Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus

Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  1. Jannat Malik

    Jannat Malik3 minutter siden

    Holy buga you are insane

  2. Mateo Manuel Gómez Nuñez

    Mateo Manuel Gómez NuñezTime siden


  3. ak woke

    ak wokeTime siden

    This was really inspiring

  4. Sniper Bunny

    Sniper Bunny3 timer siden

    i have no goal becuz i am a noob

  5. Oh No

    Oh No6 timer siden

    geez dude this made me cry lol

  6. Abdullah Adam

    Abdullah Adam6 timer siden


  7. Owen Rijavec

    Owen Rijavec7 timer siden

    12548th comment!

  8. Jyze

    Jyze8 timer siden

    At least my parents know that I can't pause online game

  9. eXotiicFN

    eXotiicFN8 timer siden

    Controller players suc...now that I have ur attention Chapter 2 working glitches up on my channel :)

  10. not will

    not will11 timer siden

    No one: Absolutely nobody: Not even old people: Me: whispers ( hello, can you guys hear me) My parents: YOU BETTER TURN THAT OFF RIGHT NOW MISTER, YOU HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW!! Me: but..but🥺


    AGENCIA ESTILO12 timer siden

    el didecto de parque plasentero puede ser el 23 de disiembre por fa

  12. noahh

    noahh12 timer siden

    Am I the only one wanting to know how they got these shots of bugha during and before the World Cup like when he’s looking at the stadium in 8:20 y is the camera focused on him they didn’t know who would win

  13. mikah

    mikah14 timer siden

    this video gonna make me cry goddamn

  14. POliNSkYY_YT

    POliNSkYY_YT15 timer siden


  15. brittney harfield

    brittney harfield16 timer siden

    this is epic

  16. BRSkiller36

    BRSkiller3616 timer siden

    Very nice Work Fortnite. Bugha is so likeable he is the normalst Gamer i ever seen befor.

  17. Julian Grimaut

    Julian Grimaut17 timer siden

    sigeasi bugasolomasa

  18. Why u toxic Bro

    Why u toxic Bro19 timer siden

    He’s such a happy kid I want to be his freind

  19. Hicham _jajaja

    Hicham _jajaja19 timer siden

    Alguien español???


    EL SALPICON19 timer siden


  21. Ginger

    Ginger19 timer siden

    Mr.Huey gon be pissed

  22. Mohanad Eltorky

    Mohanad Eltorky20 timer siden

    4:45 who saw mongraal

  23. Maxi Buddy200

    Maxi Buddy20020 timer siden

    Its sooooooo GOOD😃😃😃😃😃

  24. XxbynachoxX :v

    XxbynachoxX :v20 timer siden


  25. xXSalim xX2017

    xXSalim xX201721 time siden

    Bugha isnt toxic his the kindest player i've ever seen, he deserve 1st place to be honesy

  26. TheSupremeDelta

    TheSupremeDelta21 time siden

    This literally gave me chills. All my life I’ve been told that going to school would get me a career, that I would have to take years of school to actually get money and feel good. But I have always dreamed of being a gamer and being big like this, big motivation right here, hopefully I can keep grinding and get there one day. Much love

  27. Piotr Karpiel

    Piotr KarpielDag siden

    When mongraal stories from the battle bus

  28. Letterof

    LetterofDag siden

    Now that I saw Bugha is house i can imagine him getting swatted on that one live stream he made.

  29. TheRealCypr0

    TheRealCypr0Dag siden

    ‘’I hate bugha’’ just kidding but make this comment the most dislike comment on NO-gos😝👌

  30. SlyPhantomBoy YT

    SlyPhantomBoy YTDag siden

    GG boys

  31. exess _melons

    exess _melonsDag siden

    Amount of times mom said literally [] [] V

  32. Son Goku

    Son GokuDag siden

    4:45 wait that’s mongraal

  33. Marcus Deu

    Marcus DeuDag siden

    I honsetly inspired

  34. ToxikTrash-YT

    ToxikTrash-YTDag siden

    this inspires me.

  35. Heckin Brandon

    Heckin BrandonDag siden

    "My dad introduced me to the game because he played Save the World." Bugha's real name is named after Kyle (a constructor from StW), change my mind.

  36. Emilio Muñoz

    Emilio MuñozDag siden

    el Werevertumorro jajajaja

  37. Banana Man

    Banana ManDag siden

    This video lowkey hits different.

  38. Liebre.90s

    Liebre.90sDag siden

    Gg Bugha

  39. Chris Baeza

    Chris BaezaDag siden

    lol so fake this kid is so toxic

  40. Ashite Li

    Ashite LiDag siden

    I'm jealous, my parents don't allow me to play video games, I only can play 2 hours on the weekend before I went to another country in grade 10.......