Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.
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  1. Sumit Bhatnagar

    Sumit Bhatnagar3 timer siden


  2. James

    James3 timer siden

    He's losing his edge by serving too many masters: his adoring American public, his own change of citizenship whilst still serving his queen, his corporate master, his sponsors...the list goes on and on. Focus and pick one or two.

  3. Rockstar

    Rockstar3 timer siden

    I've actually tried defending Trump from people saying he's the worst president ever, reminding people that James Buchanan's leadership or lack thereof basicly enabled the civil war. With all the shit that has happened now however its hard to maintain this, and it's actually insane to think that you might have a president who is worse than one who litterally brought the country to civil war.

  4. Son Brimmer

    Son Brimmer3 timer siden

    I keep checking in to see if he'll put out any new videos from a makeshift studio. Please put out some more stuff John! We miss you!

  5. Stephen Kyburz

    Stephen Kyburz3 timer siden

    I think the jokes about corona and hoarding toilet paper will kill me sooner than the virus itself....

  6. Lyla Wood

    Lyla Wood3 timer siden

    This genuinely makes me feel so much better

  7. Dale Cosselman

    Dale Cosselman4 timer siden

    Remember the time this guy got Trump to run for office. That was awesome lol

  8. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker5 timer siden

    Coronavirus is just one of the terrible results that could absolutely be avoided if we didn't live in this monetary system that prioritizes profit, artificial scarcity, and monetary-gain over human lives and well-being. We currently *do have* the technology and means to create an *abundance for all,* so why the hell are we still allowing a system that can't even provide enough masks and hospital beds? I highly recommend all look up a Resource Based Economy and The Venus Project and read the works of the late Jacque Fresco.

  9. Golden

    Golden7 timer siden

    🔥🔥🔥 John PLEASE you need to ask someone to translate the official speeches of Brazil's President, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro. You are missing unbelievable things that are happening here right now. You will have topic to talk about for many vídeos. He is the only one from the delegation who went to USA (to visit Trump) who says the tests were negative. All others have Covid-19 confirmed. He is radically against the quarantine and says insistently that COVID-19 IS JUST A LITTLE SOFT FLU and the country cannot stop and affect the economy, no matter how many people will die. Recently he said: "If I caught this flu nothing would happen to me because I have a history of athlete." Take the vídeos of the last weeks and see yourself. His speeches are made always live in You Tube, rarely in tv. An example:

  10. Jeremy T

    Jeremy T7 timer siden

    Yeah we get it your not a trump supporter

  11. rckblzr12

    rckblzr127 timer siden

    This is the first time that John was not only furious with Trump, but genuinely looked terrified over his incompetence.

  12. Emanuel Petcu

    Emanuel Petcu7 timer siden

    John Oliver became an youtuber now

  13. McCannon Vaughn

    McCannon Vaughn8 timer siden

    Trump is a used condom.

  14. Wizards Warrior

    Wizards Warrior9 timer siden

    This is cringey without a crowd

  15. shapeshfters

    shapeshfters9 timer siden

    It feels like this was 3 weeks ago at least.

  16. Super terrific R

    Super terrific R9 timer siden

    America has a 40.8% death rate on closed cases!

  17. ro kave

    ro kave9 timer siden

    Trump told pence to not give ventilators to states if their governors weren’t “appreciative” of them. Trump is from New York, he’ll let his own people die to be petty

  18. soinu foig

    soinu foig9 timer siden


  19. Chuck Stark

    Chuck Stark10 timer siden

    As of 2/28 there is no Google map of test sites.

  20. soinu foig

    soinu foig9 timer siden

    increasing incredibly fast all over, hope people listen to you and really take it seriously.

  21. Shaun Bloodsworth

    Shaun Bloodsworth10 timer siden

    So the last couple minutes there...... that was one of the most presidential addresses to have happened in the wake of this pandemic. It honestly moved me.

  22. Aneese Hamudi

    Aneese Hamudi10 timer siden

    That hamster later died from that virus

  23. Rebecca Townsend

    Rebecca Townsend10 timer siden

    Trevor, awesome job!

