Build A Boat Battle | Dude Perfect

Who will build the best boat and reach the other shore?!
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  1. Burke Simonson

    Burke Simonson58 minutter siden

    i think ty or coby

  2. Andy Gressy

    Andy GressyTime siden

    Who here hates the corona virus

  3. sanjay M

    sanjay M5 timer siden

    Cory is going to win

  4. Erik luna Gallardo

    Erik luna Gallardo7 timer siden


  5. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze8 timer siden

    Whos watching this while quarantined? Like who watch

  6. Johnnie Walkerpoop

    Johnnie Walkerpoop12 timer siden


  7. Kye Thierjung

    Kye Thierjung13 timer siden

    I am on every ones side

  8. Kye Thierjung

    Kye Thierjung13 timer siden


  9. Kye Thierjung

    Kye Thierjung13 timer siden


  10. Kye Thierjung

    Kye Thierjung13 timer siden


  11. Kye Thierjung

    Kye Thierjung13 timer siden


  12. Kye Thierjung

    Kye Thierjung14 timer siden


  13. AkashaHD

    AkashaHD23 timer siden

    Cory can build a boat but not a chair.. Ok-

  14. Ana Prieto

    Ana PrietoDag siden


  15. Jonas Weber

    Jonas WeberDag siden

    You guys need to do something similar again🤩👌👌

  16. DJ SET

    DJ SETDag siden

    Cory will win

  17. Osman Deniz Çeldir

    Osman Deniz ÇeldirDag siden

    Turk olan

  18. David Atkins

    David AtkinsDag siden

    Who here in 2020

  19. Sanula Wanigasekara

    Sanula WanigasekaraDag siden


  20. JMiller 0

    JMiller 0Dag siden

    Boat battle 2!!!!

  21. W GAMER

    W GAMERDag siden

    pls come to india

  22. W GAMER

    W GAMERDag siden

    coby pls win

  23. Dr.Nageshwar Tripathi

    Dr.Nageshwar TripathiDag siden

    Tyler will win in built a boat battle

  24. Sana Mazhar

    Sana MazharDag siden

    As seen on TV boat is gonna win

  25. Marcus Ridge

    Marcus RidgeDag siden

    please do a part 2. like so they can see

  26. Amanda Aubrey

    Amanda AubreyDag siden

    If you like if you want to see trampoline battle two then like this comment

  27. Reagan Mullally

    Reagan Mullally2 dager siden


  28. All To know

    All To know2 dager siden

    Plastic ⛵

  29. Chongo Ok

    Chongo Ok2 dager siden

    My supplies would be a kayak and a paddle

  30. Shane Devine

    Shane Devine2 dager siden

    Garrett’s boat btw

  31. fahim akku

    fahim akku2 dager siden

    Please do a built a race cart battle

  32. Natalie S.

    Natalie S.2 dager siden

    who is watching this in 2020?!?!?!?! because I know I am : D

  33. Hannah Lee

    Hannah Lee2 dager siden

    I think that Cory is gonna win

  34. Maddox Andrade

    Maddox Andrade2 dager siden

    They wouldn't d ik this if it was 2020

  35. Brent Silvey

    Brent Silvey2 dager siden

    I love your videos🤓😜

  36. Jason Burgin

    Jason Burgin3 dager siden

    Build a boat battle 2

  37. Edward Daggett

    Edward Daggett3 dager siden


  38. War Hawg

    War Hawg3 dager siden

    Its funny how ty called cody’s attempt an epic failure

  39. Elton Ray

    Elton Ray3 dager siden


  40. Elton Ray

    Elton Ray3 dager siden

    I think Cory

  41. Cane Huston

    Cane Huston3 dager siden

    Coby will win

  42. Manju Roopa

    Manju Roopa3 dager siden


  43. Emma Andersen

    Emma Andersen3 dager siden

    tyler is gonna win

  44. Cindy-Caleb Trubisky

    Cindy-Caleb Trubisky3 dager siden


  45. Cindy-Caleb Trubisky

    Cindy-Caleb Trubisky3 dager siden


  46. Cindy-Caleb Trubisky

    Cindy-Caleb Trubisky3 dager siden


  47. Hyperbeast Gaming

    Hyperbeast Gaming3 dager siden

    Boat 2❤️

  48. Villum Hillerup Vedsted

    Villum Hillerup Vedsted3 dager siden


  49. Melissa Smillie

    Melissa Smillie3 dager siden


  50. C Sims

    C Sims3 dager siden

    How can to reach a goal flag


    ROEBRTO RICO3 dager siden


  52. Kavitha P

    Kavitha P3 dager siden

    Ty will win

  53. Alpha Paladin

    Alpha Paladin3 dager siden

    Honestly, I can't believe that Tyler and Garrett thought their boats would work...

  54. River Hilty

    River Hilty3 dager siden


  55. Jace Korthals

    Jace Korthals3 dager siden


  56. Daniel Oyewo

    Daniel Oyewo4 dager siden

    Cool vid

  57. Julie Hunse

    Julie Hunse4 dager siden

    you dissapoint me Ty.

  58. Mason Ent

    Mason Ent4 dager siden

    Phil Swift here

  59. Dustin Ham

    Dustin Ham4 dager siden



    KEEGAN RONEY4 dager siden


  61. King Wacky

    King Wacky4 dager siden

    Columbus inspired Tyler and DP, really i would say the vikings did, best seafarers of all time and hundreds of years ahead of their time. And reached America before Columbus did.

  62. Sol Fausto

    Sol Fausto4 dager siden

    Is time to stay home dudes because the covid19

  63. Zainab Mehmood [Student]

    Zainab Mehmood [Student]4 dager siden

    Who else agrees that the twins dominated in this video ??

  64. Gagan Kaur

    Gagan Kaur4 dager siden

    I think 💭 cory

  65. shark fin

    shark fin4 dager siden

    Cory will win?

  66. Joshua Kovacic

    Joshua Kovacic4 dager siden

    Garrett's boat could be a workout machine while in water :D.

  67. Joshua Kovacic

    Joshua Kovacic4 dager siden

    Like everything about this video other than one thing, I kind of dont like Christopher Columbus.

  68. Schelly

    Schelly4 dager siden

    Flex paste could’ve done work in this challenge!

  69. Zach P

    Zach P4 dager siden

    one of the people with a c in the begging on there name should win

  70. I suck at everything

    I suck at everything4 dager siden

    I really like Coby’s idea of leaf blowers powering it

  71. Gucci Boy

    Gucci Boy4 dager siden

    Plz make more fishing videos and you guys should make each a fishing boat that floats and catch a fish on it

  72. Matthew Leech

    Matthew Leech4 dager siden


  73. Ali Kramer

    Ali Kramer4 dager siden


  74. Sigita Čiurlienė

    Sigita Čiurlienė5 dager siden

    Cody win

  75. Sigita Čiurlienė

    Sigita Čiurlienė5 dager siden

    Cody win

  76. Jonalynbacor18 jonalyn060990

    Jonalynbacor18 jonalyn0609905 dager siden

    Cory winner

  77. Eli Thatcher

    Eli Thatcher5 dager siden


  78. Arthur MENDELSOHN

    Arthur MENDELSOHN5 dager siden


  79. Duta Yusuf

    Duta Yusuf5 dager siden

    great bro

  80. Tim Yeung

    Tim Yeung5 dager siden

    Bottel boat