Coronavirus survivor reveals what it's like to have Covid-19

Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances. (Subscribe:


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  1. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith2 minutter siden

    I hope that people in lockdown will overview their gastronomic habits eating animal which was a cause of the virus

  2. Death Rager

    Death Rager59 minutter siden

    so corona attacks your lungs huh? hmmm... one of the symptoms of 5g radiation is your organs being attacked. lol coincedence? source is shield your body , title is the risks of 5g. not a coincedence that they share some traits this corona and 5g. they correlate to eachother. in 2019 there were alot of 5g tests in various countries, they all have corona now. coincedence? stay away from 5g.

  3. Adriana lovely1290

    Adriana lovely12902 timer siden

    I had the flu and bronchitis at the sometime like 3 weeks go from 1 to 10 it was a 9to8 when Couldn’t breathe

  4. Humaca 1987

    Humaca 19872 timer siden

    Looks like he had suffered from locked-in syndrome, when you pay attention to his eyes and mouth.

  5. Johan Perez

    Johan Perez2 timer siden

    God is good don’t worry you guys will see why god is letting this happen what I’m saying is Jesus is coming soon.(I hope you understand)

  6. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump3 timer siden

    All because Ling Ling had to eat a bat 🤦

  7. Lithus17

    Lithus175 timer siden

    " _do you believe you'll be safer in China or the UK?_ " Well, considering he GOT the virus in China.... 🤦‍♂️

  8. Margaret Macleod

    Margaret Macleod5 timer siden

    We bet he is a victim of China's G5. He should throw away his cell phone.

  9. Eddie Lee

    Eddie Lee5 timer siden

    I'm not afraid of the virus. I just dont want my family to get it.

  10. ejano Crowsnatcher

    ejano Crowsnatcher5 timer siden

    He sounds like Daniel Radcliffe

  11. Gyimie Y3 me d3

    Gyimie Y3 me d36 timer siden

    I believe I will survive . But I am concerned about the newborn babies who have been infected.😫

  12. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss7 timer siden

    Hearing that pneumonia feels like you only have 20% of your lungs working... Time to wash my hands and sing happy birthday 4 times

  13. That Gas Guy

    That Gas Guy8 timer siden

    This clown is either a failed actor or convicted nonce looking for early release.

  14. Random PlayerMode

    Random PlayerMode9 timer siden

    lol this guy... i can stay 30 days straight without talking to other ppl face to face just fine... normies have it rough i c.

  15. teodoros zoumpos

    teodoros zoumpos9 timer siden

  16. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss7 timer siden

    What happened if a person with HIV getting infected by coronavirus at the same time

  17. A J

    A J11 timer siden

    I had pneumonia last year. It's horrible. I got over it by lots of rest, good food and I did manage to go outside and walk it off. Over time I got better.

  18. Melissa Lye

    Melissa Lye11 timer siden

    My mom just got done with pneumonia if it wasn't for modern medicine she would have died

  19. Steve Cohick

    Steve Cohick11 timer siden

    Are all british named connor

  20. hr1meg

    hr1meg12 timer siden

    Did he diagnose himself that he had pneumonia?

  21. Rajesh Koppa

    Rajesh Koppa13 timer siden

    Find the cure.... Unite entire world team all the scientists, doctors , students , professors, make an online open source flatform convert all industries to medical factories ..MNCs companies , rich people , government fund heavily on research and development of cure and vaccine....

  22. Gurdeep Singh

    Gurdeep Singh14 timer siden


  23. benjibrau

    benjibrau14 timer siden

    Go and see this video about a french doctor who works in Wuhan ! He said that every one lies about the coronavirus and the number of deaths

  24. Abraham Bainivalu

    Abraham Bainivalu14 timer siden

    The only solution for dis virus is god

  25. Star Light

    Star Light16 timer siden

    I had flu like symptoms but then, nothing afterwards. I just get tired a lot but then I'm anemic. Also, I have acute asthma and bronchitis. Otherwise, I have had no other experiences like can't breathe and aches and pains.

  26. international funy video

    international funy video17 timer siden

    Ohhhh my god 10M Vew

  27. Dee Hoinkes

    Dee Hoinkes18 timer siden

    Old soul in a young body. Glad your on the mend. And im taking heed on your advise. Thank you for sharing

  28. Spliffy 9s

    Spliffy 9s18 timer siden

    No cap bro seems like a straight liar dudes a neek

  29. Keto Diet

    Keto Diet18 timer siden

    Really inspriring that you beat the Corona Virus. If anyone has recovered from Corona Virus, they can share their inspiring story via mail at: .

