Crush a Diamond with a Hammer? | Dude Perfect

It's time for our brand NEW series: Overtime!
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect2 år siden

    Pumped y'all love Overtime! Comment your favorite segment: Betcha -- Wheel Unfortunate -- Cool or Not Cool -- Fun with Dentistry

  2. Frorita Contreras Ortiz

    Frorita Contreras Ortiz4 dager siden


  3. active art with new sports

    active art with new sports11 dager siden

    Cool not cool

  4. Bradleigh Green

    Bradleigh GreenMåned siden

    Cool not cool

  5. Martin Westgaard

    Martin WestgaardMåned siden


  6. Carson Royse

    Carson RoyseMåned siden

    Dude Perfect I shared it

  7. Paramita Sarkar

    Paramita Sarkar10 timer siden

    The best segment is wheel unfortunate

  8. Paramita Sarkar

    Paramita Sarkar10 timer siden

    You can add milk a bull

  9. Martha Bambo

    Martha Bambo11 timer siden


  10. Gina Valentine

    Gina Valentine16 timer siden

    GARRET in a huge surprise got the first super cool

  11. John Phillips

    John Phillips18 timer siden

    Key necklace

  12. Charmaine Koo

    Charmaine Koo18 timer siden

    Cory: It’s gg to be a great show Me: Haha wheel unfortunate... yea

  13. Charmaine Koo

    Charmaine Koo18 timer siden

    Who else is binge watching the entire overtime series bc of corona?

  14. Kylie Copley

    Kylie Copley19 timer siden


  15. Spanish and English for kids by Jaxon

    Spanish and English for kids by Jaxon19 timer siden

    Team necklace

  16. Rhys Dressler

    Rhys Dressler20 timer siden

    Team necklace

  17. Newbridge 1

    Newbridge 120 timer siden

    Red butten

  18. The_Awesome_J

    The_Awesome_J20 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="552">9:12</a> oh boohoo let me play a sad song on the worlds smallest violin

  19. Simeon Layer

    Simeon Layer22 timer siden

    team neclace

  20. Pnutkids Channel

    Pnutkids ChannelDag siden

    I was team shatter train it they never told us what size of the 🔨 hammer

  21. AS 22 Vlogs and gaming

    AS 22 Vlogs and gamingDag siden

    Team necklace

  22. Devarsh Khimaya

    Devarsh KhimayaDag siden

    team neaklace

  23. Donovan Daniels

    Donovan DanielsDag siden

    Team necklace

  24. MitDitLit

    MitDitLitDag siden


  25. Ben Ludwig

    Ben LudwigDag siden

    Cool not cool!!! I LOVE dude perfect!! Love y’all!

  26. Derrick Neal

    Derrick NealDag siden

    team necklace

  27. Jacob Hayward

    Jacob HaywardDag siden

    Why does Cody’s look like, Midas?

  28. Fury SniperMax

    Fury SniperMaxDag siden

    Diamond: hardest material on earth Dude perfect: how is that possible

  29. Zainab Carim

    Zainab CarimDag siden

    Team necklace

  30. Vikrant Goswami

    Vikrant GoswamiDag siden

    Team necklace all the way

  31. Ramon Gomez

    Ramon GomezDag siden

    That's my favorite one the bottle breaker

  32. Olivier Wentink

    Olivier WentinkDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> i thought the date was 1 august cause i am european

  33. Meme Land

    Meme LandDag siden

    What I immediately thought when I saw spray tan Coby: “He’s the real golden boy!”

  34. Daryl Shriver

    Daryl Shriver8 timer siden

    It wasn’t coby it was cody

  35. Sameh Younan

    Sameh YounanDag siden

    Does ned golden boY look a lot like cody with the spray tan

  36. Jonathan Kim

    Jonathan KimDag siden

    Skydive for the ? on Wheel unfortunate! On any Overtime Vid

  37. Andrew Lewis

    Andrew LewisDag siden

    ?= staring contest with a Komodo dragon or pet one idk

  38. Mabel Forsyth

    Mabel ForsythDag siden

    I haven't watched this for over 2 years

  39. Unknown Person

    Unknown PersonDag siden

    When you don’t know tohs hardness scale lol

  40. joncraigjackson

    joncraigjacksonDag siden

    Team Necklace

  41. Elisabeth Beck

    Elisabeth BeckDag siden


  42. ReedoDaMan 999

    ReedoDaMan 999Dag siden

    Team necklace

  43. William Bryson

    William Bryson2 dager siden

    Team shatter train

  44. Alex Toots

    Alex Toots2 dager siden

    Team necklace

  45. Rachel Watts

    Rachel Watts2 dager siden

    Cool not cool

  46. Rachel Watts

    Rachel Watts2 dager siden

    Team shatter train

  47. Rohan Prabhu

    Rohan Prabhu2 dager siden

    how are you guys so old and you dont know that a diamond cant be crushed by a hammer im 12 and i knew this since i was 8

