Carmelo Anthony: It was fun playing against LeBron James again | NBA Sound

Portland Trail Blazers star Carmelo Anthony expresses his emotions on the team losing Rodney Hood to a torn left Achilles tendon in their loss to the Los Angeles Lakers and what it was like facing his friend LeBron James again.
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  1. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan TaylorMåned siden

    Sign JR and trade for Love

  2. JonneyETV

    JonneyETVMåned siden

    JR Smith!!

  3. K Thomas

    K ThomasMåned siden

    I'm a fan of melo but he(melo) Justify no team picking him but with 9 points.

  4. vegan wealth

    vegan wealthMåned siden

    Bra dey should get jamal crawford

  5. James Tre

    James TreMåned siden

    Big facts

  6. Jared Lewis

    Jared LewisMåned siden

    Love you melo. Nothing personal. Now hold this L 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  7. Emilio Quintana

    Emilio QuintanaMåned siden

    Melo doing great for one year out .he making 15 to 25 point.

  8. Bill Of Rights

    Bill Of RightsMåned siden

    This gives the Blazers a reason to sign Jamal Crawford, concerning the R. Hood injury

  9. Cash Inn

    Cash InnMåned siden

    Coming from a 22 year old who was in the 2nd grade when my mom got me a pair of lebrons...ima miss watching these dudes man . Btw i believe sports are rigged. But man besides other players that are great , these guys were the first guys i watched and i never stopped following them.

  10. Jayden V

    Jayden VMåned siden

    @Cash Inn You sound like you need to put into a mental facility. WHat are you gonna say when Lebron only wins 4 chips?

  11. Jayden V

    Jayden VMåned siden

    You're pretty naive and stupid if you think they can rig the NBA

  12. Cash Inn

    Cash InnMåned siden


  13. God #1 Lebron #2

    God #1 Lebron #2Måned siden

    Cash Inn rigged how sir. The ball goes in the hoop or it doesn’t....

  14. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John TurnerMåned siden

    Melo basically playing for free this year. I'm happy for him though.

  15. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John TurnerMåned siden

    @Jayden V I guarantee you Melo didn't agree to that borderline disrespectful contract because he needs the money. Did you actually look at the contract? A million dollars is a lot of money, but it's nowhere near the amount he's made over the course of his career. But of course one of you "smart" folks are too smart to understand everything said isn't it's face value or literal meaning. It was more akin to a joke than anything. 😒

  16. Jayden V

    Jayden VMåned siden

    Since when is $1million dollars a year free

  17. Chi Nkem

    Chi NkemMåned siden

    Jon dat u??😱😨

  18. gaming central

    gaming centralMåned siden

    It the Thirsts time of the year 🥤

  19. Edis Delgado

    Edis DelgadoMåned siden

    Can't hear a single word ...

  20. rob lenn

    rob lennMåned siden

    What are they talking about in this video lol

  21. Steve SIPUL

    Steve SIPULMåned siden

    Correction... It was not fun losing to Lebron again

  22. Rob Smith

    Rob SmithMåned siden

    Melo was fouled all game and these refs didn’t call foul GTFOH

  23. azaziah28

    azaziah28Måned siden

    Melo out here sounding like the coach

  24. Derrick Tahir

    Derrick TahirMåned siden

    Don't worry melo they are not unbeatable next time.

  25. Chris Miller

    Chris MillerMåned siden

    you can tell Melo wants to play alongside with LBJ and AD

  26. Spencer Whitsett

    Spencer WhitsettMåned siden

    Smh dam 😂😂😂😂

  27. Lord White

    Lord WhiteMåned siden

    Blazers need heny

  28. John Chester

    John ChesterMåned siden

    True NBA fan know's who said this word about melo "Its harder to guard melo than LeBron"

  29. John Chester

    John ChesterMåned siden

    @Will Scott absolutely

  30. KingLeo80

    KingLeo80Måned siden

    @Will Scott Exactly

  31. Will Scott

    Will ScottMåned siden

    Them playing against each other is the ONLY reason bron nd melo are in the same sentence 🤷🏾‍♂️

  32. KingLeo80

    KingLeo80Måned siden

    Yet 1 is always in the convo with jordan and the other had to beg to get a team

  33. Hunter Quinn

    Hunter QuinnMåned siden

    Sign JR to replace hood

  34. Tadow Griffen

    Tadow GriffenMåned siden

    “I got it , fck outta here “

  35. Eyem Dunn

    Eyem DunnMåned siden

    It was fun losing by 23 points? But at least he scored 15 points

  36. Ralphunreal

    RalphunrealMåned siden

    you sound dumb.

