Cat Sprinting and Pouncing in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav films Smee the cat sprint, jump and dive around in slow motion with some overly jolly royalty-free music playing in the background. What have we learned today? Cats don't always land on their feet. Warning, this video features time travel. Stay safe, wear a mask, stay indoors n' that.
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Cat Sprinting and Pouncing in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Fretless by Kevin MacLeod
Glitter Blast by Kevin MacLeod


  1. Leo James Jenner

    Leo James Jenner11 timer siden

    Yay! I likes

  2. Lynn

    Lynn11 timer siden

    Slow mo + cats + kittens... Did you try to break the internet again?

  3. Lynn

    Lynn11 timer siden

    And I forgot to add time travel.

  4. Aktar Hussain

    Aktar Hussain11 timer siden

    From India... I want to thank you for your amazing videos.

  5. Jaejae

    Jaejae11 timer siden

    I now need every one of your cats in slow mo thanks gav

  6. Harry Tuttle

    Harry Tuttle12 timer siden

    His eyes are beautiful

  7. Jawly Cooperation

    Jawly Cooperation12 timer siden

    You have no idea how much this will help animators!!!

  8. Mya Hitt

    Mya Hitt13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> proof cats don't always land on their feet, sometimes they flop on their back like a fish.

  9. soinu foig

    soinu foig15 timer siden

    Funfact: Their pattern is based on temperature. The colder the darker it get's

  10. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson16 timer siden

    I’d like to see a match being struck in slow motion...several matches all together would be great too. Just a thought if you’re looking for simple lockdown content 😂

  11. TheMiner898

    TheMiner89817 timer siden

    Its so cool what you guys do, its a shame that they don't have even 20 millions subs

  12. Alaika Hidayatulloh

    Alaika Hidayatulloh17 timer siden Golok from Indonesian

  13. soinu foig

    soinu foig15 timer siden

    This is what happened to scientists in quarantine.

  14. Tstormer

    Tstormer18 timer siden

    Bad music choice , cool footage

  15. Jorge Conte

    Jorge Conte22 timer siden

    * sudden and adorable time jump to 2014 * Audio quality: 'ight, imma head out

  16. Bobby Pourassad

    Bobby PourassadDag siden

    Super cute; years of patiently shooting paid off.

  17. Damien Zeltzman

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  18. Frent 228 MEAT

    Frent 228 MEATDag siden

    Лайк кто русский?

  19. Epic Elz

    Epic ElzDag siden

    my cat would not do that so willingly

  20. Roi Kemuel JEREZ

    Roi Kemuel JEREZDag siden


  21. Jacob Brewer

    Jacob BrewerDag siden

    Time for the channel to shut down. You absolutely cannot top this.

  22. Kat Cuccia

    Kat CucciaDag siden

    I don't even want to know how Gavin did folly for Smee drinking water

  23. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouDag siden

    how would you feel if that overly jolly royalty-free music was the background music of slowmo clips instead of Synthetic Design 02

  24. Insectus TV

    Insectus TVDag siden

    Make please a video with a chewing gum.

  25. tonhao couve-flor

    tonhao couve-florDag siden

    Guys, try to fill an Eulers Disc!

  26. Harry Mudge

    Harry MudgeDag siden

    Gavin looks like a caveman/flint of cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  27. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouDag siden

    If you are scrolling and see this comment, I hope you have a really good day👍

  28. Maddie Engle

    Maddie EngleDag siden

    So cute!!!!!

  29. Taco

    TacoDag siden

    This is what happened to scientists in quarantine.

  30. Pirom GardenHome

    Pirom GardenHomeDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> That hurts. T^T (adorable cat)

  31. Kitsunekurama7

    Kitsunekurama7Dag siden

    God smee is so cute I’m crying 😭😭😭

  32. Crystal

    CrystalDag siden

    Dang remember u was in 2011 when u jumped in a 6ft water balloons lol Edit: the back yard still looks the same loll

  33. Louvick D'arcy

    Louvick D'arcyDag siden

    Can you film a skyfish also known as a rod in slow mo ? It would be very interesting since nobody knows if it's just a myth. It's basically something that travels at around 300 kmph.And yes this is a jojo's reference.

  34. Luke s

    Luke sDag siden

    is this really just him playing with his cat

  35. Genilyn Lizada

    Genilyn LizadaDag siden

    Youre cat is cute

  36. Genilyn Lizada

    Genilyn LizadaDag siden

    I have an idea . Thank bullet cut in slow mo

  37. Aleksey Malyshev

    Aleksey MalyshevDag siden

    Why does the can look so human-like here <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="255">4:15</a> ? It's scary.

  38. Reclaimer

    ReclaimerDag siden

    This video is brought to you by Meg’s dirty socks

  39. Va al

    Va alDag siden

    Looks yummy

  40. Sam Town

    Sam TownDag siden

    Anyone else notice the missing shoe lmao

  41. Maureen Kelly

    Maureen KellyDag siden

    Smee looks like he might be a Tonkinese.

  42. Young Kid

    Young KidDag siden

    If you are scrolling and see this comment, I hope you have a really good day👍

  43. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> cats vision is not that good from close quarters, you can see him trying to locate the string with his whiskas, pretty neat.

