Dabo Swinney is entitled to feel frustrated with Clemson’s CFP rank - Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith defends Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney’s complaints about the Tigers’ College Football Playoff ranking.
#FirstTake #NCAAF
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  1. Cleve Ard

    Cleve Ard20 dager siden

    67-4 in 4 years???? How have they played more than 15 games per year? Can Stephen A. not count?

  2. Mystic M

    Mystic M21 dag siden

    I’m here after Clemson va Ohio state

  3. Gideon 33

    Gideon 3321 dag siden

    Just ask the question? Who’s the current, undefeated, undisputed National Champion???

  4. Gregg Mhire

    Gregg Mhire23 dager siden

    Stephen A. Seems overall usually frustrated with something or someone or other.... just saying it’s part of his job to project that ...

  5. Gregg Mhire

    Gregg Mhire23 dager siden

    Everyone is entitled to their feelings...let’s just let them play the game and get over our feelings...

  6. FG.Jakeeyy

    FG.Jakeeyy25 dager siden

    So why y’all don’t say this about Tom Brady !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Clemson Football

    Clemson Football25 dager siden

    it's not fair to assume that they aren't playing top players. each team are in different conferences Clemson can't control that.

  8. Maria & Dexter Stowers

    Maria & Dexter Stowers26 dager siden

    That is my BOY Max again!!!

  9. Jake the Grate

    Jake the Grate26 dager siden

    GO GEAUX TIGERS who am i rooting for?

  10. Joe Commentator

    Joe Commentator26 dager siden

    Exar Kun, one down. Next victim will be LSU.

  11. SmithN' Wesson

    SmithN' Wesson26 dager siden

    And now Clemson beat Ohio State

  12. crooms09

    crooms0927 dager siden

    The top 10 is clear bias big ten has so many teams in there for no reason. It’s all a bias, big ten and sec and espn doesn’t want to see Clemson in it.

  13. Nick Allred

    Nick Allred27 dager siden

    Clemson they are giant slayers.

  14. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith28 dager siden

    As a Clemson fan I can say I completely agree with what Dabo’s saying and I think the team has gotten a lot of disrespect and of course we’ll win it all. But the one thing I agree with that they mentioned is Clemson not being #1 based off strength of schedule NOW. I think now I can agree with it although I didn’t agree with it earlier in the season before Ohio State beat Penn State and before LSU beat Bama. Cuz at that point neither did enough to dethrone Clemson in my opinion. But yes we’re the best team and I don’t have a problem with the final ranking. That’s exactly where they should be at #3.

  15. Michael Oglesby

    Michael Oglesby29 dager siden

    Marcus u really smart but dumb @ the same time like such a disappointment frfr!!!!

  16. David Vega

    David Vega29 dager siden

    Probably the most competitive playoff in a minute it’s hard to call who will win for sure because the odds are all over the place literally everyone is a favorite depending who you ask 😂

  17. Scott Bishop

    Scott Bishop29 dager siden

    What we have to step back and consider is that Clemson has beat all of the teams that we are are calling relevant too and has won the National Championship twice within the past 3 years and they are undefeated. Until someone beats them we can't talk smack about anything Clemson, but we do..

  18. FSU FBBB Fan

    FSU FBBB Fan29 dager siden

    "Agender". Does anyone not see the brilliance of Stephen A. Smith? Also, I think Clemson is going to play somebody. Maybe as early as next year, but certainly in 21. Go Noles!

  19. Sue Roberts

    Sue RobertsMåned siden

    They're going to beat lsu if y'all can beat ou. Marcus you are a sec chronies...... work for hat paycheck

  20. DREVM

    DREVMMåned siden

    Not one person thinks or has said Clemson is a fluke. They've been ranked top 4 every week except the first and I think they'd just almost lost to NC. You can't reasonably argue Clemson should be ahead of LSU who beat Auburn and Bama or Ohio State who beat much better people too. The best Clemson win by far was #22 or 23. They're ranked exactly where they should be with their performances and schedule. Dabo is just trying to hype his team up, I get it, but he's wrong otherwise.

  21. Futurestar

    FuturestarMåned siden

    Everyone just want LSU to win even doe that Clemson gonna go bck to bck

  22. Joe Commentator

    Joe CommentatorMåned siden

    Tyler M. Im an OSU Alum, but I’m also a realist.

