❤️ BTS & BigHit staff :))

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Hello :)
And welcome back!
Here are a few moments of BTS interacting with their staff.
They get along so well :D and Jiminie loves stylist noona so much xD haha Let's make this a ship.
BTS and the staff members act like a family.
A staff member even cried of joy when BTS won an award.
This will video will warm your heart xD
Please enjoy! :)

BTS & BigHit staff sweet moments
❤️ 방탄소년단 &직원 - 달콤한 순간
❤️ 防弾少年団 & スタッフ - 甘い瞬間


  1. R A

    R A24 dager siden

    Part when BTS won daesang for the first time, Its so Touched...

  2. ahalya govada

    ahalya govada29 dager siden

    Im feeling very jealous.... becoz the staff always lives with them.... i want to become their staff....

  3. Princess Jane Laguras

    Princess Jane LagurasMåned siden

    1:03 it's so adorable😄

  4. Lala Weinburg

    Lala WeinburgMåned siden

    I love ❤️ you Jimin oppa

  5. Taniya Mandal

    Taniya MandalMåned siden

    4:33 He is the Very famous manager Sejin

  6. A.R.M.Y VIBES

    A.R.M.Y VIBESMåned siden

    Hum sharma gai apni tareef sun kar magar..hum mar jai gy ap ky moh sy apni burrai sun kar🔥 -LYBAZZ❤🔥

  7. Rose Patels

    Rose PatelsMåned siden

    1:17 Yoongi is so cute 5:57 Yoongi is so smart and genious 8:50 Yoongi is so hard working Lets stream for shadows interlude because views are getting down💜💜💜💜

  8. Subir Chatterjee

    Subir ChatterjeeMåned siden

    After seeing this video I started to Stan also all bighit staff not only BTS... they're live like a family...not boss and staff... they're true family together...

  9. sıla altı parmak

    sıla altı parmakMåned siden

    In the tittle look how hobi looking I mean damn boy

  10. Sartika Primastidya

    Sartika PrimastidyaMåned siden

    I can stand for a day holding bunch of hot pack for Suga to keep him warm.. Let me get the job.. 💜💜💜

  11. Gardenrose

    GardenroseMåned siden

    2:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Me : who does that Also me : Bts

  12. Nadia 0225

    Nadia 0225Måned siden

    Me encanta que cuiden muy bien de ellos 🤧💕


    SANGITA JANAMåned siden

    Some of them are not stuffs but producers n singers under BH

  14. mustaha kudshe

    mustaha kudsheMåned siden

    Some bighit staff are hella gorgeous they can be idol😍 Sometime the staff become annoyed because of some certain cute brat bts😂 ❤❤❤💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜

  15. nafisa saif

    nafisa saifMåned siden

    Who's bias jk like my comment

  16. Chuthathip Muk

    Chuthathip MukMåned siden

    Jeon Jungkook looks so handsome I want to be his staff😊

  17. nbilah yaacob

    nbilah yaacobMåned siden

    Guys ,if the staff is male i smile on my own but if female staff; im a little jelous huhuhu😥

  18. Rainbow Scars

    Rainbow ScarsMåned siden

    You can tell they're all just a big family and its just so heartwarming 💜💜

  19. nurul najwa

    nurul najwaMåned siden

    Hi Misup

  20. FireWolfe

    FireWolfeMåned siden


  21. yuliana neni

    yuliana neniMåned siden

    If you stand BTS you don't just stand Them only You stand Bang PDnim You stand BigHit You stand manager Sejin You stand the stuff working in Big hit You stand their pets, families & friends You even stand their practice studio 👇👇Stand Army

  22. Frida Curiel

    Frida CurielMåned siden

    Hewo misuP😃

  23. Ioana Rusu

    Ioana RusuMåned siden

    Jin!Are you realy leave BTS in 2020


    NANTU SSXXMåned siden


  25. kpop lover

    kpop loverMåned siden

    Staff treat BTS like as their own child.. especially their manager and BangPDnim.. how can they not love this kids they are so adorable and stress reliever, that's they love bangtan boys so much☺️😊🤗🤗

