Dabo Swinney compliments Ohio State after CFP rankings are released | College Football on ESPN

After seeing the final CFP rankings, Dabo Swinney compliments Ohio State and Ryan Day for having an incredible season. Swinney also comments how he tries to keep his team motivated even though they fell to the #3 spot despite remaining undefeated.

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  1. Brooklyn Spahr

    Brooklyn SpahrMåned siden

    Go bucks we are the best and Ohio football in the world

  2. Chris Adams

    Chris AdamsMåned siden

    I'm picking Oklahoma to win the whole thing. LSU is good but they will have to score 70 points to defeat Oklahoma I think they'll run out of time.

  3. Chris Adams

    Chris AdamsMåned siden

    I like Clemson they have a great and likeable coach but they haven't played anybody 😁

  4. Buckeye4life 440

    Buckeye4life 440Måned siden

    Clemson plays nothing but cupcakes 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

  5. gerald 413

    gerald 413Måned siden

    Good Luck to both teams & Coaches.

  6. gerald 413

    gerald 413Måned siden

    I can tell ya' Buckeyes either underestimate the 🐅 Tigers or whatever we get clubbed except that year we to the air out of Alabama ballon. Being from up North I lived in Georgia for a while if you get two Southern teams hot to go at each other man it will get UGULY!! LSU VS CLEMSON -----Buckeye out West way out West. 🐅 🐅 tiger vs tiger

  7. gerald 413

    gerald 413Måned siden

    I Bet ya' if I were a bettin' man. There are Some BUCKEYES Playing in this game that lost 31-0. Anybody think they REMEMBER.???Don't Give Clemson 21 pts. Like you did with the BADGERS. They don't let Teams come back. Also I know as a BUCKEYE this is Taboo but How many ppl would like to see LSU VS. CLEMSON?????

  8. wrenfan

    wrenfanMåned siden

    Was never in doubt not to be in it. This BS about lack of respect is nothing but whining. Could easily go all the way again. They could always leave and go to the SEC if they think being a big fish in a small pond is a disadvantage. Don't expect that to happen.

  9. angela thomas

    angela thomasMåned siden

    Just to let all you Clemson fans know the 1966 team that was #1 nd was dropped to #3 was Alabama . Isn't that ironic.

  10. ERIC LOU

    ERIC LOUMåned siden

    Take it Clemson.

  11. James Ceglie

    James CeglieMåned siden

    Clemson has played nobody all year. High School teams in the ACC which is the worse conference. The silver bullet will dominate like no other. 42-10 Buckeyes



    Formidable video production, i like it to much !!! Principal part is 1:52. *I upload 1 video, Pls check it out and comment your opinion* ❤ 💯 💖

  13. Idk Me

    Idk MeMåned siden

    32-0 Buckeyes.

  14. WashburnD10

    WashburnD10Måned siden

    Man I miss those Papa John's pizzas. I must admit I got distracted seeing those.

  15. Matt Clark

    Matt ClarkMåned siden

    “It’s not easy to win” it absolutely is easy to win when you play ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOBODY!! Not saying they are not good team because Clemson is but dammit!! Let’s not pretend they have a tough schedule!!!

  16. Taylor Albaugh

    Taylor AlbaughMåned siden

    As a buckeye fan, I would not be nearly as mad if we lost to Clemson because Dabo is a humble guy and doesn’t try to act tough.

  17. John Halderman

    John HaldermanMåned siden

    I wonder why Dabo says Clemson the first to go undefeated, ranked 1 preseason and finish 3rd in rankings and why this guy is agreeing??? Look up Florida State in 2014!!!

  18. 1 2

    1 2Måned siden

    Quality wins Texas a&m at UNC,Virgina 😭😭

  19. wrenfan

    wrenfanMåned siden

    Beating Virginia in basketball would be a "quality" win.

  20. Wesley Cooper

    Wesley CooperMåned siden

    I have a feeling it may be all Tigers in the championship game. If that's the case I guarantee a Tiger victory.

