DaBaby - BOP on Broadway (Hip Hop Musical)

BOP on Broadway
DaBaby - BOP
Produced by Jetsonmade
Video Produced by Reel Goats
Dir x Reel Goats
Edited by Reel Goats
Shoutout every single dancer that came out to be great.Shout Cherry and Danileigh for the Choreography.
Much love to Paramount for letting us run wild on their studio lot.
Kirk Album Out Now. The Kirk Tour starts this weekend if you ain't got your tickets, go get them you bitch ass niggas.


  1. Joshua Sullivan

    Joshua Sullivan18 minutter siden

    Downton Baby 👶

  2. Daniel Spizzy

    Daniel Spizzy19 minutter siden

    Girl in blue is thick as hell

  3. Alvin Mbae

    Alvin Mbae25 minutter siden

    The last time i check on this video it was 35million views ...i wonder if some is pouring fertilizer to make grow so fast...#Great Hit

  4. Keegan Reid

    Keegan Reid26 minutter siden

    this guys at the end go hard

  5. Fry eye Tv

    Fry eye Tv27 minutter siden


  6. Greeni BJoe

    Greeni BJoe28 minutter siden

    I'm proud of Dababy, that's all.

  7. N30N Gaming

    N30N Gaming30 minutter siden

    Did anyone else notice the guy in the white mask in the middle has off white Jordan’s

  8. bigdumpboi69 xxx

    bigdumpboi69 xxx35 minutter siden

    You got the jabawokeez

  9. Shay Shay

    Shay Shay38 minutter siden

    Who already learn the Choreography

  10. Monica Howard

    Monica Howard39 minutter siden

    Kendrick needs to remix this asap I miss his voice 💞

  11. OfficialChrisOliver

    OfficialChrisOliver50 minutter siden

    solo vine por los comentarios en español .

  12. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei34 minutter siden

    I’m here the the girl with the red gloves she was getting it 😍

  13. Morya Aka

    Morya Aka53 minutter siden

    Gg man

  14. NA to the FLA

    NA to the FLA55 minutter siden

    In korean, da means full. In korean, da baby is full baby.

  15. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei33 minutter siden

    Aaaaa ...... I'm 48 and I love this video ...hey yung world

  16. Never Taste mint ever

    Never Taste mint ever57 minutter siden

    2:11 shortcut

  17. Henok Tasew

    Henok TasewTime siden

    it's really good bop.

  18. Junomaster2006

    Junomaster2006Time siden

    Nice try. Blacks people are still stupid.

  19. Yeicol27

    Yeicol27Time siden

    🎶🎶El violador eres tú 🎶🎶

  20. Jordii Tv

    Jordii TvTime siden

    IF YOU LOVE Dababy let me get 15 subscribers.......LISTENING ALL THE WAY FROM JAMAICA!!!!!!!

  21. Tremain Smith

    Tremain SmithTime siden

    Luv that Beat⭐🌙

  22. fundisiwe fundi

    fundisiwe fundiTime siden

    Is the girl in red Khaleya Graham?

  23. Vinício Dias

    Vinício DiasTime siden

    00:16 tem um fotógrafo de azul perdido ou faz parte da cena?

  24. Brian Sinclair

    Brian SinclairTime siden


  25. global

    globalTime siden


  26. lil shrioo

    lil shriooTime siden

    You watching the comments ain't you

  27. Isthat Fikri

    Isthat FikriTime siden

    So swag u real da goat🔥

  28. Torry Nelson

    Torry Nelson2 timer siden

    Aaaaa ...... I'm 48 and I love this video ...hey yung world

  29. I have the ASMR Fever

    I have the ASMR Fever2 timer siden

    I’m here the the girl with the red gloves she was getting it 😍

  30. Warren Austin

    Warren Austin2 timer siden

    We just gonna ignore DJ Khaled playing the flute the entire time lmaooo

  31. AllTheStuff :

    AllTheStuff :2 timer siden

    Mumble hoes not real rap ur shit is wack bít crap

  32. Boxer Khan

    Boxer Khan2 timer siden

    Oh Youth :(


    HID N BLACK FILMZ2 timer siden

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  34. Tyler Cuykendall

    Tyler Cuykendall2 timer siden

    I am from Charlotte so this is awesome

  35. Fuchsi

    Fuchsi2 timer siden

    Beat is fire and I like his flow, but god damn those lyrics are basic shit

  36. Ormani Byrd

    Ormani Byrd2 timer siden

    I love his creativity, his energy and the fact he doesn’t mind showing respect to others rappers FEMALE rappers at that !! Dababy is whole mood and a new type of nigga we need in the industry and world!! Keep putting on for the #704 #NC

  37. Brian Lazo

    Brian Lazo2 timer siden

    Keep rep our city DaBaby Clt let’s keep pounding y’all

  38. LemoNiceRock#1991

    LemoNiceRock#19913 timer siden

    1:56 that white ass flappy twerk looks so disgusting🤮🤮🤮

  39. Somm1

    Somm13 timer siden

    Даже на западе узнали, что братишкин вор

  40. Gabriel Dentton Salada

    Gabriel Dentton Salada3 timer siden

    Money may

  41. Pekin Duck

    Pekin Duck3 timer siden

    imagine twerking upside down...god what is life

  42. Kenneth raiford

    Kenneth raiford3 timer siden

    damnn that girl in the blue has a camel toe