Cast Superlatives: Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning • The Great • A Hulu Original

Watch as Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning reveal who's "most likely to..." 👑
The Great is a satirical, comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest-reigning female ruler in Russia's history. With only occasional historical facts the series stars Elle Fanning as Catherine, Nicholas Hoult, Phoebe Fox, Adam Godley, Gwilym Lee, Charity Wakefield, Douglas Hodge, Sacha Dhawan, Sebastian de Souza, Bayo Gbadamosi and Belinda Bromilow.
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  1. Mel X

    Mel X6 timer siden


  2. Zhiying Chen

    Zhiying Chen11 timer siden

    Love every episode! So ready forSeason 2!!!! And Peter better be in it cause I’m not ready to see him dead yet.

  3. Monserrat Poot

    Monserrat Poot14 timer siden

    Here she look like Kirsten Dunst on Marie Antoinette of Sofia Coppola. 😃

  4. Swee Yeet

    Swee YeetDag siden

    Please tell me there is a season 2 the first was phenomenal

  5. Hit Man

    Hit Man2 dager siden

    Elle's lough is killing me softly.

  6. PeaceButt

    PeaceButt2 dager siden

    sorry hulu i watched this show illegally. it was good tho

  7. fearless

    fearless3 dager siden

    My favourite actor! Nicholas is soooo good looking and witty! Love his chemistry with Elle Fanning in The Great and Lily Collins in Tolkien.

  8. Princess John

    Princess John3 dager siden

    They’re great actors! Bravo Hulu and McNamara for creating this fantastic series

  9. Ninelon

    Ninelon3 dager siden

    We need season 2

  10. Astronotics

    Astronotics5 dager siden

    In french, Elle mean She in english, so it is so weird for me

  11. Azena Villa

    Azena Villa5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> his laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Diana CHB

    Diana CHB5 dager siden

    This show is so lit 🤣

  13. Wilfred Dale

    Wilfred Dale5 dager siden

    Both Nic and Elle had scene that made me T_T a lot of good acting in this show.

  14. Dana Alomari

    Dana Alomari5 dager siden

    love those too and loved the show its really different and so funny, ps I need bts clips.

  15. Ethan Stephenson

    Ethan Stephenson6 dager siden

    Leo dies Leo dies Leo dies ;)

  16. Putu Wiwid Budiastra

    Putu Wiwid Budiastra6 dager siden

    This series brings joy. Love them both. Great ensamble and brilliant screenplay! Huzzah!! 👏

  17. Judy Adams

    Judy Adams6 dager siden

    omfg there better be another the great season. this was absolutely wonderful, and nick and elle.are so fantastic in this, well done hulu...great show..great actors..

  18. Sabina Sun

    Sabina Sun7 dager siden

    Elle: You're so him though Nick: Iam confusion, is she saying that I'm like Peter? Phahahahaha shots were fired

  19. Hannah Jones

    Hannah Jones7 dager siden

    An absolutely fabulous show. I can't wait for season 2!!

  20. Tilde T-C

    Tilde T-C7 dager siden

    omg please release the bloopers soon

  21. Сергей Лебедев

    Сергей Лебедев7 dager siden

    Afro Slavs ruled Russia, Hollywood you hit rock bottom. I haven't laughed like this in a long time thank you for this nonsense =))))))))))))))))

  22. Jeronimo Vasquez

    Jeronimo Vasquez5 dager siden

    They are not really supossed to be black , no character is black unless explicitly told that they are black. They are black actor playing white russian with no white face

  23. Prwnklchryish

    Prwnklchryish8 dager siden

    The emperor plays Nick very well here with Elle LOL I just finished the series, Huzzah indeed! They both did a fabulous job at this, 2nd season is a must! 💗🌸🐻

  24. Yvette Maclang

    Yvette Maclang8 dager siden

    Nicholas Hoult 😍😍

  25. cath

    cath8 dager siden

    Thank you for this amazing video! Huzzah! 🥂

  26. Debra Walters

    Debra Walters8 dager siden

    Great show! No I mean it is a really great show!

  27. Joana Gimenez

    Joana Gimenez8 dager siden

    Omg these cuties😍😍💕💕

  28. Klamy Dia

    Klamy Dia8 dager siden

    Please tell me there's a season 2 in the works because the great was actually a great watch. Derp.

  29. gang gang

    gang gang21 time siden

    I would love to see how they portray Russia under her rule

  30. Ogbedebor Arthur

    Ogbedebor Arthur8 dager siden

    Huzzzzah 🍻

  31. Hulu

    Hulu8 dager siden


  32. REM TEM

    REM TEM8 dager siden

    Yessssssss, just watched this all night!!! 😍😍😍

  33. REM TEM

    REM TEM7 dager siden

    @A&BYeah lol

  34. A&B

    A&B7 dager siden

    @REM TEM - So far have watched up to episode 6. I like the show. That food taster bit in the palace was so funny. Ha Ha. Even though the show is funny, it does at times push the limits.

  35. REM TEM

    REM TEM8 dager siden

    @Hulu HUZZAAH!! 🍻

  36. Hulu

    Hulu8 dager siden


  37. Can’t think of a username

    Can’t think of a username8 dager siden

    Can you put all elite wrestling in Hulu plz

  38. Trina Q

    Trina Q8 dager siden

    Two of my favourite actors, and I'm looking forward to seeing Elle and Dakota work on a project together! 👑😍

  39. Brad Boyer

    Brad Boyer8 dager siden

    Don’t watch my new video it is nothing