BTS (방탄소년단) 코로나19 국민 응원 메시지 COVID-19 Message [Stay Strong! Stay Connected!]

#StayConnected #힘내세요_아미 #힘내라_대한민국
#힘내라_대구경북 #우리의응원을이어주세요 #StayStrong_ARMY #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence

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  1. Cristal Edits

    Cristal Edits5 minutter siden

    This is exactly what they all wore during the James Carden Homefest, I guess it was pre-recorded

  2. Kayla Nurrizky

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  3. K Gaming

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  4. Jafet Nuñez

    Jafet Nuñez34 minutter siden

    No se chino se español

  5. JiminVery Nice

    JiminVery NiceTime siden

    They are so thoughtful I- i love them so much💜💜 brb gonna go cry in a corner

  6. Mariyam Mohammed

    Mariyam MohammedTime siden

    أف احبكم

  7. Сухроб Муродов

    Сухроб МуродовTime siden

    i love you bts ❤️😔😌🌎😞👨‍👨‍👧‍👧🙂💞

  8. Helena Garota Dorama

    Helena Garota Dorama2 timer siden

    I am crying

  9. Amshu Xhhetri

    Amshu Xhhetri2 timer siden

    Proud to be BTS fan✊💜💜💜💜💜

  10. Aya

    Aya3 timer siden

    So the live with James corden wasn't live😞

  11. Deep hug

    Deep hugTime siden

    No entedi ni una wea

  12. BTS Army

    BTS Army3 timer siden

    who came back to this after the homefest special with james corden?, i noticed suga's sweter when i was watching the special on my t.v. and came back because i was sure they were wearing the same clothes as this video lol

  13. S

    S3 timer siden

    Who is here after the Corden homefest show bc u noticed that the outfits are familiar... just me?? ok

  14. sole reyes

    sole reyes3 timer siden

    So, they film the TLLS presentation the same day they made this video 😱 I recognized Yoongi pink hoodie and Namjoon's hair color 💜

  15. V Min

    V Min3 timer siden

    Yo: nosé que dicen pero.... me voy a lavar las manos más seguido :)

  16. 권요한

    권요한3 timer siden

    코로나 사라져서 요한이는 간호사 선생님과 포옹할 것이다. 외국인 여자도 만나기를 기대하고 간호사 선생님과 포옹도 하고 싶습니다. 간호사 선생님과 포옹이 소중해지게 되었습니다.

  17. konouz mohmed BTS

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  19. Alexa vkook

    Alexa vkook4 timer siden

    No se que Disen pero prometo no salir 😅😂😊

  20. Janpen Kunka

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  21. 가즈아

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  22. TYoung 1704

    TYoung 17045 timer siden

    Dear BTS and ARMY: It's the first time I comment here. I love all of you and I see you as my family so I care for you. Therefore I beg you to go vegan. It's the most effective way to stop all this. If everyone goes vegan then there will be no virus. There is a reason why the virus is spreading, trying to tell you a message. Change your diet into veganism before it might be too late! Believe it or not but it's the truth. I know it deep in my heart. You will be alot more healthier and physically stronger if you go vegan. Also it is scientifically proven that our body cannot eat flesh or any kind of animal products. There are many more reasons to go vegan but I'll stop here, you can look for yourselves about the benefits. I hope you will be able to read this. You have helped me alot so I want to give back. I want to help you to save yourselves. I will always love you and be forever a proud ARMY. Love love From TYoung

  23. Clara Olivé

    Clara Olivé5 timer siden

    감사합니다, 영원히 사랑해요 💜✨😘

  24. Ricardo Enrique Ortiz Cuevas

    Ricardo Enrique Ortiz Cuevas5 timer siden

    No entedi ni una wea

  25. Clara Olivé

    Clara Olivé5 timer siden

    너무 감사합니다 😘🥰

  26. Clara Olivé

    Clara Olivé5 timer siden

    thank you for this💜

  27. Yas BRcovers

    Yas BRcovers5 timer siden

    Big hit, bota legenda em português

  28. Cesia Sabrina González

    Cesia Sabrina González6 timer siden

    Stay strong everyone

  29. 방탄ARMY

    방탄ARMY6 timer siden

    코로나 조심하고 코로나 죽으면,,,! 공연 꼭 보러가고 싶어요! 사랑합니다! 건강하세요!!

  30. Charlene Renée

    Charlene Renée6 timer siden

    Ok, but why are people disliking this video? Like seriously, what is there to dislike?