  21. Andy Tihonow

    Andy TihonowMåned siden

    I wish Dabo and the tigers all the best hope they destroy the scum of the universe that resides in Columbus Ohio

  22. Jesse Sawyer

    Jesse SawyerMåned siden

    Clemson scores at least 100 points the next two games

  23. Jesse Sawyer

    Jesse SawyerMåned siden

    takforce06 Trevor sits the 4th

  24. Jesse Sawyer

    Jesse SawyerMåned siden

    takforce06 28 pts first half

  25. takforce06

    takforce06Måned siden

    Jesse Sawyer Sorry 😐 Clemson only gets one game and its 10 points. Try again next season!

  26. ed123456789ish

    ed123456789ishMåned siden

    Lol everyone on Ohio states 🍆 in these comments. I got Clemson this game. 28-24 Clemson

  27. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor BrianMåned siden

    300th comment Clemson needs that win more.

  28. A W

    A WMåned siden

    Clemson fans didn’t exist before 2013

  29. Luke Segars

    Luke SegarsMåned siden

    A W Your stupid is showing, bud

  30. A W

    A WMåned siden

    Luke Segars yeah after 2013. They weren’t a brand until after 2013.

  31. Luke Segars

    Luke SegarsMåned siden

    Clemson has always had one of the biggest and most traveling fan bases in football...

  32. MrTron

    MrTronMåned siden

    Clemson fans filled the stadium even when they were 3-8 back in 1998.

  33. Crimson Skies

    Crimson SkiesMåned siden

    We did just we knew our place

  34. A W

    A WMåned siden

    Dabo is so fake

  35. A W

    A WMåned siden

    robert sharpe he said Urban Meyer was dying to get recruits. Dabo is a tool bag

  36. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    A W I feel sorry for you I hope you see the light one day please NO-gos his testimony might do you some good!!!!

  37. Rick 3

    Rick 3Måned siden

    It's funny how you start getting a national spotlight, win a few times, talk about Jesus Christ, and watch the angry atheists come out from the wood work with their personal attacks on Dabo. Just two years ago Clemson and Dabo were loved, but now, you scroll through any video and it's just evil and wickedness from people. There is a spiritual battle going on, just like the Bible says, and it is very evident in every facet of life. Dabo is the most humble, genuine person I've seen in a long time, and he gives ALL of the glory to God, where it is due. People hate that. But it doesn't change the reality that all of those angry people will bend their knee to the same God they curse, whether they believe it or not.

  38. tlo g

    tlo gMåned siden

    The End Is Near there is no god. Wake up

  39. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    A W you obviously do not know god if you did you could look at a person and tell if they were genuine or not! If you’re curiousWho Dabo is just NO-gos his testimony if that doesn’t move Maybe it will plant the seed that one day does! Gob bless

  40. Google Account

    Google AccountMåned siden

    Alexander Grant no urban Meyer is the anti christ it is obvious and you can’t change my mind

  41. Alexander Grant

    Alexander GrantMåned siden

    This has to be a troll account right? No one hates that he gives glory to whatever he believes in, Ed Orgeron does the same thing and who hates him? Stop acting like everyone in sports doesn't thank God or whatever in every interview where they've achieved something, people are aggravated because his team hasn't played anyone and he's acting like his schedule is even close to the resume of Ohio State or LSU. It's not some "spiritual battle" or whatever you want to call it, it's just sports.

  42. A W

    A WMåned siden

    Google Account Urban is the 🐐

  43. Tony N

    Tony NMåned siden

    Any team should worry about Clemson. They have the healthiest team in the NCAA. Every week is practice.

  44. Docbndgrl9113

    Docbndgrl911327 dager siden

    @Tony N This game was close the entire time. Ohio State still had a chance to win it at the end. All this game showed was how evenly matched they were, which isn't shocking. Anyway, I hope Clemson beats LSU. Their fans are annoying and really believe that the Natty will be a cake walk for them.

  45. Tony N

    Tony N27 dager siden

    I hope everyone understands now why I said any team should worry playing a healthy team with a weak schedule. I'm just gonna leave this win here. I didn't want it. But I'm a realist and I know football. Enough to call this game. Bet and win on it. Peace!!