  24. Mistah MegaManFan

    Mistah MegaManFan11 timer siden

    "Nice work there Rudy!"

  25. Gail Bolton

    Gail Bolton12 timer siden

    Thank you for this. Please send more if you can -- it can be about some other crazy or stupid thing, you know.

  26. Eli Bakalova

    Eli Bakalova12 timer siden

    The ending broke my heart. It sort of reminded me somehow of the movie "On the Beach". Stay safe, everyone.

  27. Claire Walter

    Claire Walter12 timer siden

    John is a hero! I'm going to go wash my hands and sing Happy Birthday to Oprah in his and Oprah's honor.

  28. law Office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

    law Office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe13 timer siden

    Did you know 1 out of 3 Trump supporters are as stupid as the other 2

  29. Victor Hawkins

    Victor Hawkins13 timer siden

    Thank you, John. Thank you and your staff and crew.

  30. looloolooification

    looloolooification14 timer siden

    please come back soon with more episodes!

  31. Christopher Esther

    Christopher Esther15 timer siden

    Feeling stressed about the coronavirus? Take a listen to this song ( ) to help you destress from the craziness of this world. Plus, have the opportunity to make a donation to help those most affected by the coronavirus by purchasing the sheet music ( ) or mp3 to this song.

  32. Bengt H

    Bengt H15 timer siden

    It's hard to do comedy without an audience. He does it well, but he's no John Oliver.

  33. Shaun

    Shaun15 timer siden

    Why do people in the press let him treat them that way?

  34. Patrick Georges Louis Pierre René Doguet

    Patrick Georges Louis Pierre René Doguet15 timer siden

    Dear John, thanks for doing this and warning the American people, I'm in France, been at home for the last two weeks and for the next weeks to come, death numbers increasing incredibly fast all over, hope people listen to you and really take it seriously.

  35. Steven Francque

    Steven Francque15 timer siden


  36. lego films 1

    lego films 115 timer siden


  37. Bett Onion

    Bett Onion15 timer siden

    The pain for Liverpool is real man

  38. Chaos Simi

    Chaos Simi16 timer siden

    UUUUMMMMM awkward????

  39. Leslie Renfro

    Leslie Renfro16 timer siden

    That ending though, that's me in a nutshell.

  40. Kayla Fraz

    Kayla Fraz16 timer siden

    Is nobody going to talk about how much of a massive asswipe Rudy Gobert is?

  41. Amber Jackson

    Amber Jackson17 timer siden

    “That’s just nature baby.” 💀💀💀💀

  42. Philip Conrad

    Philip Conrad17 timer siden

    This guy is not that good and the show is bad to

  43. Rising Sun

    Rising Sun17 timer siden

    How can one justify virtual martial law?

  44. MixerRenegade95

    MixerRenegade957 timer siden

    While not pretty one has to remember that Freedom is not Free, the price will always be eternal vigilance and the U.S. should have been ready for this. Lockdowns occur when volunteering/Law abiding citizens aren't a plenty and stronger measures are needed to prevent further death and destruction. That being said however since the Government has been late to the action they can't just lock the barn door long after the Horse bolted, All we can do now is slow down and starve the Virus until it is out of commission.

  45. Jasper Karpfen

    Jasper Karpfen17 timer siden


  46. Z A

    Z A18 timer siden

    Why and how is this guy still our President?

  47. Stephen Davies

    Stephen Davies19 timer siden

    John as a fellow Brit, I have to say, you’re a legend and ALSO in Community ( which of course you already know ) but it’s so funny to watch the episodes you are in.. hope to see you back in TV soon

  48. Bill Pii

    Bill Pii19 timer siden

    You need laugh track

  49. Assim Ujjawal

    Assim Ujjawal20 timer siden

    America seems to be going down and with it world economy

  50. Kanden

    Kanden20 timer siden

    “Memes are not fact.”

  51. SMV L

    SMV L20 timer siden

    No, John. This is not weird. This is being an actual NO-gosr.

