goal of the game as Wolves came from behind to rescue a point, and extended their unbeaten run in the Premier League.
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  1. Andrew Garratt

    Andrew GarrattMåned siden

    Wolves should be back in the championship where they belong

  2. Ruth Cordle

    Ruth CordleMåned siden

    Well done for draw wolves FC 🤩😀

  3. Lawrence Simmons

    Lawrence SimmonsMåned siden

    Seagulls looking a proper team these days.

  4. maxsKi Moose

    maxsKi MooseMåned siden

    0:53 Imagine being winded by the ball and watching the other team score at the same time

  5. Ose Irabor

    Ose IraborMåned siden

    Jota scored an equalizer to make it 2-2 and went straight to pick the ball. Wolves is officially now a big team.

  6. Peter Green

    Peter GreenMåned siden

    Albion consistently make numerous unforced errors, so much so that it seems to have become embedded in our style of play. If we could only cut that one thing out we could be really dangerous. Subtle, accurate passing with just the right weighting is a nightmare to play against. Having said this the improvement of both our overall team play and all individuals within it by Potter and his team have made us into a proper, competitive Premiership outfit. Maty Ryan was always a good keeper but seems to have moved to another level this season.

  7. Franque Worren

    Franque WorrenMåned siden

    Clickbait title as usual

  8. twosync matt fan no'1

    twosync matt fan no'1Måned siden

    he completed his challenge from assisting with a defender

  9. Jazz Barbers

    Jazz BarbersMåned siden

    I love wolves city

  10. 8-Ball

    8-BallMåned siden

    I've had Jota in my fantasy team from the very first week of the season and he's done nothing. I finally got rid of him this week and he goes and does this 😖

  11. YoshuYamaki

    YoshuYamakiMåned siden

    The man keeps having his shots saved, just pure bad luck, and 1 goal he scored was robbed

  12. Hugh Christian

    Hugh ChristianMåned siden

    Maupay for the French squad

  13. Sky Blue

    Sky BlueMåned siden

    B&H Albion 🥳

  14. L R

    L RMåned siden

    Brighton is a posh club look at there fans hahaha bless them there firm wear suits and drunk champagne at the pub

  15. Richard Hodgkins

    Richard HodgkinsMåned siden

    I didnt know laying on the ball was an option, maybe the whole league just figured out how to get a point v liverpool and city

  16. tK Bandito

    tK BanditoMåned siden

    Cmon mi Babis 11 unbeaten in the league 6th in the league Doing well in Europa league What a fkin team we are FWAW COYW UTW🧡🖤🐺

  17. Ricky Murray

    Ricky MurrayMåned siden

    Wolves goalkeeper had an off day. They still grabbed a draw. I'm a Millwall fan and enjoy good football, wolves are always a good watch

  18. Ricky Murray

    Ricky MurrayMåned siden

    @Grandson Little Billy get a life.

  19. Grandson Little Billy

    Grandson Little BillyMåned siden

    love millwall when i was a fresh young grandma me and my dead husband vince would get proper naughty at the old den.

  20. Tom 1592009

    Tom 1592009Måned siden

    Never gonna see good football down at the den mate. Always struggle in the championship

  21. #ABZ10LFC

    #ABZ10LFCMåned siden

    brighton play real good football

  22. Gemma Barclay

    Gemma BarclayMåned siden

    Wolves are the....

  23. Liam mineesta

    Liam mineestaMåned siden

    I swear Traore just watches the ball

  24. NrA ToXiic

    NrA ToXiicMåned siden

    VAR what the hell the new rule was if it hits your arm/hand it is handball but seems it’s changed it’s cost Man City and wolves

  25. iMattySW

    iMattySWMåned siden

    Disappointed not to take all 3 points, but 11 unbeaten and Villa got hammered at home, so not all bad 😁

  26. Darren Bridle

    Darren BridleMåned siden

    Playing Alzate out of position isn't doing the squad any favours, brilliant player but he's not a RB. Yet another 2 points dropped due to silly mistakes but Albion's performances are getting better and better.

  27. Darren Bridle

    Darren BridleMåned siden

    We were winning and then gave them a free goal, of course its two points down the pan. I'm not saying they didn't have other changes (same as us) but just like us they couldn't take them. Even teams that day but Albion should have won it.

  28. Chris

    ChrisMåned siden

    2 points dropped ? Wolves had chances to win it themselves, overall a draw was a fair result.

  29. Peter Green

    Peter GreenMåned siden

    Darren Bridle - I was there and thought that Alzate was faultless (again). What a calm, tidy player he is already - a really safe pair of hands. We’re very lucky to have him.

  30. anthony wilson

    anthony wilsonMåned siden

    Brighton have a poor defence

  31. lukeyduke

    lukeydukeMåned siden

    Maupay>salah and mane

  32. Luthfa Begum

    Luthfa BegumMåned siden

    he's propper crap gifting the 2nd goal!