  46. Docbndgrl9113

    Docbndgrl9113Måned siden

    @Tony N I'm not saying that health isn't important, but this break from the conference championship will ensure that Justin Fields is 100% (he only had a MCL sprain, not a tear). Others who have had minor injuries can heal too. However, Ohio State seems to be deep and are able to make the necessary adjustments needed to win.

  47. Tony N

    Tony NMåned siden

    @Docbndgrl9113 I agree. I do not think they can best just anyone. But read again. Any team should worry. For one reason only. They have a weak schedule that leaves them healthier than others. I dont believe they will win. All these teams have nfl players on them. But one team has the healthiest. All I'm saying. So many people think I'm cheering for Clemson. Its health. It's how it works in college and nfl. I'm not a homer like the ones commenting for their team. I'm a buckeye fan. Not worried, not scared. But health is always favored in these games. History repeats.

  48. Docbndgrl9113

    Docbndgrl9113Måned siden

    @Tony N This is NOT last year. Ohio State this season is significantly better than the Notre Dame and Alabama teams Clemson beat then.

  49. DREVM

    DREVMMåned siden

    Ohio’s coach, bro... Can you say dye job? His hair is unnaturally dark lol.

  50. Average Joe

    Average JoeMåned siden

    Cannot wait for the bucks to blow the doors off Clemson. Bucks 45 Clemson 17

  51. Ted McNair

    Ted McNair24 dager siden

    Average Joe your right Clemson isn’t on Ohio States level...... Clemson is better and they showed it! Spotted y’all 16 and flipped the game then drove it the length of the field to beat the Ohio State! 0-4 🤣

  52. Average Joe

    Average JoeMåned siden

    Funny how Clemson plays cupcakes all season, unlike the buckeyes who play in the BIG ten, the toughest league. Clemson isn't on our level

  53. takforce06

    takforce06Måned siden

    Steven Asante You’re right! History does repeat itself. 8 Time National Champions, THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES

  54. Steven Asante

    Steven AsanteMåned siden

    @Average Joe History has a tendency to repeat itself...

  55. Average Joe

    Average JoeMåned siden

    @Luke Segars Most Clemson fans keep living in the past

  56. Eundo Park

    Eundo ParkMåned siden

    Dabo for president

  57. Christopher Ramsue

    Christopher RamsueMåned siden


  58. bluesman7475

    bluesman7475Måned siden

    I believe the Buckeyes will beat him.

  59. joshua owens

    joshua owens27 dager siden

    Feel stupid now?

  60. isi alfred

    isi alfredMåned siden

    Me and my two elderly uncles can win the ACC

  61. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerMåned siden


  62. Erik Mangus Lehnsherr

    Erik Mangus LehnsherrMåned siden

    Clemson has won 10 out of the last 11 games against the SEC. You guys act as if the schedules aren't made years in advance. How do you know who will be ranked 3-5 or more years in the future. He leaves the spot open for 2 SEC teams every year. Maybe the top 2 SEC teams should agree to play them every year.

  63. Erik Mangus Lehnsherr

    Erik Mangus LehnsherrMåned siden

    @dave rich You guys are all looking at this the wrong way. When Bama was doing it no one said a word. It is not about WHO Clemson plays. It is about HOW they play. Clemson would be undefeated against LSU and OSU schedule. Stop playing. They are 28-0. Only a few teams in the past 3 years have scored over 21 points on them. They have also been in the CFP every year. They have won 2 of the last 3 titles. They play top 4 teams every year. Give the schedule thing a rest now. That didn't work to get them out of the top 4.

  64. dave rich

    dave richMåned siden

    You are right on those guys are good and he's a very good coach but I got to say when you have to play a team that's 23rd in the standings in the ACC to win the conference that's not good I think all that money they paying that coach they should pay to get in the SEC and play better teams at least just to get out of the conference he was right he was complaining that people were saying that their schedule are weak in the conference and they are definitely right I'm not saying the four teams that's in the playoffs didn't play weaker teams but how many of those teams played a team that was that low in the standings to win their conference and let's make it clear I'm not against those guys remember Alabama was rolling will now Clemson is Rolling.

