Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier

Special thanks to the US NAVY and the amazing men and women of the USS Nimitz and the Blue Angels for helping us accomplish our list!
Another special thanks, Commander Ronald Flanders, Lieutenant Commander Liza Dougherty Lieutenant Commander Cary Rickoff, Lieutenant Commander David M Gardner,
Be sure to check out the US Navy!!
► Facebook: US Naval Air Forces
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect8 dager siden

    Stoked y’all love Bucket List!! What should we do next time?? love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ - DP

  2. sanyam jain

    sanyam jain2 dager siden

    Scuba Diving into an Old Sunken Ship.

  3. Tryhard Studios

    Tryhard Studios8 dager siden

    Fly plane

  4. A&W Vanderlingen

    A&W Vanderlingen8 dager siden

    @TINO GAMING NETWORK you need to train for that

  5. Jaymhie Guerrero

    Jaymhie Guerrero8 dager siden


  6. Oli Ar

    Oli Ar44 minutter siden

    me parece que contaminan el mar con las pelotas de pin-pon

  7. Hunter Oden

    Hunter Oden48 minutter siden

    what happend to the old office lets bring it back? ANYONE

  8. G B

    G B49 minutter siden

    The fish was fake '!!!!

  9. dean oda

    dean oda59 minutter siden

    mount everest

  10. Boo Bee

    Boo BeeTime siden

    I'm Your number 1 Fan

  11. Albie Whitehead

    Albie WhiteheadTime siden

    Whos watching in 2020?? '

  12. TeilZeitCool

    TeilZeitCoolTime siden

    Dab is dead. no doubt

  13. Scribble Studios

    Scribble StudiosTime siden

    Try cycling through the Andes, or up through a part of southern Africa.

  14. Ben Harrison

    Ben HarrisonTime siden

    Imagine if iran bombed the aircraft

  15. Gia Sinha

    Gia SinhaTime siden

    You need to do more of your bucket lists bcz that was amazing 🙌🙌 and surely was one of your best videos

  16. CZ Gaming

    CZ GamingTime siden

    Go To Soldier Train At Indonesia

  17. Long Phạm Huỳnh

    Long Phạm HuỳnhTime siden

    How about launching a diy rocket on an aircraft carrier ?????

  18. Your nanny Is here

    Your nanny Is hereTime siden

    When is the next one comming

  19. Minecartpro 1

    Minecartpro 1Time siden

    RIP Cody

  20. Norbert DJ Norbie Nwaobi

    Norbert DJ Norbie NwaobiTime siden

    Hi everyone I need help with subscribers am a New Afro Dj with Nigerian Ghanaian Afro mixes, would want you to check out my work, Dj Norbie on youtube, I will sub back. Looking at getting lots of help on how to make my channel better and more entertaining, so pls sweet people help out a brother👌🙏😘

  21. Tyler S - Vlogging And Gaming

    Tyler S - Vlogging And Gaming2 timer siden

    Dude, that is an AWESOME series

  22. Jerry Sandy

    Jerry Sandy2 timer siden

    i hope no fish swallows the ball

  23. A. REHMAN

    A. REHMAN2 timer siden

    Hi their dp Mr beast thinks that they are better then you guys

  24. てぃーびートモキ

    てぃーびートモキ2 timer siden




    ????? 1:02 ?? ? ? ?

  26. Riley Hefferan

    Riley Hefferan2 timer siden

    Coby is so 2018 he thinks that the dab is not dead

  27. Ahmed Haider

    Ahmed Haider2 timer siden

    When you realize that the ships number is 68 and not 69

  28. krishan nehra

    krishan nehra2 timer siden


  29. PanZar

    PanZar2 timer siden

    Slingshot trick shots. Maybe it could happen. Maybe not. But I sure hope it does.



    ? 1:36 ?? ??????

  31. Jessica Ijkelenstam

    Jessica Ijkelenstam3 timer siden

    Dude Perfect Pleas do a pindaloo trick shot vid you Guys make me happy with every vid

  32. Egr Game

    Egr Game3 timer siden

    The best.

  33. Andando em Campo Grande MS

    Andando em Campo Grande MS3 timer siden

    The best................

  34. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson3 timer siden

    Ride in F18 is on my list but I doubt that it will ever happen. Glad you got to! Fun video! Keep enjoying life....

  35. Tix Drop

    Tix Drop3 timer siden


  36. Jackstin 1841

    Jackstin 18413 timer siden


  37. Tareq Qaiumy

    Tareq Qaiumy3 timer siden


  38. Pawan Gupta

    Pawan Gupta3 timer siden

    go on a forest trip with lots of trickshots for 5 days

  39. Ahmet Arda KEŞAPLI

    Ahmet Arda KEŞAPLI4 timer siden

    14:24 *Cody has just punched a dude!* Edit:oh wait it's too early...

  40. Hao

    Hao4 timer siden

    You can’t just put the golf into the sea😠😠

  41. Tnd92606 Games

    Tnd92606 Games4 timer siden

    Umm USA football?

  42. Jeesus Yeetus

    Jeesus Yeetus4 timer siden

    *ok guys we got a green light, we're going on Area 51*

  43. Elijah Lucero

    Elijah Lucero4 timer siden

    Who thinks they should go parachuting or skydiving

  44. Anna Smilek

    Anna Smilek4 timer siden

    Do a "Valentines Day" stereotypes video!!!!!!!!!

  45. Ghost

    Ghost4 timer siden

    Use should go to space somehow mebay pay nAsA money to bring use

  46. Fluffy Chops

    Fluffy Chops4 timer siden

    man for real youtube in 2020 is kicking off with hey youtubers are so rich now that they doing even bigger things what also makes the news hit youtube more harder then ever before.

  47. Nathaniel King

    Nathaniel King4 timer siden

    oooooohh dude perfect.... you flew an F-16 replica (airforce only) off a carrier. I love you guys but oh man you had to have caught some FOD for this.....

  48. yo boi billybobjoe

    yo boi billybobjoe4 timer siden


  49. Shiloh Store

    Shiloh Store4 timer siden

    14:04 don't worry about the dry ice floor that's normal 😂

  50. ツHαωτα

    ツHαωτα4 timer siden

    go to nasa😂

  51. Изи Лапы

    Изи Лапы4 timer siden

    *Пожалуйста подпишись на мой канал изи лапы. там будут видео про автоботов Flip Challenge*

  52. Osman Okyay

    Osman Okyay5 timer siden


  53. 92alff

    92alff5 timer siden

    1090km/h 😳

  54. JeYaNtHi JoHnSoN

    JeYaNtHi JoHnSoN5 timer siden

    For a second I thought that you were the one who taught Michael Jordan basketball Why not you play in NBA You will surely do well there

  55. LiamAvni

    LiamAvni5 timer siden

    So the hydra isnt there?

  56. Brianna Petzold

    Brianna Petzold5 timer siden


  57. karan ponnanna

    karan ponnanna5 timer siden

    I hope there is a green light for you guys to participate in Olympics

  58. Bonnie Wickramasinghe

    Bonnie Wickramasinghe5 timer siden

    The dab is never dead Fortnite : let's bring the neverendind can back

  59. aditya vanamali

    aditya vanamali6 timer siden

    And see some aliens

  60. aditya vanamali

    aditya vanamali6 timer siden

    You should go to AREA 51

  61. Phil Iz

    Phil Iz6 timer siden

    I to am on the dab team *dabs*

  62. Lucilene Garrido

    Lucilene Garrido6 timer siden

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    ALPHA LOTUS6 timer siden

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    nicholas felix6 timer siden

    Why the others did not join the jet?