Conor McGregor on UFC 246, Khabib, Mayweather | Extended Interview | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Conor McGregor sits down with Ariel Helwani as he prepares to make his return to the UFC to discuss: The improvements he’s made for his well-being, (12:15) how becoming a father for the second time has changed him, (16:23) fighting Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, (24:15) the buildup to his bout vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov, (31:54) negotiating a new contract with the UFC, (35:40) working with Tony Robbins, (40:33) his aspirations of becoming a billionaire by age 35, (41:47) wanting a rematch with Floyd Mayweather and (44:40) having talks about a potential boxing match vs. Manny Pacquiao.
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  1. Joey Egan

    Joey Egan3 dager siden

    How can I get addicted to something like I like doing mma and sometimes I just don’t feel like going anyone know how I can get addicted to it and want to go all the time?

  2. The world king

    The world king3 dager siden


  3. Remember Difference

    Remember Difference4 dager siden

    Nobody: And Nobody at all: And absolutely nobody: Conor: ummm, ummm , ummm

  4. Aiden Fletcher

    Aiden Fletcher4 dager siden

    Hes a snake asking these questions the little slime ball needs a good knock .

  5. 619masterful

    619masterful5 dager siden


  6. Emil Gorchkhanov

    Emil Gorchkhanov7 dager siden

    Best part is 47:47

  7. jack

    jack7 dager siden

    U gonna get mauled again boy

  8. a human

    a human8 dager siden

    Mc gregor is smarter and stronger than before

  9. Boxing Star

    Boxing Star8 dager siden

    Hey look! It's the child that Khabib fathered. What a humble kid he has turned out to be.

  10. Nathan Hall

    Nathan Hall9 dager siden

    "No one's punching me in the face" - Mystic Mac

  11. Fine kabbaj

    Fine kabbaj10 dager siden

    This nice new Conor is a result of the 18 minutes mauling and smashing by humble KHABIB. Boy, he seems to have learned his lesson.

  12. TheUBomb

    TheUBomb10 dager siden

    I'm gonna make him humble - khabib

  13. Roman Humbug

    Roman Humbug10 dager siden

    Mcgregor - Thats is the lightweight championship Jones- yes Mcgregor- good man good man

  14. Carl Morisette

    Carl Morisette10 dager siden

    I dont like ariel

  15. Carl Morisette

    Carl Morisette10 dager siden

    Change him

  16. former

    former11 dager siden

    Disgusting beard

  17. former

    former11 dager siden

    The most overrated fighter on a planet

  18. Dave Hamar

    Dave Hamar11 dager siden

    Who want to see khabib vs mayweather? Absolutely Nobody. A MMA wrestler vs a Non MMA Boxer. The truth is mayweather is trolling/ teasing I hate people pretending that they don’t fight for money, but Belt and legacy Fake Fake person, Khabib and GSP that would sell put

  19. The Brown Knight

    The Brown Knight12 dager siden

    Alcohol didn't make this clown lose it was the fact he has ground game.

  20. Jerry A

    Jerry A12 dager siden

    It's so awesome that we get to see a Conor more focused than the last one. It will make him even more dangerous, and that will be a truly incredible sight to see. I can't wait to see his next fight.

  21. karim haroni

    karim haroni13 dager siden

    كونور متعجرف وحقير وضالم نال جزاءه من البطل المسلم كبيب

  22. karim haroni

    karim haroni13 dager siden

    الإنسان المكتبر والمتعجرف الضالم يخسر مهما كانت قوته

  23. Matthew,Neufer Ruach of Yahweh

    Matthew,Neufer Ruach of Yahweh13 dager siden

    I wonder how much Donald got paid to lay down for that fight it was an obvious lay down pay down

  24. TheAlfaOmegaStar

    TheAlfaOmegaStar14 dager siden

    Could this be more boring? 😴

  25. ?,?,

    ?,?,14 dager siden

    Khabib is in Connors head

  26. Lucas X

    Lucas X14 dager siden

    44:40 I believe conor and manny are fighting late this year or 2021, he said “oh yeaa” like he wasn’t supposed to say that. It’ll be a great fight I’ll always go for the champ champ!

  27. LEGIN

    LEGIN14 dager siden

    Couple of seconds ha ya got that right

  28. GoneRouge

    GoneRouge15 dager siden


  29. kelley Rogers

    kelley Rogers15 dager siden

    I dont even like fighting but I love this guy. His appeal is monsterous. He needs to be in Movies TV ect. He is beloved! He could make you tube workout videos and millions will watch. He has a winners attitude that most of us lack

  30. kelley Rogers

    kelley Rogers13 dager siden

    @Content Genius he may or he is just premoting Tysons weed in Ireland. He is a business man

  31. Content Genius

    Content Genius13 dager siden

    lemme ask u ... do you think he smokes weed? not a big deal just curious what you think...

  32. Cubs City

    Cubs City15 dager siden

    Mike Tyson had to take happy pills to keep from killing someone. Conner: I just took my happy pill 💊 and I’m ready to go now! 😂 😆 😝

  33. Alexis Hufstedler

    Alexis Hufstedler15 dager siden

    They still think i am toast! But i am still the bread.........Nice quote my friend!

  34. Alexis Hufstedler

    Alexis Hufstedler15 dager siden

    Terry lee on twitter Is your biggest fan..Not to mention he wants to be in your corner! Conner i will shake your hand one day!