  65. Erik Mangus Lehnsherr

    Erik Mangus LehnsherrMåned siden

    Based on your comment, all 3 of you would be on academic suspension. Don't forget they won the ACC 5 years in a row, and have won 2 out of the last 3 National titles.....AND they have won 28 straight games.

  66. BrianC6234

    BrianC6234Måned siden

    What a crybaby Swinney is. You know he has to be doing a lot of cheating. Clemson was nothing and suddenly a playoff team every year. Is he buying players like Oregon did?

  67. toledojeeper

    toledojeeperMåned siden

    Steroids maybe...got caught last year

  68. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    BrianC6234 if they’re doing good they got to be cheating right!!! Has nothing to do with the man behind the program and the things he’s implemented has nothing to do with the integrity of who he is as a person look at Clemson look at the graduation rate It’s astonishing how he changes these athletes lives not only on the field but off the field wake up stop hating the man just because he’s a great human being

  69. MrTron

    MrTronMåned siden

    You don't know what you're talking about. Look at the history. Dabo built Clemson up every year starting in 2009. It was a progression of more wins and better recruits that got them to being a playoff team every year in 2015. Clemson also boosted recruiting by putting money into facilities. They built a huge indoor practice building and then the nation's best football building with the world's largest football-only weight room.

  70. CrimsonTide

    CrimsonTideMåned siden

    Does Clemson ever play ranked opponents during their season? They cake walk to the playoffs every year

  71. CrimsonTide

    CrimsonTideMåned siden

    robert sharpe Saban doesn’t clear players to play , medical professionals do.

  72. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    CrimsonTide you’re just mad because Nick Saban is the reason your quarterback is hurt 😢 if anybody is a crybaby it is Nick Saban and Alabama sorry you didn’t make it to the playoffs this year maybe if your coach would’ve took your quarterback out a little earlier you might’ve been there

  73. CrimsonTide

    CrimsonTideMåned siden

    @jbizzle82 Ya'll should...considering the cake walk all season long. Clemson is fresh and ready every year come playoffs with no bruising games. Healthy and ready to go.

  74. L J

    L JMåned siden


  75. Rick 3

    Rick 3Måned siden

    Clemson played the #1 hardest schedule in 2016 when they beat Alabama, playing the same exact schedule. But you don't care about facts, do you? You just like to open up your phone and start typing whatever kind of feelings you have without a filter. Now get on your knees and apologize.

  76. Johnny The powerslave

    Johnny The powerslaveMåned siden


  77. Hill Monica

    Hill MonicaMåned siden

    How is worthless ohio ranked 2nd and clemson favored by 3?? Clemson should be 2. Tigers vs. Tigers in final.

  78. Hill Monica

    Hill MonicaMåned siden

    @Ramblin Man im not a clemson fan. Im anti ohio state. Like to see a tigers/tigers final, would be best game.

  79. Ramblin Man

    Ramblin ManMåned siden

    "Worthless" and "overrated" are two different words with two completely different definitions. Worthless? Definitely not. Overrated? At times maybe a little but definitely not always. I'm not looking forward to us playing y'all for sure. Hopefully Dabo and Venables makes some bad calls that we can take advantage of and we take Clemson down 🤜👇

  80. Hill Monica

    Hill MonicaMåned siden

    @Ramblin Man nope. ohio 2nd most over rated and catered to outfit next to bama. now bama gone the world wants ohio state gone also.

  81. Ramblin Man

    Ramblin ManMåned siden

    Hill Monica Ohio Bobcats aren't ranked 2nd, tOSU is ranked 2nd and they aren't worthless...they are worth a ton more than the university of Clemson.

  82. Dharmesh P.

    Dharmesh P.Måned siden

    The country slept on a sleeping giant lol. Clemson gon repeat

  83. Tommy Bain

    Tommy BainMåned siden

    It was also clear that someone above them when they were outside the top 4 had to lose a game

  84. Tommy Bain

    Tommy BainMåned siden

    They may or may not repeat. But no one who knows football and Clemson's talent has been sleeping on them. They may have been aware they didn't play anyone that good, and at least earlier in the season, that they weren't always looking all that good themselves. I'm not sure anyone questioned their place in the playoff if they stayed undefeated. It just seemed within the realm of possibility at that point they might slip up.