  52. ChingyChopStix

    ChingyChopStix20 timer siden

    Hello, Zazu

  53. A Monumental Cretin

    A Monumental Cretin22 timer siden


  54. Stephen Cranford

    Stephen Cranford22 timer siden

    You are truly a piece of WORK! I know you are supposed to be "COMEDY"... but you act like you are NEWS, YOU ARE NOT A NEWS CHANNEL... Not to mention, did you actually even say anything honest in the whole 22 minutes that you ran your mouth?!? You are the BIGGEST PROBLEM with the country and causing PANIC and HATE! You should just stick to actually comedy, and leave the news to real reporters (if there are any left). Why don't you do something helpful, instead of posting crappy videos! Like volunteer somewhere to help others instead of pushing lies and hate!

  55. MixerRenegade95

    MixerRenegade956 timer siden

    Well Sir if there's anything to go from your statement it is that anybody and nobody can be a comic/news reporter. I'm sure John's helping everyone in the way he knows best, besides the Virus is already stateside panic is not stemming from him.

  56. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre22 timer siden

    Disgrace that this video has 8.2K dislikes... makes me scared about how many people are gonna take this issue seriously...

  57. Kim Tree

    Kim Tree23 timer siden

    Well, John Oliver, you made me cry ♥️ Thanks for being there.

  58. srikanth k

    srikanth kDag siden

    Please put subtitles.

  59. chibangin007

    chibangin007Dag siden

    kill trump

  60. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre22 timer siden

    Right there with you about Liverpool.

  61. Adam Bílek

    Adam BílekDag siden

    Wear Mask. #Mask4All

  62. David Herz

    David HerzDag siden

    Geraldo Rivero is an FM (thank you Rex Tillerson describing DT), a true and incorrigible FM, and I don't mean radio.

  63. Toth f

    Toth fDag siden

    You talk ok info until spill a flu shot part uhh.

  64. Khrewi

    KhrewiDag siden

    Police Vs coronavirus around the world see this video

  65. Jennifer Isaacs

    Jennifer IsaacsDag siden

    Mutated viruses including a mutated cold virus in ever having vaccines... tin foil hat anti vaxxers reject them. The thing is people are still going out ..." You can't go out" ...meh. Many need to work to eat and feed families reguardless of this cold virus. People that act as if this is more apocalyptic than any other virus, have bogus cure alls, or add to pointless conspiracies need to shut up.

  66. Daniel Fosin

    Daniel FosinDag siden

    HELP!!! Anyone got toiletpaper???? plz pm thx Btw i hope Trump gets covid and fucking dies miserably

  67. David Herz

    David HerzDag siden

    brilliant, as usual

  68. TrajiiQ - حمد تراجيك

    TrajiiQ - حمد تراجيكDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a> GOT theme played in my head

  69. Sturm Tiger

    Sturm TigerDag siden

    Stay strong, South Korea is sending masks and medical supplies to Other countries as much as they can. Stay safe🙏

  70. John Gleason 'student'

    John Gleason 'student'Dag siden

  71. Eugene Flynn

    Eugene FlynnDag siden

    America’s major sports were suspended. As was hockey. I’m dead!

  72. Protyush Deb

    Protyush DebDag siden

    @john Oliver don't sweat it my main man, you might not have a audience to laugh at your jokes on video. We're laughing at every joke tho

  73. Nic DeGrave

    Nic DeGraveDag siden

    If I had to get COVID-19 so John Oliver wouldn't, I'd take the hit.

  74. Apocraphon tripp

    Apocraphon trippDag siden

    Please listen to me. I have covid 19 and have sucessfully treated it with the asthma medication primatine. From my experience, covid acts much like asthma, constricting broncial airways and can be treated with ephidrine or steriods. Without it, i couldnt breathe and i think this may have been over looked. Please help me get this info out to help save lives. Any questions feel free to contact me and thanks.

  75. Zoe Washburne

    Zoe WashburneDag siden

    Right there with you about Liverpool.

  76. Vlastimil Hopjan

    Vlastimil HopjanDag siden

    Hey, you folks in US are DIY in similar way as Czechs. Most of the people have build their own protective mask and it was "fun" family exercises.

  77. Shane Widlow

    Shane WidlowDag siden

    John Oliver For President.