  48. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker2 dager siden

    Team necklace

  49. J4K

    J4K2 dager siden

    Yo who else thinks wheel unfortunate should have a razor against shin

  50. Rock Peppers

    Rock Peppers2 dager siden

    Shatter team

  51. Priscilla L'Ecuyer

    Priscilla L'Ecuyer2 dager siden

    shatter train

  52. Bastian Lindholt Poulsen

    Bastian Lindholt Poulsen2 dager siden

    Hej med alle jer. Jeg er fr a

  53. Colin Tees

    Colin Tees2 dager siden

    Team necklis

  54. Nakul Korgaokar

    Nakul Korgaokar2 dager siden

    Super 😎 videos

  55. nef. redouane27

    nef. redouane272 dager siden

    are you crazy Diamond smash You are great friends

  56. Jace Giuffre

    Jace Giuffre2 dager siden

    I feel so sorry for I feel so sorry for Kobe

  57. L G-B

    L G-B2 dager siden

    Team necklace

  58. Shourya Chandel

    Shourya Chandel2 dager siden

    Yo yo OVERTIME...........OVERTIME

  59. Deanna Dickinson

    Deanna Dickinson2 dager siden

    team necklace

  60. Brendan Meyer

    Brendan Meyer2 dager siden

    I thought they were all awesome. Definitely keep on cool not cool and wheel unfortunate and then betcha was pretty awesome too


    KRYPT GAMING2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="241">4:01</a> coby is like a kid hahahah

  62. Barr Matthew

    Barr Matthew2 dager siden

    Obliger age must it die

  63. Maleficent 7890

    Maleficent 78902 dager siden

    Team Necklace

  64. Michelle Nardone

    Michelle Nardone2 dager siden

    Anyone in quantine

  65. Nick S

    Nick S2 dager siden

    Who else noticed that up close the background was blue but from far away it was green and When they have a brand new series they’ll say we continue spent too much money on the rage monster, Coby will keep losing battles, and Cory keep getting picked for wheel unfortunate

  66. Julian Bernal

    Julian Bernal2 dager siden

    Spin the wheel two times

  67. Ryder Bishop

    Ryder Bishop2 dager siden

    watch the latest overtime, Then watch this one and there is such a difference

  68. Get sat on

    Get sat on2 dager siden

    team neck lace

  69. Crazy Bobby

    Crazy Bobby2 dager siden

    Team necklace

  70. Milo Chalin

    Milo Chalin3 dager siden

    Garet hilbbertt

  71. Louie Bonneau

    Louie Bonneau3 dager siden

    I watched overtime 13

  72. Ky The Gamer

    Ky The Gamer3 dager siden

    Anyone get this in there recommended

  73. Mark O'Regan

    Mark O'Regan3 dager siden


  74. Pranav Choudhary

    Pranav Choudhary3 dager siden

    They really come a long way from OT 1, I really like all the episodes😁😁

  75. Jackson Rezzelle

    Jackson Rezzelle3 dager siden

    Team necklace

  76. Ibiwumi Adela

    Ibiwumi Adela3 dager siden

    Team Shatter Train.

  77. Emaad Alam Khan

    Emaad Alam Khan3 dager siden

    team necklace

  78. Emaad Alam Khan

    Emaad Alam Khan3 dager siden

    team shatter train

  79. Jen Cubero

    Jen Cubero3 dager siden


  80. Pranit Shah

    Pranit Shah3 dager siden

    Team necklace. 📿📿📿📿🎖🎖🎖🎖🏆🏆 Dude perfect rocks. Watching you guys since May 2013.

  81. Chrome Book

    Chrome Book3 dager siden

    team necklace


    CRICKET NETWORK3 dager siden

    First the overtime song was different Second Cody called diamond a metal

  83. William G

    William G3 dager siden

    Team nekles

  84. tadepalli deepak

    tadepalli deepak3 dager siden

    Cool not cool

  85. tadepalli deepak

    tadepalli deepak3 dager siden

    Team necklace

  86. hannah kintz

    hannah kintz3 dager siden