  85. Todd the God

    Todd the GodMåned siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “the sleeping giant”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the cringe bro. 31-14 Ohio state goodnight kid.

  86. Cody Bolyard

    Cody BolyardMåned siden

    U guys complain that clemson dont play any body.. just remember this Georgia lost to south Carolina at home and clemson beat them bye 35.. so was Georgia really the 4th best team in the country

  87. Steven Asante

    Steven AsanteMåned siden

    @DREVM I mean are they wrong? So many people think BECAUSE they've had a weak schedule, they won't be any good. When in reality they've had weak schedules in the past a ran through teams perceived to be better than them in the playoffs 🤷🏾‍♂️

  88. Jerah Selig

    Jerah SeligMåned siden

    Its so funny that people think these teams are offensive juggernauts like OU 😂

  89. Jerah Selig

    Jerah SeligMåned siden

    Jerry823Coates lool. You’re right. Just had the greatest offensive team in history in 2017 and the proceeded to have a better offensive team in 2018. In 2019, not nearly as good as the previous years yet, with 41 less snaps as LSU, we’re two yards behind them. 😂 You’re right we’re no juggernaut.

  90. Jerah Selig

    Jerah SeligMåned siden

    TURNT crazy to think that OU hasn’t won a CFP game, yet they always seem to be in there...🤔

  91. TURNT

    TURNTMåned siden

    its crazy to think that OU hasnt won a college playoff game when they've been in it😂

  92. gyoyobw123

    gyoyobw123Måned siden

    It's funny that OU thinks they can win it all with no defense lolololol

  93. Jerry823Coates

    Jerry823CoatesMåned siden

    Yall offense not a juggernaut bub!

  94. Romico Barnes

    Romico BarnesMåned siden

    Bruh a snitch lol

  95. Jermaine Nowels

    Jermaine NowelsMåned siden

    Romico Barnes o ok

  96. Romico Barnes

    Romico BarnesMåned siden

    Jermaine Nowels the reporter, not Dabo

  97. Jermaine Nowels

    Jermaine NowelsMåned siden

    Romico Barnes why u say tht

  98. Geaux Hood

    Geaux HoodMåned siden

    Cry BABy.. DABO handling BITCHASSNESS


    "BUT DID YOU DIE"Måned siden


  100. john shoupe

    john shoupeMåned siden

    Ohio State and Clemson are both very good with Clemson having a slight edge, but LSU will win it all. They have out spent the other 3 teams combined on coaches and assistants, along with having the best QB in the country and overall team speed. I hate them personally, but have seen enough of them to know they have it in the bag this year.

  101. Jason Lyle

    Jason LyleMåned siden

    @john shoupe But that's exactly my point. They can score with the best of them but that defense is not great . To be complete you have to have great offense and defense. They have the offense but teams in the playoffs will be able to move the ball and score on that defense. Every team they will possibly face are top 5 offenses. They will score more than 10 points. LSU has only faced 1 legitimate offense all year and gave up 41. I think they beat Oklahoma but it will probably be in the 40's.

  102. MrTron

    MrTronMåned siden

    LSU reminds me of that "Best Team Ever" last year.

  103. john shoupe

    john shoupeMåned siden

    @Jason Lyle I'd like to see OSU win it too, or even Clemson, but LSU is complete. They won't have to hold anyone to 10 points when they can score on every drive. That's against SEC teams like Florida, Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia. All top ten defenses before they played LSU. They're punter isn't even going to letter in football this year.

  104. Jason Lyle

    Jason LyleMåned siden

    I don't think so my guy. LSU has a good offense but they are not gonna keep anyone of these teams to 10 points. Georgia was banged up and their offense wasn't even top 50. All of these teams can go for 40-50 points against that defense. It will be interesting to watch that's for sure. All of these other teams are top 5 in offense. Let's see what they can do against a legitimate offense.

