Catching Up With The Olsen Twins

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Even 14 years after unofficially retiring from acting, Mary-Kate and Ashley are still two of the richest and most famous celebrities in the world. Let's take a look back at some of the most overlooked aspects of their early acting careers, including a potential scam that sounds ahead of its time and a very specific event service they helped pioneer that doesn't really seem to make sense in any time period.
This is probably the longest I've worked on a video since that Vine retrospective I made last year. Please reward my efforts by paying close attention and telling your grandparents about it when you're done.
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"Mary-Kate and Ashley: Our First Video"
Mary-Kate and Ashley's "Fun Club" fan complaints
Sail With The Stars
Mary-Kate and Ashley's weird 1992 interview
I fell face first down the Olsen Twins rabbit hole this week and found a bunch of other stuff I thought was interesting but didn't necessarily fit into this already long video. Here's some links if you're curious:
Their manager might have been a coked-up psychopath:
A woman's strange experience with the Olsen twins on a Sail With The Stars cruise:
An article that is self-explanatory once you read the headline:
An LA Times article from 1995 documenting the surprise cancellation of 'Full House'"
Jessica Simpson (yes, THAT Jessica Simpson) is also a billionaire. Go figure:
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  1. Slippy Dippy

    Slippy Dippy3 timer siden

    R.L. Stine is the exact person I want to see in a pair of swim shorts

  2. Schuyler_Edits

    Schuyler_Edits4 timer siden

    Id pay a THOUSAND well maybe like 7 dollars

  3. A.S.M Studios

    A.S.M Studios4 timer siden

    $69,420 on the top door hinge

  4. That weird Bengali chick

    That weird Bengali chick13 timer siden

    lia marie johnson is another case.

  5. John C

    John CDag siden

    They were so cute. I feel bad for them

  6. AgeOfOdds

    AgeOfOddsDag siden

    I feel so bad for them all the time. My cousin had a crush on Ashley when we were kids tho lol

  7. sophia

    sophiaDag siden

    lol i understand the computer screen and it’s amazing

  8. Raccon

    RacconDag siden

    Umm Drew...what are you wearing

  9. Lexa Terrestrial

    Lexa TerrestrialDag siden

    I WISH i could Post a Picture of what was advertised just now on your video.. omg... 😂🤣

  10. dflosounds

    dflosoundsDag siden

    I remember wanting to be famous really badly as a teenager. I just turned 30, and at this point I'm actually very glad I'm not, and never was, famous. The fact that they never had a choice makes me feel really bad for them. Childhood is when you learn how to interact with the world and other people, and theirs was filled with adults using them for money, absolutely no privacy, and 0 relatability with other kids. I'm no psychologist, but I can't imagine that bodes very well for their adult mental health. Not to mention that have millions of people commenting about them and making assumptions...kind of like what I just did.

  11. Yeety Redding

    Yeety ReddingDag siden

    I really expected drew to say the fun club seems like a cult just from his tone

  12. Its Julie Sis

    Its Julie SisDag siden


  13. Ryan With A Four

    Ryan With A FourDag siden

    I'll buy Drew for 12 dollars

  14. Harriet Alice

    Harriet AliceDag siden

    Fame can wreck people, especially at such a young age. So much pressure and public scrutiny isn't good for *anyone*, let alone when you're still developing. The saddest part is that people still haven't learnt what harm such scrutiny can do. Look at Millie Bobby Brown, she looked stunning at the SAG awards, yet people took to Twitter to call her out for looking 'too old'. Imagine what damage that can cause to someone, especially being in an industry where women are already under so much pressure. I feel like sometimes we forget how many celebrities have died young, or succumbed to drugs or extreme plastic surgery. =/

  15. Gloryalexx

    GloryalexxDag siden

    Wait hold on wait- would you call him pat, rick, or pAtRiCk?!??? I’m so confused

  16. Pranav Joy

    Pranav JoyDag siden

    Did no one notice that drew called a control center for a secret agency?

  17. Brittany Sanderson

    Brittany Sanderson2 dager siden

    Knowing what we know now about Bill & Hillary, the “President” song is creepy af! All aboard the lolita express ✈️🏝

  18. Bonnie May

    Bonnie May2 dager siden

    My 10 year old & 8 year old have been asking me for a NO-gos channel for years. Absolutely not. I will not have strangers looking at my babies. There are too many creeps in this world.

  19. Georgia Pengalin

    Georgia Pengalin2 dager siden

    They always seem so unhappy. Even as kids. Especially in their songs...

  20. F L A P P Y

    F L A P P Y2 dager siden

    Is Drew for sale

  21. Hads Here

    Hads Here2 dager siden

    I’ll buy Danny for 1mil

  22. chrischris

    chrischris2 dager siden

    Isn't "Peanut Butter" a song from The Liverbirds in the 60s? Lol Just saying, the chorus sounds similar

  23. Gilly Anne Graves

    Gilly Anne Graves2 dager siden

    Oh Drew Goodwin, the poor mans Danny Gonzalez.

  24. Get Real

    Get Real3 dager siden

    I beg to differ. These types of cruises still exist to this day. I won’t name names, but there are authors, and tv personalities that organize these things. Yes, they are the main attraction and you pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to earn the privilege to be in the same vicinity with them for several days. Normally the folks who partake, are 45 and older.