  78. Shane Widlow

    Shane WidlowDag siden

    And yes i Know he can't be sadly.

  79. Sonal Singh

    Sonal SinghDag siden

    #ChineseVirus #KungFlu

  80. Sonal Singh

    Sonal SinghDag siden

    #ChineseVirus #KungFlu

  81. kimberly cornelius

    kimberly corneliusDag siden

    Miss you tonight post from,home

  82. Viviann Sevier

    Viviann SevierDag siden

    where's your beloved VP Biden rhetorical question, hiding in his basement

  83. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouDag siden

    It is magic to turn something so depressing into comedy. Oliver= magician

  84. thateffin guy

    thateffin guyDag siden

    Trump is gonna steamroll 2020! 🤣😂😜

  85. Donnelle Johnson

    Donnelle JohnsonDag siden

    I TEALLY like this show.. It's real!

  86. mikin lirou

    mikin lirouDag siden

    Trump is responsible for spreading so much misinformation to the American people

  87. Sean Wang

    Sean WangDag siden

    Generally I agree with 90% of what John Oliver says with the amount of thorough investigation and analysis his team does. However the fact he is advocating people not to wear mask and simply to cough in their hands and sleeves shows how misinformed Americans are. YOU ALL NEED WEAR A MASK in public! It is astoundingly stupid that people are not. Now yes, wearing a mask will not prevent you from getting the virus but it lowers the chance of you spreading it in case you are a spreader. If everyone does it then it will help. And given how challenging this situation is any help you all need all the help you need. So stop spreading misinformation, stay at home, and if you go out wear a fucking mask.

  88. Nadiv Kaspi

    Nadiv KaspiDag siden

    This is a terrible idea, and to say this is how "misinformed Americans are" is so incredibly misguided and flagrantly offensive. And that's coming from an American who HATES America and its people. Sure, Americans are stupid, but lets not fabricate facts and attempt to alter reality here. If everyone went out and bought masks, there would be absolutely NONE left for those who truly need it, and the fact that you don't recognize it says it all, but I'll explain anyways since you clearly need a reality check. N95 masks, which are the only masks that are truly effective in slowing transmission of the virus, are not easy to manufacture, and are not produced by the millions waiting to be sold. Any other masks are virtually ineffective compared to wearing no mask at all, and the science is extremely clear on that. Those masks prevent droplets from touching your nose and mouth, but even if you touch your mask with infected droplets on your hands, the virus can still enter and infect you. Masks are meant to prevent those who are already ill from spreading the virus to others, not to protect healthy individuals. N95 masks have to be fitted to your face, whereas simple surgical masks are not. They are not designed to stop pathogens entirely, they are designed to contain and/or redirect these particles so they don't enter an open incision or cavity while in surgery. Here's an anecdote for you: In early February, my landlords (who I live with) came back from a trip to China, and they were both ill before boarding the plane. Luckily this ended up not being SARS-CoV-2, but regardless, they gave me a heads up and I wanted to take precautions to protect myself. I self-quarantined for two reasons; first, to see if it was actually the novel coronavirus, and second, in the event that I did catch it I would be home and not spread it to others. I bought soap, disinfecting wipes, I stored non-refrigerated foods directly in my room so I wouldn't have to leave, and I went to look for N95 masks. The issue was that they were COMPLETELY sold out of masks. Even the useless surgical masks were sold out. I went to 3 pharmacies, 2 medical supply stores, and even my local clinic to see if they could get me some masks. This was BEFORE the mass panic in the US mind you. If I had that caught the virus close to the end of my isolation and I was asymptomatic for a few days, I could have very well spread the virus to my entire town (I teach music to high schoolers, it would've spread like wildfire). Its curious as well that you make this unwise recommendation when real epidemiologists, doctors, the American CDC and the WHO in fact DO NOT recommend you wear a mask if you are not sick. But surely you know more than the experts, right? Its RICH how you preach about stopping misinformation but then go on to pull bullshit straight out of your ass for the world to see. What a fucking despicable hypocrite you are.

  89. GroovyVideo2

    GroovyVideo2Dag siden

    Very Creepy donald grifter and gang