  105. Heath Settle

    Heath SettleMåned siden

    I'm really sick of hearing how many they've won in a row as part of their resume. Last...season... does...not...matter

  106. Mark Gilbert

    Mark Gilbert27 dager siden

    @Wesley Cooper its called bullitin board material. It absolutely is a motivator. You hit it right on the money

  107. Mark Gilbert

    Mark Gilbert27 dager siden

    @hush brous and now Clemson gets their shot at LSU

  108. Preston Price

    Preston PriceMåned siden

    Heath Settle you realize how hard it is to win 28 in a row right? That doesn’t just happen. You have to take that into consideration no matter who you are. Especially when no other team can say they’ve done it

  109. Wesley Cooper

    Wesley CooperMåned siden

    He is using that to motivate his team. You use whatever you have to. Percieved Disrespect is a very strong temporary motivator.

  110. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    I think it’s great that Clemson and LSU don’t have to play each other Until the Championship best two teams in the nation it would suck to see them play each other first and Ohio State gets an easy route to the championship!!!!

  111. I just dont care

    I just dont careMåned siden

    Oklahoma is gonna make it close against lsu as they have a good offense and their defense has done better than Lsu

  112. Jordan Eggleston

    Jordan EgglestonMåned siden

    As an Ohio State fan, I have to respect what Clemson has been able to accomplish. They are one of the best teams in the country and I personally think they belong at 1 or 2. LSU is a good team but they are not as good as Clemson or Ohio State this year. And as for Oklahoma, they are okay. Definitely not a Championship team this year. I don't think Ohio State should be playing Clemson round 1. That is nothing less than a Championship match up.

  113. Grant Wiler

    Grant WilerMåned siden

    hush brous lol alright fam, guess we’ll see (if LSU even beats Oklahoma)

  114. Ramblin Man

    Ramblin ManMåned siden

    Jordan Eggleston sorry bro but I think tOSU would lose against LSU. They're offense is just unstoppable and ours just wouldn't be able to keep up, and unless Day has them pumped up big time I don't think they'll get past Clemson either.

  115. Ramblin Man

    Ramblin ManMåned siden

    hush brous LSU beat (4) top 25 teams not 5 (Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia). tOSU beat (3) top 10 teams in a row. LSU didn't. tOSU beat (5) top 25 teams, had a tougher schedule, and didn't have an FCS opponent. Saying that, I think LSU would beat tOSU.

  116. hush brous

    hush brousMåned siden

    @Grant Wiler Now I know you're just talking nonsense. Stop trolling. You don't know football at all bro lol

  117. Grant Wiler

    Grant WilerMåned siden

    hush brous yup realized soon after. Ohio state and Clemson both would destroy LSU in any case. Buckeyes by 25 over LSU

  118. Tony Patrick

    Tony PatrickMåned siden

    The commity wanted the sec to make it to the National Championship game so they put LSU #1 because that's their only chance at getting there. Just like the 14' season the real National Championship game will be played in the semifinals when Ohio State plays Clemson. This will be Ohio State's revenge tour.

  119. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    Tony Patrick You don’t have the sense God gave a donkey blind stupidity I can’t believe you just made that statement!!!!

  120. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    Tony Patrick Negative they 100% got it right nobody wants to see LSU and Clemson play the first game that would be the national championship they are the best two teams in the nation and you will see this by the end of the playoffs it’s sad to see there’s so many people blinded by their own stupidity

  121. hush brous

    hush brousMåned siden

    @Tony Patrick You are some kind of special aren't you? Lol. So if every team wins because they play at home. THEN NO ONE SHOULD BE UNDEFEATED! Yes you're special!

  122. Tony Patrick

    Tony PatrickMåned siden

    @hush brous not excuses they're facts. Look at the 8 bowls they play this year. 7 out of the 8 are in their backyard and the other being in north carolina. How do you think you're southern teams would do playing bowl games in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa outside in December-January? Why do you think Alabama refuses to play away games up north? Believe it or not it's an advantage.

  123. hush brous

    hush brousMåned siden

    @Tony Patrick You're full of excuses aren't you lol. Didn't LSU play Ohio State for the National Championship in the past. I don't remember what happened! Can you refresh my memory?

  124. Kendal White

    Kendal WhiteMåned siden


  125. S A

    S AMåned siden

    Lol @ "Perceived". ESPN is a trip.