  44. Jacob Rosenbaum

    Jacob RosenbaumDag siden

    Gavə, recreate super dump bucket but super slow mo

  45. Zac Waterhouse

    Zac WaterhouseDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> Risky Business

  46. Cristoval De Leon

    Cristoval De LeonDag siden

    Axe throwing

  47. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomDag siden

    Love that he's wearing a Nerdy Nummies T-shirt

  48. Pluto, the planet

    Pluto, the planetDag siden

    Slowmo cat... ok.. but SLOWMO KITTEN???

  49. michaelovitch

    michaelovitchDag siden

    How old was Lloyd ?

  50. Gwen ashaleema

    Gwen ashaleemaDag siden

    Now i know how this channel get 13million subs

  51. Full Metal Dentures

    Full Metal Dentures2 dager siden

    do cotton candy in slow motion

  52. Majaempfiehlt

    Majaempfiehlt2 dager siden

    The best episode by far. Nice and adorable cute cat. Greetings from your german fans from #Majarecommends. 😀😺💜

  53. Leo

    Leo2 dager siden

    This is fantastic!! I'm a cat lover and love this!

  54. Роман Кузнецов

    Роман Кузнецов2 dager siden

    Думаю на сегодня интернета достаточно. Ничего лучше я уже не увижу.

  55. rodders greenfield

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  56. Center Jacked

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    Now this is the kind of content I'm looking for.

  57. Tameryn Gill

    Tameryn Gill2 dager siden

    He just disproved that cats always land on their feet

  58. living the dream

    living the dream2 dager siden

    Your cat looks a lot like our Burmese chocolate, beautiful cat 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  59. Pin-Wu Yu

    Pin-Wu Yu2 dager siden

    Gav filming his cat in slow mo... me: *say no more, i’m HERE FOR IT!!!* 😍😍😍😍😍 i want to be reborn as a cat

  60. Dan B

    Dan B2 dager siden

    You put a collar on a cat

  61. TheMaxthesis

    TheMaxthesis2 dager siden

    Yeah that music is not driving anyone insane, at all.

  62. coolness06

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    Love that he's wearing a Nerdy Nummies T-shirt

  63. Joanna

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  64. MuffinTradeMarked

    MuffinTradeMarked2 dager siden

    i've been meaning to see a cat in slow mo! now i have a video of it.

  65. Rudy RedTop

    Rudy RedTop2 dager siden

    Now THIS is the kind of Corona lockdown content I need.

  66. BikernNCa

    BikernNCa2 dager siden

    He's a handsome one. Great video. I really enjoyed it.

  67. Joanna

    Joanna2 dager siden

    Need slow motion video about "mantis shrimp"/mantis cancer/Рак-богомол I don't know how correctly it is in English Top to D and G watch this comment!

  68. Dark Burger

    Dark Burger2 dager siden

    I was smiling through out the whole video, this is the type of content I live for

  69. Fin Jones

    Fin Jones2 dager siden

    I only just found out today that they are from the uk 🤯

  70. David Lawson

    David Lawson2 dager siden

    The perfect cat video doesn't ex.........

  71. Cesare Vesdani

    Cesare Vesdani2 dager siden

    I hope that for your next video that you are going to make a "Balloon June" experiment. Use a weather balloon to make the experiment. Fill a weather balloon with water until it pops. Let the weather balloon pop by itself.

  72. Max Sprigg-Dudley

    Max Sprigg-Dudley2 dager siden

    How could 1.1k people dislike this video? It's the pinnacle of internet videos

  73. B Nugget

    B Nugget2 dager siden

    More cats!! That was fantastic!

  74. David Gardiner

    David Gardiner2 dager siden

    That sounds a lot like the music used in Tiny Wings. Same composer?

  75. Oronno Sadequr Rahman

    Oronno Sadequr Rahman2 dager siden Cat playing hide and seek game..


    GHOST TOWN HEART2 dager siden

    Thank you for the wholesome content 🥰

  77. t d

    t d2 dager siden

    You might want to have your cat checked out by a vet. They don't normally fall on their backs. Especially more than once.

  78. Dexter Neustadt

    Dexter Neustadt2 dager siden

    Jumping Cat June with the Slow Mo Guys

  79. Rexobaby720

    Rexobaby7202 dager siden

    That’s a healthy looking cat.

  80. Natalia B.

    Natalia B.2 dager siden

    Best one

  81. Soothing Relaxation Music

    Soothing Relaxation Music2 dager siden

    *Your cat poses well in front of the camera*

  82. Contra PC

    Contra PC2 dager siden

    Need slow motion video about "mantis shrimp"/mantis cancer/Рак-богомол I don't know how correctly it is in English Top to D and G watch this comment!

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    Aaron Gonzalez2 dager siden

    why would you possibly dislike this video? like actually tell me

  84. saikanonojutsu

    saikanonojutsu2 dager siden

    Why was his accent thicker in 2014

  85. GoodMusicManiac999 Z

    GoodMusicManiac999 Z3 dager siden

    Wow, what a great video. As a cat person I particularly appreciated watching such a cute kitty having so much fun... in slow movements! The 2014 footage was really splendid in terms of photography. (I didn't understand if Smee it's a bou or a girl)