  37. Matt

    MattMåned siden

    Unknown Unknown seriously bruh who expected them to beat the lakers?

  38. Desmond Hackney

    Desmond HackneyMåned siden

    shindean mental health is real

  39. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown UnknownMåned siden

    shindean Ok sure

  40. shindean

    shindeanMåned siden

    @Unknown Unknown oh then let's see how well that defense of his held up.....not so good their either. Giving a contract to a shooter that can't shoot, great job Portland🤣

  41. Marcus Maxwell

    Marcus MaxwellMåned siden

    This why Kawhi a genius

  42. Sam Shepard

    Sam ShepardMåned siden

    It's amazing to compare the career paths, and current skills of LeBron and Carmelo, after 17 years in the league. Maybe he'll end up in LA after his 1-year Contract ends with Portland. Will be nice to see him win a Title with Lebron.😂😂

  43. Chamberlain Achilihu

    Chamberlain AchilihuMåned siden

    i hate the fact that guys don't know how to double team lebron. cause his energy can't sustain so long

  44. Teareal Davis

    Teareal DavisMåned siden

    That’s too easy for lebron and it’s a real skill a lot of nba players lack . Kd specifically is ineffective when trapped . He gets clumsy . Knowing how to pass is a real valuable and effective skill ppl overlook because of scorers like Jordan and Harden . Gotta appreciate ll facets of the the game to be the best you can be . But passing is a gift , you either have it or you don’t . Simple

  45. J

    JMåned siden

    Chamberlain Achilihu it’s harder than u think. If popovich tried and failed u know it’s pretty difficult to achieve a successful double team without giving up points. Lebron can pass through and create open shots if u double team him

  46. Chamberlain Achilihu

    Chamberlain AchilihuMåned siden

    lakers had never play more better teams away like miami, toronto, celtics n so on.

  47. Chamberlain Achilihu

    Chamberlain AchilihuMåned siden

    trail blazers r better than lakers cause trail blazers never had a chance to find out that lakers is only good on media

  48. Master Illusionist's For Dictatorships

    Master Illusionist's For DictatorshipsMåned siden

    LeBron should've been here instead anyway bruh

  49. Paul Sanon

    Paul SanonMåned siden


  50. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMåned siden

    Two legends

  51. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMåned siden

    it amazes how LeBron and melo are still doing this in year 17

  52. TJ Goat

    TJ GoatMåned siden

    Introverted_Gentleman faxx

  53. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John TurnerMåned siden

    @Jesus Alvarez Being in the league and thriving are two different things.

  54. Jesus Alvarez

    Jesus AlvarezMåned siden

    It shouldn’t because Vince caster still in the league

  55. Introverted_Gentleman

    Introverted_GentlemanMåned siden

    Well sir, when you have PEDS and advanced medical treatment. For sure they can continue to play at this well in year 17.

  56. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John TurnerMåned siden

    shindean What do rings mean? That's a team accomplishment.

  57. youdontknow da1/2

    youdontknow da1/2Måned siden

    simons is the only life off the bench this team all around needs work

  58. God #1 Lebron #2

    God #1 Lebron #2Måned siden

    youdontknow da1/2 they need nurkic and/Collins back ASAP

  59. TriLL Eleven

    TriLL ElevenMåned siden

    Oh wow I didn’t know that cus I didn’t know I was on the team fr. This Portland fr? Oh yuh losin to lebron hurts We don’t even have to ask anymore.

  60. Clutch7

    Clutch7Måned siden


  61. Joshua Farmer

    Joshua FarmerMåned siden

    So he spent the video preaching Rodney hoods name and we get the thumbnail we get 😂🤣

  62. Hunter Quinn

    Hunter QuinnMåned siden

    Hood is needed.

  63. Millz ODay

    Millz ODayMåned siden

    Charles Barkley jr

  64. takeover08

    takeover08Måned siden

    Why would the Blazers sign this dude for the rest of the year? Smh

  65. takeover08

    takeover08Måned siden

    Joshua Farmer 4-18 shooting against OKC is why they shouldn’t

  66. takeover08

    takeover08Måned siden

    Clutch7 4-18 shooting against OKC is why not.

  67. takeover08

    takeover08Måned siden

    Alex Robinson 4-18 shooting against OKC is why not.

  68. Jon155

    Jon155Måned siden


  69. Desmond Hackney

    Desmond HackneyMåned siden

    Clutch7 it was 14,000

  70. krisko713daclarke

    krisko713daclarkeMåned siden

    The biased officiating in the NBA is making it unwatchable. Call it the same way for both teams.

