Celebrities Who Insulted Ellen Degenere On Her Own Show

Celebrities Who Insulted Ellen Degenere On Her Own Show
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  1. Lexi Oneill

    Lexi Oneill3 timer siden

    Love your vids

  2. Vep Cat

    Vep Cat3 timer siden

    She deserves it, Ellen degenerate

  3. Julian Cooper

    Julian Cooper5 timer siden


  4. Ashley Fiya

    Ashley Fiya5 timer siden

    Didn't he say Ellen is gay then why do they show her kiss a guy wait i don't understand here <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a> look for yourself

  5. Anthony Daniels

    Anthony Daniels5 timer siden

    I mean they’re laughing so I think it’s just more roasting eachother

  6. MrJuicy.

    MrJuicy.6 timer siden

    This guy is a Ellon lover

  7. MrJuicy.

    MrJuicy.6 timer siden

    Could not blame him though...

  8. Kiera Jenkins

    Kiera Jenkins6 timer siden

    Please stop making these cause we don’t wanna hear your voice ‼️

  9. Lightning Skate

    Lightning Skate10 timer siden

    There Just having fun I don’t get it

  10. Ardi Zubia

    Ardi Zubia11 timer siden

    Do you even know what is an insult?

  11. Charles Barton

    Charles Barton11 timer siden

    Hidden message

  12. Brooklyn Hill

    Brooklyn Hill13 timer siden

    Stop being mean to her

  13. Brooklyn Hill

    Brooklyn Hill13 timer siden

    Omg I love you elen

  14. Ethel Petropoulos

    Ethel Petropoulos13 timer siden


  15. Peris Murugi

    Peris Murugi13 timer siden

    ooh soo sorry

  16. Jeremiah Young

    Jeremiah Young17 timer siden

    Picture on front:Ellen kicking Billie Eilish The vid:no body gets kicked out Me:bruh.....bruh

  17. Dennis Dagdayan

    Dennis Dagdayan18 timer siden


  18. Wild Card

    Wild Card20 timer siden

    *ellen getting insulted in her own show* *Dr Phil:am I a joke to you*

  19. Zoe Taco

    Zoe Taco21 time siden

    Why was Billie Eilish in the thumbnail???

  20. Lexi Buchanan

    Lexi BuchananDag siden


  21. bigboyirish1

    bigboyirish1Dag siden

    Hi Ellen I'm daisy can you give me a shout out .pls I love your videos

  22. marcustmlll

    marcustmlllDag siden

    What a waste of time here.. nonsense

  23. Student Nicol�s Ferrer Roig

    Student Nicol�s Ferrer RoigDag siden


  24. Nicole Walther

    Nicole WaltherDag siden


  25. Kourtnee Allen

    Kourtnee AllenDag siden

    Ohh dang that first own hit diff

  26. Rayanya Reed (Student)

    Rayanya Reed (Student)Dag siden

    that mean

  27. Cassie Fort

    Cassie FortDag siden

    This video is incredibly biased and really steers toward the narrative that Ellen is perfect. I'm not buying it.

  28. Catherine Moore

    Catherine MooreDag siden


  29. Elena’s Channel

    Elena’s ChannelDag siden

    Like if ur watching this at like 4am in April 2020

  30. Vanessa Tejada

    Vanessa TejadaDag siden

    I need a iPhone

  31. TheNicoh331

    TheNicoh331Dag siden

    Why is he talking the whole time

  32. ngahuia reedy

    ngahuia reedyDag siden

    I love this channel

  33. mohmmad alnabali

    mohmmad alnabaliDag siden

    Can you shut up and let us watch the video

  34. Jack Baumgartner

    Jack BaumgartnerDag siden


  35. The Minecraft Girl

    The Minecraft GirlDag siden

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited with Billie And so did you!

  36. Joey Platner

    Joey PlatnerDag siden

    Phone pls 📱 PONE

  37. zavion holmes

    zavion holmesDag siden


  38. Lil’ meow meow

    Lil’ meow meowDag siden

    I hate Ellen she’s a psychopath and super mean ._.

  39. cyberwolf gaming

    cyberwolf gamingDag siden

    He called her elen degenerate 😂

  40. Fake Choi

    Fake ChoiDag siden


  41. Most Wanted

    Most Wanted2 dager siden

    Narrator Be Like 3 Broken Noses 4 Broken Legs 5 Coronavirus Cases And 6 Broken Arms 😂

  42. Sheldon Heuer

    Sheldon Heuer2 dager siden

    What a terrible video

  43. Imani _savagequeen

    Imani _savagequeen2 dager siden


  44. prit lex

    prit lex2 dager siden

    is the narrator a Karen?