  31. Khadija Elbaz

    Khadija Elbaz7 timer siden

    Stay in your home and...and listen bts😆😅

  32. Camila Vera - JIKOOK

    Camila Vera - JIKOOK7 timer siden

    내 7 사랑의 좋은 돌봐 내 7 사랑 의 잘 돌봐 😍

  33. Aziza Elhafyani

    Aziza Elhafyani8 timer siden

    The people who disliked where crying to hard that they accidentally hit the dislike button

  34. زهرة القصر

    زهرة القصر8 timer siden

    Hello, my name is Baneen and I am an Iraqi from the Arabs fan and we thank you for your Support and we also Support you and we hopeas Soon as possible To recover from this disease and we meet in happy times and my regards to the Bangtan Boys

  35. • Pølar uwu•

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  36. Mary Bickham

    Mary Bickham9 timer siden

    Love y'all

  37. Marilyn Singer

    Marilyn Singer9 timer siden new track about coronavirus 😷🥰

  38. 달떡

    달떡9 timer siden

    대한민국 화이팅 !!

  39. Im_peyton01 edits

    Im_peyton01 edits9 timer siden

    Fuerza ARMYS

  40. Lulu Joy

    Lulu Joy9 timer siden

    I'd like someone to explain why is there dislike whereas this video is about staying strong '^' ~ J'aimerais qu'on m'explique pourquoi il y a des dislikes alors que cette vidéo nous encourage à rester forts et soudés '^'

  41. Bushra Fatima

    Bushra Fatima9 timer siden

    BTS please come to India ➡️ Telangana ➡️ Hyderabad ➡️ consert please.😻I love you very much

  42. Hind Nito4

    Hind Nito49 timer siden

    Thanks to everyone who supported us in particular you bts👍👍

  43. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook10 timer siden

    They look very tired the fact that they even flmed this for us was amazing.

  44. Sabina Purty

    Sabina Purty10 timer siden

    It's really sad for all the world people 's

  45. Maiane Oliveira

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  47. تيجان كفاح

    تيجان كفاح12 timer siden

    Junkok list rabit😂😂😂😍😍😍😍🐇🐇🐇🐇

  48. sujin kim

    sujin kim12 timer siden

    대한민국 화이팅! 전 세계에 코로나로 고통받는 모든 분들 힘내시기를!!!!

  49. Lidiani 888

    Lidiani 88813 timer siden


  50. Joelma Jô

    Joelma Jô13 timer siden

    Vcs são uns amores mesmo muita saúde pra todos vcs e se cuidem tbm e em nome d Jesus Cristo isso vai passar bjs lindos 💋💋💋💋♥️♥️♥️🕊️

  51. Somsanith Kachittavong

    Somsanith Kachittavong14 timer siden

    I hope BTS can still go on in the future and only if the Coronavirus wan't real there would've been more BTS and I could've gone to there concert on July 16 in Hartford Connecticut bc I live in RI. U_U.............. and that would've been the first time BTS could perform at the place I'm close to and always go to.

  52. 모찌

    모찌14 timer siden

    사랑해요 방탄오빠들 그리고 아미들 코로나 조심하시구 코로나를 함께 잘 싸워주세요 화이팅!💜

  53. BellaSpotlight !

    BellaSpotlight !15 timer siden

    Boi I will do as you say

  54. امال تتحقق

    امال تتحقق15 timer siden

    لماذا يضعون أقراط اذن اليسو اولاد ييعع 🙄😕🥴🌈

  55. kim Sameera

    kim Sameera14 timer siden

    اشدخلك فيهم😑😑

  56. Kriti Sharma

    Kriti Sharma15 timer siden

    BTS has done a wonderful job by communicating through us (ARMY)..... Its excellent of u people to support us....... Great job guys!!!!! Lets hope that after this case is resolved, we can have your concerts back and I am very much waiting for your concert in India...... I really want u people to come...... This is a request ... PLS!!!😍🤩😥👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  57. Luna Thomas

    Luna Thomas15 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a>J-Hope couldn't reach x3I hope everyone stay safe and don't forget to wash your hands, don't spread germs, and stay healthy!

  58. Nabaa Nabil

    Nabaa Nabil15 timer siden


  59. Ika Amelia

    Ika Amelia16 timer siden

    keep healthy, let's meet again. I really miss you guys.

