Cremated 🖤 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today I'm revealing the latest Jeffree Star Cosmetic collection and we are about to get a little spooky!! This collection was created in September 2019 and was slated for a Spring '20 release! Now without further disruptions... Introducing the brand new CREMATED eyeshadow palette and collection! Everything is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on on MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL tea!
⚱️ Cremated Palette - 24 shades ($58.00)

🖤 THE GLOSS - $18.00
Heaven's Gate
Funeral Parlor
Coroner's Kiss
Six Feet Under
🕊 Fashion & Accessories -
Black Marble Travel Bag - $30
White Marble Makeup Bag - $25
Cremated Metal Straw Set - $19.99
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  1. Mary Matthews

    Mary Matthews11 timer siden

    I think this is absolutely stunning!!! Everything you have created is amazing and if I could afford it, I’d have one of everything. Keep it up sugar! I can’t wait to add this to my collection. 😘

  2. Blackkat

    Blackkat12 timer siden

    Please make a mini of just the "diamond" shadows!

  3. Vege rush3310

    Vege rush331012 timer siden

    Why i can hear the echo

  4. Eduardo Maxwell

    Eduardo Maxwell12 timer siden

    24 shades of you're dead grandma

  5. Egyptian princess

    Egyptian princess12 timer siden

    💋 you are fucking fire loves it and loves you bitch 💋 you look delish in Gucci sooo gorgeous 💋

  6. Cheryl

    Cheryl12 timer siden

    Wow this really shows just how sick you are! Please get professional maybe medication wouldn’t hurt if you got a lobotomy 🤮

  7. Erin Sanders

    Erin Sanders12 timer siden

    yasss Hunty!!!!!! I really thought the palette would be coffin shaped

  8. Andrea Jo Chasco

    Andrea Jo Chasco12 timer siden

    OoOoO Wednesday Addams!

  9. My vids are bad

    My vids are bad13 timer siden


  10. My vids are bad

    My vids are bad13 timer siden


  11. The Sober Poet

    The Sober Poet14 timer siden

    I don’t know why anyone thinks this is bad timing.. I’m in mortuary school right now-perfect timing. I just wish the packaging was different. As much as I love Jeffery, I don’t want his face on my makeup pallet.

  12. Makayla Titus

    Makayla Titus14 timer siden

    The Echoing was really anoying am I the only one

  13. June Peters

    June Peters15 timer siden

    I been going on line to order and everytime it says sold out. Wahhhhhh!!!!!! I was up until midnight on the 22nd to buy mine and everyone must have fast fingers. Buy the time i could get in it was sold out.

  14. heather rieder

    heather rieder16 timer siden

    Can we get a grinder for this collection tho like ugh I wish

  15. Hussam Louy

    Hussam Louy16 timer siden


  16. Gina M

    Gina M16 timer siden

    As a goth queen im happy

  17. Khloey Peak

    Khloey Peak16 timer siden

    Its my bday on the 28 it would mean the world if you told me happy birthday😭💙

  18. Umbrella Plums

    Umbrella Plums17 timer siden

    Can you do a mermaid magic paler or like a magical creature paler with unicorn and mermaid and other mystical creatures

  19. Kailey Mooney

    Kailey Mooney17 timer siden

    you should do a nude pallet inspired by your dogs

  20. Noah Marquez

    Noah Marquez17 timer siden

    How do u idiots like this gay fake woman

  21. Rainy M

    Rainy M17 timer siden

    you look fucking amazing

  22. EllaJude 123

    EllaJude 12318 timer siden

    Omg I need this I love it but sadly I’m broke

  23. Alicesyn Woodrome

    Alicesyn Woodrome18 timer siden

    Honestly....I was originally going to hold off on it because I have an NYX palette with decent enough neutral shades, but when I saw a lot of people getting stupid upset over it I changed my mind and bought it on launch day. Purely out of spite for everyone wasting energy getting so up in arms over a makeup palette when you've got a lot worse going on right now. Seriously. I woke up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> hungover running on 3 hours of sleep on a day off just buy it. I also finally got my hands on a conspiracy palette, so now I've got to buy more wall shelves for my expanding JSC collection. Also the Jeffree Star I followed back in 2007 was far more abrasive than who he is in 2020. It's annoying seeing the people that don't even recognize him in old music videos he made cameos in but they want jump on every mistake like he hasn't grown so much in the past 13 years.

