Corona Virus Isolation Box

Stay safe furze army and hope you don't end up needing the Furze Isolation Box!!!!
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  1. colinfurze

    colinfurze9 dager siden

    Hope this is informative as well as entertaining, hope this all passes you by as best as possible. Stay Healthy Furzearmy.

  2. SkyrimFusrodah 28214824

    SkyrimFusrodah 282148248 timer siden

    Aye its corona time right now

  3. goofycker

    goofyckerDag siden

    Mr Farts, again..

  4. Q

    QDag siden

    7 - 14 Days, easy watch a few VHS Classic's and read books. Before the internet they had these things called BOOKS, look it up.

  5. LukeTheNuke1111

    LukeTheNuke1111Dag siden

    I'll take your entire stock.

  6. ᴀ ғʀᴀɴᴄᴇ ʀᴀᴛ

    ᴀ ғʀᴀɴᴄᴇ ʀᴀᴛ2 dager siden


  7. 20EUR20

    20EUR209 minutter siden

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> It really made me laugh!

  8. Bart Simpson Boi

    Bart Simpson Boi10 minutter siden

    I need one of those

  9. PLayZi Gaming

    PLayZi Gaming19 minutter siden

    that fake hand at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> with his evil laugh* XD

  10. T R X S H

    T R X S H25 minutter siden

    Who’s smarter mark rover or Colin Tell me in the comments please I wanna know

  11. Octobris

    Octobris30 minutter siden

    You do realise irons exist, right?

  12. Frosty BTW

    Frosty BTW31 minutt siden

    Don't you have a bunk- oh now I see

  13. Kolby Peters

    Kolby Peters53 minutter siden

  14. Anar Anr

    Anar Anr54 minutter siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">01:40</a> very beautiful idea bro

  15. DirtCheapMeals

    DirtCheapMealsTime siden

    Can other people comment on videos using Firefox? My comments don't work.

  16. DirtCheapMeals

    DirtCheapMealsTime siden

    That;s weird wild stuff!

  17. muad'dib

    muad'dibTime siden

    pretty nifty actually. can double as a coffin.

  18. Reynaldi Syahrizal

    Reynaldi SyahrizalTime siden

    Crazy man

  19. Picklejames Adventure 2.0

    Picklejames Adventure 2.0Time siden

    Hey colinfurze, u know that surviving the corona virus has a 98% of success and 2% of dying from it.

  20. Justinas

    JustinasTime siden

    Do a 24hour challenge....or try live there for a week!

  21. Sebastian Gruszczynski

    Sebastian GruszczynskiTime siden

    is this the guy from primer? is he really trying to time travel again just to escape the quarantine

  22. Mihkel Tamm

    Mihkel TammTime siden

    Mate where can i buy one. Like if you want one.

  23. Red 92

    Red 922 timer siden

    Remember me not to get sick in your house lol 😂

  24. skull gameing

    skull gameing2 timer siden

    How much is this

  25. سید عباد حیدر شاہ نقوی

    سید عباد حیدر شاہ نقوی2 timer siden


  26. Caleb LoBue

    Caleb LoBue2 timer siden

    This man is literally jimmy neutron

  27. Tomas Jimenez

    Tomas Jimenez2 timer siden

    Very bad taste

  28. Steven elliott

    Steven elliott2 timer siden

    That's y I have friends online in vrchat

  29. adelani masha

    adelani masha2 timer siden

    I was just gonna use my room.....

  30. Rano 120684

    Rano 1206842 timer siden

    can i buy it

  31. saif Malik

    saif Malik2 timer siden

    It would be easier to just invade china!!! They gonna kill us anyway!!!

  32. Tori Gratton

    Tori Gratton2 timer siden

    14 PLEASE 14 plank that curve!!!

  33. MR red

    MR red2 timer siden

    He has the toilet paper rols tho

  34. Dzoni Bgood

    Dzoni Bgood3 timer siden

    You make fun with corona,but the situation is really serious. People are dying all over the world. We all need to be serious. Greetings from Serbia

  35. Melba Marco

    Melba Marco3 timer siden

    Me want to buy that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Haz wizZRblx

    Haz wizZRblx3 timer siden

    But you forgot the gas mask

  37. Haz wizZRblx

    Haz wizZRblx3 timer siden

    100% safe

  38. Yotam1000

    Yotam10003 timer siden

    He is too dangerous to be kept alive!

  39. lemsdarkapprentice 2

    lemsdarkapprentice 23 timer siden

    amazing, how did you make the play a wave? [el'sda2]

  40. Jjaawm Family

    Jjaawm Family3 timer siden

    this guy has the potential to create a machine to take a baby from a mothers womb

  41. 苏杰丰

    苏杰丰3 timer siden


  42. Brandon

    Brandon3 timer siden

    Hand cleaner killed me


    CHACHA JI4 timer siden

    i think goverment should make this and issuefor the paitents

  44. Toke the Dude

    Toke the Dude4 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> I love grandma!

