Could Freddie Ljungberg be Arsenal's next permanent manager? | The Debate

Graeme Le Saux & Matt Murray on Freddie Ljunberg's appointment as caretaker manager at Arsenal.
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  1. David Bugingo

    David Bugingo8 dager siden


  2. Mutib alMutib

    Mutib alMutibMåned siden

    David Luiz is really not suited to the Premier League, especially not Arsenal..

  3. returpost

    returpostMåned siden

    Has gotta be Benitez - experienced, intelligent, skilled and available. Let him come in and TELL the players to start running or f**k off

  4. Eric TheRed

    Eric TheRedMåned siden

    They’re waiting for allegri

  5. M Davista

    M DavistaMåned siden

    Get an experienced coach and send Ljunberg to Westham to at least gain some skills, go for Nico Kovac for now

  6. wuodbonde

    wuodbondeMåned siden

    The first 3 mins.....WTF.....

  7. A S Teer

    A S TeerMåned siden

    Eeerm NO.

  8. Tom O'Keefe

    Tom O'KeefeMåned siden

    Potch or rafa aren't even too bad suggestions. Rafa was thinking out the box there tbf. Not an arsenal fan BTW, just a thought.

  9. Thales87 G

    Thales87 GMåned siden

    I think there is alot of bullshit chatted by pundits like these, take the ozil statement for instance about not tracking back and how “he would only get away with that once”, thats always been a big talking point with ozil and it certainly has truth to it but its also blown way out of proportion when people cant think of something original to say. Go back and watch the norwich game and watch ozil when possession is lost, he tracked back far more than auba or laca, i counted 12 instances of ozil flying back to help in defense and yet this guy, unable to come up with something new, falls back on the old faithful “hes lazy in defense” critique

  10. troy mcclure

    troy mcclureMåned siden


  11. Rinawma khiangte

    Rinawma khiangteMåned siden

    Defender player changing

  12. Rinawma khiangte

    Rinawma khiangteMåned siden

    Good manager Ljungburg

  13. britton patrick chemonges

    britton patrick chemongesMåned siden

    I won't blame it on Freddie, he has come in when the club have been gradually declining. But he needs to play players in their right positions. This arsenal players are lacking confidence and being very lazy, they aren't aggressive as the real arsenal we know it I really don't understand what's happening and something crazy may happen before arsenal management realizes their very big mist

  14. Sensibility

    SensibilityMåned siden

    Don't understand why the media pushed Rodgers to Arsenal so hard, impossible to see that happening.

  15. Callum Bradke

    Callum BradkeMåned siden

    Mislintat is no longer at Arsenal. He became Technical Director of VfB Stuttgart last season.

  16. Edward Watt

    Edward WattMåned siden

    Kreonke’s need to put a massive war-chest together or sell to a major investor that will put arsenal as no.1 priority over state side teams

  17. Switch

    SwitchMåned siden


  18. M T

    M TMåned siden

    I come from the future and the answer is NOPE

  19. Ye Kevin

    Ye KevinMåned siden

    I hope so (not an arsenal fan)

  20. Ben Laing

    Ben LaingMåned siden

    This aged well...

  21. Ian Clinton

    Ian ClintonMåned siden

    Just here after Arsenal lost to Brighton at home 1-2 and I'm categorically going on record to say No

  22. Zoey Ogai

    Zoey OgaiMåned siden

    This guy cannot coach,.. Stop this nonsense

  23. The Neophyte Journal

    The Neophyte JournalMåned siden

    how the hell are we still talking about Freddy wearing a suit? its like Bellerin has influenced the football fashion world since doing his victoria secret walk. three grown men talking about sideline fashion

  24. Zac Adam

    Zac AdamMåned siden

    View managers are like troops and ty or claude lol

  25. Vernon Francis Gallagher

    Vernon Francis GallagherMåned siden

    You just know Freddie will get it permanently so AFTV continues to skyrocket 🤣

  26. James Hurley

    James HurleyMåned siden

    talking about what people are wearing, didnt know i turned into loose women

  27. James Hurley

    James HurleyMåned siden

    AFTV is far better than sky sports

  28. Javier

    JavierMåned siden

    I think they were seriously having a conversation about his attire...oh boy

  29. mehdi ibrahim

    mehdi ibrahimMåned siden

    Yes please!

  30. D A

    D AMåned siden

    Simlpy clueless ppl on tv nowadays...!!! how come talking about Freddie after just one game...?? Pure idits...🤔🤔🤔

  31. Mujeeb Ahmed

    Mujeeb AhmedMåned siden

    It's too early to judge yet..give Freddie a few more games.

  32. Samson Wallen

    Samson WallenMåned siden

    Unai was good in suit but bad coaching

  33. reuben patel

    reuben patelMåned siden


  34. Mojazzz

    MojazzzMåned siden

    Gud ebening... this is Emery What?... Freddie the next manager ? Nah... don't think so.. he's more like me

  35. Delboy Silva

    Delboy SilvaMåned siden

    Robbie Fowler is mooning the screen as we speak

  36. Makki Zakki

    Makki ZakkiMåned siden

    Players know players better than managers. Time to encourage young player managers instead of washed up managers.

  37. Denyes Gunner

    Denyes GunnerMåned siden

    Arsenal should just start playing football again, all this tactical stuff drowned them, press, play forward into pokets, have fun scoring goals and defend as a unit, get the teamspirit back and the quality of the players will do the rest. Freddie will fix it in the upcoming games.

