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  1. ZHC

    ZHC9 måneder siden

    for the people that say im giving to homeless people for views and subs, its more than just that. I genuinely love giving away and I have even before I started youtube! It just so happens doing something I love can also help me grow so I can give even more away so I think its a win win for everyone! and I thought why not have the loser do some nice things too? I just wanna do more positive things! Love you guys and thanks for supporting me❤️ SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK ANOTHER ONE OF MY VIDEOS IN RECOMMENDATIONS AND ILL GIVE YOU A PAIR! Go to and use code zhc to get 75% off a 3-year plan and an extra month for free if you want online protection! congrats on first comment: - SOFTPILLOW 6523 -

  2. duck tail

    duck tailMåned siden

    May I have some money I’m broke my pay pal is Heinrich hyppolite it’s okay if u don’t want to give

  3. Gissel HernandezMagana

    Gissel HernandezMaganaMåned siden

    Donate me a pair of bleceagia shoes🥺 jk It won’t happend😞....


    AGYMANÓK2 måneder siden


  5. KELLY

    KELLY2 måneder siden

    ZHC Can I sign up to get one of your shoes ZHC

  6. Warturtal XD

    Warturtal XD2 måneder siden


  7. Nejc Toplisek

    Nejc ToplisekTime siden

    Can I have 1000€ bicoz I nide a New Phone Mine brok. We dont have a lot of mony. Thanks

  8. Asher’s Vlogs

    Asher’s Vlogs4 timer siden

    This is so flipping dope

  9. Rivan Mandot

    Rivan Mandot15 timer siden

    can i have 400 dollars

  10. Aisha Bashir

    Aisha Bashir19 timer siden


  11. Brax Laughton

    Brax Laughton20 timer siden

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  12. Randy Melgar

    Randy MelgarDag siden

    Does anyone know the name of the paint pens? That’s what I want!!!

  13. linepau

    linepau2 dager siden

    now we know why zac gives giveway in every video

  14. Emerson Brumm

    Emerson Brumm2 dager siden

    Your the best NO-gosr ever!!!!!☺️

  15. Landon Fisher

    Landon Fisher2 dager siden

    Why is it when people are friends with famous people they aren't greatful for crap

  16. Pop Rock

    Pop Rock2 dager siden


  17. 윽박이따까리

    윽박이따까리3 dager siden

    balenciaga brush

  18. LJ Hollie

    LJ Hollie4 dager siden

    Can I have 5k

  19. Sonia Romero

    Sonia Romero4 dager siden

    You know there balenciaga right

  20. Joe Bishop

    Joe Bishop5 dager siden

    nice content dude keep it up!

  21. Kian Pinckney

    Kian Pinckney5 dager siden


  22. Riley Bailey

    Riley Bailey6 dager siden

    I whant some of those showes

  23. Gaming Nation

    Gaming Nation6 dager siden

    Can I have £3000 my mom needs it for treatment

  24. Brady Johnson

    Brady Johnson7 dager siden

    Zhc:we are running around in public Me: were is everyone

  25. Bacon Studios

    Bacon Studios7 dager siden

    In public **Literally in a parking lot that’s nearly empty and a small park area with no one looking.**

  26. Hay ahoustwn

    Hay ahoustwn7 dager siden

    me confused why he doesnt have 7bil subs???

  27. colt Shetrom

    colt Shetrom7 dager siden

    Nobody If Mr beast was artist Pls ❤️

  28. Underground Chassis works

    Underground Chassis works8 dager siden

    ZHC: *uses posca paint pens * *Moriah elizabeth has joined the chat*

  29. Arian Aki

    Arian Aki9 dager siden

    Pliss can you customing yezzy pliss pliss pliss pliss pliss pliss pliss do that for me

  30. Moun Veasna

    Moun Veasna9 dager siden

    Can I have one Valencia can you give it to me at Phnom Penh

  31. Daniel Corcoran

    Daniel Corcoran10 dager siden

    I love you vids.

  32. NextLevel 1700

    NextLevel 170010 dager siden

    One of the most expensive shoes Air mags: am I a joke to you

  33. Daniel Kelly

    Daniel Kelly11 dager siden

    Can I get $3000

  34. Ethan Quintass

    Ethan Quintass11 dager siden

    Can have a dollar and keep up the amazing work

  35. Mivante Vivante

    Mivante Vivante11 dager siden

    What's pen they're use guys

  36. Arsl malik

    Arsl malik11 dager siden

    Really nice

  37. Kellen Scott

    Kellen Scott11 dager siden

    is zhc mr beasts art channel?

  38. Hi, my name Ted. !

    Hi, my name Ted. !12 dager siden

    PLOT TWIST: ZHC only wants to give money away to get money....

  39. Laxmi Salvi

    Laxmi Salvi12 dager siden

    so zhc new customising very beautiful

  40. Laxmi Salvi

    Laxmi Salvi12 dager siden

    So beautiful shoes

  41. Kimberly Denise Rivas Gama

    Kimberly Denise Rivas Gama12 dager siden


  42. andrei rosales

    andrei rosales12 dager siden

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  43. Tarsha jackson

    Tarsha jackson13 dager siden

    can i have 1,000 dollars so i can get a phone

  44. II Buster

    II Buster13 dager siden

    Can I have 100$?

  45. J.R. Craft

    J.R. Craft13 dager siden

    All i want is a pair of shoes i really want some yeezys

  46. Sarah Litz

    Sarah Litz13 dager siden

    This was filmed on my birthday......😂🤣

  47. Air master

    Air master14 dager siden

    Your the best chanal

  48. F Ali

    F Ali14 dager siden

    Can I have 1000 dolers plz

  49. Jacobray Raymond

    Jacobray Raymond14 dager siden

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  50. S K Shaileshkumar

    S K Shaileshkumar14 dager siden

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  51. ima lil dog

    ima lil dog14 dager siden

    We need more nice ppl like ZHC :)

  52. Gillermo Alvarez

    Gillermo Alvarez14 dager siden

    Sooo😁 coooool 😀😀😀😀😀

  53. Kübra Öztürk

    Kübra Öztürk15 dager siden

    Oh so we are shitting money now or....

  54. flip it

    flip it15 dager siden

    Can you give my a pair of These shoese?😉

  55. Da6dul

    Da6dul15 dager siden

    You might as well customise your house

  56. Engjell Gamer

    Engjell Gamer15 dager siden

    Out of any shoe he chose “Socks”

  57. Ethan Quintass

    Ethan Quintass11 dager siden


  58. Folashade Balogun

    Folashade Balogun16 dager siden

    You are the best artist ever I am an og subscriber so give the money to mi

  59. SpongeBobs Cheeks

    SpongeBobs Cheeks16 dager siden

    Can I have $1,000 me and my friend have been saving up so much money for a shed

  60. Elias Gutierrez

    Elias Gutierrez17 dager siden

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  61. JJ 100X35

    JJ 100X3517 dager siden

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    Tom Burkitt-grice18 dager siden

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  63. AdamShmadam 2020

    AdamShmadam 202018 dager siden

    You just destroyed so many pairs of shoes that I can’t afford i would gladly take the ones you used to paint with

  64. Ramya puppala

    Ramya puppala18 dager siden

    Can I have $750 for an IPhone XR? I don't have enough money.

  65. Arnav Jalli

    Arnav Jalli18 dager siden

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  66. GG Bro

    GG Bro18 dager siden

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