  30. Zack 691

    Zack 69121 time siden

    What happened if a person with HIV getting infected by coronavirus at the same time

  31. warlord 2080

    warlord 208022 timer siden

    someone: it can't get any worse Scp 049: don't worry i am the cure!

  32. okow tina

    okow tina19 timer siden

    Why this virus didn’t spread to other and more congested major cities in China ?? Even thou there was infected people in other major cities but it didn’t spread .... wake up

  33. Roman Oliveira

    Roman Oliveira22 timer siden

    In europe and especially in european usa/america your govts got rid of the HOMEOPATHS because the whole agenda was to effect mass groups of peoples that were using modern day drug and vaccine pracitioners, basically just a bunch of dummies running around trying to do what with your drugs?? In the past when the homeopaths got to treat the spanish flu(manmade pandemic) the death rates immediatey started to drop ! They dont tell people stuff like this because these are some sick demented control freaks that take delight in death but at the same time the people public still spiritually dead and only good at taking orders rather than questioning EVERYTHING .....

  34. Hayden Tamou

    Hayden Tamou23 timer siden

    This sounds like what I do in general

  35. Claire Alderson

    Claire AldersonDag siden

    “If you stand up and walk to the kitchen your out of breath” my sister with tachycardia- Now they know how I feel 🌚

  36. Azriel Clemen

    Azriel Clemen19 timer siden


  37. diamondtron01

    diamondtron01Dag siden

    What's pissing me off is I'm watching the news and watching people going out on boats, traveling main highways, cruise ships trying to inch back to port and people still going out and doing things when we're all under quarantine to help reduce the spread. Wanna know what a quarantine looks like? Barren roads, empty lakes, quiet buildings, no one outside. What's really happening is the opposite. I think each state needs to have their borders closed and have not one single vehicle pass through. If it does, blow it up. You know those sci-fi epidemic movies where they show zero tolerance for people trying to escape? That looks promising right now.

  38. Lissarx2

    Lissarx2Dag siden

    It sounds like he had a head cold then caught COVID-19 as it was getting better because COVID-19 doesn’t have sinus congestion.

  39. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Yes that is the likely explanation although COVID-19 does have a lot of different symptoms in a lot of people it’s quite random really

  40. Harnaik Aujla

    Harnaik AujlaDag siden

    But how long was the fever before the pneumonia, ive had a cold and then a fever like 2 weeks ago

  41. indra prashad

    indra prashadDag siden

    Did he take any drugs?

  42. jake smith

    jake smithDag siden

    My brother had it and now the nucis build up is intense he cant breathe

  43. j buta

    j butaDag siden

    Any smokers scared like me?

  44. CryBaby Cruz

    CryBaby CruzDag siden

    How long did you quarantine to not be infectious? I believe I had it. The hospital did not have testing but this was the worse flu/ pneumonia which I never got in my life

  45. Be Free

    Be FreeDag siden

    This is so scary because Im going through this now what he describing of his first stages. Im having ear aches sinus issues, headache. I just hope its nothing more than a sinus infection.

  46. Lily Tagariello

    Lily TagarielloDag siden

    I'm confused... did he have Covid-19 or did he have a cold, then the flu, then pneumonia?

  47. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Think that’s just the way he’s describing it. When he says flu he means - The flu like symptoms which most people report with Bad corona mainly fatigue , chills and body aches

  48. Javier Sancho

    Javier SanchoDag siden

    The coronavirus is cured with chlorine dioxide (MMS), which is a ruin for pharmaceutical companies and that is why all the media are bought to denounce it and discredit it. Journalist of the world, be BRAVE and investigate:

  49. Arben Vrapi

    Arben VrapiDag siden

    I propose a way to cure for coronavirus. This method of treatment with disinfection follows the same path as the microbes and the corona virus went through and contacts them in the hearth they created. One infected at home how can I act! Sit down at a table and in front of you on the table we place an electric heater that we usually make coffee. They take a bowl and we put alcohol, a glass of water. We first heat Alcohol until it starts to form vapor and boil. We take a sheet and cover our head by also covering the bowl of boiling alcohol with the heat in front of our face. The sheet covers the head to the table surface thus creating a closed space with the bowl boiling in front of the face. We make a sheet near the mouth to discharge the breath we take out of this space. So we breathe inside the space and unload it outside. We breathe in slowly and deeply and we discharge the air from the space we slit through. We can take 10-15 breaths. This cycle is repeated 3-4 times a day for 4-5 days This procedure is followed for home quarantineers Whereas for the hospitalized, alcohol vapors can be placed through the breathing tubes. Hot air mixed with alcohol vapor destroys the corona virus Inventor Arben Vrapi Tirana Albania Contact +38349207113 WhatsApp or Viber

