Canada's Worst | 5 Days With Piques

For the past four years, Piques has been terrorizing the eyes and ears of millions of people across the world with his obnoxious brand of comedy. Despite the valiant effort of a few brave internet warriors, no one has been able to stop this monster. Today, we take a closer look at Canada's worst comedian.
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if you read this much of the description go ahead and comment "i actually like pique he make my laugh"


  1. Jellz K

    Jellz K3 timer siden

    Great video I love your comedy analysis videos. And your luscious red lips.

  2. McKenna Dishongh

    McKenna Dishongh6 timer siden

    Drew I love you and your videos so much. I’ve never been a fan of commentary videos until I found you and Danny. I’ve been binging both of y’all for a week, and fallen asleep to your sarcasm every single night. Thank you so much for doing what you do! I’m so glad you do it for the craft of comedy and you haven’t sunk to the levels that other NO-gosrs have just for likes and subscribers. I love your humor, it’s absolutely perfect. Please never ever stop making videos. I’m not the kind of person to ever comment on ANYTHING but honestly I just had to say something and pray that by some miracle you see it. I love you and your videos so so so much. Thank you for doing what you do. It’s helped me feel joy and peace in a really hard time in my life. Seriously, thank you. Ps I’m so sorry for this absolute novel of a comment.

  3. M J

    M J11 timer siden


  4. beirizzle

    beirizzle16 timer siden


  5. Breeze Mansker

    Breeze ManskerDag siden

    I actually like pique he make me laugh

  6. Montarou -chi

    Montarou -chiDag siden

    *takes off glasses*

  7. TheOddPerson

    TheOddPerson2 dager siden

    Day 3 is me EVERY day

  8. Overtake Media

    Overtake Media2 dager siden

    0:55 shit of course he's Portuguese

  9. Super Stykz

    Super Stykz4 dager siden

    i actually like pique he make my laugh

  10. 2 M

    2 M2 dager siden

    lol poor kiddo

  11. Krishna Venugopal

    Krishna Venugopal4 dager siden

    Challenge: Get every quote from piques on Drew’s computer, and make it a piques caption. Long, confusing and pointless.

  12. Logan Derb

    Logan Derb6 dager siden

    The mole thing seems a bit much but but you didn’t quite have the following or audience that you do now so I get it but I’m glad you’ve stopped doing that cause it not needed and when you drag someone now just for their shit it’s far more powerful. I’m so high so I hope that made sense 😂

  13. TaperedUgly

    TaperedUgly7 dager siden

    The fade transition from your face to his was perfect. Thank you for making videos.

  14. s1mulus

    s1mulus8 dager siden

    Woah fidget spinners were from like 2017 that felt like a year ago lmao

  15. Thomas M

    Thomas M9 dager siden

    Thank you for the informative video, Rational Man

  16. J Gray

    J Gray11 dager siden

    He’s Canadian!?! My god first bieber now this?! I’m sorry rest in of the world, Sincerely, Canada

  17. slimey johnny

    slimey johnny12 dager siden

    he just described tik tok

  18. Alex Champagne

    Alex Champagne12 dager siden

    Rewatching drew golden videos is a great thing to do. Your at 1.99 mil right now, congrats!!

  19. Valentino Joji

    Valentino Joji12 dager siden

    This sounds familiar Oh my god Piques is literally ripping off Amy Schumer by ripping off other people wtf

  20. Amir Dawson

    Amir Dawson16 dager siden

    This man is proof that Canada banishes there bad citizens to America

  21. Yashveer Beejan

    Yashveer Beejan16 dager siden

    Good video, keep it up, I'm proud of you

  22. CoopNoop20

    CoopNoop2018 dager siden

    Came back to this video after seeing all your recent vids. Concerned about how close you are to the camera...

  23. Oliver Kile

    Oliver Kile18 dager siden

    hev bovs

  24. grace dettwyler

    grace dettwyler19 dager siden

    when he drank jack daniels out of a cat mug i felt that

  25. Marilyn L

    Marilyn L19 dager siden

    I love so much that you wanted us to know that you poured all the whiskey back into the bottle before you “drank” it.

  26. ilovecatsandcows

    ilovecatsandcows19 dager siden

    It good.... It different.

  27. Sophia Touchet

    Sophia Touchet20 dager siden

    lele pons.the most unfunny person on the face of the internet

  28. KAOS Luckett

    KAOS Luckett21 dag siden

    I actually like pique he make my laugh

  29. Flamingo Shrimp

    Flamingo Shrimp17 dager siden


  30. weeskle2

    weeskle221 dag siden

    I like this

  31. Ally The Canadian

    Ally The Canadian21 dag siden

    Jeez, I though Justin Bieber was the worst of us...