  60. Daria

    Daria16 timer siden

    а про какие курсы от бтс в новостях говорили

  61. Lingxuan Huang

    Lingxuan Huang16 timer siden


  62. Hayy Indach

    Hayy Indach16 timer siden

    taehyung and jimin just like worried 'bout ARMY

  63. uzaylı_ kızçe

    uzaylı_ kızçe16 timer siden

    나는 우리가 이것을 극복 할 것이라고 믿는다😀👍🏻🍭🌆

  64. uzaylı_ kızçe

    uzaylı_ kızçe16 timer siden

    바이러스가 현재 우리나라에서 빠르게 퍼지고 있습니다. #TURKEY😭😭😭🍭

  65. uzaylı_ kızçe

    uzaylı_ kızçe5 timer siden

    @zijuiy wttuy thank you 🍭🍭🍫🌆🌌

  66. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy16 timer siden

    end this Covid-19 chains together....

  67. Joy Gozon

    Joy Gozon17 timer siden

    stay safe and healthy loves you all! 😘😍

  68. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy16 timer siden

    Let's go ARMY...Show we can fight with them too by staying at your own home and don't go out if there is no any urgent things to do....If we want them to be with us we need to

  69. Regita Maulany

    Regita Maulany17 timer siden

    I'm not ready and I'm not really ready if left by jinn for military officers maybe other BTS members also feel the same as me. If that really happens, don't forget all of us. and I promise I will become a better army 😁😘😘

  70. جنغ سو قو

    جنغ سو قو17 timer siden

    لاتقلقون بي تي اس🤗 نحن معكم وسنبقى معكم دائما لأننا أرمي☺️ حتى لو استغرق هذا طويل سوف نكافح مرض الكورونا👌 والكارهين سيبقون كارهين☠ والارمي سيبقون أرمي وجيش ألارمي لايستسلم ابدا🔥حتى يعودو بي تي اس على خشبة المسرح ❤

  71. جنغ سو قو

    جنغ سو قو17 timer siden

    دعم بي تي اس ❤

  72. bts army kurdish pop

    bts army kurdish pop17 timer siden

    kurdish army 🇹🇯️🇹🇯️🇹🇯️🇹🇯️🇹🇯️󾓮󾓮󾓮󾓮󾓮


    WWE HIGHLIGHTS17 timer siden

    Government: maintain distance from each other While RM : let's put our hands together 😐

  74. Kidrauhl4eveeer

    Kidrauhl4eveeer18 timer siden

    I hope that the concerts can still be held (north american ones got postponed, as of now the ones in europe will happen) and that they can show us all the things they put so much effort in! they will still have their comback, maybe postponed but it will happen! it‘s sad tho, because they prepared everything for april

  75. ROOMIN지민 Rooheenshaikh

    ROOMIN지민 Rooheenshaikh18 timer siden

    RM let's put our hands together Me:- extending my hand

  76. Smriti Giri

    Smriti Giri19 timer siden

    💜stay safe you too bts💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  77. nijntje het konijn

    nijntje het konijn19 timer siden

    I have no idea what they are saying but it makes me emotional

  78. Cindy

    Cindy9 timer siden

    It has subtitles

  79. Qazzz 4

    Qazzz 419 timer siden

    내가 다 뿌듯

  80. Silvia Liliana Aguilar

    Silvia Liliana Aguilar20 timer siden

    No se lo que dijieron pero los amo💜💜💜🥺🥺🥺👍👍👍

  81. Savina Aujero

    Savina Aujero20 timer siden

    Keep safe ❤️

  82. Jamil Khan

    Jamil Khan20 timer siden

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I feel like crying after listening to it

  83. Edith Johns

    Edith Johns21 time siden

    BTS stay well and safe and thank you

  84. daijobuns

    daijobuns21 time siden

    Ministry of Health: Keep 1 meter of distance RM: Let’s put our hands together Ministry of Health: .....why? RM: why not? Ministry of Health: but why tho? ok apart of this i feel so bad for them their entire tour now is ruined Stay strong and healthy BTS, ARMY and everyone else💜💜💜!

  85. Nani's Only

    Nani's Only21 time siden

    Let's go ARMY...Show we can fight with them too by staying at your own home and don't go out if there is no any urgent things to do....If we want them to be with us we need to try end this Covid-19 chains together....

  86. jane

    jane21 time siden

    Everyone who disliked this video either did it by mistake or is just thirsty for attention ;)

  87. afdal reny

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    사랑해 bts