  38. Mohamed bashir Ali

    Mohamed bashir AliMåned siden

    Ljumberg ❤️ in ,let us behind the team and ljumberg

  39. is pro sport only for rich kids

    is pro sport only for rich kidsMåned siden

    Ljungberg was only a cart horse player , I don’t know why he’s still employed with the club , and Pires wasn’t that good either , whats he doing at the training ground ? And how is Guendouzi better than any standard U23 player ? Drop the love - in with foreign players , it’s like English people aren’t used to anything so they think things are more cultured with foreign names , its pathetic .

  40. Eagle

    EagleMåned siden

    You know nothing about football.

  41. Tudor Rebel

    Tudor RebelMåned siden

    After 2 mins plus of Freddies cloth choice I stopped watching, put this comment here to warn others

  42. D. Ray

    D. RayMåned siden

    Emery's CV was not fantastic, he was good at the Europa league level with his other teams, but getting them to the next level, is something he didn't do. He managed 1 big club In PSG, and he flopped there, yes, granted, he won the league there, but with the players in that side, they would've won the league without any coach there at all, but when it came to the big stage, the champions league, he ended losing against Barca, when they were 5 goals up on aggregate. A big manager, doesn't have a team that does that, that to me, proved he couldn't get a team in the correct mindset.

  43. Vanditha Souk

    Vanditha SoukMåned siden

    I can understand for thos calling for big name and experienced managers... But I really want to lol for those suggesting Arteta... Is Arteta better than Ljungberg?

  44. Ivium

    IviumMåned siden

    Arsenal is a dead club why keep talking bout them??

  45. Mamadou Jano

    Mamadou JanoMåned siden

    Ivium behave we are a sleeping beast

  46. Republik Bringka

    Republik BringkaMåned siden

    Ljungberg x Vieira Please😊😊😊

  47. Vivek Maru

    Vivek MaruMåned siden

    I hear these guys are going for another coach from Spain, Diego Simeone. They were already jinxed by Emery, are they crazy to sign another guy from a Spanish club? They had Jose Mourinho, but they wasted time in signing him...

  48. myles hallett

    myles hallettMåned siden

    Ridiculous, Judging a book by it's cover...

  49. Shawn Chong

    Shawn ChongMåned siden

    Freddie Ljungberg should be good for the Arsenal. He is one of the Invincibles and this should provide enough credibility in terms of the winning mentality. From this perspective, apart from Freddie, Vieira or Henry would also fit the bill. I really hope Freddie gets a permanent appointment at the club. He may have learnt enough from Arsene Wenger as a player, but not as a manager. However, according to many pundits, he may not be good enough to fulfill the manager's role. The first game in-charge at Norwich, witnessed a very shaky defense. I hope he does rectify the perennial defensive frailties and put the Arsenal back on track again. It is always the fantasy of any club supporters to relish the peak of the most illustrious era.

  50. Direct 2talk

    Direct 2talkMåned siden

    Guys hit me up if you have a dream to become a footballer but don’t have the confidence or motivation 🤙

  51. Sam Sam

    Sam SamMåned siden

    As a united fan I can’t wait for this to happen

  52. Integrity Coop

    Integrity CoopMåned siden

    Graeme is right nobody gets a f*cking for making mistakes and not tracking back etc too many missed challenges and walking back to defend this team needs aggression and intensity I can see it in the last training video arsenal released I hope he's seeing mistakes and addressing them. I think Freddie will do this himself tell the players to pull their fingers out but the players need to do this with each other too we need a leader or two on the pitch.

  53. Usman Chaudhary

    Usman ChaudharyMåned siden

    The answer to the title=NO.

  54. Ed Clarke

    Ed ClarkeMåned siden

    Arsenal fans have created this mess for themselves, in Wenger they had a brilliant manage who kept them top four, all his Era. With no cash, They have no cash. Or don't want to spend it. Wenger was the best man for the Job. Some one said tonight. And he will be getting help from Wenger. Four years ago u didn't 2ant him

  55. The C

    The CMåned siden

    I hope not,i love freddie but we need a propper manager to win us the europa league i can’t stand teuropa league football for another season + our stars will leave without ChampionsLeague Football


    BREEZER MANEMåned siden

    Paul Scholes’ attire comment was very silly, a suit isn’t going to win you matches this is not the incredibles

  57. Wayne Morton

    Wayne MortonMåned siden

    Matt Murray ' Benitez has managed at the top clubs in the world - Liverpool, Real Madrid etc' - errrr...when did Benitez manage Real Madrid then? Pundit license revoked. Div!!

  58. Man from the Orient

    Man from the OrientMåned siden

    Rodgers could really improve this team but Benitez as well, he would immediately focus on that terrible lack of physicality and balance as well as the soft underbelly and terrible defensive Organisation

  59. David Rassam

    David RassamMåned siden

    According to experts at AFTV he should be sacked already 🤦🏻‍♂️

  60. Insert Name

    Insert NameMåned siden

    David Rassam Who?

  61. toppa toppa

    toppa toppaMåned siden

    Why are they even debating something which we know isn't gonna happen

  62. invincibles 04

    invincibles 04Måned siden

    What a pile of journalistic 'Nonsence' about a coach's clothing. Nothing more pathetic than seeing a coach/manager on ths touchline shivering or getting soacked! A coach should wear his coaching gear at matches, and a suit for wembley etc, like the older days as it meant something then!!

  63. Sotmwjnfakqdjdnjsnaaa Sotmwjnfakqdjdnjsnaaa

    Sotmwjnfakqdjdnjsnaaa SotmwjnfakqdjdnjsnaaaMåned siden

    Lol Ole 2.0