  26. Ahlmira Vale

    Ahlmira ValeMåned siden

    Please upload the bon voyage season 4ep8

  27. Mika Santos

    Mika SantosMåned siden

    Stan JinHit


    ЯСИНА САЛИЕВАMåned siden


  29. Farhad Ali

    Farhad AliMåned siden

    They all are like family 😊😊love BTS and thier staff😍😍😍😘

  30. Nana Lim

    Nana LimMåned siden

    Hii~ sup

  31. Suchana paul

    Suchana paulMåned siden

    Someone tell me the intro song name

  32. Ariane Joy Relox-Banta

    Ariane Joy Relox-BantaMåned siden


  33. jυทgкσσк мαкทαє

    jυทgкσσк мαкทαєMåned siden

    This is what you call a big family💜💖

  34. noribanchan

    noribanchanMåned siden

    항상 느끼는건데 모든 사람은 직장의 환경에 따라 복장을 갖추어 입어야 하는게 맞는데 현재는 모르겠으나 전에 있던 여직워들 보면 복장이 참..... 부적절 했던건 확실함. 보는 눈이 없다면 모를까 좀 아니였던거 같네...

  35. jiminz_gurl

    jiminz_gurlMåned siden

    I was also the best bts manager😊 In the bts world game😂💜

  36. Rexhepi 0431

    Rexhepi 0431Måned siden

    I love so much your videos

  37. anna felix

    anna felixMåned siden

    The title should be lil babies not listenning to their parents

  38. J.H

    J.HMåned siden

    1:46 JHope is so appreciative

  39. bad girl

    bad girlMåned siden


  40. Himasylaja Hubbu

    Himasylaja HubbuMåned siden

    Dear BTS staff.... Ever love and take care of the wonder kids as you have done till date... They are so precious and of course you too..... U r very lucky to be with them... Regards to u all and luv to Bts..... India

  41. Leah Curran

    Leah CurranMåned siden

    Imagine calling Manager Sejin as 'staff member's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    SANGITA JANAMåned siden

    Imagine calling Lee hyun as a stuff member🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. stg 2

    stg 2Måned siden

    Hi bts

  44. Yashika Saxena

    Yashika SaxenaMåned siden

    When Jimin entered the room and they were all lined up to clap...man the costume he was wearing was from spring day, that means they all lined up over there to clap for the boys and raise their confidence when they have not even reached that topmast, this shows that they have selflessly cared for BTS members since their debute...I'm really thankful to these people for being so kind and patient.💜

  45. Jin

    JinMåned siden

    I love them with Bighit staffs 😭❤️

  46. Mahfooz Alam

    Mahfooz AlamMåned siden


  47. Jimin's lost jam & Joon's lost airpods

    Jimin's lost jam & Joon's lost airpodsMåned siden

    3:14 *Taehyung is not an easygoing guy*

  48. - śēøkśēøk.ėxė -

    - śēøkśēøk.ėxė -Måned siden


  49. gabbie

    gabbieMåned siden

    pretty sure i have said that before, but i love those videos AND that intro

  50. AK

    AKMåned siden

    2:00 - 2:14 RM is so clever

  51. Soyeon Park

    Soyeon ParkMåned siden

    2:05 "As my face is the type that gets oily easily." I feel you Jin. I feel you

  52. Rose Patels

    Rose PatelsMåned siden

    Same Jin💜

  53. Sukriah Sukardi

    Sukriah SukardiMåned siden

    BTS & Bighit staff (they are big family) ❤ BTS awesome 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👍😊

  54. Gacha Gamer

    Gacha GamerMåned siden

    Question: what is your intro songs name (please don’t be mad if I am suppose to know this song)?

  55. himari riku

    himari rikuMåned siden


  56. klivia martins

    klivia martinsMåned siden

    Alguém brasileira

  57. Gabbie L

    Gabbie LMåned siden

    I wanna work for Big Hit 😩

  58. Graicy Delgado

    Graicy DelgadoMåned siden

    They’re so cute and look like a family I love you BTS ❤️❤️

  59. Aira Marques

    Aira MarquesMåned siden

    Que forfura

  60. Angelica Flores Iñiguez

    Angelica Flores IñiguezMåned siden

    Son tan hermosos y tiernos con un talento increíble siempre amare a BTS 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  61. Tariq Mahmood

    Tariq MahmoodMåned siden

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