  71. MetalgunSrt4

    MetalgunSrt4Måned siden

    Carmelo just realized he is on the Portland Trailblazer

  72. Julius Francischiello

    Julius FrancischielloMåned siden

    Why am I awake...watching this

  73. Charles D

    Charles DMåned siden

    shindean that’s your only rebuttal? 😂 I’ll hold this dub 😂

  74. shindean

    shindeanMåned siden

    @Charles D was CJ named Western Conference player of the week???? You hold that L with pride, that's the loser you wanted in your lineup🤡

  75. Charles D

    Charles DMåned siden

    shindean and CJ McCollum went 5 for 13 that game. It happens against great defensive teams. The question is what are we asking him to be and can he deliver. They need him to provide a scoring boost. Averaging anywhere between 15 and 20 points. And help them win with a veteran presence. He does all that which is why they should pay him. The blazers weren’t going to the finals anyway but they were about to be out of the playoffs til Melo stepped in.

  76. shindean

    shindeanMåned siden

    @Charles D we all saw the box score, he played for 28 minutes and went for 11-38 just to get 15. My guy, we know he sucks, lie to yourself that he's going to help Portland but don't defend it, that's why we made sure he never came to Miami😆😆😆

  77. Charles D

    Charles DMåned siden

    shindean nah he dropped 18 on the Bucks and 15 against the Lakers. He drops. 20+ on worse teams. He’s a hall of famer whether you like him or not.

  78. Mauquez Barnard

    Mauquez BarnardMåned siden

    players should have mri/xras once a month if that would help

  79. M Turkistani

    M TurkistaniMåned siden

    They'd get cancer within a year from all the radiation. You'll need an oncology department as well.

  80. Gcab1 cabG1

    Gcab1 cabG1Måned siden

    Watch this before bedtime 😴

  81. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardMåned siden

    LeBron wanted Melo back in the league just to BEAT HIM BY 23........🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  82. Jamzy

    JamzyMåned siden

    @Carolina Howard cringe

  83. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardMåned siden

    Keyz Brazy thank u 😘😘

  84. Keyz Brazy

    Keyz BrazyMåned siden

    Jamzy she’s being sarcastic

  85. Jamzy

    JamzyMåned siden

    Carolina Howard I’m confused

  86. Trevor Jackson

    Trevor JacksonMåned siden

    Who got injured

  87. D. Lloyd

    D. LloydMåned siden

    Trevor Jackson Hood. Tore his Achilles

  88. Ardo Ismail

    Ardo IsmailMåned siden

    bless melo geatest player

  89. Low Distortion

    Low DistortionMåned siden

    Which was more fun playing against him or losing to him like you've always done😂

  90. iWorship Breezy

    iWorship BreezyMåned siden

    You clearly are a youngin. You sound dumb.

  91. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown UnknownMåned siden

    These Bron dickriders are hilarious

  92. Boochie Gang

    Boochie GangMåned siden

    youdontknow da1/2 waaaaaa we feared melo 😂😂😂💯

  93. w w

    w wMåned siden

    @E46325mod to be fair bron has the better team as is. Melo cant do it alone , lebron cant do it alone, Jordan didnt do it alone

  94. E46325mod

    E46325modMåned siden

    Lebron's won 19 times against melo winning 14 times against lebron it's close either way but melo still isnt playing like he was, maybe he will see that version of him come out this season


    YOUNG SNIPER CMåned siden


  96. Colton Beebe

    Colton BeebeMåned siden

    Two legends. The game won’t be the same when they’re gone!!

  97. Charles D

    Charles DMåned siden

    takeover08 smh I’m sure you’re like 15 smh gen-x is lost

  98. Tarrell Harrison

    Tarrell HarrisonMåned siden

    @takeover08 yes melo is a legend.

  99. Jaime Moore

    Jaime MooreMåned siden

    Allen Iverson never won a ring but he is still a legend, chill dude! lol

  100. shindean

    shindeanMåned siden

    Norris Cole has done more in the playoffs than Melo ever did.

  101. Gary Flores

    Gary FloresMåned siden

    Melo was gone for awhile and basketball was just fine, legend....yeah ok....

  102. Adrian Solis

    Adrian SolisMåned siden

    I just watch this video just so I can be the first

  103. Trump24

    Trump24Måned siden

    First comment love u melo

  104. Divine Gaming

    Divine GamingMåned siden

    James deserved it more too😂

  105. Pinyatta

    PinyattaMåned siden