  24. Andrea Davis

    Andrea Davis18 timer siden

    Cremated Pallet got Jeffree all thanos snapped on it. Beautiful.

  25. Rhiannon Deren

    Rhiannon Deren19 timer siden

    How good are they?

  26. Christiana Anjel

    Christiana Anjel20 timer siden

    This palette is really cool! I would live for making my own palette. Hopefully I can someday 😁🙏🏻

  27. Ally Chicken Wing Chicken Wing

    Ally Chicken Wing Chicken Wing21 time siden

    hey all you jefree fans. check this out

  28. Cheyenne Montoya

    Cheyenne Montoya22 timer siden

    i know solemnly swear isnt a harry potter reference but ...........

  29. Lynne G

    Lynne G22 timer siden

    Angel of Death! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Heather Willis

    Heather Willis22 timer siden

    Lovvvvvve your table!

  31. Foo Lessig

    Foo Lessig22 timer siden

    Primordial is a good name for an eyeshadow

  32. Miss Jay Alexander

    Miss Jay Alexander22 timer siden

    This palette couldn't have come out at a better was just meant to be...the irony....

  33. Miss Jay Alexander

    Miss Jay Alexander22 timer siden

    This is the most creative palette ever... The freaken names are so effing creative... perfect timing perfect perfect perfect.... Jeffree your creativity it on its A....No1 can compare...the shoot the palette names the colours blew my mind...I can't deal ...I've become such a huge fan...

  34. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose23 timer siden

    "Come, sorrow; we welcome thee. Let us join in grief, rejoice in despair, and honour the fortunate dead" - Wednesday Addams

  35. sakura hoora

    sakura hoora23 timer siden

    I saw a dream i was jafree assistant 😅 i just came back checking on ya beautiful pallet though

  36. Vonn

    Vonn23 timer siden

    No one: Goth people: take my money.

  37. 100k subs With 0 vids

    100k subs With 0 vidsDag siden

    Guys pls read my namw

  38. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose23 timer siden

    Girl this palette is everything I need in my life.I live for the Angel of Death shade.Dope.

  39. MerAlex_ArtFx by Alexander Buratti

    MerAlex_ArtFx by Alexander BurattiDag siden

    In love

  40. Sahara M

    Sahara MDag siden

    So apparently i wasnt subscribed anymore (um wtf youtube?) And so the first time Im hearing ABOUT A BRAND NEW PALLETE is someone dokng a review and Im like HONEY Jeffree where is the breakdown? And there's two videos already?!?! What even do ppl have to complain about🙄

  41. xxlonely_mxxnxx x

    xxlonely_mxxnxx xDag siden

    I saw grey black and white i was like, this is a 50 shades of grey palette

  42. Faithfully Glam

    Faithfully GlamDag siden

    I love this, but admit that I was so looking forward to seeing a Marble mirror.

  43. Brookelynne

    BrookelynneDag siden

    I wish there was a way to buy individual colors rather than the whole pallet... I can’t afford the whole thing and wouldn’t wear all of the colors, but would like to have some of them

  44. Amelia Rodgerson

    Amelia RodgersonDag siden

    OK this is what I don’t get your beauty influencer and make your own pallets but you can’t do your own make up for the photo shoot on your pallet I mean come on

  45. Da Baddest

    Da BaddestDag siden

    Bretman Rock The Science Bitch Episode 3

  46. That1PersOn

    That1PersOnDag siden

    Why is no one talking bout that freaken table like omg what a mood

  47. Sourhoney

    SourhoneyDag siden

    this palette reminds me of one that limecrime made.

  48. Nick Young

    Nick YoungDag siden

    Cremated remains are actually more of a light brown color. I know I used to work at a funeral home. Now if he had called it something like “Funeral” or something then the black and white color scheme would have made more sense. No hate just my observation.

  49. Miss X Legion

    Miss X LegionDag siden


  50. Naul Soul

    Naul SoulDag siden

    Cremated... because with the coronavirus we will all be cremated... bad choice :(

  51. Artistic Reader

    Artistic ReaderDag siden


  52. shauni

    shauniDag siden

    Christmas cookie lipliner ?! when is this coming out ?

  53. Monika Nikolova

    Monika NikolovaDag siden

    Girl this palette is everything I need in my life.I live for the Angel of Death shade.Dope.