  126. LaCedric Gipson

    LaCedric GipsonMåned siden

    “Uhh and uh”

  127. David Vega

    David VegaMåned siden

    Honestly it’s easy to say LSU beats Oklahoma but it’s so hard to call Ohio vs Clemson they are so similar and Justin and Trevor have always been ranked next to each other in high school

  128. AllTigerTCH

    AllTigerTCHMåned siden

    Cyumadbro summit he said oklahoma

  129. AllTigerTCH

    AllTigerTCHMåned siden

    Justin A and Baylor had their third string qb in

  130. Cyumadbro summit

    Cyumadbro summitMåned siden

    @Justin A You need to stop letting your boyfriend discipline your sons. Ohio State didn't even play Baylor.

  131. David Vega

    David VegaMåned siden

    Justin A fax

  132. Justin A

    Justin AMåned siden

    David Vega funny how OU fans actually think they have a chance when they had to go to OT with Baylor.


    QUALITY INNMåned siden

    Man I hate Clemson, but hard to hate Dabo. Such a likable guy

  134. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    At least somebody is honest with their selves it’s OK to hate somebody when they’re winning but don’t discredit the man behind the success Because there is no better coach know better man in college football

  135. The traveler

    The travelerMåned siden

    Lol you're kidding right

  136. A *Wal

    A *WalMåned siden

    GO Buckeyes!!💯 OH...

  137. A W

    A WMåned siden

    Devin Egar Clemson nearly lost to UNC

  138. O.G. THANOS

    O.G. THANOSMåned siden

    I-O Bucks shoving nutz down clemson piehole

  139. ArcticLion1234

    ArcticLion1234Måned siden

    @Justin A lol bro its football you think a team is gonna be afraid to play clemson lol no they are gonna play 1 2 or 3 the bucks will play anyone just like lsu will play anyone just like clemson or OU they will play anyone lol

  140. Justin A

    Justin AMåned siden

    It’s a shame you guys sucked in the first half. Because now you guys have to play Clemson.😬

  141. ArcticLion1234

    ArcticLion1234Måned siden

    @Hill Monica lol good luck 28th will be here in no time

  142. Akeem Williams

    Akeem WilliamsMåned siden

    Some explain the selections to me

  143. Tony Patrick

    Tony PatrickMåned siden

    @Daniel Phasavath Buckeyes won the very first playoff and have been their twice. How many times has LSU made it to the playoffs? Memphis struggled twice to beat a team OSU beat 42-0.

  144. AllTigerTCH

    AllTigerTCHMåned siden

    Tony Patrick you’re not making it past Clemson. Sorry buddy

  145. Daniel Phasavath

    Daniel PhasavathMåned siden

    @Tony Patrick Put Memphis in Ohio State's shoes and they would do the same. LSU is superior to Ohio state this year. All I can say to Ohio State. You're in the CFP, now prove it.

  146. Justin A

    Justin AMåned siden

    Tony Patrick if the buckeyes won how LSU did then they would still be number one. I knew once OSU was down 14-0 that they lost the one spot. LSU and OSU are so close when it comes to resumes it can only be determined who’s better based on bias. It came down to how they won the conference title and LSU won it better.

  147. Tony Patrick

    Tony PatrickMåned siden

    @Chaz Vickrey LSU beat 4 currently ranked teams #5, #9, #11 and #12 by 49 points. Buckeyes beat 5 currently ranked teams #8, #10, #14, #21 and #8 again by 84 points. LSU has 2 wins over top 10 the Buckeyes have 3. Buckeyes have arguably the best offense and defense in the country. LSU held a mediocre and injury plagued Georgia offense to 10 points and they jump Ohio State who came back from a 14 point deficit at halftime and held Wisconsin scoreless while scoring 27 unanswered? I'm okay with the ranking though I just don't understand it. We get to play both Clemson and the winner of OU-LSU. Nobody would be left who could rationally claim they could've beat the Buckeyes.

  148. Rick 3

    Rick 3Måned siden

    Dabo is the best coach ever. Players love him.

  149. Lawrence Redfilm

    Lawrence RedfilmMåned siden

    I hope OSU smacks that smirk off his face.