  25. blackcube el

    blackcube el3 dager siden

    if only they would of ate shrooms instead of smokin meth

  26. blackcube el

    blackcube el3 dager siden

    globs of peanut butter

  27. blackcube el

    blackcube el3 dager siden

    it was 17$ what did u excpect

  28. Marcus Hooper

    Marcus Hooper3 dager siden

    Their sister is an amazing actor though! However, she probably chose that whenever she was old enough lol!

  29. Amelia Scarlett

    Amelia Scarlett3 dager siden

    Mary-kate and dashley

  30. PerSix

    PerSix3 dager siden

    you vibe checked them before vibe checking was a thing

  31. Herb Tenderson

    Herb Tenderson3 dager siden

    1.2k trumphumpers got a hold of this video apparently

  32. Brittany Rodriguez

    Brittany Rodriguez4 dager siden


  33. Tara Von

    Tara Von5 dager siden

    Being a diehard Olsen fan since I was young, I’m pretty sure “Brother for Sale” was one of their first songs?

  34. Mamabear 0824

    Mamabear 08245 dager siden

    Actually a fan of Danny so watched your vids. Found this one funny though that you mentioned trump when they were talking about being President. Cut to the next video where they are trying to sell their sibling brother. Should have mentioned Hillary since she's linked with pedophiles such as Epstein. Would have worked as a good skit if u made this video when Epstein got caught for his child raping/killing. "Little brother for sale!" *Epstein and the Clintons have the highest bids, fighting over the young boy for sale.*

  35. Ruth Oboros

    Ruth Oboros5 dager siden

    Vote Patrick for the next president he'll be quiet the star!

  36. Amber

    Amber5 dager siden

    I grew up watching the Olsen twins and singing their dumb songs. It's sad to reflect back as an adult now on how much abuse they must've gone through.

  37. HelloIdkWhatI'mDoing

    HelloIdkWhatI'mDoing5 dager siden

    I completely forgot the golden twins played Michelle lmao, I love full house though

  38. Kaedon Matthews

    Kaedon Matthews5 dager siden

    Drew gooden 1.00

  39. Sage Oldmann

    Sage Oldmann5 dager siden

    You’re telling everyone how to raise their kids and you’re not even old enough to have kids 😂😂😂😂😂

  40. DaringDucky

    DaringDucky3 dager siden

    Sage Oldmann First off, he is old enough. Second off, he’s not telling anyone how to raise their kids. He’s literally just saying that marketing your child as a way to make money is a bad thing, which it is. If you disagree with that, I got news for you.

  41. Serena’s Channel

    Serena’s Channel5 dager siden

    The Olsen twins were only good actors in full house

  42. Wåsâbï Bėntø -わさび弁当

    Wåsâbï Bėntø -わさび弁当5 dager siden

    So Drew is for sale??!??

  43. Marneus

    Marneus6 dager siden

    >child actors ultimately make the choice to act Lmfao, is this real life

  44. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men Productions6 dager siden

    My name is Jake Olsen they have a step brother with my same name. I’m on IMDb for a couple things I created their brother didn’t have an IMDb page. A reality show who was interviewing famous peoples family used my IMDb page and put me in the cast of the show instead of that Jake Olsen. Lmao

  45. caitron neery

    caitron neery6 dager siden

    Okay I used to be OBSESSED with them all the way through to New York Minute (only because they disappeared after that lol)

  46. Little Toaster

    Little Toaster6 dager siden

    My dad’s middle name is Alan

  47. Jude Connor-Macintyre

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    What happens when a tree hits the ground and no one is around to hear

  49. Wolvarina Plays

    Wolvarina Plays6 dager siden

    19:35 pure horror

  50. Lauren Bromund

    Lauren Bromund6 dager siden

    Macaulay Culkin seems to be doing just fine to me

  51. Cory Ball

    Cory Ball7 dager siden

    Million with a L? this whole time I've thought it was spelled with an N. Weird....

  52. Cory Ball

    Cory Ball7 dager siden

    ha ha ha *slow clap* full house

  53. Rachel Sampson

    Rachel Sampson7 dager siden

    What a gem that president bit was. I'm crying.

  54. Ellen Kaline

    Ellen Kaline7 dager siden

    That’s so funny, I just watched a video about the first female band in the UK called the Liverbirds or some shit. I think they were the ones to write the Peanut butter song!

  55. Mochalolo1928

    Mochalolo19287 dager siden

    Holy shit man! You actually make me want a VPN 😂🤣

  56. Grace Morpurgo

    Grace Morpurgo7 dager siden

    Martin was sooo good!!!! I still watch reruns haha

  57. Scott Scully

    Scott Scully8 dager siden

    This gives me diarrhea

  58. Anneliese Martin

    Anneliese Martin8 dager siden

    That is so weird because when I was little my mom read me a book called sister for sale and the plot sounds very similar.

  59. Noah Beller

    Noah Beller8 dager siden

    Anyone else bothered by the Club entertainment ad narrator? Mary Kay TAND Ashley

  60. papapapenis

    papapapenis8 dager siden

    -Hello, is this President Bill Clinton? -No, this is Pat Rick

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    ElijahGMusic8 dager siden

    The girl in the thumbnail on the left looks like Sabrina Carpenter