  23. LangCaster

    LangCasterMåned siden

    8 team playoff = problem solved

  24. Jace Tomorrow

    Jace TomorrowMåned siden

    That Paul will be gutted if Clemson do win 😂😂😂😂

  25. Jamen Thomas

    Jamen ThomasMåned siden

    Ohio State is the 2nd ranked team and everyone is picking against them... that’s the team that should be complaining

  26. advise

    adviseMåned siden

    it’s not even just clemson too. when florida state was on TOP of the game for those few years in 2013 and 14 everyone doubted them still. it’s all ACC teams the media just DOESNT like. and i don’t get it

  27. jdog street

    jdog streetMåned siden

    Everytime I hear a Stephen A. it’s always him talking about nothing but yelling and screaming to make it sound important

  28. Mark Wills

    Mark WillsMåned siden

    I have always liked Stephen A - Marcus Spears is blinded by his LSU Glasses. Same blowhart who thinks LSU will beat Clemson and he really believes it. LSU has not played any really good teams dufus Spears! Texas - NOPE. Georgia - played 7 teams QB'd by a wide receiver - true freshman - or 2nd or 3rd stringer in because of injury. Georgia lost to USC - CLEMSON Spanked them!!! Auburn - Has no offense and still barely won by 3. Alabama - Not a good defense - lost to the same no offense Auburn. Marcus Spears get ready to eat humble pie after all of these facts [not to mention SEC went 1-3 in the Bowls against Big 12 last year] I am not sure they will get past Oklahoma - Go Sooners!!!

  29. Josh Stacy

    Josh StacyMåned siden

    You guys remember not so long ago Alabama was put into spots because of past wins and things they did in the past even the committee said Alabama is were they are because of past wins bullshit bullshit bullshit sec biased.

  30. Total Kaoss

    Total KaossMåned siden

    In football anything you did in the prior season doesn't count once that season is over. New season means a new trophy. There is no defending national champs. If you win the trophy is yours forever. Nobody can take it. Therefore you can't defend it. You start the new season 0-0 like everybody else and you gotta prove it all over again. Clemson has nothing to complain about.

  31. CG Raider

    CG RaiderMåned siden

    Everyone is going to be shocked when LSU beats Clemson in the national championship

  32. Omg. NaKobe

    Omg. NaKobeMåned siden

    CG Raider u crazy🤣

  33. Chase Bennett

    Chase BennettMåned siden

    Clemsons good I respect the reigning undefeated champion. But to think that this is the state Ohio state team who didn’t win the big ten and still make the playoffs from a few years back it crazy. Two teams in the top 4 have faced adversity one of them literally change the course of the game by great half time adjustment in the only game they’ve trailed going into the half. That speaks volumes about the coaching staff and the athletes. Sunshine gonna have to play his best ball and make close to no mistakes against Ohio state front seven. But in my mind. If Ohio states front seven disrupt him and Ohio states secondary is healthy. Clemson will get beat. Also Clemson has played nobody all year till the conference championship against UVA which still doesn’t sound super impressive. If Oregon or Utah would of be been undefeated I think Clemson would of got left out. Strength of schedule should matter. I understand you can’t predetermine how good your conference teams will finish. But you have none conference games to give you some leverage. SadlyClemson schedule non conference and conference was to soft imo. I think Ohio state it and ends the curse

  34. Hayden Roof

    Hayden RoofMåned siden

    We can’t control are own conference

  35. jcelldogs

    jcelldogsMåned siden

    It's all about the ranking system. You start at a preseason rank, then beat whoever and move up based on their rank. Heres an example. Let's say in the regular season, you have an undefeated matchup with 1 vs 2. The 3rd ranked team has 1 loss if the 2nd team loses by a fg, why would they drop to 4 or 5? Didnt they just barely lose?

  36. Buckeye 19

    Buckeye 19Måned siden

    Ohio State is going to destroy them.

  37. Racktown 1

    Racktown 1Måned siden

    Hypothetical debates? But seriously, I didn't watch a single ACC game this year, I really tried though. I wonder what they are going to talk about when they get an 8 team playoff.