  35. Alexis Hufstedler

    Alexis Hufstedler15 dager siden

    Your one amazing guy Conner...Fan for life my friend!

  36. Truth Speaker

    Truth Speaker16 dager siden

    Connor stay humble champ. By the way, thank khabib for instilling humility and realisation into you.

  37. uruneaw

    uruneaw16 dager siden

    he will have to win 10 fights for a rematch. connor: thats fear meh, not so humble it appears. connor doesnt deserve a rematch. at least not yet. he was mauled and dominated. you gotta climb those steps son before you go around wanting to fight the best in the world.

  38. Aviral Janveja

    Aviral Janveja16 dager siden

    The capital 'M' shows up in the views column everytime McGregor is on !

  39. Judah Cochrane

    Judah Cochrane16 dager siden

    That fight was rigged cowboy can fight there’s no way I’m buying that Mcgregor victory

  40. Clarke Corvo

    Clarke Corvo16 dager siden

    man.. i like this conor.

  41. Unc0ver_YT

    Unc0ver_YT17 dager siden

    Connor “The Fluke”

  42. True Scripture

    True Scripture17 dager siden

    Now that's the way champs act and talk, humble but with their head still held up

  43. Raheem

    Raheem18 dager siden

    Nobody: Conor: "Ehm"

  44. iTz-VirtuaL

    iTz-VirtuaL18 dager siden

    I see Deez shots, and I don't shy away from them

  45. iTz-VirtuaL

    iTz-VirtuaL18 dager siden

    Connor actually being genuinely humble here. Jones should take notes after the interview he did with Ariel. Man's sounded like he read straight off a script.

  46. stephen sawyers

    stephen sawyers18 dager siden

    Conor has just stopped sniffing the devil’s dandruff

  47. Biggieboss power

    Biggieboss power18 dager siden

    Khabib is so scared of Conor thats why he want him to win 10 Fights he knows Conor was drinking and didnt train half as much as he normaly does commited Conor beats hiM!

  48. iamjay

    iamjay18 dager siden

    Khabib came through with what he had said "I will make him humble"

  49. Stuart Wright

    Stuart Wright18 dager siden

    Conor will loose his next fight with Khabib,

  50. Wapn Perfo

    Wapn Perfo18 dager siden

    Complete opposite of Jon Jones... both went down a dangerous path... Jones defeated himself... Conor recognized his weakness... and pulled through. Much respect.

  51. Карабас Барабасович

    Карабас Барабасович18 dager siden

    Наши лодки превосходит американские, но у нас их ещё нет, наши танки превосходят.. , но у нас их ещё нет и т.д. А за войну лучше бы уже молчали. Ни патронов, ни снарядов не было. Гнали на убой не обученных пацанов. Болтуны.

  52. Alexander Kray

    Alexander Kray18 dager siden

    Get rid of the beard

  53. ألثقفي

    ألثقفي19 dager siden

    ❌ Khabib it has become a horror nightmare for Conor . The problem is the long tongue that brought Conor to this miserable, pitiful situation eivn his fans are spitting on his face now 😅. Conor If he just respected the man from the beginning maybe his would not destroy you and make you look laik a littl Beyysh now hhhhhhhhhHh😂

  54. Thabo Mathikge

    Thabo Mathikge19 dager siden

    he works so hard to keep calm

  55. galaxxy09

    galaxxy0919 dager siden

    This host sucks, asks the same questions 10 times. Get interesting mate.

  56. JerGelventures

    JerGelventures19 dager siden

    Patience is a skill we must mastah. -Conor Mcgregor, 2020.

  57. Ali Nawaz

    Ali Nawaz19 dager siden

    A legend once said "ill make him humble" lmao

  58. bill keane

    bill keane20 dager siden

    young lad few too much drinks feels insulted has a slap at some one tell me something new he is human but he is not a thug hes is well a normal young Irish lad but he is in a fish bowl he is the best fighter to ever come out of Ireland at any discipline period and we will never see his like again for a long long time if ever

  59. Gary Edmonds

    Gary Edmonds20 dager siden

    He's finally growing up,yes you have promote fights,but be more dignified,and your fan base will double

  60. hagler10033

    hagler1003323 dager siden

    A rare commodity, the quieter he is, the louder he becomes

  61. Zygimantas Zukauskas

    Zygimantas Zukauskas18 dager siden

    Thanx for sanity in a pool of (comments) blind hate, stupidity and madness.

  62. 88Dogster

    88Dogster23 dager siden

    The best advice to Conner would be: Apply more ground n pound to ur game. By that I mean learn from Jonesy. Seen how many wins he has? Seen how he finish? What do you think? Also Khabib is ultra defensive, so a win requieres something very offensive and penetrating. Maybe slam? Hey if Conners runs out of gas anyhow he might aswell go for a slam with a nasty landing. Havent seen any slam attempts. Could also be Jonesy kind of Elbows in the grabling defense. Remember Khabib needs to hold with the hands which could open som gaps possibly...

  63. 88Dogster

    88Dogster23 dager siden

    The beard makes him look like Travis Browne :(

  64. amine cougar

    amine cougar24 dager siden

    Conor is really a strange person, he almost got killed by khabib , he tapped 6 times, and now says khabib’s afraid of him.. is he serious?? He must go see a doctor