  50. Kulwinder Kaur

    Kulwinder KaurDag siden

    The way he has explained it's simlier to Asthma attacks

  51. Sow Akh

    Sow AkhDag siden

    Take care... Thank you

  52. Kane Stone

    Kane StoneDag siden

    Why this virus didn’t spread to other and more congested major cities in China ?? Even thou there was infected people in other major cities but it didn’t spread .... wake up people , coronavirus is a Chinese biological weapon . China covered this until it spread everywhere and used its own people as a spy to carry out the virus . China went back to normal and all factories working with full capacity now while the rest of the world is suffering. ‼️‼️STOP BUYING CHINESE PRODUCTS‼️‼️

  53. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Yeh they had that full lockdown in place for Hubai ready for it also Wuhan is not a main city for the CCP either so they was happy to lock it down. They also had treatment regimens for any one important who got infected

  54. Tobi Dean

    Tobi DeanDag siden

    Im more worried about the vaccine....not so much about "corona virus" its the lies the fact u cantvjave family members there...just seems weird. He seemed pretty sure it will be gone soon hmmmmm....yeah more worried about their ready made vaccine that will kill off the rest of my good cells.

  55. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Don’t worry about a Vaccine Will never exist for many many years yet. SARS is vaccine proof

  56. Mike Derenne Jr

    Mike Derenne JrDag siden

    Hasn't been laid in a while

  57. street nigger

    street niggerDag siden

    I'm a coronavirus Survivor was really sick two weeks ago with a fever but I still have my cough I wonder why

  58. S F

    S FDag siden

    "Survivor"... pathetic

  59. Education only

    Education onlyDag siden

    my brother is in italy and he survived.And then authority medical officers checked his test and released from hospital and after 7 days again he got virus.Coughing and sneezing , and again hospitalised. Now what happenes next god knows.

  60. J A

    J ADag siden

    nice guy

  61. monika laosi

    monika laosiDag siden

    Coronavirus: 'Not a fun thing at all' = A very British description

  62. Melissa Klare

    Melissa KlareDag siden

    reminder for us : God is bigger and more powerful than the virus.

  63. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyDag siden


  64. Sándor Antali

    Sándor AntaliDag siden

    it would really destroy my ego , if I would even notice that I got the virus, not to mention almost die cuz of it :D

  65. monika laosi

    monika laosiDag siden

    Idk if I have corona. Since yesterday I’ve had a sore throat and a fever. Idk if I got corona.

  66. Light-bringer

    Light-bringerDag siden

    I wish to stay at home during the lock down, but I can't, I have to going to work, because they still open. This is a golden age for them, we have like 100% increase in sales, and I just working on warehouse which is selling glass/plastic bottles, lotion pumps, atomisers etc. Company across the road is closed from Tuesday (Mentholatum) which they were producing pain reliefs for muscles and joints, they were more relevant to stay open. In my company they only want profit, make numbers, to beat the target. So not everyone can stay at home. Some of us need to work. So you bastards who get 3 weeks of pause from work stop complaining that you need to stay at home and you are bored because you can't go outside. I wish to have this 3 week too to stay at home. I will watch films, play video games, read books, listen music, etc. I do not have any problem to stay at home, I can entertain myself at home on many levels.

  67. SouthCalifas619

    SouthCalifas619Dag siden

    If i get pneumonia and dont have medical insurance, am i going to die?

  68. Cast Away

    Cast AwayDag siden

    I Survived

  69. welshpete12

    welshpete12Dag siden

    I wonder how he is fairing for food . Is someone bringing in food for him. Or does he have to go out and get it himself ?

  70. Condom Arms

    Condom ArmsDag siden

    He had a gaming a chair

  71. Harry Patient

    Harry PatientDag siden

    Corona virus is very serious abd should not be joked about! He is saying the truth. The virus is serious!