  45. Carol Rosvall

    Carol Rosvall2 dager siden

    Everyone should be kind

  46. Tyler Horne

    Tyler Horne2 dager siden

    Love I guys

  47. CT2272

    CT22722 dager siden

    The cat thing rlly confuses me cuz like she said as a joke that cats are girls and dogs are boys and it is named after a transgender and she said it sounded like a man stating the cat could be a transgender so there is nothing wrong with how Ellen it this dude found this bad is kind of confusing but I may need more context Also Ellen is a confirmed lesbian and married

  48. Antonio Santana

    Antonio Santana2 dager siden

    This is unbalivable

  49. Legal Fiction Natural Fact

    Legal Fiction Natural Fact2 dager siden

    FUCK ELLEN. she deserves every last jab she gets.

  50. Crisha de Pedro

    Crisha de Pedro2 dager siden

    Roses are red Violets are blue *I came for Billie* And so did you

  51. Tatenda Machuwe

    Tatenda Machuwe2 dager siden

    Go Ellen

  52. Renegade Rogue

    Renegade Rogue2 dager siden

    because you are talking about ellen i will subscribe

  53. Renegade Rogue

    Renegade Rogue2 dager siden

    Ellen is the best :)

  54. Renegade Rogue

    Renegade Rogue2 dager siden

    how dare anybody insult Ellen she is the nicest,funniest,coolest host in the world and over all a amazing person with an amazing personality.

  55. Steven Brown

    Steven Brown2 dager siden

    So amazing 😀👍

  56. Pran Rai

    Pran Rai2 dager siden


  57. Young Gutta

    Young Gutta2 dager siden

    Thanks for click bait

  58. Kailen Williams

    Kailen Williams2 dager siden

    Hi 😄😄😄💚❤💚❤💚❤🔒

  59. Brian Hart

    Brian Hart2 dager siden

    I love your videos

  60. Fred Campbell

    Fred Campbell2 dager siden

    This guy doesn't get a joke

  61. I’m Checkered

    I’m Checkered2 dager siden

    Who thinks the ppl who insult elen click here 👇

  62. Emily Paige

    Emily Paige2 dager siden

    Omg they’re just cracking jokes! It’s not awkward like even a little...

  63. Zoe Batzdorff

    Zoe Batzdorff2 dager siden

    Not me

  64. Elijah T Jonas

    Elijah T Jonas2 dager siden


  65. Online With Sherkhan

    Online With Sherkhan2 dager siden

    16k dislike want to see real 🤬

  66. Rania Haitoumi

    Rania Haitoumi3 dager siden

    So useful

  67. jack bauer

    jack bauer3 dager siden

    I can't stand most of these ppl

  68. Sienna Hammett-chow

    Sienna Hammett-chow3 dager siden

    Ellen billie elish voices and I would like the MacBook Pro for my mum because she’s struggling at home with this virus

  69. Wade Brunt

    Wade Brunt3 dager siden

    Is it just me or did anyone come here cuz of billie eilish

  70. Jenn Feist

    Jenn Feist3 dager siden


  71. Araceli Casiano

    Araceli Casiano3 dager siden


  72. Sisco Dad

    Sisco Dad3 dager siden

    what God has said, once he's done letting the Devil clean house, "world") the Coronavirus will be stopped by his mercy, so yes, he will give the intelligence to someone to stop it, find the cure or vaccine, buuut we are to fear what's the next punishment for the sins of the world, if Evil people don't stop killing, or being cold, something worse will surely rise, and i' don't mean in 10 or 5 years.

  73. CA_Gizelle

    CA_Gizelle3 dager siden

    nicole kidman looks like a bag of milk

  74. Omotola Awodiji

    Omotola Awodiji3 dager siden

    I love your videos 😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  75. Shante Burrell

    Shante Burrell3 dager siden

    I really want to see that zaza🙏🏻🙏🏻

  76. Bella Morgan

    Bella Morgan3 dager siden

    Omg Narrator,get a joke! :l

  77. Abajjaakakk Koko

    Abajjaakakk Koko3 dager siden

    The thing with that audience woman was completely unnecessary. To embarasse her like that, in a show that million of people watch... they could‘ve insult her backstage and not in front of the entire world... not cool ellen

  78. Phil Jamieson

    Phil Jamieson3 dager siden

    Pleas I wasn’t an iPad

  79. Charnell Clarke

    Charnell Clarke3 dager siden


  80. Romeo Samson

    Romeo Samson3 dager siden

    What's that keyword? Lol

  81. kwinshai

    kwinshai3 dager siden

    I got chills when I saw billie eilish but I am dissapointed at the same time cauz billie wasn't there haysss