  54. Sarada Samadder

    Sarada SamadderDag siden

    The glosses.... Damn Amazing 😍😍😘❤️

  55. Hayle Moore

    Hayle MooreDag siden

    Yes jefree Lynn ! So proud of you 😍

  56. Brett1486

    Brett1486Dag siden

    I love Inheritance! So unique and awesome!

  57. Lovely T

    Lovely TDag siden

    Psychologists: “you can’t imagine a new color no matter how hard you try” Jeffree: “lol hold my Red Bull”

  58. Monica Sloan

    Monica SloanDag siden

    Its bomb!

  59. annnnjell

    annnnjellDag siden

    I think this palette would be horrible for me. So many shades of the same color. I'd be like "I need gray... but which one... AHHHH"

  60. Taylor Schiel

    Taylor SchielDag siden

    Can I please have a job, I’ll literally be a housemaid. I need to gtf out of here

  61. Marisa Woods

    Marisa WoodsDag siden

    Jeffree talking about Diamond: "She loved the reflection of diamonds and jewelry." Me: .....Damn lol

  62. pitiful pearl

    pitiful pearlDag siden

    I wanted to hate this so much, for many reasons , but it's just beautiful and one of his best palettes

  63. Jessica Beseda

    Jessica BesedaDag siden

    Ughhhh those swatches on the darker skin tone!!!

  64. arb Deal

    arb DealDag siden

    Love the palette. I lost a child of cancer last year and we had her cremated and I ain't mad at the name.

  65. •Drea Myy•

    •Drea Myy•Dag siden

    I'm am sorry for your loss 💕

  66. Stephy Meow

    Stephy MeowDag siden

    why does jeffree remind me of christian siriano

  67. Elizabeth H

    Elizabeth HDag siden

    You have got to check out JudyD's channel! Here is a link to a video she did recently

  68. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinDag siden

    imagine a palette with neutral colors called “pomeranian”

  69. Jeannette

    JeannetteDag siden

    I need the palette and six feet under in my life!🖤🦇

  70. Shawna Fraker

    Shawna FrakerDag siden

    To follow with this amazing line an actual urn with beautiful makeup brushes would rock!!

  71. Tea Fairy

    Tea FairyDag siden

    There is an old saying "Fuck em if they can't take a joke. I love that your naming conventions and themes for your palettes are so personal to you. Especially taking the hurt of losing Diamond. I think it is beautiful that you named a color for your beautiful pom. I am a pommy mommy and I really give you props for focusing that pain into something creative. You had no way of knowing there was going to be a plague. Who knew?! I personally am sad that I didn't get a chance to buy it and plan to when it comes back in stock. What a better way to celebrate not dying of Cancer or the plague? For those devastated...I have to wonder why the focus is on your palette and not their focus. We are sooooo busy being politically correct that we may be smothering our artists.

  72. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinDag siden

    missed it. If anyone knows anything about it, I would be happy to get a response.

  73. Charito Armentero

    Charito ArmenteroDag siden

    mmm... no

  74. Tony L

    Tony LDag siden

    Mmm... yes

  75. itskokoszn

    itskokosznDag siden

    I wanna be his table so bad 😭😭😭

  76. Tony L

    Tony LDag siden

    itskokoszn same😔


    HANNA CADAYDag siden

    Another reason #jeffeestar cosmetic WONT work for women in color, #ashy ashy Ashy...Heyyyy!! Huda beauty and Fenti

  78. Familia Nicolae

    Familia NicolaeDag siden

    Why is this already sold out? I need one so bad,no pallette liked so much as this one,these are the exacly colours that suuts me and cant find easily

  79. Teacup

    TeacupDag siden

    Seems like Jeffree is now using Nate as his coffeetable

  80. Genti Ballazhi

    Genti BallazhiDag siden

    I love this collection Jeffree! I’m so excited to try this palette with a Jeffree Star liquid lip ❤️

  81. Blast Hunter

    Blast HunterDag siden

  82. skyla knudsen

    skyla knudsenDag siden

    i love this so much! i NEED IT

  83. Calming Asmr

    Calming AsmrDag siden

    I hear you I know you're in there! This should be fun.

  84. Calming Asmr

    Calming AsmrDag siden

    Eren RV Or Camper? Nathan RV or Camper.?

  85. Chey Alexx

    Chey AlexxDag siden

    Everyone is talking about the drama, or how excited they are for the palette... but are we just gonna ignore the table? 😂

  86. Calming Asmr

    Calming AsmrDag siden

    Rv or Camper?