  33. Cray Cray

    Cray CrayMåned siden

    Wolves definitely aint underdogs anymore, they play some great footy at times and deserve everything they get. Def one of the teams i like to see get a good result nowadays.

  34. EastOfBourne

    EastOfBourneMåned siden

    Palace up next. Can't wait.

  35. dean gutteridge

    dean gutteridgeMåned siden

    EastOfBourne Bet you watch the highlights again on here..😉

  36. Ineedanamehelp

    IneedanamehelpMåned siden

    Maupay’s goal was amazing

  37. Level M

    Level MMåned siden

    Wolves were class today said before the game I would've taken a point

  38. Inozation _ss

    Inozation _ssMåned siden

    Maupay has become arguably Brighton's best player, coming from the Championship. Same with Mooy.

  39. David

    DavidMåned siden

    Anyone else just got back home from this match?😂😂

  40. Nathan Blake

    Nathan BlakeMåned siden

    Brighton atmosphere was sick tbf

  41. Nathan Blake

    Nathan BlakeMåned siden

    screambluemurder101 I don’t even support them

  42. screambluemurder101

    screambluemurder101Måned siden

    Nathan Blake 🤢

  43. Youman

    YoumanMåned siden

    Wolves are the draw specialist this season with 9 already🔥

  44. ciaran p

    ciaran pMåned siden

    dan burns 4 fingers tho hahahahah

  45. Osian D

    Osian DMåned siden

    Wolves are the masters of draws

  46. snazzy viking

    snazzy vikingMåned siden

    Wolves are the draw specialists this season with 9 already . . .

  47. Umar

    UmarMåned siden

    These fans are bare loud😂 good for them tbh. Makes the players give their best performance

  48. Umar

    UmarMåned siden

    @JakeEXE and a bit of Brighton's but I can't lie your crowd is truly something special

  49. JakeEXE

    JakeEXEMåned siden

    (Wolves fan)

  50. JakeEXE

    JakeEXEMåned siden

    Umar Nazim it’s our fans u can hear

  51. Ebenezer Antiedu

    Ebenezer AntieduMåned siden

    Wolves needs to stop playing a back 3 with only 1 Centre Defender 😕...

  52. Jo Hen

    Jo HenMåned siden


  53. yasmin.

    yasmin.Måned siden

    Wolves need to start changing some of these draws into wins

  54. yasmin.

    yasmin.Måned siden

    Rmyss I agree don’t get me wrong, it’s just that eventually all these draws will add up. They may aswell have a lost a few games and won less and they’d still end up with the same amount of points they have with all these draw, so if they can just manage to turn a few of them into wins they could be challenging

  55. tK Bandito

    tK BanditoMåned siden

    yasmin. 11 unbeaten in the league? Draw or win you get points? Like the guy above me said, the wins come naturally, we was leggy today and still got a 2-2 draw

  56. Reverend Vapes

    Reverend VapesMåned siden

    We've mastered turning defeats into draws, so going on to win those games is a natural progression. Arsenal, Man United, Burnley, Saints, Brighton, Sheffield, Newcastle were all beating us when we went on to draw.

  57. The Davahkiin

    The DavahkiinMåned siden

    Draw specialists this season with 9 already if I'm not mistaken...?

  58. Always A Blade

    Always A BladeMåned siden

    How was this on main event tonight ngl

  59. Roary 2005

    Roary 2005Måned siden

    So u show a random off target shot from maupay at 2:08 but don’t show Jota through on goal to make it 2-0

  60. Matt Wordsworth

    Matt WordsworthMåned siden

    They also didn't show Ryan's 1st save of the match eventhough it was a good save.

  61. Inozation _ss

    Inozation _ssMåned siden

    I don't rate sky sports highlights if I'm being honest with you.

  62. Wolves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Wolves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Måned siden

    Sky highlights are always shite in fairness, for all teams.

  63. Trevor Cartwright

    Trevor CartwrightMåned siden

    Who does these highlights, thank god I saw all the match and don't have to go by 3 minutes of this

  64. ThisNOT JUNIOR

    ThisNOT JUNIORMåned siden

    Trevor Cartwright ok boomer

  65. cian

    cianMåned siden

    Shut up

  66. kinghailz786

    kinghailz786Måned siden

    So much space! Such easy goals!... almost looks as if it's scripted? Hmm

  67. The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    The Great Phil Swift, Our PrometheusMåned siden

    Oh bore off

  68. Kyle Muckian

    Kyle MuckianMåned siden

    2 Teams with the mindset to play out from the back Respect

  69. Park DiBus

    Park DiBusMåned siden

    Thanks alot Wolves for messing up my acca 😠😠😠

  70. Joe Marchant

    Joe MarchantMåned siden

    Both wolves goals were avoidable but still very good game between two teams who bring it We were lucky to finish with 11 though Traore was kicked off the park still draw probably a fair result Need to put some distance between us and the others now we’ve got the horrible run out the way

  71. divajammie

    divajammieMåned siden

    Totally agree to come out of this fixture list with solid points and some massive wins gotta be happy .

