Cyclepassion 2012 - Pauline Ferrand-Prevot - Film 3 of 6

Our 3rd Film features French shooting star Pauline Ferrand-Prevot. Pauline is the current Junior Mountain Bike XC AND Road Racing World Champion. Her Time-Trailing and Cyclo-Cross results are top notch too. It seems no matter what bike you give Pauline, she will go and race it faster than her peers! She's fully dedicated even off the bike and in front of our Cameras, but don't for yourself.
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Maja Wloszczowska (PL) - CCC - MTB
Katherine O'Shea (AUS) - Torque - MTB
Liz Hatch (USA) - Lotto Ladies Team - Road
Veronica Andreasson (Sweden) - Lotto Ladies Team - Road
Pauline Ferrand-Prevot - (France) Lapiere - Road/MTB
Marion Rousse - (France) Futuroscope - Road
Hanna Klein - (Germany) Rothaus/Poison - MTB
Photos by Daniel Geiger:
Titles and FX by Fabian Oelkers
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Cyclepassion is a sensual bike calendar featuring elite female cycling athletes from around the world since 2006.
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  1. Ivan K

    Ivan K3 år siden

    she's hot.

  2. FeelMetalMan

    FeelMetalMan5 år siden

    how do you say "Gladiator" in french

  3. 2WheelTonio

    2WheelTonio3 år siden

    The origin of the word is from Latin, "gladiator" (swordsman) which has its root word in "gladius" meaning sword. "Gladiateur" is just the French way of saying it, but the word does not come from French.

  4. Alfred Conqueror

    Alfred Conqueror4 år siden

    lol i was about to say that hahaha cheers

  5. AttackTheGasStation1

    AttackTheGasStation14 år siden

    "Gladiateur" the english word comes from french language

  6. MILOminatisch

    MILOminatisch7 år siden

    Worldcup ;)

  7. Courtney Nielsen

    Courtney Nielsen8 år siden

    What a lovely overproduction!

  8. Epozentrum

    Epozentrum8 år siden

    boring and cheesy as hell - really. If iI want porn I go for porn.

  9. ffiaux

    ffiaux8 år siden

    @TheCunego89 Yes probably

  10. nbx91

    nbx918 år siden

    @jassgiant oui elle il est très agréable de rouler avec elle, même si c'est plus souvent moi qui suis devant j'apprécie quand les roles s'inversent 8D en espérent qu'elle ne passe pas devant la vidéo

  11. Damian Gałek

    Damian Gałek8 år siden

    @ffiaux Just outside. You are in bad place at bad time :)

  12. ffiaux

    ffiaux8 år siden

    @nbx91 LOL good motivation to go uphill isn't it?

  13. nbx91

    nbx918 år siden

    @ffiaux Pauline ferrand prevot live in France :) i road sometimes with her in the moutains..

  14. ffiaux

    ffiaux8 år siden

    I just can't believe those beautiful girls enjoy bikes (road, cross, mtb). Where are they? Never seen one.

  15. ffiaux

    ffiaux8 år siden

    @zenjiin I believe they did it on purpose

  16. repairdrive

    repairdrive8 år siden

    Pauline is smoking hot. Just this vid is boring.

  17. zenjiin

    zenjiin8 år siden

    The opening reminds me of the movie Gladiator

  18. yellownp22541

    yellownp225418 år siden

    Bon soi!

  19. TheSg1helio

    TheSg1helio8 år siden

    OMG!!! Beutiful