  38. Joe Commentator

    Joe CommentatorMåned siden

    LOL, Exar Kun

  39. Clemson Nation

    Clemson NationMåned siden

    Clemson fans aren't frustrated....we are happy to be in it! Go Tigers! GAS UP THE ROY BUS!!!!!! 🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅

  40. Adrian Kikes

    Adrian KikesMåned siden

    The question in the headline pertains to CFP RANK- RANK, RAAAAANK not making the four team field smh change the headline on the video

  41. Marc Bertke

    Marc BertkeMåned siden

    Yea ok every year is fresh and yes and clemson is weak and Ohio state is going to kill Clemson because you are feeding ohio state

  42. Denny Boyd

    Denny BoydMåned siden

    Honestly , if you’re the best team in the country it doesn’t matter if you’re the number one seed or the number four seed. Just get in , rest will take care of itself.

  43. Jamez Frags

    Jamez FragsMåned siden

    Nobody should have number 1 over LSU period .

  44. Sean Ambridge

    Sean AmbridgeMåned siden

    9 mil a year 🖕...complain

  45. C B

    C BMåned siden

    Enough about poor ole boy Dabo. His team is in the 4. Now stfu about it already.

  46. Alan Connelly

    Alan ConnellyMåned siden

    easy schedule

  47. Jacksonmization

    JacksonmizationMåned siden

    I hope Ohio State blow Clemson our the water so we can shut these people up 🤦🏾‍♂️

  48. SilverBullet

    SilverBullet3 dager siden

    Gaming hahahaha LSU beat you Clemson. Any punches in that game? Guess not. Yee haw! Burrow was mad at those cheating refs and said Ima git u sucka!

  49. Boneless_Nugget

    Boneless_NuggetMåned siden

    Not gonna happen-Ohio St is 0-3 against Clemson, unless you count that sissy punch that old geezer tried to land back in the 70’s, and the only thing he won was a seat on his own coach and an unemployment check😂😂

  50. adam glover

    adam gloverMåned siden

    28 straight...go Tigers!

  51. adam glover

    adam gloverMåned siden

    28 straight...go Tigers!

  52. 034 nosmelc

    034 nosmelcMåned siden

    Okay first off I personally don’t think Dabo was talking about rankings... I’m not saying Clemson gets no respect, but they can be overlooked at times. As for all the people referencing previous games, comparing old season stats, WHY? Honestly this season is all you can compare it to and I don’t care who you are, it’s hard to go undefeated in any conference. Sometimes when you lose focus things can fall apart easily. For example: UNC or last year, Syracuse. Ohio state is a freaking good team, I don’t dislike OSU at all. And plus, it’s not like it’s gonna be a cake walk for either team (wellll I guess I shouldn’t say that) but anywayss.... Go tigers

  53. terry elkins

    terry elkinsMåned siden

    Clemson has played the easiest Shedule in College football History!! Ohio State destroys Clemson!!! 😃

  54. CFB Sports

    CFB SportsMåned siden

    Stephen a is so clueless

  55. Austin Lilley

    Austin LilleyMåned siden

    I’ll be rooting for Clemson

  56. S A

    S AMåned siden


  57. Rick Jones

    Rick JonesMåned siden

    The SEC is NOT e you hut as conference , let’s be honest there are maybe 4 good teams and 2 teams that hav won and off years and the rest of the conference is garbage

  58. Fernando Contreras

    Fernando ContrerasMåned siden

    Why is Rick Ross trying to argue? He’s huffing and puffin

  59. Gregory Lewis

    Gregory LewisMåned siden


  60. GL

    GLMåned siden

    Pull up LSU.. - Dabo

  61. Marcus Redd

    Marcus ReddMåned siden

    Clemson is gonna repeat. There like the "U" when they were in the Big East yrs ago. They beat who's on the schedule and Ohio St is next on the list.

  62. Sports Guru

    Sports GuruMåned siden

    Max picked Alabama last year not Clemson.

  63. Keena Watley

    Keena WatleyMåned siden

    Anybody else glad that Alabama is nowhere in the mix. Paul Finebaum needs to stop. Like he doesn't, with the rest of the world rank Alabama #1 every year based of what they did LAST YEAR???🤔🤔🤔🤫