  72. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Yep it’s very bad

  73. Chris Johnson

    Chris JohnsonDag siden

    His shirt scared it off

  74. kernowarty

    kernowartyDag siden

    A physiotherapist who deals with lung disorders and is a specialist in respiration passed some information on to me which is not yet in the public domain. The virus is causing a build-up of phlegm on the lungs which is a lot thicker than usual. If you are infected and just laying in bed, the phlegm is solidifying, once that happens, it can't be removed. 1: If you are coughing up green or yellow phlegm, your body is fighting the infection. 2: If the phlegm is a dark grey colour, your body is losing the fight and you have pneumonia, call 999 3: If you are infected, huffing (the medical terminology) is effective at clearing your lungs. Take a deep breath and exhale as quick as you can, imagine a smudge on glass or a mirror and exhale as if you are trying to steam up a mirror, do it with as much power as you can muster. it helps with lifting the phlegm from your lungs. do this repeatedly all through the day, maybe 2 or 3 times an hour. 4: The old tried and tested method of a bowl of steaming hot water with some Vicks is effective too, put your head over the bowl, use a towel to cover your head, do this 5 times a day (or more if you feel it necessary). 5: DO NOT USE COUGH SYRUP, if you're coughing, you don't want to suppress the cough on this one as you need to be coughing phlegm up. 6: It may be difficult,'s important to not be laid in one position for too long, this is causing phlegm to pool in your lungs. If you are infected catnap throughout the day and night, don't seep all the way through. It's important to keep as mobile as you possibly can. PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN, IT MAY SAVE LIVES.

  75. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Sounds right to me

  76. Sanjit Agnihotri

    Sanjit AgnihotriDag siden

    I humbly suggest a simple spirituality called Nichiren Buddhism whose practice can help fight this disease, along with medical measures.Thanks

  77. Bella

    BellaDag siden

    I have been sick as well. For me it started with a fever and later I got the runny nose. Then I developed a severe cough. Then I get shortness of breath and weezing sound. I live in the Netherlands. I've been at home for more then two weeks. And sometimes I feel like I feel better and then I get a relapse.

  78. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Sounds like Corona if you get that feeling better then crashing worse. If you’re breathing is better then You should be over the worst of it now Did you ever see a Dr? You will have to get an antigen test

  79. Our Pranks

    Our PranksDag siden

    I’ve stayed in my house for more than 3 months and I never got bored so this should be easy but not for everyone

  80. MagpiesNeedle

    MagpiesNeedleDag siden

    Amateur 😉

  81. Niki Ness

    Niki NessDag siden

    I had pneumonia from the flu last year so vaccinated this year to not have to go through that again. So of course a new virus popped up that causes it.

  82. EX MIUWU103

    EX MIUWU1032 dager siden

    Looks at the bright side of this pandemic, the air quality is improving since most of the world shut down. I think God is sending us a message.

  83. K F

    K F2 dager siden

    Do you own a five g phone?

  84. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah2 dager siden

    Idk if I have corona. Since yesterday I’ve had a sore throat and a fever. Idk if I got corona.

  85. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden


  86. Jacob Row

    Jacob Row2 dager siden

    I'm glad I have British genes I'm glad that i'm Irish too man but i'm american

  87. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    You be all good then

  88. Jacob Row

    Jacob Row2 dager siden

    Sense oops accidentle misspelling

  89. Jacob Row

    Jacob Row2 dager siden

    Corona virus doesn't make since man

  90. xanvavy

    xanvavy2 dager siden

    I'm glad this guy beat the virus. We need more caring people like him on this planet.

  91. Lithus17

    Lithus174 timer siden

    If you escape a possible death, you'll hug a tree too.

  92. DgosFinnest

    DgosFinnest2 dager siden

    Corona virus is a snowflake virus. This is the weakest virus ever. I survived this over rated virus, you can too.

  93. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    You haven’t even had it

  94. DatDerp Derping

    DatDerp Derping2 dager siden

    I started with sneezing and coughing like a normal cold for 3 days, then the 4th day my breath was short and had chest pain. Then doctors give you inhaler and some type of pain relievers here in the USA. Now I’m coughing only but not as much, I’m still isolated from my family. They just send over a lot of water and tea to my room. To help thin the mucus.

  95. Sku11 Bust3r

    Sku11 Bust3r2 dager siden

    I lost my Father when i was in 6th Class , now im 23 i dont care about Scared for my Mom to get infected😥😢

  96. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Stay super safe make sure she doesn’t go out

  97. Pill Cosby

    Pill Cosby2 dager siden

    My cousin did 18 months in solitary confinement. Staying in your house for 30 days is nothing . Try doing couple years in a cell

  98. Dont Tripp

    Dont TrippDag siden

    Cell you expect to be locked into. People don’t expect to be locked into home