  45. Jy Ross

    Jy Ross4 timer siden

    He built a bunker didn’t he

  46. Zero Gravity

    Zero Gravity4 timer siden

    Iron your shirt bro

  47. lisa5544

    lisa55444 timer siden

    so you made a coffin with a window.

  48. Matt Anthony

    Matt Anthony4 timer siden

    Mr. Colinfurze i love your videos👍

  49. Steven Marshall

    Steven Marshall4 timer siden

    Next can you invent an iron for your shirts! OCD alarm buzzing throughout your video! Lol 😂

  50. Truth not opinion

    Truth not opinion4 timer siden

    Cashing in on the virus...step to far maybe?


    HYPER WARMACHINE4 timer siden

    Ladies and gentleman,the only one person who literally could not give a flying fuck about apocalypse as well

  52. Nick Lock

    Nick Lock4 timer siden

    He’s off he’s box

  53. Vicki Diana Coghlan

    Vicki Diana Coghlan4 timer siden

    You are F mad.

  54. Theshizlenizle

    Theshizlenizle4 timer siden

    Dude have been on tv before? U seriously have one of those faces that looks familiar

  55. Atar Oosa

    Atar Oosa4 timer siden

    Imagine he did get corona....I don’t think he’ll be in that for 1 second

  56. Highland Riders Motovlogs

    Highland Riders Motovlogs5 timer siden

    Very entertaining and at same time informative. Cheers

  57. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin5 timer siden


  58. Patavinity

    Patavinity5 timer siden

    Was it really that difficult to spell "quarantine"?

  59. Bloke Jr

    Bloke Jr5 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> I was like wtf🤣

  60. Abbad Plays06

    Abbad Plays065 timer siden

    Wow even a shower

  61. Mc Quinoa

    Mc Quinoa5 timer siden

    You make the cookiest things. I love it

  62. Vampros Mortimer

    Vampros Mortimer6 timer siden

    By George! He's done it again!

  63. Mifdhal Ubaidah

    Mifdhal Ubaidah6 timer siden

    Guy:"I will survive every disaster,mwuahahHa!" Microwave on his head:"Are you sure bout that?"

  64. Dzikra Zahran

    Dzikra Zahran6 timer siden

    It's look like capsule hotel

  65. Mifdhal Ubaidah

    Mifdhal Ubaidah6 timer siden

    That microwave on your head would be the one who killed you.

  66. Mortal Combat

    Mortal Combat6 timer siden

    You cant poop if you have corona virus


    DEADLY HOTDOG MCPE XBOXʘ‿ʘ6 timer siden

    You should do a challenge where you stay inside this box for 7 days

  68. M.O.U Records

    M.O.U Records6 timer siden

    🚨Coronavirus mixtape Vol.1 hot fire it's Lit 🔥💥#MOURECORDS

  69. LeanordThe Black

    LeanordThe Black6 timer siden

    My generation type of bill gate guy hahaha

  70. iiIDUOA7Bii

    iiIDUOA7Bii6 timer siden

    noone put their youtube url in their videos anymore

  71. Alexis gaming

    Alexis gaming6 timer siden

    I like being in my house

  72. RussiaForevah

    RussiaForevah6 timer siden

    How much after the corona virus is dead i want to buy it

  73. Jack Moore

    Jack Moore6 timer siden

    We need you making ventilators mate

  74. Raihandika Yudhistira Wardhana

    Raihandika Yudhistira Wardhana6 timer siden

    add subtittle indonesia...

  75. Mr. Khaleefa Man

    Mr. Khaleefa Man6 timer siden

    Make a million of these. It’s perfect.

  76. POTattO NuggETS

    POTattO NuggETS7 timer siden

    Im pretty sure this man will survive whatever comes in april

  77. Akash Dhar

    Akash Dhar7 timer siden

    who bathes with their shirt on

  78. LunarCylinder86YT

    LunarCylinder86YT7 timer siden

    Since you have a microwave I guess you have power so I would just tick my monitor and Xbox in there

  79. Piyush Bhagat

    Piyush Bhagat7 timer siden

    #CHALLENGE Bro make a shelter .I mean if someday a meteor hit earth and destroyed earth then show us how you'll live

  80. Komikks

    Komikks7 timer siden

    oh sweet coffin apartments!

  81. Noah Castor

    Noah Castor8 timer siden

    Who else came to the comments cause of the hand😂

  82. Jonathan Tan

    Jonathan Tan8 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> Guy in the hazmat suit looks like Rowan Atkinson...

  83. stan marsh

    stan marsh8 timer siden

    i wish i had you as a dad

  84. QKhai EDM

    QKhai EDM8 timer siden


  85. Christopher Alvin Juden

    Christopher Alvin Juden8 timer siden

    You need ventilator machine for yourself.