  72. Joe Marchant

    Joe MarchantMåned siden

    James Turner yes but the wolves goals were made by our mistakes with our goals despite wolves being slow to react no wolves players error directly led to a goal Good game though. You guys are doing great this season and I hope you do well in Europe as well

  73. James Turner

    James TurnerMåned siden

    Disagree - it was both of Brighton's goals that were avoidable. Coady's guilty of not getting tight enough to the man for the first (see Sporar's goal in Slovakia where he did exactly the same), and Saiss should have closed down that cross for the second. Both of the Wolves were well taken by Diogo - been long overdue a goal, and really glad he grabbed a brace today.

  74. SubjectRandom

    SubjectRandomMåned siden

    Brighton, putting on a good fight but defensively cocked up. A draw is a good result, well....this is Wolves we're talking about here.

  75. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    Villa must be kicking themselves over not getting Maupay

  76. Mochilla

    MochillaMåned siden

    gctech_ Your only taking into account goals to games ratio. Maupay puts himself about, where as a lot of the Villa fans are slagging Wesley saying he’s lazy and barley makes a run

  77. Mochilla

    MochillaMåned siden

    Sheffield United was in for him too

  78. William McDonald

    William McDonaldMåned siden

    @Anthony Phillips our top signing Wesley Moraes.... I'm really trying to be sarcastic here but I cry a little bit when I mention his name.

  79. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    wmvilla and how’s he doing???

  80. Munraaj Mangat

    Munraaj MangatMåned siden

    Good hard work

  81. Lamont Coleman

    Lamont ColemanMåned siden

    Wolves are the 9 already with the draw specialists this season

  82. Jon Lawford

    Jon LawfordMåned siden

    Mbappe wishes he was as good as Maupay


    THEADZBRADZMåned siden

    Mbaupay 😭

  84. Why Hello There

    Why Hello ThereMåned siden


  85. Joel Blade

    Joel BladeMåned siden

    Haha gud result for them blades 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️⚽️🏐🏉🏀🎱⚾️🎾🏓

  86. oliver tew

    oliver tewMåned siden

    Wolves are overdue a draw

  87. Bobby's Random Videos

    Bobby's Random VideosMåned siden

    Man United: lose to small teams and beat big teams Spurs: lose to big teams and beat small teams Wolves: draw against everyone

  88. ManiPlays YT

    ManiPlays YTMåned siden

    @Rishi VK obviously liverpool defeated Manchester United too 😂😑

  89. STANI X

    STANI XMåned siden

    Rishi VK yep

  90. Rishi VK

    Rishi VKMåned siden

    Liverpool: beat everyone

  91. Reece Johnson

    Reece JohnsonMåned siden

    ashkei 007 😂😂

  92. Paul Speer

    Paul SpeerMåned siden

    Brighton where 17th last season with Chris Hughton now with graham potter they have beat arsenal,Tottenham and Everton this season what a turn around

  93. Peter Green

    Peter GreenMåned siden

    Raymond McMenemy - GOOD !!

  94. Raymond McMenemy

    Raymond McMenemyMåned siden

    Good manager Graham Potter , but as he's not foreign he won't be considered for any of the top jobs.

  95. Matt Wordsworth

    Matt WordsworthMåned siden

    Reason why Brighton are playing better under Potter is because he plays proper football. I like Hughton and loved what he did for Brighton but his tactics were just awful. Also playing players out of position didn't help either.

  96. 1 .,

    1 .,Måned siden

    Not just that has completely developed players especially proper and Stephens

  97. Paul Speer

    Paul SpeerMåned siden

    @Din Djarin true

  98. 100 subs with no videos?? ?? ???

    100 subs with no videos?? ?? ???Måned siden

    Amitch bachchan has joined the chat

  99. Youman

    YoumanMåned siden

    Why Hello There There’s like 10 different versions of them now

  100. Why Hello There

    Why Hello ThereMåned siden

    He's everywhere bro

  101. itz carlyle

    itz carlyleMåned siden

    How bad can you be to draw to Brighton

  102. Eamon lyons

    Eamon lyonsMåned siden

    What teams do you support then?

  103. Sam MacLintock

    Sam MacLintockMåned siden

    itz carlyle yeah the team with one of the highest possession percentages who really should have a extra 5-6 points are “bad”

  104. CJ Devin

    CJ DevinMåned siden

    Please follow my instagram daviddevin100

  105. Adzzz

    AdzzzMåned siden

    Wolves are specialised in drawing this season with a whopping 9 draws

  106. The Davahkiin

    The DavahkiinMåned siden

    I'd say so, yes