  32. Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly21 dag siden

    ...anybody know who 'Piques' or 'Riklax' are?? 2020 🤷🏽‍♂️

  33. K H

    K H23 dager siden

    Ok, I get that Piques is awful. The delivery was bad. The production didn’t make sense. But that vegetable joke? Objectively makes me laugh every single time

  34. Tea with Kylee C.

    Tea with Kylee C.23 dager siden

    You also forgot to add that he’s ugly AF

  35. That Ranting Girl

    That Ranting Girl24 dager siden

    It’s fun that Drew has a cat because his personality seem to be very cat-like

  36. Famaloni and Cheese

    Famaloni and Cheese24 dager siden

    is it bad that i found the car ones kinda funny

  37. CanesGalactica

    CanesGalactica25 dager siden

    "i actually like pique he make my laugh" - ONLY BECAUSE YOUR DESCRIPTION ASKED ME TO. I refuse to support a person so icky as Piques and was perfectly happy not knowing who he was until now, so thanks for that.. I guess.

  38. Glasses Hurb

    Glasses Hurb25 dager siden

    Hell no

  39. Erik Fontanella

    Erik Fontanella25 dager siden

    Good bad indifferent I will read it all

  40. Stuart Pot

    Stuart Pot26 dager siden

    I was terrified that doctor skit was going to be a gynaecologist joke. In the end it was so unfunny that I was left more confused than anything 😐

  41. Kyle Evans

    Kyle Evans27 dager siden

    why was I dying at peaks vines😆😆😆

  42. Emi M

    Emi M28 dager siden

    i actually like piqe he made my laugh

  43. A New Hero121

    A New Hero12128 dager siden

    My font comic favourite is sans? Is that comic's name maybe Undertale?

  44. Heartbroken Dotcom

    Heartbroken Dotcom29 dager siden

    the only good thing about piques vines was his big chonky white cat

  45. Ocean Pettigrew

    Ocean PettigrewMåned siden

    My font comic favourite is sans

  46. Kale Dotzler

    Kale DotzlerMåned siden

    Pours the last bit of Jack Daniels into mug, then has a shot of a half full bottle of Jack in the background... 🤔🤔

  47. herriszlife

    herriszlifeMåned siden

    His videos, how should I put it... well, they have some Piques and they have some lows.

  48. Anirudh Krishnan

    Anirudh KrishnanMåned siden

    My font comic Favorite is sans

  49. leylapats

    leylapatsMåned siden

    Why would it say on the form that she was a vegan? why would there be any info about her on the form? She's not a patient.

  50. The Pied Piper ASMR

    The Pied Piper ASMRMåned siden

    i appreciate you and this

  51. Prince_7557

    Prince_7557Måned siden

    He’s the worst male Canadian “comedian” miss “dear fat people” gets the female award for worst “comedian”

  52. amy joy

    amy joyMåned siden

    That was.

  53. Sandi Babe

    Sandi BabeMåned siden

    14:40 he stole that format from a black guy who does them all the time and honestly not sure what his name is that he goes by I think it’s Terrell green but he does it well . This guy clearly seen the videos and thought I could do that but failed

  54. Jessie Aber

    Jessie AberMåned siden

    At the end of the day, you have a terrible human brain 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Charles Bronson

    Charles BronsonMåned siden

    Does drew think chandler is dead?

  56. nyχ

    nyχMåned siden

    veg e/ table

  57. JohnIs_Trash

    JohnIs_TrashMåned siden


  58. nyχ

    nyχMåned siden


  59. Frankie Frank

    Frankie FrankMåned siden

    I haven’t thought about this guy in 5 years since the Vine days and I go to look him up on IG and his last post is a video of him driving... looks down at his phone... insert movie scene of car driving off cliff 😂😂 spot on again Drew!

  60. father

    fatherMåned siden

    Its actually pronounced pie-queese

  61. Sara Diaz

    Sara DiazMåned siden

    16:44 TikTok

  62. Kyle Boise

    Kyle BoiseMåned siden

    Vine not having ads is part of what made it great.

  63. Mia Moore

    Mia MooreMåned siden

    I appreciated the chandler bing reference

  64. Leonardo Chudin

    Leonardo ChudinMåned siden

    The hate boner is big