  150. Gray Beard

    Gray BeardMåned siden

    @takforce06 Wow.. are you two representative of your fan base?

  151. takforce06

    takforce06Måned siden

    I agree. I hope OSU smacks the smirk off his face.

  152. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    Lawrence Redfilm i’m sorry you think he’s a con there’s no doubt my mind that he’s the real deal maybe one day you will see it but it’s written all over his face not saying he’s a perfect person there’s no such thing but this man is no fake And if you think I’m in Clemson Tiger fan I’m not I just have a huge amount of respect for dabo If he wasn’t the real deal buddy we wouldn’t even be talking about him right now!!!!

  153. Lawrence Redfilm

    Lawrence RedfilmMåned siden

    @robert sharpe I do not doubt Dabo has a belief in God. Not for a second...

  154. Lawrence Redfilm

    Lawrence RedfilmMåned siden

    @robert sharpe I think dabo is a good football coach. You have no way of knowing his heart. To me, based on things he has said and allowed his players to do, he's a con, just like some other so called devout followers. Yes, I am a theist. And yes, in my life, the most evil people I have met or read about were deemed devout men of God (with a few exception). Using God as a mask or as rationale to conduct evil deeds is awful.

  155. Ty

    TyMåned siden

    We need a Dabo VS Finebaum cage match...Dana White make it happen

  156. scot miller

    scot millerMåned siden

    What a cry baby

  157. scot miller

    scot millerMåned siden

    @AllTigerTCH Clemson has a great team no one is denying that. It just seems like he is trying to play the underdog / underrated / overlooked card too hard.

  158. AllTigerTCH

    AllTigerTCHMåned siden

    scot miller how is he a crybaby

  159. robert sharpe

    robert sharpeMåned siden

    scot miller did you watch this clip at all or just get on here to post negative comments Because all he did was praise Ohio State their coaches in their players the entire time True integrity guess nobody’s ever seen Nick Saban act like a crybaby that will never be said about him sad how the media spends things to reach a certain narrative

  160. scot miller

    scot millerMåned siden

    @AllTigerTCH even if Clemson wins it all he's still a crybaby

  161. AllTigerTCH

    AllTigerTCHMåned siden

    Y’all will see. Just watch

  162. MrSoloDolo

    MrSoloDoloMåned siden

    The committee did osu and Clemson dirty ...those are the 2 best teams . Natty championship in the semis .

  163. MrSoloDolo

    MrSoloDoloMåned siden

    BoxOfOranges84 exactly

  164. BoxOfOranges84

    BoxOfOranges84Måned siden

    They needed to protect LSU / the SEC from getting embarassed by either Clemson or OSU in the semifinals

  165. MrSoloDolo

    MrSoloDoloMåned siden

    Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3 you’re really telling me if LSU played Clemson you would bet your money on lsu? I don’t think so...

  166. Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3

    Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3Måned siden

    Clemson has done nothing this year to say they're the best team. Ohio State and LSU have proven themselves unlike Clemson.

  167. Shelby Pearson

    Shelby PearsonMåned siden

    clemson 48 osu 17

  168. Lawrence Redfilm

    Lawrence RedfilmMåned siden

    @Shelby Pearson great vs no competition... Yes, very talented, but this OSU is not UVA...its also not 2016

  169. Lawrence Redfilm

    Lawrence RedfilmMåned siden

    @"BUT DID YOU DIE" I don't think so...different team , its not 2016.

  170. "BUT DID YOU DIE"

    "BUT DID YOU DIE"Måned siden

    @Lawrence Redfilm SIKE!! OSU GETTING DONUTS!!

  171. Shelby Pearson

    Shelby PearsonMåned siden

    @Lawrence Redfilm 31...lol clemsons got osu covered. we know this for sure now. you saw clemson last night. thats the clemson you can expect. just nasty, how good they are. virginia played well. better than any one would have thought but still got hammered by 45. say what ya want, clemsons a freakin beast.

  172. Lawrence Redfilm

    Lawrence RedfilmMåned siden

    Reverse that.

  173. Robert O'Brien

    Robert O'BrienMåned siden

    I like dabo more and more every time I see him